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Wave numa frase em (in ingles)

1. And the wave came in.
2. The Making of a Wave.
3. A wave of energy hit.
4. You know a wave when.
5. A huge wave of water.
6. He is reading her wave.
7. I could only wave back.

8. I thought he might wave.
9. There was a heat wave.
10. Roman gave a brief wave.
11. I felt a wave of relief.
12. They smile and they wave.
13. Oh wave it high, girl.
14. Wave to him, my child.
15. I felt a wave of nausea.
16. Wave 3 is the powerhouse.
17. With a wave of his hand.
18. A wave fell on the shore.
19. His hand gave a tiny wave.
20. We think it was a wave.
21. He was a part of the wave.
22. A hungry wave towered up.
23. Like he rode an ocean wave.
24. It started out as a wave.
25. And when the wave recedes.
26. TTM Wave C, 248, 250, 342.
27. A wave of panic tore at me.
28. Way out, a huge wave curled.
29. The next wave was a big one.
30. A wave washed over the deck.
31. He felt a wave of emotions.
32. A wave of Love enveloped me.
33. The wave tore through the.
34. Agatha, we all wave at you.
35. I walk pass and wave at her.
36. Quietly laid on wave and air.
37. A second wave is on its way.
38. I wave at her and head over.
39. Deeper than the sea of wave.
40. That they use to wave around.
41. The wave was almost upon him.
42. Another wave swept what I had.
44. He fanned his hand in a wave.
45. A wave of realization hit her.
46. O haven without wave or tide!.
47. As such you can ride the wave.
48. Simple sine C radio sound wave.
49. She could only frown and wave.
50. A wave of relief engulfed Kay.
51. He continued to wave her aside.
52. Surfing the wave of the future.
53. There are 2 basic wave motions.
54. He gave a wave and sped north.
55. A wave of panic washes over me.
56. The emotional tidal wave was.
57. A wave of stifling heat bore.
58. He gave Liz a final wave and.
59. I nod and wave as he walks away.
60. Haven't seen another wave yet.
61. A wave of panic overtook Daphne.
62. Or transmitted wave that sends.
63. He sketched a shy wave as she.
64. Everyone, please wave to your.
65. What color is my wave Rio?
66. The heat wave was in full swing.
67. The first wave of the assault.
68. The smell hit Teller like a wave.
69. A tidal wave of rage overcame me.
70. At least they could wave back.
71. We call it a gravity shock wave.
72. Yes, he said, that was the wave.
73. A wave of nausea rolled over me.
74. Another wave followed the first.
75. But I can wave goodbye to him.
76. Summers felt a wave of confusion.
77. Wave after wave of fire followed.
78. A wave of tingling agony washed.
79. Another wave sent him down again.
80. Cold Wave Linked to Temperatures.
81. A thought is an information wave.
82. Next to me, you will see me wave.
83. A wave of heat surged through her.
84. He made a small, confident wave.
85. He did wave his strong right hand.
86. The Third Wave By Alvin Toffler.
87. A wave was sufficient in daylight.
88. I felt a wave of unspoken approval.
89. MERTHIN FELT a tidal wave of panic.
90. And her bespangled robe doth wave.
91. Blomkvist felt a wave of panic.
92. A friendly hand wave as each car.
93. A mechanical tidal wave destroys.
94. The woods shall wave on mountains.
95. A wave of tremors ran through her.
96. The big wave carried the boat off.
97. The second shock wave also failed.
98. Another wave rose in front of him.
99. A wave of sympathy washed over her.
100. And makes her wave her tufted tail.
1. Rex - waving them on.
2. He was waving at him.
3. Jack was waving to us.
4. But she was not waving.
5. He stood waving his flag.
6. I stood there waving her.
7. Lyre says, waving at him.
8. The windy grass was waving.
9. Louis was now waving his.
10. He was still waving goodbye.
11. I could see my father waving.
12. He started waving his hands.
13. He was waving his cell phone.
14. They began waving their arms.
15. I’m waving to the crowd at.
16. The guys are waving me over.
17. If there is a history of waving.
18. He was waving it about in the air.
19. Hi, Mom, Emily said, waving.
20. Above, she saw tall, waving grass.
21. He was smiling toothily and waving.
22. Shatov interrupted, waving his hand.
23. Oh, she said, waving her hand.
24. He was waving for us to come closer.
25. Hello, Star, Juan said, waving.
26. Waving here and there as they walked.
27. Carter shouted while waving his hands.
28. Pierre began waving his hands about.
29. Laurence waving his hat on the shore.
30. He ran towards Diggory waving his arms.
31. Patrice shakes her head, waving it off.
32. Pamela was standing, watching, waving.
33. The colonel leaned out, waving one arm.
34. It wasn’t waving, as he’d thought.
