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Wheeling numa frase em (in ingles)

1. Wheeling the suitcase up the street.
2. Clair to go four wheeling in the Jeep.
3. Two nurses burst in wheeling in another bed.
4. Crows call, wheeling, mobbing the buzzards.
5. Wheeling Steel Corporation, 243–244, 245.
6. Wheeling on him, she tried to punch him in the throat.
7. What I said when they were wheeling me into the OR.

8. Only a few looked curiously at the children, wheeling.
9. Hackbutt, wheeling adroitly, all I can say is, that I.
10. For a full minute, Romski listened and then, wheeling his.
11. On the hilltop they milled around in a huge wheeling group.
12. Some software also combines this method with number wheeling.
13. I'd call that damned imaginative wheeling and dealing!.
14. Wheeling his mount Moshe rode the short distance between them.
15. Bonny bird; wheeling over our heads in the middle of the moor.
16. She frowned and tried to avoid him, but he came wheeling up to.
17. A lady wheeling in her large vinyl trash can looked up in fright.
18. Wheeling, the giants saw a disreputable throng crowding the arch.
19. Clairsville, situated ten miles from the Ohio river, at Wheeling.
20. You cannot just stop the wheels of political wheeling and dealing.
21. The gun went flying, wheeling end over end and landing on the porch.
22. They were wheeling a man strapped to a gurney through a hall way.
23. That is how far these scoundrels wheeling money got into our safety.
24. Darren was wheeling Andrew back from the patch of wild flowers, and.
25. My heart leaped with an enormous relief, but I went on wheeling my stones.
26. Wheeling System - system that organizes a set of numbers to increase the.
27. Then let me come with you, she said, wheeling around to face Sierra.
28. Wheeling Dublin around, we doubled back, watching for a fork in the trail.
29. The swords flashed like white fire in the early sun, wheeling and circling.
30. Wheeling around the corners of the tracks was conducted in perfect harmony.
31. He head-faked right and drove left, wheeling at the end to protect the ball.
32. Just then, he heard the ragged howl of an old man down the street wheeling to.
33. She was in a wheelchair, and her mother and father were wheeling her toward me.
34. Penny and I were in the gardens on the 5th floor and I was wheeling her around.
35. A hospital porter came out of the lift, wheeling an old woman in a wheel chair.
36. At the sound of the sixty-eighth, Moshe broke the circle, wheeling sharply; he.
37. Within lottery playing circles, handling numbers (wheeling) is a much preferred.
38. Conan had sprung back, wheeling to face the door at the same instant, lips asnarl.
39. Very big, I think, really; but in the glass they looked like bats wheeling round.
40. He grew up in Wheeling, West Virginia, so he certainly felt at home in Pittsburgh.
41. The cart was full enough, so he started wheeling it to the nearest unloading station.
42. Jim was just wheeling his black relic to a stop next to hers; the girls were with him.
43. Ten minutes later, Troy was wheeling me down the corridor, into the children’s ward.
44. The carriage wheeling by Farrell's statue united noiselessly their unresisting knees.
45. Flocks of birds, flying at great speed, were wheeling and circling, and traversing all.
46. Wheeling it through the small group of trees, he kicked its belly with his leather boots.
47. There was much confusion, a separation, a wheeling about, and then LaFarge stood stunned.
48. McCarthy’s career as a factor in American political life began in Wheeling, West Virginia.
49. Lifting his head he watched with the burning glare of a wolf the shadows wheeling above him.
50. In the case of Wheeling Steel Corporation First Mortgage bonds the required ratio is 2 times.
51. As it did so, it caught sight of him and in wheeling to face him it toppled over on to its side.
52. She should have been posed against a background of sea-clouds, painted masts and wheeling gulls.
53. I scurried into the office, found the fax and was docilely waiting when he re-entered wheeling a.
54. She was wheeling a ponderous brass urn on a trolley, which she obediently uncapped for her master.
55. Wheeling around, ready to face one enemy or several, I instead saw one of the women from the camp.
56. Wheeling like a cat from his headlong charge, he brought his knife crashing down upon the crystal.
57. Some were just simply engaged in chit chat while others were using the event for wheeling and dealing.
58. Wheeling around I took off down the hall in the direction of the flames and the noise that I had heard.
59. Paramedics were wheeling gurneys; doctors, nurses, and patients crisscrossed every which way around me.
60. Yet for all his wheeling and dealing, he always left everyone feeling like a winner, a rare thing today.
61. Within minutes, they had him hooked up to a heart monitor, IVs, O2 and were wheeling him out to Walter Reed.
62. Palestine went to Britain (see Chapters 3 and 7 for more about the wheeling and dealing over the Middle East).
63. These native makers of stone-age money were the first to try wheeling and dealing with the more corrupt whites.
64. Now five strong, they began loading equipment in boxes and wheeling files on dollies up the stairs to the truck.
65. What about him? She pointed out the window to a big Troll wheeling a hand-fork thru the crowds of the dock.
66. Thugra Khotan laughed awfully, and wheeling, caught up something that crawled loathsomely in the dust of the floor.
67. Then wheeling away he staggered into the forest; he reeled in his gait, crashed through bushes and caromed off trees.
