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Weight numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. He was a dead weight.
  2. Gabe had put on weight.
  3. Dumb as a paper weight.
  4. The sheer weight of us.
  5. The weight was too much.

  6. With the weight of the.
  7. The weight of the rocks.
  8. Weight of the casting = 5.
  9. A weight on her left arm.
  10. A weight in my chest lifts.
  11. Place a weight on the knees.
  12. Place a weight on the knee.
  13. But, to say that weight is.
  14. Feel how the weight of the.
  15. I had to guess at the weight.

  16. Instead, he was dead weight.
  17. He’d lost weight this year.
  18. I tried to weight my options.
  19. Pulling the weight load was.
  20. They'd break with our weight.
  21. The weight of the situation.
  22. I started with a weight of 73.
  23. It weight about seven pounds.
  24. Lose weight with a meal plan.
  25. Her problem with her weight.

  26. Estimated Weight of the Soul:.
  27. Ashi had lost so much weight.
  28. Place a weight over the knees.
  29. Keep your weight off that leg.
  30. His weight bore her back down.
  31. There was a weight on my chest.
  32. Place a weight over the elbows.
  33. Weight loss: a constant danger.
  34. The absence felt like a weight.
  35. Weight lifted with the toes.
  36. Decrease the weight of the can.
  37. Many of the weight loss prod-.
  38. Increase the weight on the knee.
  39. Weight balanced on the teeth.
  40. Increase the weight on the knees.
  41. The weight lifted away from her.
  42. Place a weight over their knees.
  43. As for the weight, quite a few.
  44. And pay attention to the weight.
  45. Decrease the weight on the knee.
  46. Increase the weight on the hand.
  47. As if the weight of Joshua’s.
  48. Mass is not dependent on weight.
  49. Place a weight over their wrist.
  50. D’ata gained some weight back.
  51. In weight they were about 20 lbs.
  52. Silk sold for its weight in gold.
  53. The weight should've killed her.
  54. He tested the weight of his new.
  55. Or you might have gained weight.
  56. Decrease the weight on the knees.
  57. Lowering weight in a controlled.
  58. He would be a lot of dead weight.
  59. It’s got a bit of weight in it.
  60. Weight pulled with the tongue.
  61. Increase the weight on the wrist.
  62. A weight had lifted from my heart.
  63. The metal adds a lot of weight.
  64. That was definitely a weight 311.
  65. The weight of the soul, based on.
  66. He has gained a little weight back.
  67. She’s worth her weight in gold!.
  68. You might lose some weight as well.
  69. The heavy weight was still slumped.
  70. Causes of Weight Gain and Obesity.
  71. Dar decided to throw his weight in.
  72. The porch shook beneath his weight.
  73. The weight showed a small increase.
  74. He finds that he is losing weight.
  75. Both mass and weight are measured.
  76. The weight of this Stone, infinite!.
  77. Place a weight on top of their knee.
  78. Its weight loss benefits are proven.
  79. Place a weight on the opposite knee.
  80. Lazarus put his weight to his left.
  81. You can lose weight with this method.
  82. He staggered under the loose weight.
  83. Siamese weight category is light or.
  84. Pippin felt again its weight in his.
  85. His greatest recorded weight was 222.
  86. Most weight is given to this estimate.
  87. His bark, and the weight of his lean.
  88. Only constraint it has is weight of.
  89. He felt the weight in his coat pocket.
  90. He shifted his weight, looking uneasy.
  91. Before I began losing weight, I can.
  92. It is often argued that free weight.
  93. As his full weight was taken by the.
  94. It supports the whole weight of the.
  95. The weight of the gun felt unbearable.
  96. Determine where the weight should be.
  97. As dead weight we sank into the abyss.
  98. There is only one item with weight 60.
  99. Place a weight over their wrist joint.
  100. Santosh shifted his weight on his cane.
  1. Especially on the question of weighting.
  2. The closer to 30, the greater the weighting.
  3. If the weighting of the stock in the index is 2.
  4. Now weighting by the size of the benefit we can.
  5. The weighting of Stock A (before its one-point rise) was 53.
  6. The weighting of Stock A (before its one-point rise) was 11.
  7. Then the total is divided by the sum of the weighting digits.
  8. You hear a rumor that Google is weighting the HTML LAYER tag very.
  9. Even Lebanon, which carries the lowest weighting in the region, comprises 2.
