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Warp numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I can do warp ten.
  2. Wrapped in the wry warp.
  3. This warp had to end soon.
  4. And my offer for warp.
  5. It will never bend or warp.

  6. That man could warp your mind.
  7. Don’t warp your wand, pal.
  8. I want warp power, with a.
  9. Oh what a tangled warp and moot.
  10. And "warp drive" would not only.
  11. Yes, similar to a warp signature.
  12. We’re stuck in a time warp!.
  13. The other jumped to warp and fled.
  14. The Enterprise dropped out of warp.
  15. They felt the Pa Nun jump to warp.

  16. This particular warp was boring him.
  17. We can warp time for about a minute.
  18. I’m here to eject the warp core.
  19. She states the warp core is unstable.
  20. And resound across that timeless warp.
  21. And cause his sense of logic to warp?
  22. Cultures that have developed warp.
  23. Our job is to eject their warp core.
  24. Oh, I really need to warp out of here!.
  25. Yes, and I was caught in her time warp.

  26. He really couldn’t figure this warp out.
  27. Warp technology is just the starting point.
  28. It was a pretty uneventful time warp, but.
  29. Kitara, prepare the ship for a time warp.
  30. Once they came out of warp they barely had.
  31. A federation ship is dropping out of warp.
  32. Yes, she was clearly the top in warp physics.
  33. Alcubierre's 1994 proposal of "warp drive" that.
  34. Time warp? We have a lot to talk about, lady.
  35. Bring us out of warp, Captain Munoz snapped.
  36. Don’t you see that memory is the warp of your.
  37. Dave felt like he had paid his dues for this warp.
  38. A moment later, the Sutherland dropped out of warp.
  39. The jolt of reentering from the warp was palpable.
  40. It appears that their warp coil failed and exploded.
  41. I figure warp three is the best you can give me?
  42. The what? How does space warp? Casey cocked an eyebrow.
  43. Desire and fear are the weft and warp of living, and.
  44. Shule’s image faded away as his ship jumped to warp.
  45. Please, we’re not in a warp bubble, Thomas said.
  46. Send Glor my compliments and have him warp over to.
  47. What if I gave you warp drive technology? Would you.
  48. He had returned from the warp at the last possible moment.
  49. What if I was in an extended time warp and she tried to.
  51. That's one over the warp radius or bit size if you prefer.
  52. Finder into the Constitution’s warp coils if you have to.
  53. The Chance dropped out of warp in visual sight of the Texas.
  54. We used warp speed and got here from Mars within two hours.
  55. We can be there in fourteen hours at warp nine point two.
  56. But it will take you a month at best warp, Persis said.
  57. The Path Finder launched, shooting from the exit at warp one.
  58. They have found that it will distort and warp their thinking.
  59. Two Klingon ships have come out of warp, Tuer announced.
  60. Iotia is four weeks away at warp nine, Tammas protested.
  61. I tried to bring the warp engines on line and I got nothing.
  62. One of the ships erupted into a nova as its warp core breached.
  63. I’ve designated sector three for them to drop out of warp.
  64. The Sarran arrived at El after six days of travel at warp eight.
  65. It was always very confusing when I would arrive in a time warp.
  66. You’re going to fly us out of here on warp? Undine asked.
  67. So, what am I going to do? I’m going to eject their warp core.
  68. Hitler forced us all through a time warp and many did not emerge.
  69. Albert, without bringing us out of warp, put us on an intercept.
  70. Gomez, what’s the fastest warp core installation on record?
  71. More likely, the warp, if he stayed in it, could last until 10:00.
  72. Yep! One look at those things, and I was down here at warp speed.
  73. You say the re-fitter told you that Marcy goes to warp ten?
  74. Stick with me, as I pluck away at the warp and woof of that insight.
  75. All warp endeavors have risk associated with them, Sheaar said.
  76. I have detected five starships on an intercept course, warp nine.
  77. We know that before the warp core breeched that she had access to a.
  78. The A1was headed back to Earth once again they used Warp Speed briefly.
  79. Good, because all I know is the Captain says eject their warp core.
  80. I want the Constitution’s warp core operational before we arrive.
  81. Bringing the Constitution’s warp nacelles online might work, Lt.
  82. The Path Finder’s four warp nacelles were glowing with radiated power.
  83. He was on Iotia and they don’t have warp technology, Hades said.
  84. Months later when the Arton ships came out of Warp drive and approached.