68. Jared said they were wheeling Forrest into the lobby at the Vermont Hotel on a gurney at half past five this morning.
69. For near an hour they danced together on their horses, wheeling and circling and slashing as men died all around them.
70. Once, when he stopped behind Lubotshka, he kissed her black hair, and then, wheeling quickly round, resumed his pacing.
71. Putting her bag on the floor and wheeling it out into the hallway, Beatrice says, Well, then what is your point?
72. Some of them were digging, others were wheeling barrowloads of earth along planks, while others stood about doing nothing.
73. Graisse whined, suddenly springing four feet into the air, legs wheeling, and when he hit the ground, he shot down the hall.
74. I felt it in my bones, the wheeling and dealing that went on with the families of government ministers and the ruling elite.
75. A huge, blue New Holland monster growls under wheeling planes of gull wings in a field on the higher, inland side of the road.
76. They were interrupted by a rattle as the old waited reappeared, wheeling a trolley on which were two silver cloche covered plates.
77. The same is true with respect to the 53% voting control of Wheeling and Lake Erie held by the Nickel Plate (New York, Chicago, and St.
78. At two thirty in the morning he had piled his family into the car and snuck away from a house six miles outside Wheeling, West Virginia.
79. In the now crushing silence, it seemed that the quiet of earth, sky and sea itself, by its friction, brought the car to a wheeling halt.
80. The business world has learned wisdom from its experience, and is now quietly turning a corner and wheeling into line safely early in 1890.
81. Ilusha, darling, he's the one who loves his mamma! she said tenderly, and at once began wheeling the cannon to and fro on her lap again.
82. He could see nothing but the wheeling stars, and away to his right vast shadows against the sky where the mountains of the South marched past.
83. But we heeded them not, going along wheeling the barrow by turns, and Queequeg now and then stopping to adjust the sheath on his harpoon barbs.
84. Under her window there was a beehive, and sometimes the bees wheeling round in the light struck against her window like rebounding balls of gold.
85. Wheeling her chair next to Durling�s bed, she saw that he was probably incapable of recognising her: he was too far gone into drug-induced dreams.
86. Wheeling, he saw that the entire band had followed him in; a group clustered in the arch, and the rest spread out in a wide line as they approached.
87. Wheeling to fire at another section of wall where the enemy were headed for the gate I barely managed to hold onto the arrow before I had loosed it.
88. Captina is another excellent mill stream, which after running about 17 or 18 miles in this county, puts into the Ohio 23 miles by water below Wheeling.
89. The van pulled up in front of our house, and a delivery guy started wheeling a handtruck towards our house, loaded with the biggest box I had ever seen.
90. The birds were wheeling above me, and the clouds scudding, and the ocean was coming and going, and I wanted only for the woman to keep wheeling me out.
91. The half block of Paris that she can see reminds her of the cities she drew as a girl: a hundred houses, a thousand windows, a wheeling flock of birds.
92. And now I can recall the picture of the grey old house of God rising calm before me, of a rook wheeling round the steeple, of a ruddy morning sky beyond.
93. Wheeling like a cat, Conan caught a descending wrist on his edge, and the hand gripping the short sword flew into the air scattering a shower of red drops.
94. Round and round, then, and ever contracting towards the button-like black bubble at the axis of that slowly wheeling circle, like another Ixion I did revolve.
95. Wheeling around to face the citadel, I looked up in the direction of the cry, expecting to see guards swarming out of their stations, but no guards were visible.
96. One of them was down, disemboweled, before he could strike, and wheeling cat-like, Conan evaded the stroke of the other's cudgel and lashed in a whistling counter-cut.
97. Though Sneha all along shared his dreams to use the anticipated windfall to provide wings to his wheeling dealing, having had the money on hand, she had second thoughts.
98. In a few moments the horse was resaddled and she was vaulting on top of him, pulling hard on the reins, wheeling him out of the doorway and thundering through the main gates.