35. Follow me, he says, waving a hand.
36. She ran over to Jakes car waving at me.
37. He wasn’t running after her or waving.
38. There was a show of hands waving goblets.
39. President, Bill said, waving as Hap.
40. He jumped to his feet waving the ticket.
41. I heard a honk and saw Farid waving at me.
42. At first he thought she was waving to him.
43. She tumbled out, waving the shawl around.
44. Waving from her fingers was Alicia's name.
45. Waving out to them Kena pulled at her arm.
46. Waving at him, she called, Supper’s.
47. O'er stems unknotted, waving to the wind:.
48. He screamed at them while waving his arms.
49. His waving hands covered a great distance.
50. It has she replied waving her off too.
51. Have a seat, he says, waving his hand.
52. But she smiled instead of waving me through.
53. Galeron made a waving motion with his hands.
54. Or, they understood the waving of a weapon.
55. No, the reverend said, waving him away.
56. Dawson, grinning and waving a pleasant hand.
57. I heard Lana call my name and saw her waving.
58. Waving his hand in front of Larry’s face.
59. Molly started waving, and undulating madly.
60. This time the three tiered shadow is waving.
61. Some of them were waving tickets in the air.
62. She makes a waving motion as she walks down.
63. Bu bye, he said, waving to the hallway.
64. Jeb walked out smiling and waving to greet me.
65. Victor insisted - waving his hand to an area.
66. Waving it in the air, he dashed for the door.
67. And Charlie was off, waving his arms, yelling.
68. It was a woman and she was waving at O’Brien.
69. He ignored the family waving at him as their.
70. Long, naked trees like skeletons waving at me.
71. Waving up to the palm fringes of coffee shade.
72. Buzz Lightyear was waving at me in the window.
73. About her was the waving foliage of the forest.
74. He thinks about waving, but decides against it.
75. Locke swiveled, arms waving trying to stop Hiss.
76. Its fine, said Dad, waving at the two men.
77. The waving moon and trembling leaves are seen;.
79. Never mind that, I say, waving him away.
80. Hey, he said, waving his hands innocently.
81. Koke stopped waving his arm as he was exhausted.
82. My mother was on the pavement waving vigorously.
83. At least saw someone waving and assumed it was I.
84. Now go, leave me be, he said, waving his hand.
85. Must be our neighbor, said mom, waving back.
86. Helplessly waving his hands, he blew up at last:.
87. I couldn't tell if he was waving at me or Hassan.
88. Stephi, stumbling, waving a pistol blindly around.
89. Of course, he could generate pictures of waving.
90. F that noise, Jackie said, waving Marco over.
91. Oh, there you are, I see you waving, said Marc.
92. Jen sang with the song, waving her arms in the air.
93. Lizzie was standing outside looking up and waving.
94. Then, waving, he vanished into the cinema darkness.
95. Larko holds the tiny waving Pella on his shoulders.
96. Oh, yes, he said, waving his hand negligently.
97. Moving towards the shoreline, Troy saw an arm waving.
98. They were shouting brutal threats and waving their.
99. Waving an intricate pattern in the air he mumbled a.
100. Waving; both hands in the air, he points and shrugs.
1. I waved to the pilot.
2. He waved for me to.
3. He waved at his load.
4. I too waved her back.
5. He waved to Rose and.
6. As she waved she had.
7. The old man waved at.
8. I waved at her, shyly.
9. Ali waved back at him.
10. Kay looked up and waved.
11. She waved her arm again.
12. She also waved me back.
13. He waved as he passed.
14. He waved his hands in.
15. She waved at him, and.
16. Sam waved to the space.
17. He waved it in the air.
18. The driver waved me in.
19. Why she waved her hand.
20. Tam stood up and waved.
21. I waved as they sped off.
22. I waved away the comment.
23. I waved at the Door Pig.
24. I waved his concern away.
25. I waved in his direction.
26. Petra waved at the manor.
27. The Queen waved her hand.
28. He smiled and waved as.
29. I waved as he drove away.
30. He waved at the others.
31. She waved her hand in Mr.
32. She waved her hand around.
33. Jeff waved the joint away.
34. Then he saw me and waved.
35. Holms waved him to a seat.
36. But then the figure waved.
37. Neil waved it like a flag.
38. He waved his hands wildly.
39. He waved her into silence.
40. Kirstin waved down at him.
41. Madam waved as they left.
42. And Sunita waved me back.
43. The woman nodded and waved.
44. The girl smiled and waved.
45. I waved my arms in the air.
46. The crew jumped and waved.
47. She smiled and waved back.
48. He waved to Qi Ge and said.
49. Alex waved off her comment.
50. Alex waved off the comment.