  10. His goal is to have a portfolio of stocks that is roughly equal in weighting.
  11. The approach is again deliberately naive except that I apply volatility weighting.
  12. The closer the exercise price is to the index price, the greater is the weighting:.
  13. Fundamental indexing is just one example of market-value-indifferent weighting methods.
  14. To ensure that all stocks again have an equal weighting, the index is now rebalanced.
  15. Each option has its own weighting with respect to the price movement of the underlying.
  16. Implementation of weighting procedure leads to the gradual forgetting of old data.
  17. Now Stock B, the stock with the greatest capitalization, has the greatest index weighting.
  18. One method for weighting that relies on a set formula is exponential moving average (EMA).
  19. In a price-weighted index, stocks with the highest price have the greatest index weighting.
  20. The one with the most weighting is the Yahoo directory but it is expensive at $300per year.
  21. By taking the two closing prices and weighting them in this manner, the outcome is a closing price of 30.
  22. The weighting of the DBLCI is done at the end of the year, and it seeks to reflect global production values.
  23. I focus on Kazakhstan because it has the largest weighting in the region and is an interesting play on energy.
  24. The greater the distance between exercise prices, the greater is the weighting in the index for a specific option.
  25. Buying crashes should be limited to companies with material businesses, or at least that should be a big weighting.
  26. The weighting scale ranges from 10 percent volatility/90 percent stocks to 40 percent volatility/60 percent stocks.
  27. No wonder then that private real estate can get a very high weighting in naive mean variance optimization exercises.
  28. This is constantly being updated to change the weighting between the two series of options feeding into the calculation.
  29. This example explains vividly why the weighting curve is shallower at intermediate probabilities than near either extreme.
  30. However, the nearly 40 percent weighting in the United States and another 13 percent in Japan make the ETF very one-sided.
  31. We have sector limits, at plus or minus 10 percentage points from the percentage weighting of the 10 S&P 500 industry sectors.
  32. They replicate as closely as possible the investment weighting and returns of the benchmark index they are designed to track.
  33. Plus we just used moving averages of daily put/call closes rather than properly weighting the total put and total call volume.
  34. Events that transform companies can complicate things when you're focused on, say, having an 8 percent weighting in industrials.
  35. In country allocation, weighting countries by GDP rather than by market cap in a global index is one way to infuse a value bias.
  36. This is why I get so fired up when I see traders trading without understanding the concept of weighting that I am about to run through.
  37. Too high a weighting of those latter types of positions can make you really underperform for longer than we or are investors are comfortable.
  38. The percent change in the index must therefore be equal to the percent change in the stock multiplied by the stock’s weighting in the index.
  39. The country with the number one weighting is Chile (26 percent), followed by Poland (22 percent), Egypt (15 percent), and Columbia (9 percent).
  40. Garman and Klass propose a precise formula for weighting the estimates, but a practical solution might be to simply weight the estimates equally.
  41. The same, however, is not true for the capitalization-weighted index, where the weighting of each stock is proportional to its total capitalization.
  42. Making it a weighted average gives greater weight to more recent price movements, and making it an exponential weighting adds greater sophistication.
  43. If they thought it was overvalued, their response would be to maybe buy only a 3 percent position rather than the 4 percent weighting in the benchmark.
  44. In the iShares Semiconductor Index (IGW), for example, the biggest holding is Texas Instruments, which only has an approximate 8% weighting in that ETF.
  45. To the extent that the claim about return drag in market cap weighting is correct, any pricing-indifferent equity ranking system should avoid this drag.
  46. Anytime an index with over 20 components has a 40 percent weighting in one, it is a cause for concern and brings into question the diversity of the index.
