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Weave numa frase em (in ingles)

  2. To weave a beautiful memory.
  3. We’l eat rations and weave.
  4. You could weave twice as much.
  5. I thought I would weave through.

  6. Those silent waters weave for him.
  7. Slowly, Darek began to weave about.
  8. He called that weave Lightning Hail.
  9. Song continued to weave her basket.
  10. Weave the pin back out from under.
  11. Cut them up and weave them together.
  12. Up above the stars weave in and out.
  13. The snake continued to bob and weave.
  14. Teach her to weave the clan colors.
  15. Oh, such a double edged sword I weave.

  16. She would weave herself entrance no more.
  17. The better the loom, the closer the weave.
  18. I prefer it to weave excuses that sound to.
  19. Weave the pin back out of the fabric once.
  20. Luna the Seer can weave her magic over it.
  21. But he was against big mills that weave cloth.
  22. They could weave baskets that would hold water.
  23. The motif is to weave a tangled web of deceive.
  24. We start to weave our way between the ice-floes.
  25. She moved to weave a story of awe without strife.

  26. I will weave your hair for today’s festivities.
  27. Goes to show, the Fates will weave their circlets.
  28. I was also unwilling to sit and weave with my mother.
  29. While I weave, I feel like I’m there at Sun Palace.
  30. I’d lasso the wind and weave it into a tender towel.
  31. Each room panelled in delicate embroidery or fine weave.
  32. Both are well-crafted strong lies that weave religious.
  33. Vroom! She said excitedly as she began to weave through.
  34. Pedestrians will notice that they can bob and weave around.
  35. Could she weave herself through, she would find a sweet land.
  36. Wings pumping hard under the load, Silas reinforced his weave.
  37. Nuclear forces, quantum interrelations – all these weave an.
  38. Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it.