  85. The warp nacelles were suspended just above a rotating drum by winglets.
  86. Maru’s warp core will breech in the event these criteria have been met.
  87. It was agreed that the four ships should engage Warp Speed only briefly.
  88. The massive warp engines were complicated monsters prone to malfunctions.
  89. Jason he noticed a bobbin feeding into the back of the warp had depleted.
  90. The Pa Nun and the SaLing had departed K-7, jumping to warp simultaneously.
  91. Captains threw the safety book out the window and accelerated to Warp speed.
  92. Dave’s time warp involved his great-great-great-grandfather Samuel McFall.
  93. The first round of the battle happened at warp speeds, with the Gorn ships.
  94. The lady's charming personality must not be permitted to warp our judgment.
  95. The Path Finder came out of warp outside an asteroid field and powered full.
  96. Transporters had been repaired, obviously, but the warp drive was still out.
  97. The Chance had been too close to the Excelsior Class ship when its warp core.
  98. McKnight engaged the warp drive and the two ships, the Constitution with the.
  99. He had decided hours ago in this endless, torturous warp that Torie was right.
  100. Moments before the device detonated, Garcia activated the regualar warp drive.
  1. Walnut resists warping and shrinking.
  2. I was warping, not sleeping, I said quietly.
  3. It’s just the warping of space around the hole.
  4. The Chinese Oak dried to prevent cupping and warping.
  5. A slight warping of the floorboards could cause the.
  6. Warping quickly became my obsession and a game in a way.
  7. I was concerned about warping and what it could mean with him.
  8. I guess certain events have a way of warping the passage of time.
  9. If they are indeed warping space, the amounts of energy generating.
  10. The air around them bent from their presence, warping with their every motion.
  11. They were the effect of poisonous evil entities warping his mind and his will.
  12. On the face of it, gravity could be defined as the warping or curvature of space.
  13. Obviously some of the crap on television is warping your young, impressionable mind.
  14. Boglehob dangled the Key above Bryony, his wheezy chuckle warping into a deep rasping laugh.
  15. Booming sounds echoed along the halls, along with the screeching of warping, twisting metal.
  16. The ghostly Entities flared brightly as they condensed their energy into a spell, warping space.
  17. Werner climbs into the Opel, feeling as if the buildings are rearing around him, growing taller and warping.
  18. What was most interesting, the warping effect increased with every kilometre nearer the ship’s last known location.
  19. Tyler tried to get a glimpse of the planet as they buzzed by, but their velocity caused a strange warping effect to the surface.
  20. But there’s one memory that’s so powerful it shapes everything in her electronics, warping the circuits around it like a magnet.
  21. But the death of her child had a way of twisting her thinking, warping her outlook until she’d almost been buried beneath the guilt.
  22. To each of them, there were dozens of attacks and counter attacks that only they could see, in a virtual explosion of lights and energies warping around them.
  23. As Abraham before the angels, I bowed myself; the white thing was so white, its wings so wide, and in those for ever exiled waters, I had lost the miserable warping memories of traditions and of towns.
  24. And when it was all in place, this tongue-and-groove construction of sound, running water plus talk radio plus the broken-glass noise of a backhoe four stories below—she would pull the door and secure it with a metal hook a decade’s worth of warping and settling had been unable to dislodge from the doorframe.
  25. The vessel under construction at Jaina at the time of Coatl’s first visit was being built according to the same specifications as the later Raven would be, however this first vessel was being built of newly felled timber and he said it would not last long on open water, eventually warping and bending the green timbers to such an extent as to render the ship liable to sink in the first heavy swell, when one of the shipwrights thought to mention this, Coatl smiled and explained the reasons for it’s construction, firstly, it would familiarise the carpenters and shipwrights with the hidden secrets of building a sea-going vessel, preparing them for the time when there was enough seasoned timber for the building of the real Raven, the longship being an entirely different concept to the fishing canoes they usually produced, secondly, to train a crew it was essential that they have hands-on experience.