  47. In a capitalization-weighted index, stocks with the greatest capitalization (stocks with a large number of outstanding shares) have the greatest weighting.
  48. This is based on a fairly complex set of rules that dictate what the weighting should be in volatility derivatives relative to exposure to the equity market.
  49. This weighting is expressed by the number of equivalent underlying (futures), or the amount an option moves for a minimum price fluctuation of the underlying.
  50. The VPN also uses this 25-point level, but instead of weighting short futures exposure, the VPD buys call options with strike prices at this 25-point threshold.
  51. Thus, there will likely be more Hammers at support, and more Hanging Man patterns at resistance, but equal weighting can no longer be a given (see Figure 10-32).
  52. If α is the weighting assigned to each return r, then the estimated variance (the square of the standard deviation) σ2 over the next period of time is given by.
  53. The weighting is such that one cog here turns by … ’ He picked it up and swung it experimentally by the chain, ‘yes, turns by one tooth with every step you take.
  54. The hedge-fund industry grew up by preying on the inefficiencies created by the mutual-fund mentality of only departing from a benchmark index weighting with reluctance.
  55. The formula for exponential smoothing appears complex but is only another way of weighting the data components so that the most recent data receive the greatest weight.
  56. Many investors don't start with the question of whether General Electric or Procter & Gamble is undervalued, they start by trying to match the weighting in the benchmark.
  57. The formula for exponential smoothing appears complex, but is only another way of weighting the data components so that the most recent data receives the greatest weight.
  58. Consequently, two strips of options that bracket 30 days are required to calculate the VIX, with appropriate weighting of each strip to yield a 30-day implied volatility.
  59. There are similar results from this premium selling program with out of the money call options as a hedge as opposed to a weighting based on past levels of volatility spikes.
  60. The highest weighting of stocks in the DJX is represented by industrial companies, but only about a quarter of the performance of the index will be attributed to this market sector.
  61. The disadvantage of the stereotyped format, of course, is that following a form frequently results in inadequate descriptions of reality and inadequate weighting of what is important.
  62. Value-oriented non-market-cap weighting involves higher turnover and fees than market cap indices, but proponents of fundamental indexation argue that long-run net returns will be better.
  63. When you actually increase the target portfolio weighting of an asset when its price declines and it gets cheaper, you are simply rebalancing in a more vigorous form—you are overbalancing.
  64. Because the weighting of each stock in a price-weighted index is proportional to its price, we can replicate a price-weighted index by purchasing an equal number of shares of each component stock.
  65. In such cases, techniques available in more advanced textbooks provide for weighting the observations when estimating model coefficients so that the least variable observations receive the highest weight.
  66. Suppose as a result of weighting the coin, the probability of getting a head is now p, where 0 ≤ p ≤ 1, and the complementary probability of getting a tail (or not getting a head) is 1 − p, because p + (1 − p) = 1.
  67. Even evaluation of static asset class premia involves choices regarding the asset universe, weighting scheme, and sample period—and voluntary reporting of historical returns that one can study adds further choices and biases.
  68. It also underscores the fact that the weighting function may not refer to mistaken probabilities; in the above example people understand the probabilities correctly but value highly the shift from no chance to a possibility.
  69. These orders, it was Rainbow Waters’ turn to tap the sheets of paper under the paperweight, are obviously weighting our left wing to advance beyond Lake City while effectively holding our ground—at best—with our right.
  70. Other factors may also need to be taken into account: The market cap weighting of indices could explain some of the gap between ex ante and ex post credit premia if average losses from default and downgrading are not similarly cap weighted.
  71. For example, if a natural disaster affected the production of a particular commodity during one year, the five-year average would reflect that change but still maintain a heavy weighting on that commodity because that event was an aberration.
  72. If we analysed the charts of the Priestly class (and by this we include priests, ministers, rabbis, imams, monks and swamis) I would wager that we would see a disproportionate weighting in the sign of Sagittarius and/or power in the 9th house.
  73. In hindsight, you may be able to say that investing in banks and gold miners was the optimal strategy, and everything else in the index was just weighing you down, or that US and international investments should have been a stronger weighting.