  39. As I got older, my dad also began to weave in the notion that I.
  40. He turned to weave away into the warm, oceanic Los Angeles night.
  41. The fabric was stiff, its weave dusty and not altogether compliant.
  42. It seemed they had to continually meander and weave a winding route.
  43. Then my faithful Larissa dressed me in garments of the finest weave.
  44. Stray cats weave casually in and out of the yard and around our legs.
  45. You have been caught in a net of warring duties that you did not weave.
  46. The sun's victory over the storm meant no oil lamps were needed to weave.
  47. This way it will let the coarse weave hook in and get a real good stretch.
  48. When you don’t draw attention to your testimonials and weave them into.
  49. LET’S WEAVE IT ALL! she said to her father when she returned home.
  50. The shared mental fields that birth mathematics also weave webs of terror.
  51. Robert would then weave it into a story with all the other facts of the day.
  52. Carroll finally began to weave forward through the thick, fuzzy night traffic.
  53. We also don't know who will weave the beauty we have created in our lives into.
  54. You also want to weave keywords into the content itself, again ensuring that it.
  55. If you can integrate and weave most of the following twenty-four tips into your.
  56. What do you mean? I try to weave our hands again, but he rises to his feet.
  57. The clothes were cotton, but of a sturdy weave rather than of a comfortable weave.
  58. Mahood was forced to weave between the attacks, taking his chances when they came.
  59. I remembered the baridarm my brothers and I had failed to weave for our dead father.
  60. Rana was doing her best to give the impression that she could easily weave her way.
  61. The hard working villagers used to weave their own cloth to supplement their income.
  62. But in summer, with sixteen hours of daylight, I can weave six yards in a day, with.
  63. David was blindly in love with his fabulously fake creation, seeing in her weave and.
  64. The wyassies had to weave their way through the crowd to reach the edge of the balcony.
  65. They strolled, often arm and arm, their hands mingling together like threads in a weave.
  66. But there it is, Saruman remains to nurse his hatred and weave again such webs as he can.
  67. Before I throw the rays of light on that, I will continue to weave the evidence into it.
  68. He would weave these great scenarios of how things would unfold and how we needed to react.
  69. They both watched the ruddy boy weave through the crowd bearing the lemonade like a lantern.
  70. Both Ingrid and Jesus then reversed their turns in order to continue using the Thatch Weave.
  71. Weave that unseen, unknown, emotion into your marketing as you create it, but certainly show.
  72. For the abdominal muscles to develop, they have to weave their way out of those layers of fat.
  73. I know how girls can weave a web of entrapment, and put a stranglehold on your time and all that.
  74. Mother, why don’t you weave the picture as a brocade? That would be almost like being there.
  75. The weave of delicate strands hummed softly as a little of her hair brushed the billowing surface.
  76. Daphne had to weave around the many pieces of art to reach the green chenille chair in front to Dr.
  77. She extended her fingers through one of the openings between the weave in the net and stroked them.
  78. A second weave created a second bar of flames that crossed over the first like an X marks the spot.
  79. I will weave them into a tapestry that chronicles the life and death of a typical investment crowd.
  80. I watched the fire weave back and forth as the wind pushed against it, and a shudder ran through me.
  81. I had to weave my way through a forest of that vegetation to reach a peak to the west of my position.
  82. Fools, you are mere children to me, now die! he shouted at them and began to weave a deadly spell.
  83. Than put his fingers through an opening in the weave to touch her hair and hold it between two fingers.
  84. To make a seat: weave vines or twine back and forth or sew on a piece of canvas or plastic with thongs.
  85. The golden threads created a handsome pattern, but there were no imperial symbols slipped into the weave.
  86. It was easier and faster to take the train and an autocab rather than weave through endless suburban streets.
  87. The controls were jammed, the Play button depressed by a weave of the black string that was wired everywhere.
  88. I think that we may gain that by means of the law; but we have our web to weave, while theirs is already woven.
  89. The result is that we are each prisoners of the spider-web that we ourselves weave to become its only true victim.
  90. In addition motorcyclists, who can’t find a way through traffic on the road, weave in and out of the lamp posts.
  91. It is unlikely that you have a mask so improvise by wrapping a damp cloth made from a tight weave around the face.
  92. Weave in her hair a ribbon that gathers her sweetness, and show it to me in the top of this love that is my madness.
  93. Jeans, true dark denim, not the thin synthetic, heavy durable material lined in waffle weave cotton for extra warmth.
  94. My intention was to mingle beauty and darkness in a weave of fabric created by the best and worst of the human spirit.
  95. There is something hidden in the fabric of this city, a weave that produces a sense of welcoming coupled with mistrust.
  96. Unlike the Army you, could bob and weave as much as you liked as so long as you won the fight without too much cheating.
  97. It also has tracer wires in the weave that allow me to track your whereabouts should you escape me, Blackfin explained.
  98. I’ve got to be careful to weave us through these mountains and try to stay away from the large towns that have telephones.
  99. Returned to the lobby, the uniformed man spoke briefly with Hector, who turned and began to weave his way through the crowd.
  100. The new looms designed by Merthin were not just faster – they also made it easier to produce complex patterns in the weave.
