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Wealthy numa frase em (in ingles)

You look wealthy to others.
His mother must be wealthy.
Live with healthy and wealthy.
We have ten wealthy families.
Larry knew she was not wealthy.
Elam and Misur were not wealthy.
Even the wealthy had few choices.

His poise was that of a wealthy.
She belonged to a wealthy family.
Herb was wealthy by my standards.
Fine, shapely and wealthy looking.
Only the wealthy could afford him.
My father's quite wealthy, though.
He cut taxes for the very wealthy.
Less wealthy firms will undergo a.
If this was a wealthy quarter, he.
I wish that all the wealthy men.
Wealthy travellers are not so polite.
Very, very wealthy people lived here.
He was already wealthy beyond belief.
Jesse, Florence is a wealthy woman.
But Ian Travis was a very wealthy man.
Four Trends That Can Make You Wealthy.
Jennings, and of every wealthy friend.
Miss Paget is a fairly wealthy woman.
He was very wealthy and it was by his.
I didn’t wait until I became wealthy.
They became wealthy enough to go to war.
Gossip has it that she's very wealthy.
She was after all a very wealthy woman.
Later on he became a wealthy media mogul.
I hear her grandparents are very wealthy.
This was a practice in which wealthy or.
Some of the wealthy humans have children.
When you create values you become wealthy.
That was the moment I became a wealthy man.
That means 85% of the wealthy population.
So Jesus wants to make us wealthy stewards.
You'll be a wealthy widow by your thirties.
Why?… Just to show how wealthy they were.

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