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Whiff numa frase em (in ingles)

1. I could get a whiff of home.
2. She caught a whiff of brandy.
3. I catch a whiff of the succinct.
4. Whiff! Missed again!! Strike three.
5. One whiff of that and you're a goner.
6. And with you, I didn’t get a whiff.
7. There was a faint wistful whiff of pot.

8. There had been a whiff of embarrassment.
9. Thats when I got a whiff of a foul smell.
10. Sig trotted over to give it another whiff.
11. The heavenly whiff of a rejuvenated earth.
12. Ed caught a whiff of the farm on the breeze.
13. The whiff of murder did something to my soul.
14. But with the whiff and wind of his fell sword.
15. The whiff of gin made Shoop happy in his sleep.
16. As I neared the house, I caught a whiff of smoke.
17. Jesus! Starret said with a whiff of the air.
18. He caught a whiff of her perfume as she passed the.
19. The whiff of death did something to a man's appetite.
20. He blew a whiff of air on the child and then inhaled.
21. She collapsed onto her bed and took a whiff of the air.
22. Janey took a whiff from him, curled her nose at what.
23. Then the ever so insidious first whiff of exhaust fumes.
24. Lanris took a whiff, grimaced and shuddered reflexively.
25. A rather cold whiff of wind entered as Joseph opened it.
26. Have that in your nose in the dark, whiff of stale boose.
27. I held my breath, not wanting to get a whiff of that again.
28. She didn’t get a whiff of anything crazy off Jack Morgan.
29. Recovering it promptly, he too took a good long whiff, both.
30. Nine forty-two it is, less one half and a whiff extra for luck.
31. Then I caught a faint whiff of orange spice and opened my eyes.
32. A mere whiff of the undead was enough to send him into a frenzy.
33. I did catch a whiff of smoke, but I'm not sure where it came from.
34. I get nothing out of them but just that transient glimpse and whiff.
35. His eyes were hooded and sleepy, and she caught a whiff of his man-.
36. When a lamp is kept where there is not a whiff of air, its wick burns.
37. There was a sound of nose-blowing: the faintest whiff of hunting horn.
38. The faintest whiff of souring milk and bales of hay lingered in the air.
39. His close proximity allowed me a whiff of his unique and delicious scent.
40. There was not a single whiff on the office grapevine concerning Theo's re-.
41. They need to know they can’t change the course of history at their whiff.
42. That whiff of covered brew, that tang of blended herbs lingering in the air.
43. It opened and let in a whiff of cool air and sounds of crickets on the grass.
44. If he sensed the merest whiff of trouble, all of her hopes could come to nothing.
45. Nefer sauntered behind her, and I caught a whiff of palendry when they walked by.
46. Mikey gasped for air when he caught his first glimpse and whiff of what was inside.
47. The same thing had happened when she’d caught a whiff of the salt water on Gary.
48. There was also a strange whiff of animal, which could be either of his two friends.
49. He got a good whiff of her rose scented perfume mixed with the sweat in her clothes.
50. A great whiff of steam rose up, through which we gladly descended, sinners into Hell.
51. Then the engine whistle blew a great steam whiff and Will broke out in pearls of ice.
52. I caught a whiff that I was trying to fix myself to please others.
53. I caught a faint whiff of rotten meat on the breeze as I passed and noticed that the.
54. A whiff of something foul wafts past my nose … what was that? It smelt like bad eggs.
55. Clayton screwed up his nose as another whiff of putrid body odor reached his nostrils.
56. Stanley got a whiff of garlic and he sensed that his cheese bread appetizer had arrived.
57. Diced beets and apples on a bed of greens, with walnut bits and a whiff of vinaigrette.
58. I still smelled a whiff of magic now and then but not enough to pinpoint who was using.
59. What do you have there? asked Nibbles, catching the whiff of excitement in the air.
60. During the entr’acte a whiff of cold air came into Helene’s box, the door opened, and.
61. I instinctively took a deep whiff, smelling a couple of jelly filled donuts in the process.
62. As I walked further from camp I began to get a whiff that I was headed in the right direction.
63. I folded my arms with a huff and groaned inwardly after taking a huge whiff of Brandon’s scent.
64. A sudden whiff of garlic told him that the big Greek had returned and was standing right behind him.
65. I’m covered in somebody’s shit, is this a sewer pipe? she asked taking a good whiff of air.
66. You were worried for me? I don’t know what to say… She caught a whiff of the rose’s scent.
67. I have no idea how many there are, but I do know this—one whiff of my scent and they will be upon us.
68. There is always paperwork, of course; some official up the chain catches a whiff and wants a percentage.
69. By the time it came back, the rock was empty, the sea was still and I caught a whiff of roses in the air.
70. As they approached, a whiff of the fragrance reached them and contributed to the joy of their deliverance.
71. They soon caught a whiff of the reason, more thongas were passing thru the brush not far to the southeast.
72. A whiff of spicy, eastern perfume with a smile that still dominated the illness, which was still beautiful.
73. She leaves, a whiff of her perfume lingering behind her as the door shuts, and I'm left alone in Luke's office.
74. Freshly showered, a thick white terry robe setting off his black hair, he carried a whiff of Givenchy Gentleman with him.
75. Ethan drew a last whiff and threw his cigarette in the water before asking with smoke coming out of his mouth and nose:.
76. With the lingering whiff of death still in our nostrils, the spirit of the mind and the spirits in bottles flowed freely.
77. The kitchen was crammed full of kinfolk, all of them wore unhappy faces and she caught the whiff of smoke on some of them.