  1. Amaranta was weaving her shroud.
  2. Weaving spiders, come not here;.
  3. Mom kept on weaving sweater silent.
  4. The weaving is in time, but life.
  5. This the art of love: weaving freedoms.
  6. I walked all the way to the weaving pool.
  7. Her life was spent in weaving her shroud.
  8. The first one is a story you’re weaving.
  9. She noticed that the weaving barn survived.
  10. Was weaving its web from the top of his door.
  11. She smiled at her as she was weaving a dream.
  12. The thought of a million buzzing flies weaving.
  13. The Covert started dipping and weaving on its own.
  14. As I drew close I could see it was weaving itself.
  15. Vasudeva was sitting in the hut and weaving a basket.
  16. Stop your weaving and give your hands in my works.
  17. Anísya, plainly dressed, sits before a loom weaving.
  18. ANÍSYA, plainly dressed, sits before a loom weaving.
  19. Satisfied that the area was clear, he stood, weaving.
  20. At the base of the steps, weaving through revellers and.
  21. Constant weaving of balanced breathing formulation and.
  22. She was weaving about and seemed on the point of collapse.
  23. They’re using the brocade as a pattern for their weaving.
  24. As though weaving some kind of protective screen around us.
  25. He continued this, weaving and dodging her thrashing limbs.
  26. Otherwise, weaving in and out of these mountains and their.
  27. She was angry that I was not inside weaving, as I should be.
  28. I could see his dark Thunderbird bobbing and weaving up ahead.
  29. For instance why was weaving invented? Not because it was cold.
  30. Have you noticed? They're spinning and weaving their own cloth.
  31. He was weaving through things in the mist no one else could see.
  32. Meanwhile, the unknown woman was weaving glass all around Samantha.
  33. Is it a collection of reincarnation threads that you’re weaving?
  34. Twirling high above her head, weaving it’s self into a giant braid.
  35. The realization creeps in slowly, like a serpent weaving its way into.
  36. There’s a snow snake about 50 feet long weaving in and out of the snow.
  37. Weaving was just like a shield to save her from bitter questions of him.
  38. We rode slowly weaving our way around all the other traffic on the road.
  39. They spent several minutes weaving through the crowd, gingerly stepping.
  40. Leave him to me! cried Yania as they flew, weaving to avoid the rays.
  41. Destruction of industries like weaving, shipbuilding, salt production, etc.
  42. So when we are moving and weaving in the traffic, we disassociate the other.
  43. I had spent the previous few years traveling, weaving a new story, I thought.
  44. That’s why Nerissa played Smyrnan airs between her weaving and the bedchamber.
  45. Koran is a book used for shaping children at school radicalism, weaving widows.
  46. Weaving back and forth, it collapsed on itself in the shape of a perfect square.
  47. That of weaving plain woollen is somewhat different ; but the difference is so.
  48. It has had head specialists ducking and weaving all over the world for a decade.
  49. Later that day, he would vaguely remember weaving a mostly aimless path inside No.
  50. His Camry rolled down I-90 weaving in and out of traffic and the relentless rain.
  51. We followed the bus up First Avenue, weaving in and out of traffic, siren full blast.
  52. He felt a multitudinous tapping, shuttling, weaving, about his face, all numb again.
  53. Nerissa concentrated on her weaving, determined that he wouldn’t notice her smile.
  54. Not only snowmen, but there was a large snow snake weaving its way through the snow.
  55. A drunk is driving through the city and his car is weaving violently all over the road.
  56. Night, silver globes plod up to the surface weaving tapestry across the velvety abyss.
  57. What a history you are weaving out of the most ordinary circumstances! cried Varia.
  58. That was a big one, Valla said, I hope that didn’t bring down the weaving barn.
  59. It is now clear to the horse that he will get a reward by weaving through this stick fence.
  60. Weaving in and out and then circling polka-style, Monty surrendered to the infectious music.
  61. Allah is under a tangled web of mind weaving bad and the first thing he practices is deceive.
  62. She was weaving a spell of some sort and he could tell she had a lot of power to put into it.
  63. The craft continued heading up the Solent in a spray of white spume, weaving from side to side.
  64. Just then, Gaspar spotted someone weaving through the crowd towards them, and waved a greeting.
  65. Soon Caleb led us off the trail and we began a steep descent weaving through the dense growth.
  66. The use of the plow, the invention of threaded garments, weaving, textiles, design and writing.
  67. I had a big Social Studies test today that I didn’t study for, Haven began weaving her.
  68. There was no loom in their kitchen now: all the weaving was done by others whom they organized.
  69. Weaving was a deception, proposing the competition with the bow and arrow was the winning action.
  70. The group linked hands around the man and began to chant, weaving a spell of considerable power.
  71. Tem insisted that Leode and Mordan be far out of my hearing during the weaving of their flowers.
  72. They had factories, textiles, shops; they made things like pottery weaving cloth metals jewelry.
  73. They began climbing again, weaving around the taller peaks until they were deep in the mountains.
  74. Following the car and weaving in and out of the aggressive traffic flow was best done as a couple.
  75. He was drunk, and weaving about in his saddle; he was over fifty year old, and had a very red face.
  76. Sigrid was eagerly weaving on the loom, which was situated in the corner by the back of the house.
  77. They were quickly gaining on the four men, who avoided collisions by weaving in and out the traffic.
  78. The squaw that was weaving the blanket was sort of bending over, and you could see her bosom and all.
  79. Petra tried to keep track of Anne and Garret, but they kept weaving in and out of the dancing couples.
  80. I quitted from the poultry business and resumed my old job of knitting and weaving clothes for others.
  81. On the far side of the weaving barn was a newer curved two story stone building following East Street.
  82. Weaving a little as I go, I dump the plate and wine glass in the kitchen sink and decide to go to bed.
  83. Through the lacings of the leaves, the great sun seemed a flying shuttle weaving the unwearied verdure.
  84. A good example is the production of work shoes, T-shirts, and cotton- weaving materials in State prisons.
  85. She blocked the sword with the weaving of glass into the air, forming a barrier between her and the sword.
  86. He dropped a hardcover in front of Kristen and continued weaving his way through the room back to his desk.
  87. For three years she deceived the Suitors by telling them she was weaving the shroud for Laertes’ funeral:.
  88. And then we were in the traffic, weaving in and out of the cars and lorries, following signs to the motorway.
  89. Whatever I see you doing, you're not really there: you are waiting---like Penelope when she did her weaving.
  90. Each weaving was like a mental net that he cast out into the world hoping to catch some of us little fishes.
  91. He separated from me and clasped only my hand that he gave a gentle squeeze to, weaving his fingers with mine.
  92. I still sense the taint as it is a part of what I am weaving, though the final creation seems to be cleansed.
  93. Above head, the tall trees shaded her from the scorching sun, their thick branches weaving themselves tightly.
  94. Queequeg and I were mildly employed weaving what is called a sword-mat, for an additional lashing to our boat.
  95. They appeared excited, weaving their orange tinted bodies in and out and around one another in a kind of dance.
  96. I was sure that he hadn’t noticed me weaving in traffic behind him, staying on his tail, but suddenly, I lost him.
  97. The only planes he could see, barely visible tiny dots, were weaving between the Japanese ships at very low altitude.
  98. As she was thus occupied, a long, dark-blue stretch limo was slowly weaving its way through the heavy airport traffic.
  99. Belle introduced her daughters to the amazing craft of weaving to which the twins took with enthusiasm and creativity.
  100. Heck she barely even registered where she was or why, for she was too caught up in the spell Joel was weaving around her.
