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Wicked numa frase em (in ingles)

  2. I felt hot and wicked.
  3. If the wicked do not.
  4. She was a wicked girl.
  5. No rest for the wicked.

  6. There was a wicked man.
  7. No Rest for the Wicked.
  8. That of the Wicked power.
  9. He gave me a wicked grin.
  10. I loved his wicked smile.
  11. The words of the wicked.
  12. That wicked grin was back.
  13. These are not wicked folk.
  14. Ares gave me a wicked grin.
  15. GREGORY and a Wicked Monk.

  16. He gave me a wicked smile.
  17. The Search for the Wicked.
  18. The wicked vampire is dead.
  19. Wicked Witch of the West, n.
  20. Couple hours of wicked game.
  21. Suppose I am a wicked girl.
  22. A wicked snort followed this.
  23. It gave her a wicked delight.
  24. So it is seen in wicked men.
  25. The way of the wicked is an.

  26. The Wicked Witch of the Wing.
  27. All of the wicked vanquished.
  28. Shelagh grinned a wicked grin.
  29. Layla gave her a wicked grin.
  30. You look a little wicked now.
  31. There the wicked cease from.
  32. The wicked plots against the.
  33. The wicked shall be consumed!.
  35. Justin lets out a wicked laugh.
  37. He smiles a wicked smile at me.
  38. All of the wicked will perish.
  39. He smiled a wicked little smile.
  40. Elizabeth smiled a wicked smile.
  41. Boy, did he have a wicked grin.
  42. Something wicked this way comes.
  43. Something Wicked This Way Comes.
  44. And see the reward of the wicked.
  45. Something Wicked this Way Comes.
  46. And God leads the wicked astray.
  47. To indulge in the warm & wicked.
  48. A deception it was! Wicked!.
  49. This is wicked Gerrard said.
  50. The wicked girl walked ahead of.
  51. When it followed its most wicked.
  52. While the wicked will be in Hell.
  53. Hojo, his wicked smirk unflinching.
  54. The wicked shall be turned back.
  55. I am the wicked and the most human.
  56. And other wicked little things.
  57. But Morgan, his grin turned wicked.
  58. Some have made the wicked into a.
  59. The sacrifice of the wicked is an.
  60. She cracked wicked jokes or made.
  61. He who justify the wicked, and he.
  62. I think that is quite wicked, Mary.
  63. Because it is the most wicked bird.
  64. The wicked man laughed hysterically.
  65. But all the wicked will he destroy.
  66. All you wicked and deaf children!.
  67. Then shall that Wicked be revealed.
  68. We know how wicked bitches can get.
  69. He has become a very wicked man.
  70. The wicked are silent, no speech [Ps.
  71. The wicked are silent, no speech (Ps.
  72. Jeff and his wicked uncle and sister.
  73. In this city competition gets wicked.
  74. Who is ‘we’? we is Wicked Evil.
  75. Ares got a wicked gleam in his eyes.
  76. A wicked smile cracked his face as.
  77. He is wicked and drinks all the time.
  78. Of course they're wicked snorers.
  79. And see the recompense of the wicked.
  80. Now a wicked sprite hinted to Charly.
  81. The caretaker grinned his wicked grin.
  82. What wicked string did you pull?
  83. He has been a wicked fool, but he's.
  84. Yet if thou warn the wicked, and he.
  85. The Lord is far from the wicked, but.
  86. My ear hears my desire on the wicked.
  87. OR, The Lot of a Wicked Court Servant.
  88. When the wicked ones rise, men hide.
  89. I would not be a wicked woman?
  90. A wicked smile spread across his face.
  91. Tell the wicked that it shall be ill.
  92. He flashed her that wicked smile again.
  93. The end of the wicked is not their end.
  94. For yet a little while and the wicked.
  95. That is major wicked stuff, ruinous.
  96. All she did was call me a wicked girl.
  97. I’d likely have some wicked bruises.
  98. Pick it up, said the Wicked Earl.
  99. I am secured here by her wicked spells.
  100. The record of the wicked is in Sijjeen.
  1. Then it popped up and held, instead of wicking.
  2. With communism wicking across the Far East, America’s leaders began to see a future alliance with Japan as critical to national security.
  3. Shirts with wicking quality,.
  1. The wicks of the candles flickered.
  2. Wicks are also known as shadows or tails.
  3. The flames jittered around the wicks, casting.
  4. BELLA: What was the price to cover above the wicks, 22.