99. When they saw him coming back from the wharf, followed by a porter from the coach-office wheeling a barrow which was laden with sacks, they all had their comments to make:—.
100. Indian Wheeling is a fine mill stream rising in Harrison county, and after crossing this, empties into the Ohio, opposite the town of Wheeling, which stands on the Virginia side.
1. He wheeled and shot an.
2. Making it a wheeled tool.
3. He wheeled around in the.
4. He wheeled and stared at her.
5. He wheeled back in the chair.
6. She wheeled her chair closer.
7. When he was wheeled down the.
8. They wheeled this way and that.
9. Dark wheeled in a new direction.
10. He was being wheeled into a van.
11. Now he wheeled round and parked.
12. I wheeled around toward the voice.
13. Heinrich wheeled around to face me.
14. They wheeled Mother into the church.
15. He wheeled his bicycle into the barn.
16. He wheeled round towards a bust of M.
17. He wheeled around and rushed me again.
18. He wheeled Camellia back the other way.
19. They stopped, wheeled, stood in a line.
20. Bev got to a point and wheeled around.
21. Carrie wheeled to look up into his eyes.
22. Tim wheeled his chair closer to the man.
23. She wheeled the empty chair out the door.
24. Conan wheeled toward the gaping corsairs.
25. He wheeled, and glared through the door.
26. Retrieving his Samsonite, he wheeled it.
27. I wheeled my mount and raced back to the.
28. Sue wheeled me in my chair out of the room.
29. I wheeled around and swung the torch stick.
30. He wheeled the two of them next to the lift.
31. A television had been wheeled into the room.
32. Dragons screamed and wheeled across the sky.
33. He wheeled and ducked as a bow-string twanged.
34. Manson nodded shortly, wheeled his horse and.
35. They wheeled her out and Chevalier met them.
36. They wheeled round, but nothing could be seen.
37. Charlie wheeled himself towards the fire alarm.
38. The swineherd wheeled around to glare at them.
39. A medic wheeled the lil bomber out to his lover.
40. Then I wheeled my purchase out into the hot sun.
41. He was wheeled over the threshold and he looked.
42. Finally, a nurse wheeled her out of the post-op.
43. He wheeled round, looked at me from head to foot.
44. Lady Alethea wheeled upon her with an eye of fire.
45. A long-crested dragon wheeled hopefully overhead.
46. Finally, someone appeared and wheeled James away.
47. Leaping to my feet I wheeled to meet her assault.
48. Jacob wheeled over a stool and sat down next to me.
49. Martin Willow was being wheeled out on a stretcher.
50. He was wheeled through into a turquoise-blue room.
51. Joey leaned off the wall, wheeled and fired into it.
52. Clarene wheeled Bernice to the edge of the counter.
53. It wheeled on the skiff, to assault us in its turn.
54. The nurse insisted that Emily be wheeled out in a.
55. Cosmicblasto and Catwhiskers wheeled the bikes over.
56. He wheeled his horse around to face the next threat.
57. Bree wheeled around and nearly cried out in surprise.
58. And he wheeled and tore the lid from the sarcophagus.
59. The driver wheeled around and a moment later another.
60. A few moments later, they wheeled me into the eleva-.
61. I watched him crumple to the floor as my head wheeled.
62. Conan wheeled as Kerim Shah drew his sword and pointed.
63. They were wheeled out to the center of the field and.
64. I was wheeled in—in pain, without lovely nail polish.
65. She kissed him deeply, while overhead a Raven wheeled.
66. Even the crude wheeled robots that carried microchips.
67. The chef served it, bowed and wheeled the trolley away.
68. As we wheeled Marjorie through the corridor, I pointed.
69. He wheeled abruptly, knife lifted, every nerve tingling.
70. Well, Jackson said as Sunday wheeled the cart away.
71. He started and wheeled back toward the way they had come.
72. Now with the insect droned dead in his hand, he wheeled.
73. You have not dreamed of— wheeled and soared and swung.
74. There he wheeled round, and with eyes still downcast:—.
75. At the last question, Moshe wheeled his mount to the east.
76. Four trolley's full of domed trays were wheeled in, and.
77. Seagulls wheeled overhead, crying out to one another in.
78. And Bleak wheeled his friend up the walk toward his house.
79. One showed him, being wheeled into the hotel on a gurney.
80. The girl pushed the pole on its wheeled stand over to the.
81. Carroll’s world wheeled violently and turned on its side.
82. Harry was as organised as ever, trailing a small, wheeled.
83. He wheeled, following as the balloon spun, and him reeling.
84. He wheeled himself back over to his desk, pulled a key out.