  1. By the sky that is woven.
  2. They were woven from vines.
  3. Then it was woven into cloth.
  4. The flowers were woven amid.
  5. This is a very finely woven.
  6. As if someone had woven it in.
  7. With so many memories woven in.
  8. It is made up of woven rattan.
  9. The mooring line’s woven of.
  10. Amid the world of woven trees!.
  11. Nor about the sacks she's woven.
  12. They’re woven into our history.
  13. Murphy’s favorite hand woven rug.
  14. The pouch was woven of rough fibers.
  15. He bought a coverlet woven from the.
  16. A haunting melody woven with healing.
  17. What an intricate design She’s woven.
  18. She has woven a spell over her brother.
  19. I had woven the cloth and cut it myself.
  20. A soft blanket of woven leaves covered us.
  21. On her feet were woven gold-twine sandals.
  22. A loosely woven hemp mask covered her face.
  23. I am reproached with having woven a romance.
  24. Why is it so loosely woven? she asked.
  25. They were in a finely woven basket with a lid.
  26. It was formed from intricately woven gold, from.
  27. The hair of which it was woven was not horsehair.
  28. Her hair was glossy black, woven with strands of.
  29. I lined my cloak with felt woven from the color.
  30. I try and feel our hands as they are woven together.
  31. On her back she carried an empty bamboo woven basket.
  32. Dale scanned the low-pile, tightly woven, black carpet.
  33. There is nothing in heaven that is not woven with MY.
  34. But the essence and texture of you is woven throughout.
  35. Of woven destiny, of thoughts, of all that’s deep….
  36. There are too many memories woven in them, he said.
  37. Her head was swathed in Webril, a stretchy woven bandage.
  38. Those resources, he told his men, are woven into a yarn.
  39. Her hair is upswept, with crystal flowers woven into it.
  40. His clothes were of deep purple, plain but finely woven.
  41. Now the coat was without seam woven from the top throughout.
  42. M: Or, rather, it is the willow of which the basket is woven.
  43. The material is fresh and woven very skillfully to conclusion.
  44. By saying that a woven design is merely coloured threads you.
  45. M: How can it be? You have your own private mind, woven with.
  46. She was very elegantly coiffed, fine strings of pearls woven.
  47. Our Earthly Christian Service Woven Within Our Heavenly Robes.
  48. We are not so woven together as we would like to believe we are.
  49. A sea eagle feather was woven into it and hung over her left ear.
  50. Into the hieroglyphics of Egypt the entwined serpents were woven.
  51. Woven into his dream of eighty-five, he backed out of the garage.
  52. Wear Protective Fabric - Tightly woven clothing are effective in.
  53. Woven branches cracked and splintered beneath his iron-shod hooves.
  54. Imperfection has been woven into the fabric of our physical nature.
  55. They had always seemed woven into the tapestry of American history.
  56. Although Pine had taken his sword he had left him with his woven bag.
  57. We strung them everywhere – from the ceiling, woven throughout the.
  58. There on the floor were the rag rugs Ellen had dyed and woven herself.
  59. The threads were unraveling at the seams of the intricately woven plot.
  60. In it sat the king, dressed in a finely woven, blue shirt and trousers.
  61. There were mats of woven bark that served as the door and as furniture.
  62. She had long, auburn hair woven into two braids that fell down her back.
  63. The Chief's house was decorated with flower garlands and woven mats of.
  64. He was convinced that it was woven of the thick black tresses of a woman.
  65. Their fire brands revealed a large woven matt obscuring the cave opening.
  66. Most of the cloth is being woven in the villages anyway, isn’t it?
  67. Near truth and apparent truths are purposely woven together with blatant.
  68. The Woven Dralon®: A continuous yarn that goes in and out of fabric backing.
  69. It would happen that way because fate had woven it into the fabric of history.
  70. I was sitting on my high, woven seat in my robes and headdress when he entered.
  71. Their ghosts still haunt us, clinking on chains woven from steam-pressed skin.
  72. The ground beneath his feet was carpeted in woven Myrish rugs, rich with color.
  73. Elephant grass and other large leaves can be woven between the cross-pieces (g).
  74. It was rougher and thicker, but still finely woven and with beautiful decorations.
  75. Each person's experience is woven of a combination of the complex meanings of the.
  76. The fabric of the universe is woven together by the thread we call the Singularity.