  74. When trading a long–short position, pairwise volatility scaling (weighting long and short legs by their empirical volatilities or betas) reduces and (if risk estimates are accurate) potentially eliminates the position’s market directionality.
  75. Equal weighting, equal volatility weighting, minimum variance portfolios, and diversity weighting are other examples that have a contrarian bias (their rebalancing often involves selling assets whose prices have risen and buying assets whose prices have dropped).
  76. In the latter case, the single implied volatility is usually the result of weighting the individual implied volatilities by some criteria, such as volume of options traded or open interest, or, as is most common, by assigning the greatest weight to the at-the-money options.
  77. For example, if fund manager A can only have 2 percent maximum position sizes in his fund, and he buys 2 percent of stock XYZ which then doubles, becoming more like 4 percent of the portfolio, he may have to cut that position back to 2 percent if it becomes too heavy of a weighting in his portfolio.
  78. The disadvantages of ignorance, of human greed, of mob psychology, of trading costs, of weighting of the dice by insiders and manipulators,2 will in the aggregate far overbalance the purely theoretical superiority of speculation in that it offers profit possibilities in return for the assumption of risk.
  79. Supporters of market cap indices object to the name fundamental index because it is not as passive a strategy as market cap weighting and because it is not an equilibrium strategy that all investors could employ (the growing popularity of this strategy would make fundamental index weights and market cap weights gradually converge and thereby eliminate any return advantage).
