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Wan numa frase em (in ingles)

They were wan and tired.
My name is Wan Da, a guest.
Wan Da was startled and he said.
Wan Da interrupted his thoughts.
Joey gave a wan smile and nodded.
On the moon’s wan, her magic was.
I made the best of it, but I felt wan.

Wan Da who was looking intensely sighed.
Wan Da halted his steps and turned around.
Wan Da looked on with a sigh in his heart.
Wan Da was silenced for awhile and he said.
A tearful voice leaked out, broken and wan.
Wan Da was silence for awhile before he sighed.
WAN bridges/routers connections to, 113–114.
When she lifted her head, Wan Da had gone far.
He considered the question, his face slack and wan.
You no wan Leon bothering you and you wan seet alone.
There was a black look in the sky, and the sun was wan.
See Chapter 7 for more information on WAN technologies.
Figure 7-1 Routers or bridges connect WAN links to LANs.
Louie looked back at the wan, stooped old men and women.
In the darkness, he saw Wan Da looking nervously in front.
The wan smile he gave me stayed with me the whole way home.
Sarah always smiled when she saw me, but the smile was wan.
That’s him—the wan on the big chestnut in front, No.
Ariel paused, concerned, standing above the wan, thin child.
Not as pretty as he did when you last saw him; a bit wan.
She grew so wan and thin she was like a ghost of her old self.
Wait here awhile with Brother Wan, if I did not succeed, I.
However, bridges do pass broadcast traffic across the WAN link.
The wan and weak light of the distant lamp barely lit the room.
A wan expression, more of scholarly interest than of actual humor.
When I have received news from your past honored guest Wan Da that.
The higher speeds are commonly used for backbones and WAN connections.
The old Wan Dan looked at these young man and women who were troubled.
Wan Da could only feel a strong force holding him and he was lifted up.
You can use WAN links to build an internetwork in many different ways.
He wan to Keeng Ceety to gat sometheeng pretty—Puta chingada cabrón.
Wan Da could not separate the two figures that were fighting for they.
It was Wan Da who had spoken and he was looking intensely at the green.

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