  77. On the floor, woven into the carpet, were long, transparent light-conducting tubes.
  78. Also there had been gold thread woven into designs on the thatch roof of the temple.
  79. Scott spied one that looked woven from the same kind of bamboo used for the skylight.
  80. Then two much bigger bones were passed up and woven into place atop the initial ones.
  81. His tunic covered broad shoulders, and a wide, woven leather belt encircled his waist.
  82. The two chairs were facing the fire, with a faded woven floor rug placed between them.
  83. It also had a shower curtain that was woven from vines and which was pulled to one side.
  84. He had created a tube from woven sticks and covered it in live plants before sliding in.
  85. These comments are based on scientific facts and theories which, woven into a consistent.
  86. Monty noticed that there was a subtle, golden geometric grid woven into the black carpet.
  87. Hurley would have never killed himself—survival was woven into every fiber of his being.
  88. The hoary cord was woven from fine threads, so thin they could have been mistaken for hair.
  89. The starlight shows the little treasure dangling from the bottom of the finely woven chain.
  90. Something bounced off of her and she reached down to find a soft woven blanket at her feet.
  91. Changing into Loken’s clothes, Aesa noted that the shirt was fine woven linen, very costly.
  92. Woven carbon thread ran slowly through the press, which sandwiched it between polymer sheets.
  93. She had never really noticed the intricate pattern of color woven by various individual hairs.
  94. He would zoom to one corner, rap against thinly woven metal, then continue to the next corner.
  95. The clear sky peeked through tiny holes of this woven masterpiece and she beamed at the sight.
  96. Seven connects elements pronounced in the spirit, woven together in a fabric form to be enjoyed.
  97. After hoisting themselves up, the young men collapsed onto a springy floor of woven palm fronds.
  98. With any woven fabric, avoid touching the inner surface during rain or you will draw water through.
  99. He had livestock in pens made of woven brush and stores in big urns in a lean-to behind the cabin.
  100. But here in this place, it was as though all the different seasons were woven together in a quilt.
  1. Life weaves me a new story.
  2. Find the spark of life that weaves.
  3. And she weaves her a door in the air.
  4. Life is amazing the way it weaves you.
  5. The Book of Daniel weaves a prophetic.
  6. The robot stops, sparks and weaves about as if.
  7. A woman and a man are in the car, which weaves down the road.
  8. The Weaver-God, He Weaves: Melville And The Poetics Of The Novel.
  9. He changed the weaves of Lightning Hail to what he called Flame Crosses.
  10. His friend must be highly skilled with magic to understand such weaves.
  11. He felt he could hold those weaves for another quarter hour at the most.
  12. The same with furniture upholstered with textured weaves and wicker are.
  13. Byz Ship 2 sways, bucks, weaves and rolls to ditch or damage its pursuers.
  14. The emergency team weaves in and out of each other in expertly rehearsed maneuvers.
  15. When it begins in the sky, it weaves its thread through her heart and her mind anew.
  16. She then taught the weaves for a simple frontal shield that protected the entire body.
  17. Werner weaves the antenna through the rubbled ceiling and touches it to a twisted pipe.
  18. He wanted to question Carl about those weaves, though he assumed it was also forbidden.
  19. He continued to use those weaves, taking out close to ten thousand Nymloc and Jacoulra.
  20. The Spider weaves a web and its strands pierce through the Veil, joined to the souls of men.
  21. The weaves were much more complex than anything Carl had been capable of before being Reborn.
  22. Shields that surrounded the entire body were harder to teach however, the weaves more complex.
  23. It required skill and focus to create the weaves before falling asleep though he learnt quickly.
  24. From what Adem could make out, Carl had also created weaves to protect the grave from scavengers.
  25. He was only able to perform those weaves as they drained his strength less than the Flame Crosses.
  26. You will teach both of these weaves to Hayley and then take turns practicing each, against one another.
  27. The imagination gathers up the material by which the Mind weaves the fabric in which your future is to be clothed.
  28. Hayley was a fast learner with weaves too, and she soon had it mastered, so she then taught the weave for casting balls of flame.