51. He waved to her and smiled.
52. The blue giant waved at us.
53. His hands waved in the air.
54. He waved as he pulled away.
55. She waved a hand up to him.
56. He waved; then walked off.
57. He waved toward the exits.
58. She waved as he drove away.
59. Euther waved off her remark.
60. He smiled, and waved a hand.
61. Scully waved the money away.
62. She waved goodbye and left.
63. Tammas waved at Data, who.
64. She waved as she left the.
65. She laughed and waved back.
66. They waved as they went by.
67. He waved for me to come in.
68. He grinned and waved at me.
69. He waved at us and pointed.
70. He waved his bat at Delane.
71. Tel waved her warning aside.
72. I waved back and wandered.
73. Tyrese waved at his brother.
74. The tall lad waved his arm.
75. But Big Poe waved him away.
76. Lever waved off the waitress.
77. Instead he waved his plush.
78. He half waved, half saluted.
79. He waved and she waved back.
80. He had waved it away firmly.
81. Holms waved a hand of rebuke.
82. He waved, but she didn’t.
83. Carter waved, and drove away.
84. Cars honked and guys waved.
85. McCoy waved it off and stood.
86. Sam waved as Molly continued.
87. She smiled at him and waved.
88. The foes waved in pretext,.
1. He waves it at the.
2. He sees me and waves.
3. It all moves in waves.
4. The pain came in waves.
5. I could see the waves.
6. All of a sudden waves.
7. He dived into the waves.
8. The agony came in waves.
9. Waves as she turns to go.
10. She waves my thanks away.
11. But He waves them back.
12. As waves lap at the sand.
13. In which waves move a man.
14. All things come in waves.
15. God as radio (Ra) waves.
16. As all waves are in the.
17. As the ocean waves reach.
18. Their waves went over her.
19. Waves o'er the waters dull.
20. On the waves of your love.
21. He waves at the empty desk.
22. Ellin waves and turns away.
23. Warm waves licked her legs.
24. Irish riffed the air waves.
25. Light Waves and Their Uses.
26. The science of radio waves.
27. Waves 2 and 4 in Figures 7.
28. The doorman nods and waves.
29. Not all the gravity waves.
30. She felt waves of confusion.
31. Curled waves swirl into bays.
32. Which the waves try to reach.
33. The university of the waves.
34. On the bridge it waves flag.
35. Of undulating waves of stars.
36. It’s the waves crashing in.
37. They ran away from the waves.
38. I could only hear the waves.
40. Clouds in the form of waves.
41. Anger pulsed off him in waves.
42. Floated midway on the waves;.
43. Waves must be made carefully.
44. Batistuta felt the waves of.
45. His friend stands and waves.
46. So even though the waves of.
47. The sound of waves in motion.
48. I could see the waves moving.
49. Waves of memories flooded my.
50. He drifted on waves of nausea.
51. The yacht swayed on the waves.
52. What waves and soils exuding?
53. The waves were getting higher.
54. The waves grew tranquil again.
55. Waves of logic built and died.
56. Arblaster waves off the signal.
57. To waves breaking on the shore.
58. Waves of people now converged.
59. His nausea in tormenting waves.
60. There were waves of sand that.
61. The wind has blown up the waves.
62. The government is making waves.
63. That waves of love or thoughts.
64. The waves have been taking us.
65. Waves of relief washed over Avi.
66. Tension was returning in waves.
67. Huge, massive waves they were!.
68. Marlene waves as they walk away.
69. Dana waves her hand to them all.
70. Even the pool blows up in waves.
71. The longboat flew over the waves.
72. But picking up radio waves and.
73. He waves a hand at her and puffs.
74. Elijah belonged with those waves.
75. When these waves are modulated.
76. Waves to the four boys behind TK.
77. The horrible waves after waves.
78. Crossing waves of semi conductors.
79. Will ever blossom o'er the waves.
80. As waves lap on the shore then go.
81. Through the waves in his vision.
82. He waves at Russ, smiles happily.
83. The bottle moved out in the waves.
84. Infinity where the waves cleanse.
85. Your brain waves are electricity.
86. The waves soon transformed into.
87. These waves travel by bone con-.
88. THE TIN SKIFF bucked in the waves.
89. The tossing waves seemed darker.
90. As the majesty of infinite waves.
91. They created giant surfing waves.
92. And waves surging on the river Che.
93. Jean waves a dismissive hand at me.
94. Hear the music in the sound waves.
95. Downhill due east, hear the waves.
96. He waves across the air with his.
97. Later waves leaving due to other.
98. She waves the key before the lock.
99. WAVES tempt us to ignore the gales.
100. Before the waves could sweep her.

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