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Wander numa frase em (in ingles)

I let my mind wander.
mind tends to wander.
wander is easily upset.
Read and wander around.
let his attention wander.
did not dare to wander far.
He let his thoughts wander.

Their hands began to wander.
blind to wander off the road.
altogether and simply wander.
My mind had begun to wander.
And then he tried to wander.
Wander through awned streets.
Here one could wander unseen.
condemned to wander the earth.
O Light to us that wander here.
The cycle continues to wander,.
was able to let her mind wander.
Let’s wander back to the lobby.
The inspector let his eyes wander.
who wander by my spot by the water.
She’d let her mind wander again.
`But do not wander from your road.
that fancy can wander freely there.
He was too old to wander any more.
Her eyes wander when she trails off.
wandering in the canyon.
In the wandering years?.
help this wandering soul.
I’ve been wandering the.
wandering in the wilderness.
caps wandering on the grass.
wandering all over the place.
just wandering around hoping.
I've been wandering join it.
Hens were wandering the yard.
help this wandering white man.
I believe I am not wandering.
Wandering along the banks of.
‘He’s just wandering again.
wandering silently about the house.
him wandering in a few minutes ago.
the mountains after long wandering.
hours wandering among the exhibits.
My father was a wandering Aramean.
Doug was just wandering up near us.
in the way of his wandering gaze:.
Today we are not wandering around.
"Where had they been wandering?".
wandering around the house all day.
Christ, how his mind was wandering.
His mind seemed to be wandering in.
They wandered on.
She had wandered.
Wandered off from.
A waiter wandered.
He wandered if 253.
He wandered out to.
He wandered around.
He wandered over to.
She wandered around.
He just wandered off.
Mom wandered in, then.
We wandered the old.
He wandered after her.
Goats wandered about.
Mary Burke wandered by.
he’d wandered off to.
Greg’s mind wandered.
We wandered over there.
He briefly wandered in.
wandered as she rambled.
He wandered out of the.
wandered around the room.
The witches wandered over.
He stood and wandered off.
For years you wandered.
She wandered through the.
His eyes wandered around.
I simply wandered off away.
wandered back to her mother.
mind will have wandered off.
I wandered throughout the.
My mind wanders.
'She wanders in her mind.
A mind wanders the sands,.
who wanders from his place.
John wanders in, dressed now.
shall gather up him who wanders.
My mind wanders back to last night.
Where now she wanders none can tell,.
My mind wanders on to the Prague trip.
Idly my mind wanders back to the point.
Now while our darling wanders she thinks of.
Sometimes the mind wanders into a dark, dark.
Bolt wanders into the photo shop with Al Snafu.
It is amusing how the mind wanders off on its.
For hours Mary wanders when back in the real world.
As your mind wanders, begin to feel the sensations.
His spirit wanders, and so he remains in the coma.
That wanders through the waste air's pathless blue.
Fellow who wanders around a golf course counting the tees.
Ken wanders up to the end of the bar where Alex is sitting.
subspecies of tiger that wanders through tropical and sub-.
Your attention wanes and wanders over the mural on the wall.
Kate wanders back into the living room, grinning from ear to ear.
[20] Ronin: Samurai with no master who wanders around the country.
Nowadays our once proud race wanders through Antarloka reduced to.
red the virtual whisper wanders fibonacci trails to transcendence.
It will wait until Sarge wanders outside, I whispered to Jack.
A cloud in the upside hills of wonderland wanders outside of the sky.
a demon is cast out it wanders the desert for a while, then comes back.
There is nothing more tragic than a great individual who wanders alone.

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