  29. Is this nothing? He takes my hands into his and weaves his fingers with mine, creating an explosion of heat that spreads all over me.
  30. If the slope is too severe, the meanders have the same effect as a skier who weaves back and forth across the slope to slow his descent.
  31. Of the examples I have used above, you will notice that there is an ethical thread that weaves itself into the fabric of these organizations.
  32. It was something the Dark One had taught the Accursed, and though many had witnessed the portals, the weaves were hidden so that they could not be copied.
  33. Adem could easily handle the man with weaves of Air, though with Kaishel there to block the weaves, the man could easily skewer him like a boar in a heartbeat.
  34. Stef's thoughts come back to earth when he nearly hits the van and struggling to put on his seatbelt he weaves along the road; only regaining full control when it is fastened.
  35. He released the weaves that held the Flame Crosses together, the discs of light vanished, and thousands of men and women cried out in despair to see such a powerful weapon disappear.
  36. Ted continues to slide all the way to the door, where, having fathomed out the intricate operation of the swing handles, he pulls his jacket collar up and weaves his way out into the night.
  37. If he could have continued to hold those flows of the Power, there might be some hope of victory; however, those weaves drained his strength like water leaking out of a bucket full of holes.
  38. Can you see that when fear is grouped collectively, it weaves through, waxing and waning? In other words, and in the case of the roller coaster, fear does not dominate, but neither does excitement.
  39. She allowed Lauren to instruct Hayley with those, and they were about to start practicing the weaves when Del stuck his head inside the tent to report, Rebel Alit’aren have returned for peace talks.
  40. He wondered if Carl could figure out a way to cleanse the taint, given his new understanding of weaves that could create something like the Holy Crosses, which were removed from the taint in their completion.
  41. So what were they planning? How long would they wait? He changed the lightning weaves to Fire Serpents, the blue bolts moved outwards like a web of fire through the chests and torsos of hundreds of demons, burning them to ash.
  42. The weaver-god, he weaves; and by that weaving is he deafened, that he hears no mortal voice; and by that humming, we, too, who look on the loom are deafened; and only when we escape it shall we hear the thousand voices that speak through it.
  43. When Dominique walks in to find the armoire, a wedding gift from her father-in-law, the same armoire her father created (my father in this lifetime), I was brought to tears by the beauty and magnificence of the tapestry that the Universe weaves for us.
  44. In the part which I have the honor to transmit herewith, you will find that money weaves itself into the entire fabric of our very existence; that the law of success is service; that we get what we give and for this reason we should consider it a great privilege to be able to give.
  45. Is it an heirloom that weaves mechanically our lives, or is there life in our divinity? If the latter is true then cry, cry against this voyage; call out against this dire mission which poor Ambrosius signed up for in the thickest, most indelible of inks and that his poor crewmates are bound to also.
  46. And just as you fear at this moment that we may have interwoven truth and compassion and love for our fellow men and women into a false explanation in the service of Shan-wei, the Writ weaves truth, compassion, and love into a false explanation in the service of Langhorne and the rest of his command group.
  47. Which leads me, at least, to wonder what the heck the body of the beast is composed of! With what we know of Whitewater, Foster files, Asian money-mongering, post-marital sexual proclivities, and other tangled webs he alone weaves, one can only imagine how much more must be hidden within that ever-tumbling, ever-growing mega-mountain of ice.
  48. The word, directed toward its object, enters a dialogically agitated and tension-filled environment of alien words, value judgements and accents, weaves in and out of complex interrelationships, merges with some, recoils from others, intersects with yet a third group: and all this may crucially shape discourse, may leave a trace in all its semantic layers, may complicate its expression and influence its entire stylistic profile.