  1. Weighted average of returns, 83.
  3. The USDX is a weighted average of the U.
  4. The bag was weighted and slung overboard.
  5. Our positions tend to be equally weighted.
  6. The linearly weighted moving average (LMA).
  7. They weighted his limbs with an iron chain;.
  9. We shall become light weighted and illumined.
  10. This gives us a weighted intrinsic value of $28.
  11. Price weighted index, 443–445, 449, 454–455.
  12. Weighted with knowledge of what might be to come.
  14. The words hung between them like weighted balloons.
  15. My eyes felt weighted, while my body was magnetized.
  16. Weighted Hyperextensions with bar across back/traps.
  17. The word "home" is a weighted term in the Stallman lexicon.
  18. Daphne tried to open her eyes but they felt weighted down.
  19. It’s a little more weighted toward the technology sector.
  20. Assume the portfolio was equally weighted among the 10 ETFs.
  21. This would give her a total weighted score for each solution.
  22. The series shown is an exponentially weighted moving average.
  24. Her eyelids, weighted with trouble, continued drooping as before.
  25. And that’s why you’re so heavily weighted, 70%, toward growth.
  26. Muscle needs protein and weighted contractions in order to build.
  27. This is a weighted measure of the importance of your Web site.
  28. In contrast, the S&P 500 has a weighted market capitalization of $21.
  29. In the distance lay the park where the trees were weighted with snow.
  30. It’s not your leg, he answered in a voice weighted with regret.
  31. Each value is weighted according to its numerical count within the field.
  32. If our ABC Index is geometric weighted, the initial index value will be.
  33. Gold anklets clashed as she moved, jeweled bracelets weighted her bare arms.
  34. Note: Figures weighted by actual vote share of parties in the respective years.
  35. The coefficients can be weighted symmetrically about the center of the filter.
  36. One end of the rope is tied to the wall, the other weighted with a lump of wood.
  37. There are three main types of moving averages: simple, exponential, and weighted.
  38. Fletcher turned on the heater as soon as the sides were weighted down with stones.
  39. When the coefficients were weighted by the overall impact of each major event, a.
  40. The night table had a short stack of magazines, weighted down by a hardcover book.
  41. Her voice shook with age and emotion, but was weighted with dignity and eloquence.
  42. Those elements that dragged along slumbering, weighted with classic concepts of a.
  43. That’s why it’s weighted differently, the Captain said, narrowing his eyes.
  44. But it was only a middle-aged punch, weighted to shock and awe and satisfy, but not.
  45. Hal gave a shout and lashed out with clubbed hands that felt heavy, somehow weighted.
  46. With all that had happened in such a short span of time her body felt weighted down.
  47. It is extremely difficult for the average investor to determine an average weighted.
  48. The gamma isn’t weighted because the price movement of the underlying products is!.
  49. Introduced briefly in the chapter on capital structure, the weighted average cost of.
  50. Unscrupulous gamblers have weighted coins so that heads comes up more often than tails.
  51. In finance, populations are often skewed and heavily weighted in one direction.
  52. The values of the strips are then weighted by how close each expiration is to 30 days.
  53. She had decided at the start of the process not to include cost as one of the weighted.
  54. They weighted so much that every time they came closer, the ground would seem to sink in.
  55. He tried to hit Garcia with the weighted end, but Garcia deflected it and knocked it away.
  56. Crying I said, We threw it out to sea weighted down with a rock near where you found us.
  57. Instruments are weighted by ranked betas and portfolios are rebalanced every calendar month.
  58. The sector is still the most heavily weighted, but makes up only about one third of the ETF.
  59. We are not suggesting that the odds of selling options will be this much weighted in your favor.
  60. The middle band is a weighted (exponential) moving average usually set over 20 trading sessions.
  61. Below we enumerate factors that ought to be weighted in the determination of capital structure.
  62. It reached to the knuckle of her finger and gave her hand the appearance of being weighted down.
  63. If an index is price weighted, the value of the index is the sum of the individual stock prices.
  64. This is true regardless of whether the index is price weighted, cap weighted, or equal weighted.
  65. This is because the formula is weighted and includes the stock’s percent off its 52-week high.
  66. The various codes are assigned from A to H based on the weighted score of the two categories used.
  67. If the ABC Index is price weighted, the index value, which was previously 100 (using our divisor of 1.
  68. Our final estimate of value is the value under each scenario weighted by its probability of occurring.
  69. The following steps would be taken to determine the weighted VIX futures calculation on August 18, 2010.
  70. Others use exponentially weighted averages, further raising the relative weight of recent observations.
  71. Currently, the Market Leaders universe contains 331 stocks with a weighted market capitalization of $46.
  72. How will the value of the ABC Index change if the index is price weighted? The new index value will be.
  73. A weighted tree can be used to model a distribution network in which electrical signals are transmitted.
  74. Overall, adjusting for backfill bias appears to reduce (equally weighted) average HF returns by 2% to 4%.
  75. One of your rules for diversification is to never have anything weighted more than 30%, is that correct?
  76. Look here, Bob left a note! Brooke had found it weighted by a rock just inside the cave’s entrance.
  77. The two long positions have a higher net vega weighted or unweighted than the one short, at least at onset.
  78. It was a little closer to equilibrium than it had been before, but was still heavily weighted towards Chaos.
  79. Hank and Peter were poor seconds, Peter weighted as he was with the heavy raincoat, and Hank frozen with cold.
  80. Determination of the statistical computation is based on a weighted average of the Net Profit/Net Loss and Avg.
  81. The actual margin of safety could be anywhere below the range of values (or weighted average of those values).
  82. Conversely, if there had been more down candles than up, then the fulcrum would be weighted more red than blue.
  83. While Hoolihan, here, having already gone through all Four Provinces of the pub this night, is amply weighted.
  84. Their hands hung weighted and their feet were planted so they could not move without seeming to walk underwater.
  85. Garcia hit Maurik in the head with the weighted end of his weapon and before Maurik hit the ground, Garcia had.
  86. Only in the weighted composite (last row) are position sizes adjusted dynamically, based on past year volatility.
  87. Recent data are weighted more heavily in an EMA, and, technically, no data points are ever dropped from the average.
  88. In fact, it we treat equity like the weighted average cost of capital (WACC), we can use the percent change in new.
  89. Better algorithms to work with weighted graphs are shortest-path first (Dijkstra's), Bellman-Ford, A*, and so forth.
  90. It seemed likely enough that the weighted coat had remained when the stripped body had been sucked away into the river.
  91. He has balanced both sides of the equation, and the result is, like statistics, weighted in favour of the statistician.
