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Wet numa frase em (in ingles)

It was warm and wet.
He felt his eyes wet.
He was wet and cold.
He was wet all over.
She wet her dry lips.
The man wet his lips.
She was wet all over.

She was cold and wet.
But it does feel wet.
I was wet and ready.
Slice it using a wet.
I sat on the wet grass.
It was wet with vomit.
His hair was stil wet.
Yes, wet was the floor.
Chapter 11 — The Wet.
I almost wet my pants.
And my eyes became wet.
It was wet to the touch.
He stroked her wet hair.
You must be wet through.
Cover with a wet towel.
It was a dark, wet night.
My shirt is wringing wet.
Wet the edges and press.
It was the wet season, Mr.
His mouth was warm and wet.
And, after holding a wet.
Her eyes were red and wet.
Sweat kept our bodies wet.
I woke up with wet cheeks.
He stared at the wet road.
It was wet and a bit wild.
Sand clung to her wet feet.
My face was wet with tears.
My face was wet with sweat.
He wet his throat with wine.
She’s shaken off the wet.
Mist wreathed from the wet.
Everything was cold and wet.
But in reality I’m wetting myself.
A single tear escaped, wetting her cheek.
SuperSeaweed also acts as a wetting agent.
Her tears flowed like a river, wetting her blouse.
I had tears in my eyes and felt hers wetting my neck.
A little water spilled from her pail, wetting my foot.
She kissed the young man on his forehead, wetting him.
He was seated on the sill of the open window, wetting his.
Lyra leant forward, the tip of her tongue wetting her lips.
Wetting her lips, she asked "How long have I been here?".
He stood and looked around, the rain wetting his bare head.
Matthew later said he was wetting himself in the back room.
Soap will increase effectiveness as a wetting agent, use Dr.
Nocturnal enuresis or bed wetting correlates with criminality.
Once this is done then it is a matter of wetting the backing down.
Lucas had reacted like an overeager puppy, minus the wetting himself.
The hounds were padding in circles, wetting bricks, hooves, and boots.
She kissed the young man on his forehead, wetting him with her tears.
The boy shook uncontrollably, blood everywhere, wetting Thomas’s hands.
Wetting his lips, he chuckled and started to say, You don't mean—.
She ignored the mess she was making and focused on wetting all of her hair.
It brandished vicious fangs and whipped its fishing rod with pant wetting.
The bed wetting increased, so that the washing machine was constantly at work.
The tears poured down my face, wetting the counter as they dripped off my chin.
I didn’t mean anything by it, I just… She faltered, tears wetting her cheeks.
As it was they only thought of how to cross it without wetting themselves in its water.
My daddy’s going to kill me! she wailed again, sweat wetting the roots of her hair.
I just… The tears that have been gathering in his eyes spill over, wetting his cheeks.
Finally, she pulled it out of his pants and looked down at it, wetting her lips with her tongue.
I thought ’twas merely Metaphor, said I, wetting Belinda’s red and curly Hair with Tears.
Aspen shook her head slowly from side to side, gently wetting her lips with the tip of her tongue.
This he managed by stretching his neck out, wetting Lucy’s knuckles with his nose in the process.
Dare he risk inviting them and asking Mister Tom's permission? After all, he was still wetting his bed.
I think the only thing that’s next, I said, wetting my lips, is for you to tell us how you feel.
To his horror and shame, a few weeks after his arrival at the orphanage, he started wetting the bed again.
I’m—I’m fine, she responded and looked away trying to hide the tears that were now wetting her eyes.
Connor gulped in fear, wetting his parched lips with his slimy tongue, his fiery cherry eyebrows arched in panic.
Cool body by wetting underclothing with TEPID water (cold water would push the core temperature up) and fanning.
She felt he was searching her soul, as he gazed down upon her trembling lips, wetting his own as if in anticipation.
He gently took both my hands into his, raised them to his lips, and kissed my fingers, his tears wetting my knuckles.
She wets them up under the kitchen faucet.
She turns to the kitchen sink and wets up more paper towels.
She takes one of the yellow cloths and wets it up with soap and water.
To begin with mull Sand and tempered water, this wets the sand surface , then.
She wets it in the sink and brings it over and kneels to place it on his forehead.
Stacey wets her lips before entering and hands him an unusually thick report at 3:03.
Ask your child if he or she dreams that she is urinating on the nights when he or she wets the bed.
It hurts at first, but she soon finds that as the water wets her throat it begins to get easier to swallow.
Then she wets toilet tissue and cleans up the cut, which is no more than half a centimetre in length but it hurts like hell.
Suzy almost wets herself when she sees the policemen at the front gate, watching the interchange between the policeman and the medic Suzy tries to calm herself.
Jock does as he is told, pulling a wad of kitchen roll from the holder on the wall by the microwave, which he too wets under the tap so that he can clean himself up.
If your child thinks that he or she is the last 6-year-old (or 8-year-old or 16-year-old) that still wets the bed, your child may conclude that there is something wrong with them.
What a Wonder is that malleable Organ! It licks, it tastes, it wets, it smooths, it slicks; it causes Nipples and Pricks to stand at attention, and sucks the Savour out of Capons and Cocks.
Then she takes a towel, wets it with the stuff, and rubs his whole back for half an hour till it's quite red and swollen, and what's left in the bottle she gives him to drink with a special prayer; but not quite all, for on such occasions she leaves some for herself, and drinks it herself.
Off the walls in sorts of animal suspicions, hang tameable tricks and tears, visors of haughty expressions, made happy with drinks and beers; and pairing with a pinking shears, the pieces off his customers, a butcher-barber-cut-off-ears, wets his comb and precedes yes, to style yet another outpatient from The Home.
She wets her lips and angles her head so that her mouth is a breath away from his, and I’m a mess of quivering frigging nerves in the corner because she just stays like that and her eyes fix on his mouth, and his fixes on hers and I think, Shit, this room is going to blow, then I think, Shit, this is Dani and Ryodan.

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