  49. It seems to us that science is only then real science when a man in a laboratory pours liquids from one jar into another, or analyzes the spectrum, or cuts up frogs and porpoises, or weaves in a specialized, scientific jargon an obscure network of conventional phrases—theological, philosophical, historical, juridical, or politico-economical—semi-intelligible to the man himself, and intended to demonstrate that what now is, is what should be.
  50. She weaves light with a fire that shows in her step,.
  51. She weaves in living elements of life, love, light, fire, earth,.
  1. Roman wove in and out.
  2. When Carl wove that spell.
  3. The only magic that it wove.
  4. And the soldiers wove a crown of.
  5. I held the memory of you, and wove.
  6. The one I wove with our clan plaid.
  7. They wove their way through the mass.
  8. Wove bright rhymes in the days of old.
  9. Hicks, and wove himself into the crowd.
  10. See how the manufacturer wove the thing.
  11. A shadow shuttled and wove in the mirrors.
  12. They wove their way around numerous islands.
  13. The women who wove baskets did not make the.
  14. The comic wove the story of Zane and how the.
  15. Toria wove a path toward the adjacent turret room.
  16. They wove and darted through the maze of branches.
  17. He also told them about Rain’s presence in Wove.
  18. Chevalier just scowled and wove in and out of traffic.
  19. We cautiously wove our way to the front of the house.
  20. McLean set his half-empty mug on the bar and wove his.
  21. A faint hissing noise wove through the raindrops again.
  22. Your mother had to die so that you could move to Wove.
  23. Carrie allowed him to choose his own way as they wove.
  24. I’m starting to think the bible isn’t in Wove at all.
  25. A loom of energy wove immense sounds throughout the ship.
  26. The road wove back and forth between the ten silent relics.
  27. So they wove carpets of millions of cut-decapitated fibers.
  28. She wove for a moment, almost tumbling back down the stairs.
  29. Cam brushed a kiss across her brow and wove toward the buffet.
  30. I watched carefully as they wove the fronds a six-foot length.
  31. He wove around tables and guests even as he hit the redial button.
  32. Along the length of his left leg the great artists wove images and.
  33. They owned shops where other women wove materials, then made garments.
  34. People said there were no brocades finer than the ones the widow wove.
  35. Pat jogged out, wove his way through the crowd and out the front doors.
  36. Now each evening, she wove woolen fabric from thread she’d spun that.
  37. She wove very beautiful baskets in a market where Felipe and I stayed.
  38. Their hearts wove together, and she, filled with love, clung to his body.
  39. Zae wove the melody through another melancholy moment, and Talia fell quiet.
  40. Lady! For she herself and her maidens wove this stuff; and never before have.
  41. The vampire and defected goblins wove themselves among their larger opponents.
  42. As he wove between the tanks, Mitch noticed someone else parked at the station.
  43. They wove a crown of thorns and put it on His head, placed a reed in His hand.
  44. He guided Jaxon to a ramp that wove its way around the inner wall of the building.
  45. One woman, Madina, cried as she wove a straw mat and told us about coming to Kalma.
  46. We wove our way around the streets for a quarter of an hour or so then headed for the.
  47. Ash crunched beneath her boots as she wove in and out of rubble that used to be houses.
  48. They smoked it, boiled it, burnt it, twisted it, turned it into textiles, wove it, etc.
  49. But you wouldn’t know that since he’s the only guy in Wove you haven’t screwed.
  50. I held my complaints as we wove though a ramshackle suburb that resembled downtown Chicago.
  51. Brice's finger trailed a crack, following its path as it wove through the misshaped stones.
  52. I made some excuses and wove through the crowds that were dancing in the palace courtyards.
  53. She wove my hair into old-fashioned ringlets and tied them back with a white satin ribbon.
  54. Over it I would spread my best woolen covering and our blankets, the ones I wove last year.
  55. But the wizards wove a spell that kept them in the forest and they came not into the plain.
  56. Sometimes he wove a real secret code into the words he was writing to keep spies entertained.
  57. Mike wove in and out of the crowd until he made his way behind a large cabinet of electronics.
  58. Greenfield was a convert to the common theory, and he wove it into his interpretation of Luke 23.
  59. To his left, a cigarette wove fiery arcs in the air as someone’s lips talked swiftly around it.
  60. She began with the second long night, when people ran over the waves and wove crowns of starlight.
  61. She sent the flies out, and they wove their way through the reversal and made it to the other side.
  62. A wispy stream of blue wove its way out from beyond the cloudy depths of the glass’s 3-D interface.
  63. As she wove, he told her about his life in the human world, and she told him about hers at Sun Palace.
  64. Before they were a step away, giant roots sprang from the ground and wove themselves around their legs.