85. Cai went into the mass as I wheeled and charged back again.
86. The medics wheeled me into the ER but we didn’t stop there.
87. Tony wheeled into the barn, handed in his keys, and let the.
88. Before the judge could rule, Sam’s eyes wheeled frantically.
89. In the courtyard they wheeled with a flourish and dismounted.
90. Cameron was put back into a wheelchair and wheeled off to bed.
91. Sunlight burst through the room as Rani wheeled Paro outside.
92. Once she was safely seated, they wheeled her into the clinic.
93. Chevalier kissed Emily's forehead as they wheeled her toward.
94. He was still unconscious when wheeled into the operating room.
95. I watched as the attendant wheeled Sam up to the witness stand.
96. He released her and wheeled, just as Conan's sword lashed down.
97. It had touched the ground and cart wheeled as it disintegrated.
98. Jack and Luke followed the nurse as she wheeled Sam out of the.
99. Hastings had his foot on the step of the landau, but he wheeled.
100. It wasn't on his account I wanted to be wheeled into this room.
1. Use a stool with wheels.
2. He knew the wheels from.
3. Levers next to the wheels.
4. No wheels among the pieces.
5. It even had all four wheels.
6. I don’t think the wheels.
7. The wheels were painted gold.
8. The wheels were set in motion.
9. There was the noise of wheels.
10. You got wheels out front?‖.
11. The wheels squeaked under her.
12. The wheels in Lucy’s brain.
13. It wasn’t often that wheels.
14. Once more the wheels went round.
15. The bus had no wheels at all;.
16. I can hear the wheels cranking.
17. I can see the wheels grinding.
18. I shake more than the wheels slip.
19. The wheels had been set in motion.
20. Celestial laws set the wheels of.
21. Well; the sun he wheels among 'em.
22. The sound of heavy wheels turning.
23. I could draw letters on the wheels.
24. More about my wheels and Jack later.
25. The old man was caught in the wheels.
26. The sound of wheels and bells is heard.
27. The silent wheels rolled in the tracks.
28. In that case, sell me a pair of wheels.
29. Either way, he won’t need the wheels.
30. What about a bike with trainer wheels?
31. November came in like a bitch on wheels.
32. He noticed the ladder had small wheels.
33. The car wheels spun in his mind for days.
34. Till the wheels fall off I’m hoping.
35. The next day, the wheels came off the bus.
36. The top of the fog reached for our wheels.
37. The wheels of fear are near in your mind.
38. I was excited and my wheels were turning.
39. Had sent him out from the oblivion wheels.
40. Drive shaft churning with the wheels, as.
41. The wheels on the wagon—they're crooked.
42. He cried above the clatter of the wheels:.
43. James felt the wheels roll on the rugged.
44. The wheels of Rafael’s mind began to turn.
45. Abbreviated wheels do not cover everything.
46. Anything with two wheels and says Harley.
47. I can see the wheels grinding away in his.
48. The thing was in pieces by the rear wheels.
49. Who round about his eyes had wheels of flame.
50. Traveling linearly by wheels becomes boring.
51. He merely speeded the wheels of his factory.
52. Wheels are in motion that cannot be stopped.
53. Seat cushions ain’t turning no wheels over.
54. It wouldn’t go far on its wheels but they.
55. The wheels soon came off the Cisco juggernaut.
56. The wheels started to turn in Alicia’s head.
57. I almost heard the wheels in his head going.
58. There are the wheels of the carriage, Watson.
59. This is one of the meanings of wheels within.
60. That erst did follow thy proud chariot wheels.
61. They'd relay, switch wheels, and rebound the.
62. You cannot just reposition the timer wheels.
63. Never have the wheels of Justice moved so fast.
64. How should I know? The enormous wheels of will.
65. Other hoofs and creaking wheels started behind.
66. It puts your wheels a little out of synch and.
67. Position yourself sitting on a seat with wheels.
68. The wheels of the truck came to a stop as the.
69. They parked it next to Stan, locked the wheels.
70. They formed wheels and did all sorts of tricks.
71. He’s been hell on wheels the last few days.
72. He was spinning his wheels, every nerve in his.
73. The Plans, the kingdom – are the Older Wheels.
74. Visualize a cross as two wheels viewed on edge.
75. But here on Earth, wheels are quite commonplace.
76. The Draper boys heaved at the first of the wheels.
77. Mood-enhancing steering wheels didn't come cheap.
78. The dynamo is heavy, and it isn’t on wheels.
79. Jamie could see the wheels turning in Smit's mind.
80. Wheels squeaked as though a cart was being pushed.
