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Wan numa frase em (in ingles)

Against the wan.
last line of Wan Da.
Wan Da solemnly said.
Wan Da sighed deeply.
Wan Da secretly sighed.
They were wan and tired.
Selecting a WAN Topology.

Wan Da was startled and he said.
My name is Wan Da, a guest.
Wan Da interrupted his thoughts.
Joey gave a wan smile and nodded.
gargling Plastic and a wan Nihil.
selecting WAN protocol, 159–160.
On the moon’s wan, her magic was.
I made the best of it, but I felt wan.
Wan Da who was looking intensely sighed.
"What do they wan??" asked the old party.
Wan Da looked on with a sigh in his heart.
Wan Da halted his steps and turned around.
Wan Da was silenced for awhile and he said.
A tearful voice leaked out, broken and wan.
When she lifted her head, Wan Da had gone far.
WAN bridges/routers connections to, 113–114.
Wan Da was silence for awhile before he sighed.
looked wan, he took her away to their area to.
Ah gave her the business till twenty past wan,.
He considered the question, his face slack and wan.
The Clerk of Councils again tried his wan smile.

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wan pale pallid sick