  65. Jesse wove a tapestry of color, intertwined with historical facts, and people whom Emma would never know.
  66. Our ponies wove their way through the trees and jumped the small stream that formed rapids with the rain.
  67. When the trail became too steep, we climbed up and out and wove our way upslope using the trees as cover.
  68. He wove through the streets, disoriented, and came into a hilly neighborhood of mansions and broad lawns.
  69. It is not to be supposed he endorsed all the opinions of men just because he wove them into his narratives.
  70. As we wove around the desks toward Jacobi’s office, Conklin said to me, Let me handle this, okay?
  71. Thoughts of her date with Vince the previous night wove in and out of her professional plans, distracting her.
  72. In the place where the skeletons had stood, a twenty-foot-long scar wove across the marble floor of the pavilion.
  73. Crackling as they wove through the air, the threads of light closed in on the meteor, diving into its fiery tail.
  74. For the next four hours, he wove a story so in depth, she wondered the next morning if she’d dreamt the whole thing.
  75. No one came after me, and Floy flitted nervously around my head while I wove through crates and stinking heaps of fish.
  76. The car still had power to burn as he wove in and out of traffic–past cars and trucks that seemed to be standing still.
  77. As he wove his way between tables, Maria noticed the way the fabric of his ill-fitting blazer tightened around his biceps.
  78. They chatted about inconsequential things, and Norah tried to pay some attention to the city as they wove through its streets.
  79. And I don’t want to come away! Because the widow no longer wove brocades to sell, Chen cut firewood and sold that instead.
  80. They had had breakfast and swept the room, and now Wulfric was sewing a pair of leather trousers while Gwenda wove a belt from cords.
  81. With the help of the illusion amulets Cruce and the king had created, Cruce wove the glamour that he was the Seelie Prince, V’lane.
  82. Conjuring, she wove the spell to fix the broken bones and torn flesh but could do nothing yet to fix the flagging core of his strength.
  83. If he tried to find another World beyond them, the trees wove themselves thick with the wind, to still his curiosity, to stop his eyes.
  84. Pjodarr wove them through the thick trees of Brinnoch with ease, the other var simply following him with no guidance needed from their riders.
  85. Succumbing to one of her rare moments of despair, Chrissie sat numbly and watched the bird as it wove back and forth across the stretch of water.
  86. As he wove his way in and out of the bulrushes edging the riverbank, Darkburst's mind returned to the spiders that had saved his life in the tunnel.
  87. So he grew a crop and wove a shroud of his and his mad brother’s Marione, and supposed he needed his mother’s dead body to put the shroud over.
  88. Sensuously, she wove her body to the music; the old habit of movement imprinted so deeply on her mind that she didn’t even have to think about it.
  89. But then I chimed the bell again and she gathered her invisible knitting to stitch with her fingers, looking down at the pattern she wove on her breast.
  90. She wove her web of devilish snares and set off to carry out her scheme the next day when she went to the prison to ask for Mohammad Amin, the officer.
  91. Through her mind’s eye she saw a woman sitting at a harp in a small cottage, singing a beautiful song that wove its way through the visions of others.
  92. Instead, she wove a tiny ball of blue flame that hovered in mid air behind the screen to give her enough light to find a red woollen coat and silk skirt.
  93. Urgent legs scurried back and forth across Darkburst's snout as the spiders wove their webs, building a net of shimmering fibres around his mouth and nose.
  94. Striving to focus my attention on the concept of open land—open land—I wove among the cottonwoods, ascending the slope that rose out of the moist swale.
  95. Adrianus nodded, clapping an encouraging hand on the Imperial’s shoulder once more and wove his way through the lines until Roscius could no longer see him.
  96. Along the length of his left leg the great artists wove images and colours in a collage, in a riot of tone and line, just as if the contestant were a kaleidoscope.
  97. So yeah, those masks were still in use when the Al-Harron wove its death spiral into Satan's World because the ones without the parasitic circuit hadn't been tested to work yet.
  98. He made his selection and wove his way through the crowd just in time to keep Norah from crashing into another couple, as Tucker’s attempted spin completely got away from him.
  99. The men in the truck behind them undoubtedly wondered where Sergeant Gambelli was going, but they dutifully followed the first Henschel as it wove its way through the streets of Milan.
  100. It might have been said that she wove during the day and unwove during the night, and not with any hope of defeating solitude in that way, but, quite the contrary, in order to nurture it.

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