81. A car is like a box on wheels that goes very fast.
82. The postilion started, the carriage wheels rattled.
83. Guess what the wheels of Pharaoh’s chariot were.
84. The wheels were turning but nothing was coming out.
85. Ensure that the hands are kept away from the wheels.
86. The rocket currently rested on a cradle with wheels.
87. Ray looked at me, and I could see the wheels turning.
88. Another view of them is like the wheels on a bicycle.
89. This is where we really start spinning our wheels.
90. He waved a fist and sped on, the wheels of his cart.
91. Bones hit the street, and spotted the doc‘s wheels.
92. The wheels on my suitcase were useless on the sandbar.
93. There was a heavy lumbering of wheels within hearing.
94. Lucy turned the wheels in her head and figured out a.
95. We can hear the wheels spinning, the tires digging in.
96. The wheels of justice moved rapidly on the James case.
97. Thanks for bringing the wheels, Torin tells him.
98. Position the patient in sitting on a seat with wheels.
99. The police eventually found it minus wheels and things.
100. The ruts of the road had bestowed on the wheels, the.

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A wheel in a wheel.
There is a big wheel.
Mark it on the wheel.
Tom was at the wheel.
You are a spare wheel.
I stared at the wheel.
Deities of the body wheel.
A real hind wheel! and.
Swung up behind the wheel.
Silver Wheel of the earth.
She forced the wheel back.
She sped by at the wheel.
In it were two wheel nuts.
Fill in the Wheel of Life.
Wheel type and roller type.
His hands gripped the wheel.
Chang got behind the wheel.
Soul – is the Small Wheel.
She used the Wheel of Time.
Life is a wheel that spins.
That ain't even four wheel.
Eddie slid behind the wheel.
Once more the wheel revolved.
The great wheel kept spinning.
Junior turned the wheel, and.
The wheel is life at its best.
At the wheel is an Infinite I.
His strong hands on the wheel.
Her hands clutched at the wheel.
I took my hands from the wheel.
Please, Neil, turn the wheel.
He can’t change a wheel, so.
My grip on the wheel tightened.
Wheel lawn mowers are cheaper.
Deities of the commitment wheel.
The Wheel of Time turns for me.
Ride the Ferris wheel with me.
As the wheel spins it comes in.
The driver got behind the wheel.
They did it with a broken wheel.
He agrees, and I take the wheel.
Please turn the Wheel of Dharma.
He took a look at the wheel studs.
I had been a great wheel so far.
Hastily, I jerked the wheel back.
What should be a friction wheel.
Alexa, this is the giant wheel.
The wheel had been set in motion.
I can't leave the wheel just now.
Have a look at your Wheel of Life.
Selma could see Lisa at the wheel.
This is the turning of the wheel.
That big wheel in the sky has.
The wheel could move only one way.
Finally, those of the body wheel.
He grabbed the wheel and put the.
He noticed that the wheel was wet.
Thalia's fingers gripped the wheel.
He spun the wheel hard to the left.
The steering wheel was not working.
Tip 96: Stay off the hamster wheel.
He slammed the wheel with his fist.
The wheel presented another problem.
Willie sits on the steering wheel.
Wheel: the steering wheel of a ship.
A nurse appeared with a wheel chair.
The stars wheel upon the night sky.
Claire Washburn was behind the wheel.
Carter pushed the four wheel drive.
Try not to re-invent the wheel here.
He is the wheel that turns our belt.
They have discovered the wheel and.
However, wheel type mowers tend to.
If the easily identifiable wheel on.
The word chakra is Sanskrit for wheel.
Scram could work the wheel, he was in.
He covered the whole wheel in powder.
The man at the wheel waved a greeting.
They pointed the wheel at the maypole.
Please, have a seat behind the wheel.
This wheel is a master doorway with.
It holds the front wheel house rigid.
I didn’t count on my wheel slipping.
The steering wheel didn’t feel real.
At the wheel coming in to London Docks.
A captain of a boat is at the wheel.
He fell asleep at the wheel one night.
She grabbed the wheel with both hands.
It drives the wheel of modern economy.
Beside him Chang slid behind the wheel.
Nick gripped the steering wheel tightly.
There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.
Josh slid behind the wheel of The Beast.
The wheel of the car turns as it goes.
Beth sat behind the wheel with a kooky.
The wheel had already been invented!!!.
We entered limps, wheel chairs, and all.
He drums nervously on the steering wheel.
The wheel chair became Deanna once more.
The Centurion Casino ran an honest wheel.

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