  92. The latter is weighted by the size of each enterprise, whereas our tests are based on taking one share of each company.
  93. The sudden feel of a weighted object on his leg had him reaching into his pants pocket he lifted out the item within it.
  94. One time-series model often used to estimate future volatility is the exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA) model.
  95. As an organized unit the Dagonites pulled the ends of their weighted net together, catching a large portion of yellow-tail.
  96. As of December 31, 2009, there were 2,355 stocks in the Small Stocks universe, with a weighted market capitalization of $1.
  97. Already so wet that they no longer felt it, they were nevertheless shivering with cold and weighted with their drenched fur.
  98. In any case, the S&P 500 and small-cap indexes, being capitalization weighted, are for all practical purposes growth proxies.
  99. In a fundamental index and its relatives, stocks are weighted by the economic scale of the company rather than by market cap.
  100. Now Grady was six-foot-three and weighted in at over two hundred and seventy-five pounds and was as black as you can be black.
  1. Have him record the weights.
  2. Week 4: Weights on Tues/Thurs.
  3. He worked out with weights I.
  4. Wear a backpack with weights in it.
  5. It’s almost like lifting weights.
  6. Either holding weights or with hands.
  7. Herein are stacks of free weights and.
  8. Whether holding weights or with clinched.
  9. Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures.