78. A tall woman executive dressed in a blue pin-striped suit, who had heard the entire conversation and caught a bonus whiff of.
79. When at rare intervals a slight breeze did arise, it brought but a whiff of hot air filled with dust and smelling of oil paint.
80. I like your thinking, said Mary, catching a whiff of rum escaping with the cork Father McGuire had been so swift in removing.
81. The tinny voice dryly rattled out of the speakers on the console, carrying just a hint of silent amusement, and a whiff of sarcasm.
82. I helped her up, it was almost as if the whiff of pregnancy had induced chronic back pain and restricted her knees ability to bend.
83. Smoke was still drifting out of the gaping holes where the windows had been and there was still a slight whiff of petrol in the air.
84. You didn’t smell the leather until you sat on it, while you were standing was a whiff of whatever was around you in space at the time.
85. And at least, so far as they could see from Andrew Groves’ morning briefing, there had been no whiff of a leak about their grand strategy.
86. Although this was a ‘non-smoking’ room, she spent the first morning 'airing out' the room to get the whiff of cigarette smoke smell out.
87. If I could but get cigarettes and take a whiff! she said to herself, and all her thoughts centred on the one desire to smoke and drink.
88. Secularists now seem to have a constitutional right not to have any opportunity to be offended by even the slightest whiff of religion anywhere.
89. He was thrown to the wall near the door and his body turned into a stain and then, with a whiff of smoke, all sign of his ever being was erased.
90. A hiss announced the beginning of the gas, so I jacked in further to step up both our heart rates before the first whiff of orange scent reached us.
91. I took a whiff of the stuff: it calmed me, made me think of spicy lavender, of silver-green by still pools where river-daughters sleep with open mouths.
92. We entered Athineos for our ten o'clock tea and cakes and went up to the Cornish for a whiff of the sea and a look at the heaving, phosphorescent waves.
93. To make his intent vividly clear, Black added that the wall shall be high and impregnable, as if to prevent any whiff of God from leaking through.
94. Just as she held her breath she caught a whiff of the disinfectant gas used to clean out the med ships after off loading potentially contagious patients.
95. They immediately got whiff that something was in the wind when they arrived and were ushered into the Cabinet room having had their brief cases confiscated.
96. During the entr’acte a whiff of cold air came into Hélène’s box, the door opened, and Anatole entered, stooping and trying not to brush against anyone.
97. A whiff of rotting seaweed wafted past her nose and then, without knowing how she achieved it … she finds herself standing outside the front door of the house.
98. After the involuntary shrinking consequent on the first nauseous whiff, we one and all set about our work as though that loathsome place were a garden of roses.
99. However, there was no other way; so with such show of cheerfulness as they could muster they called for the pipe and took their whiff as it passed, in due form.
100. But our officer, alert even in sleep, sensed some movement at the entrance to his tent just as he caught a whiff of expensive perfume wafting in on the night air.
1. The effect on Joe Billie was galvanic and Elise could feel the steely fingers cranking into her flesh as his head cocked in a pose not seen before and in moonlight reminded her of a cat whiffing catnip.
1. I whiffed it before wasting its subtle fragrance.
2. Daisy give me your hanky Jessie needs to be whiffed.
3. The Illustrated Man sniffed the yellow pollen that whiffed up from the ancient books as quite suddenly Will's father saw them laid out in full sight, leaped up, stopped, then began to close them, one by one, as casually as possible.
1. A few whiffs of air had entered my lungs.
2. We are not yet ready for drama in whiffs.
3. Occasionally she would only take a few whiffs at his cigarette.
4. She took a couple of big whiffs and sported an appalled look on her face.
5. Great whiffs of ozone filled the rainy air, and smoke blew away and was broken up by the rain.
6. Silks, velvets, diamonds glowed and sparkled on every side; whiffs of fragrance filled the air.
7. I lit it at a small brazier supported by an elegant bronze stand, and I inhaled my first whiffs with the relish of a smoker who hasn't had a puff in days.
8. From the alighting board, instead of the former spirituous fragrant smell of honey and venom, and the warm whiffs of crowded life, comes an odor of emptiness and decay mingling with the smell of honey.
9. A stripling, blind, with a tapping cane came taptaptapping by Daly's window where a mermaid hair all streaming (but he couldn't see) blew whiffs of a mermaid (blind couldn't), mermaid, coolest whiff of all.
10. Oh, my pipe! hard must it go with me if thy charm be gone! Here have I been unconsciously toiling, not pleasuring—aye, and ignorantly smoking to windward all the while; to windward, and with such nervous whiffs, as if, like the dying whale, my final jets were the strongest and fullest of trouble.
11. With his dark hair combed back to slick and gleaming, he selected for the day a new brand of cologne, which he splashed on liberally, not for additional sex appeal, of which he had considerable, but because he liked the freshness it gave to his skin and the faint whiffs he caught from time to time throughout the day.
12. But it was above all the meal-times that were unbearable to her, in this small room on the ground floor, with its smoking stove, its creaking door, the walls that sweated, the damp flags; all the bitterness in life seemed served up on her plate, and with smoke of the boiled beef there rose from her secret soul whiffs of sickliness.

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