  26. Time travel is an inherent problem with warping space for interstellar travel,.
  1. A mind so warped with revenge.
  2. The wood was rotted and warped.
  3. It was a warped mind having fun.
  4. I see, that’s pretty warped.
  5. We warped in at almost the same.
  6. Enjteen had warped it in his mind.
  7. The sand is soft and plenty warped.
  8. The bones weren’t warped or uneven.
  9. A warped opinion demands a warped text.
  10. Several were now broken; most were warped.
  11. Carol was an illogical and warped individual.
  12. RUN! shouted Mike in warped slow motion.
  13. I suspect that he has warped sexual preferences.
  14. Was I warped to the Caribbean sea or something?
  15. They warped enough for navigation to be unreliable.
  16. His sister’s reflection was warped to fit the bubble.
  17. Look, Jartis said, pointing inside a warped hatch.
  18. Instead of healing, she'd just grown, warped, off of him.
  19. Slowly, slowly, I emerged from the fog of warped thinking.
  20. Tiny cracks have developed and the truss itself is warped.
  21. I warped in, arriving in the back bedroom, facing the barn.
  22. My riding boots were dry now, though warped and hard inside.
  23. The top ten profiles changed, as if it were warped game of.
  24. The heat of the day bounced off the landscape and warped the.
  25. The pages of the book were damp and warped, but it was intact.
  26. Too late, my love, she said, I have become too warped.
  27. Did you know he has a completely warped sense of humor?
  28. The Leader didn't like Alistair, or his warped sense of humour.
  29. He resealed the door as much as the warped hinges would allow.
  30. The pinewood roof was flat but badly warped and prone to leaks.
  31. Her face was warped with a collage of tempered joy and vexation.
  32. Shards of glass flew across the warped gray boards of the porch.
  33. It was his little warped sense of humour, she said bitterly.
  34. And purely for the amusement and warped enjoyment of the viewers.
  35. Obviously, our Sergeant had a sense of humour even if a bit warped.
  36. You need ambition and drive beyond warped to get from 1 to the next.
  37. Garcia looked at her, puzzled, still lost in his own warped thoughts.
  38. Branching supports stretched from post to post, with thick, warped.
  39. It was something about how the songs with unexpectedly warped lyrics.
  40. He drew the warped bolts and cautiously pulled aside the sagging door.
  41. Isn’t it time you and that warped hubby of yours gave a little?
  42. Drag marks ending at the door were visible on the warped plywood floor.
  43. The spilling plates and bars clattered onto the warped, hardwood floor.
  44. How could she hurt me? It was the loathing of Lasher that warped my mind.
  45. My imagination warped me through space and time, and suddenly I was in a.
  46. Is your sense of reality really that warped? Johnny’s the one that.
  47. They stepped away from the others and into the shadow of a warped flywheel.
  48. My friend Brian here has a rather warped sense of humour, Webber said.
  49. Let me tell you that it is all sanctimonious, egoic, warped society induced.
  50. Beneath the warped wooden planks of the bridge only sand and stones remained.
  51. John, but you are, and those with you are, the most warped side of politics I.
  52. Yes, but they warped out of orbit as soon as we beamed up, Kletsova said.
  53. I was always a female when I warped, varying in age from small girls to very old.
  54. Going through the front door not only got me into the house, it warped me back to.
  55. He was some warped distortion of a doctor holding his little medical bag, visiting.
  56. There is a certain warped logic to it, but it wouldn’t stand up in a court of law.
  57. Their very character must be questioned; it has somehow become warped and perverted.
  58. I enter—no electricity, but there’s a warped metal mirror and the water is still on.
  59. His view of the land was distorted and warped, making him feel very dizzy as he walked.
  60. I think that was what warped me for life, and not the incident with the school nurse and.
  61. And you recommended her to me as a therapist! Is this another one of your warped jokes?
  62. Mitch initiated the freewheeling chat by taking a dig at his foe’s warped sense of decorum.
  63. He lay the shirt down on the warped wooden planks and then set the bag down with a dull thud.
  64. The bark-like ridges on Ostedes’ face warped into what could almost be interpreted as a grin.
  65. The titanium alloy chamber has buckled, warped, and rusted into what might make good paint pigments.
  66. I wondered how those twenty years had gone by and if anything had changed in her warped family life.
  67. But good bye, good bye, old mast-head! What's this?—green? aye, tiny mosses in these warped cracks.
  68. The soul warped by the cult of Money invests in itself; the greater the wealth the greater the belief.
  69. Adem mentioned the warped mist that the Shadow Man had appeared out of when he cast the Spear of Odin.
  70. No matter how badly the leaders have warped the Dauntless ideals, those ideals can still belong to me.
  71. He looked up from the swirling ground and looked upon his father’s face which was warped and bizarre.
  72. With a sharp crack, the warped steel bars of the flambéed coffee table snapped, and the thing collapsed.
  73. All their ships were dead in space, even the new ones that had warped into the system, late to the battle.
  74. Like a funhouse mirror, the concave surface of the metal gave off a warped reflection of its surroundings.
  75. Randall, Lisa, Warped Passages: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe's Hidden Dimensions, Harper, 2006.