  5. There are wicks in both directions and the candles are shorter.
  7. Instead of bars, their charts had rows of candles with wicks at both ends.
  8. The Sparks, the Wicks – all these are synonyms for the concept of "Soul".
  9. We have no wicks to any candles, and the market is falling with rising volume.
  10. On this chart we see our traditional wicks to the top and bottom of each candle.
  11. In candlestick terms, the candles cannot overlap—not even the wicks of the candles.
  12. Long wicks are just one of the tools we use to analyse potential market turning points.
  13. As the wicks burst into flame, apparently of their own accord, her parents recoiled, gasping.
  14. She had sparkly yellow eyes with pupils that showed lighted candle wicks blowing in the wind.
  15. These are termed “upper shadow” and “lower shadow” and also are called wicks or tails.
  16. The air didn’t have that undisturbed taste, and the lamps were burning well on fresh-cut wicks.
  17. This is the price action we are seeing reflected in the deep upper wicks to each subsequent candle.
  18. It they could not light their wicks quickly enough, they would then be powerless to slow down the enemy charge.
  19. This buying is then seen in subsequent candles with deep lower wicks, but generally with relatively deep bodies.
  20. He entered cautiously, the space was dim—like the wicks had all been turned low to preserve the oil in the lamps.
  21. Each location had a cannon and a storage crate that held a ram-rod, gunpowder, cloth wicks, matches, and a spyglass.
  22. Now, our only concern is this: How do we capture some of the new patterns being created by these low-volume wicks?
  23. The wicks or shadows illustrate the highest and lowest prices at which a security has traded over a specific time period.
  24. This charts displays candles of varying width and height due to the volume aspect, but with the upper and lower wicks added.
  25. Rudy: That is where the wicks go up to there, there, and pretty good there (Rudy motions to the wicks on the long-term chart.
  26. These candles may be less pronounced than the true hammer, perhaps with relatively shallow wicks, but the principle will be the same.
  27. Long wicks show that the preceding trend could be beginning to run out of steam and that the market is thinking about trying to reverse direction.
  28. There are thousands of uses for ropes and line, from securing constructional joints to making candle wicks, for rappelling down a cliff face to making snares and nets.
  29. We know this because there are no wicks on the candles, as the price moves steadily higher, with the volume rising to support the price action and validating the price.
  30. For example, when you see very small range days with a lot of wicks, you know that this is a time of uncertainty and we should be prepared for a lot of intraday reversals.
  31. It would certainly be some kind of trick with hidden wicks and special fuel, but he'd seen people spit fire so he figured there would be some way to perform that circus stunt also.
  32. Normally, if armed with the standard matchlock pistol found today in Japan, Jenny would never have the time now to light the wicks and fire, something the ninjas had probably counted on.
  33. The market then goes into consolidation with above average volume and narrow spread up candles with wicks to the upper body, confirming the initial weakness first seen in the trend higher.
  34. The Wicks are the Sparks, that draw from the Three-tongued Flame shot out by the Seven - their Flame - the Beams and Sparks of one Moon reflected in the running Waves of all the Rivers of Earth.
  35. The key point about this type of doji candle, is that both the upper and lower wicks are long in comparison to the body, and should resemble what I used to call, a 'daddy long legs' – a small flying insect with very long legs!.
  36. As they eventually moved from the circle of light provided by the hotel and into the total blackness that surrounded them and cloaked them, Feltus and the other men turned up the wicks in their kerosene lanterns, suddenly flaring spectacularly then subsiding to cast a dim but well-needed glow to guide their progress; this, combined with the almost-constant flashes of lightning that reminded them of reporters’.