  10. Knee flexor strengthening in prone without weights.
  11. Hip extensor strengthening in prone without weights.
  12. Both distributions were combined with equal weights.
  13. Hip flexor strengthening in standing without weights.
  14. Using weights or building strength is not only about.
  15. Her arms and legs felt like there were weights on them.
  16. In Practice: adjust the weights by amplifying what is.
  17. Think of the counter balance like the weights on your tires.
  18. Given three types of items with the weights and values are.
  19. Twenty gasped Fred and lowered the weights into his lap.
  20. The application of the rope, pulley, and weights, is obvious.
  21. The boys were comforting, warm, heavy weights against her body.
  22. Those whose weights are heavy-it is they who are the successful.
  23. The satin jacket was thin, and showed no bulges or heavy weights.
  24. The weights seemed to be helping, but he would have to be careful.
  25. The weights of 80 Coast Guard members are laid out in this table:.
  26. From there, you should strive to increase the weights each workout.
  27. The risk factors are then mapped into asset and/or strategy weights.
  28. Weight is the sum of the weights that have been included at level i.
  29. You have gone insane! Great weights must fall faster than small ones.
  30. The boom is truck-mounted and able to lift weights of 1,200 tonnes (2.
  31. But maintain the weights with justice, and do not violate the balance.
  32. Elbow extensor strengthening in lying without weights Therapist's aim.
  33. From a large stone chest he pulled out some nets with weights on the.
  34. Hip abductor strengthening in standing without weights Therapist's aim.
  35. So that you see the whole thing is a mere matter of weights and scales.
  36. Using weights without proper supervision can be a dangerous proposition.
  37. Fly rods and line weights are typically written as Nwt where the n is a.
  38. Finishing a lift, he lowered the weights and offered a firm, sweaty hand.
  39. Hip abductor strengthening in sidelying without weights Therapist's aim.
  40. Focus T25 requires a resistance band or the use of light weights, whereas.
  41. Building up trading size is very similar to building up muscle with weights.
  42. His leg was in a cast, raised and held by tongs strapped to several weights.
  43. So, start out with very light weights so that you’re able to increase the.
  44. It doesn't hinder me riding, thank the Lord, but I can't lift heavy weights.
  45. Ankle plantarflexor strengthening in sitting without weights Therapist's aim.
  46. The coefficients of the regression will be the weights of each method in the.
  47. Hip abductor/adductor strengthening in supine without weights Therapist's aim.
  48. For your weight training, if you started with 5-pound weights, graduate into 7.
  49. Hip internal rotator strengthening in sitting without weights Therapist's aim.
  50. Hip external rotator strengthening in sitting without weights Therapist's aim.
  51. Eating a few small meals is a more effective way of losing weights than eating.
  52. Leather groaned as his holsters were relieved of the weights of his twin cannon.
  53. When lifting weights, try slowing down the speed at which you lower the weight.
  54. Immense weights can be lifted and moved by levers, ramps and blocks and tackle.
  55. Hip external rotator strengthening in sidelying without weights Therapist's aim.
  56. The "Guardian" is a small pink quartz crystal skull which weights less than 1 lb.
  57. Each composite is rebalanced to equal weights every month between 1990 and 2009.
  58. Knee flexor strengthening in supported standing without weights Therapist's aim.
  59. Trying to move the slightest part of me was like lifting weights with my tongue.
  60. Internal hip rotator strengthening in sidelying without weights Therapist's aim.
  61. All they did was ensure that our drained weights of our canned goods were correct.
  62. Knee flexor strengthening in unsupported standing without weights Therapist's aim.
  63. Where is the workbench, where is the radio, what are these weights on top of him?
  64. No sparring or grappling; just weights, core work, and a half hour of jumping rope.
  65. VaR and expected profit have the most variable weights, leading by a huge margin (0.
  66. Let weight be the sum of the weights that have been included up to a node at level i.
  67. Both of these choices can lead to birth defects and lower birth weights for the baby.
  68. Garcia walked over to the replicator, placed the weights inside it, and recycled them.
  69. It was too early for bed so I decided on a quick cardio workout with the free weights.
  70. He was limping pretty badly but he still out weights me by at least seventy five pounds.
  71. The index reviews its weightings annually and reassigns weights to the index in January.
  72. The table with weights for all five types of functionalities is available (pre-defined).
  73. The weights used for the calculation of the index for some of the most important groups.
  74. The six-year old boy strains to lift the weights attached to a rope strung around his nape.
  75. What about me? said Lloyd, who was curling two-and-ahalf-pound weights and struggling.
  76. Instruct the patient to lift the weights above their chest until their elbows are straight.
  77. Other individuals believe that lifting weights is harmful because it will cause you to add.
  78. Because these 13th gateway atomic weights in-between 12 totalities are used as buffer zones.
  79. Together, the respective costs of equity and debt are proportioned by their relative weights.
  80. The only difference is that the weights those 20 million Americans are carrying consist of fat.
  81. When Tony picks up his gym weights, he may not be aware, yet his muscles are naturally resisting.
  82. Beginners should start with least resistance, working their way up to heavier weights in time.
  83. He locked a chain with weights around Ailia’s ankles and dragged her to the longship’s prow.
  84. Exercise (lifting weights, running on treadmills, taking exercise classes) is stress on the body.
  85. When you need to lift weights over your head, then you should try squeezing your butt muscles.
  86. The duplicate again became the standard by which all other weights in the country had to be tested.
  87. The thing with exercising without weights is that you need to subject your body to more resistance.
  88. My rise, as if we were on weights and pulleys, sank the priest back, all but boneless, in his chair.
  89. When the two weights were roughly equal, I was able to pull the rocks down and bring the battery up.
  90. You can use slightly heavier weights with this kind of cadence, but furthermore I theorized that it.
  91. If you did not feel the pain of over stressed ligaments and muscles, you could lift greater weights.
  92. Placid and Oilfield boasted about the weights they could bench press and strange dietary supplements.
  93. She tried to run, but her legs were unresponsive lead weights, and her feet tangled in cargo netting.
  94. Progressive overload simply means that you can’t keep lifting the same weights for the same number.
  95. They told me in the hospital I won't ever be able to lift heavy weights again, and I'd better not try.
  96. Two silver weights swung from their chain, collided with companion weights sending an equal amount of.
  97. Suppose you were to bet on a six-horse race in which the horses carried varying weights on their saddles.
  98. And that was where he stood, hanging in the balance, afraid to tip the weights, because there was no way.
  99. Any surplus can be used for attaching the net to supports and weights to keep it in position when in use.
  100. Shoulder external rotator strengthening in sitting using free weights with arm supported Therapist's aim.

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