  76. She both laughed and cried about this warped male radar that had driven away so many interesting prospects.
  77. Her senseless mouth clicked wide and some insanely warped mechanism had caused her to repeat again and again.
  78. These things swirled into patterns and warped into other colors and images until a spark ignited in his mind.
  79. The front hall floorboards were warped and creaky, and she and John had talked recently about replacing them.
  80. As a crazed, progressively more insane, more warped, layering of undead intelligences… for billions of years.
  81. In the warped mind-set that constitutes modern day liberalism, begging is now acceptable and encouraged behavior.
  82. The capacity for thought and clear analysis is the truly endangered species in today’s warped environment of the mind.
  83. The old wood has warped and looks rotted, and the left side of the porch is not exactly level with the rest of the cabin.
  84. It was as if he was looking at the scene from a distance, and the corners of his vision had become all blurred and warped.
  85. Rains and spray had damped it; sun and wind had warped it; all the elements had combined to rot a thing that hung so idly.
  86. In Noah’s broad face, eyes too far apart, and long fragile jaw, Pa thought he saw the twisted, warped skull of the baby.
  87. Moscow is infinitely better, more rewarding than these ghettoes of ideologically warped pursuers of the Imperialist dollar.
  88. Such grace as was visible in it, made it the uglier, showing how warped and perverted all things good by nature were become.
  89. There are various types of humor, as Chris may have a warped sense while Pat is a political satirist when it comes to comedy.
  90. It was typical of the area—plaster walls, a wood floor warped with age, and a small galley kitchen full of cheap appliances.
  91. This place warped him and ruined him, and I don’t care if saying that makes me a Stiff, I don’t care, I don’t care!.
  92. The warped and twisting stars sped past Jordo’s canopy on either side in a way that made him think they were flying underwater.
  93. Across the fore part of the boot this hard leather had warped into ridges and valleys, which chafed his feet, and made them bleed.
  94. In fact the outer edges were slightly distorted, making the material of his fine gabardine suit seem warped, like a nubby raw silk.
  95. With a hissing, bubbling, sighing; with a cry of ruined metal and old time, the great structures leaned, warped, flowed, collapsed.
  96. You reached it by squeezing past a warped swatch of chainlink between two brownstones that for some reason had not been built flush.
  97. Over time the Lords maximized their ability to get home during warped states of mind by inventing and developing the shuttle-slider.
  98. Implying that we can earn God’s favour through rituals or by keeping to certain rules, is a warped view, instilled by our enemies.
  99. Once down in the little cup you could hear the wind sweeping the pine tips overhead, and a perpetual dusk hung under the warped trees.
  100. His slender dark silhouette stood out hard and angry against the bitter gray sky as he peered down at her with a face warped by regret.
  1. So about the warps.
  2. Regarding the warps.
  3. Those short warps were rare.
  4. Future achievement of this means warps of.
  5. I was extremely comfortable with warps in time.
  6. The best warps were when they could be together.
  7. The time warps had started up again immediately upon.
  8. This was the latest of any time warps I had experienced.
  9. Natural and supernatural ranging from storm to space time warps.
  10. Since Relativity says space and time can never exist separately, warps in space.
  11. Really? I hadn’t realized, and thinking of the questions my time warps were adding.
  12. I then hauled on shore, and requested that warps should be made fast on the land and sent on board, the attempt to do which again proved useless.
  13. It warps thru at least two more dimensions and closes back on itself in layers of common time, as well as branches in time at key events in human history.
  14. The only problem is real life games are in real time, and levels cannot be skipped through imaginary time warps or shadow market purchases of skill tokens.
  15. As your attractor warps your larp, every step alters either the location of your attractor or reinforces and increases its current gravity, orbit and telemetry.
  16. Einstein about warps in the fabric of time and shifts in the space-time continuum, many educated people actually believe it possible to move forward or backward in time.
  17. He spoke such things as these and more of a kindred sort to her, being still swayed by the antipathetic wave which warps direct souls with such persistence when once their vision finds itself mocked by.
  18. Since all information is in a system of communication, the comformicated arises like a particle of force within a field of energy, and, as attractor, its gravity warps the memetic space around it by the mass of its I'mage.
  19. The reforming of reality by the Big Lie warps our limbic interface to be easily subjugated to others' interpretations of not only the perception, but also the experience of what reality is and, more dictatorially, what it should be.
  20. We bring the hypothetical attractor, the Ideal Dreamed, into existence by being its formula for manifestation, by choosing mindlessly the social systems entertraining us according to the gravitational laws producing the Culture, whose increasing mass warps future space in the I'mage of its proscriptive ideal: See, Believe.

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