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1. The papery wick was now.
2. Accordingly, the wick is the.
3. What have we got, Wick?
4. Nor put out the smoldering wick.
5. His golden, lever-action Cartier wick.
6. Cotton acts like a wick, absorbing moisture.
7. Snuffdishes: Used to catch the trimmed wick.
8. A kind of wick or snuff that will abate it;.
9. The shade screeched up, and she lighted the wick.
10. Even though the papery wick had been saturated in.
11. Here the socket of the candle dropped, and the wick.
12. Here is an example of a bearish long wick reversal:.
13. The paper wick had sucked most of it into the fibers.
14. I mean, here, especially, I drew the line to the wick.
15. Wick said he’d be ready to go in four and a half minutes.
16. On the tent-pole the lamplight yellowed and dropped to the wick.
17. The big man shrugged and turned to adjust the wick in the lantern.
18. Unless it had a wick like a candle which was lit fi rst? asked.
19. The wick of each candle runs from the low to the high that was reached.
20. When a lamp is kept where there is not a whiff of air, its wick burns.
21. Only the smell of the burnt wick, and the caretaker’s words, lingered.
22. Accordingly, the wick is the top or head of the candle, where the fire burns.
23. As he lit the wick inside the lantern, a song waved from his chest softly at.
24. The upper half of a broken lamp wedged them in, its charred wick still present.
25. This was her one and only back-up plan: to light the wick and throw the can on the roof.
26. The next candle arrives, a hammer with a deep wick, and this confirms the previous candle.
27. The open and close will be much the same, and there will always be a wick to the lower body.
28. I’m the verbal-spit Smith Wesson, I unload with sick spit the quick wick could split a.
29. Animal fats: These can also be used with a wick in a suitably ventilated tin to make a stove.
30. There was a wood- burning hearth which mercifully was out, and a wick burning oil stove; this.
31. If we suppose that the wick of a candle is a body, then its flame and its light would be the spirit.
32. The flame gets larger as the wax above the wick melts quickly catching the carpet alight underneath.
33. If no wick is created, then this signals strong market sentiment in the direction of the closing price.
34. For, his spirit was surrounding its body as the flame of a candle surrounds the wick from all direction.
35. The next candle hints at stopping volume once again with a narrow spread and deep wick on very high volume.
36. You should never just identify a long wick candle and then blindly enter a trade in the opposite direction.
37. The precise formation of the candle is not critical, but the body must be a narrow spread, with a deep lower wick.
38. Notice the long candle wick indicating that the stock was hitting some serious resistance at the 50-day line.
39. She lighted the wick, watched it burn blue for a moment and then put up its yellow, delicately curved ring of light.
40. Wick was a full five inches shorter than him but, knowing the plan, he’d made the shelter a perfect fit for his boss.
41. That means, just when you need to deal, one of the machines may be having its wick trimmed or its elastic being changed.
42. What is important, is the height of the wick, the repeated nature of this price action, and the associated high volumes.
43. I have Wick over there watching the place, and I can tell you that we’d be better off trying to break into Fort Knox.
44. It was still raining and the lamp in the cart was nearly out, so Sawkins trimmed the wick and relit it before they started.
45. Wick and McGraw were out of visual range, but they would have stopped, too, in order to keep the intervals he’d stipulated.
46. His golden, lever-action Cartier wick lighter was just shooting sparks as he turned the horizontal wheel that operated the flint.
47. Waiting awhile for the leaf to brew, she watched Latrandura fill the bowl of her pipe, tamp it down and then light it from a wick.
48. As he cut, he blew—softer than the lowest whistle—and the white sparks jumped away from his face to the wick of the wax candle.
49. After a few short turns on the wheel, a steady flame began to burn on the wet wick of the lighter, bringing each candle into light.
50. In the other abode, the spirit will envelop the body and surround it on all sides, as the flame of a candle completely surrounds its wick.
51. The spirit in the other abode will envelope the body and surround it from all sides as the flame of a candle completely surrounds its wick.
52. In the farthest corner, on a bench beside a bed on which something was lying, stood a tallow candle with a long, thick, and smoldering wick.
53. Like… there was one idiot who wanted to be looked at, so I had to stand beside him and gawk as though I was interested while he dipped his wick.
54. Thirsk’s thumb spun the wheel, and Hahlynd stepped back half a pace in surprise as a fountain of sparks leapt from the wheel to ignite the wick.
55. He examined the flame of the candle with a stupid air, and from around the wick he took some of the burning wax, which he rolled between his fingers.
56. Also called a cool mist humidifier, this type of appliance uses a reservoir, wick, and filter to disperse room temperature water vapor into the air.
57. So, for instance, if there is a lot of wick above the candle there must have been a rally during the day that failed to hold and will have discouraged traders.
58. The next candle suggests weakness, a shooting star (although not at the top of a trend, weakness nevertheless with the deep upper wick) and above average volume.
59. He seized the candle in his fist, and set it on the chimney-piece with so violent a bang that the wick came near being extinguished, and the tallow bespattered the wall.
60. Enough scant light spilled from the wick of my lantern to reveal a small personal traveling box that looked very familiar; it was caked in year’s worth of dust and grime.
61. While I was considering that some one must have been there lately and must soon be coming back, or the candle would not be burning, it came into my head to look if the wick were long.
62. At this point Duke Energy attempts to move higher, but with a wick to the upper body of the candle, this is not a strong response, and the stock price falls further, but on average volumes.
63. It’s roots find itself in a ‘wicker,’ you know, the wick in a candle, it’s all twisted, twisted cord or ‘wicker,’ the twisting that causes people to get involved in spiritualism.
64. The second signal we look for that warns us that the market is contemplating a reversal is a candle that has a long wick (sometimes called a shadow) when compared to the size of its body.
65. When we see a candle with a long wick on a weekly or monthly chart for instance, we should be thinking to ourselves that the move in the opposite direction, if it materialises, could be quite large.
66. It is so oily that it can be dried and then placed on the end of a stick with a piece of bark stuck into its mouth, and when that bark is lit it burns like a candle wick because of all the fish oil.
67. Here we will see high volume coupled with a candlestick which has a deep upper wick and narrow body, and is one of the most powerful combinations of price action and volume we will ever see on a chart.
68. We are now paying attention as with this volume bar, the pair should have risen strongly, and clearly in the volume bar there is a large amount of selling, confirmed by the deep wick to the top of the candle.
69. The earl smiled at his friend’s expression, then flipped up a tight-fitting, hinged metal cover on one end of the device to reveal what looked like a lamp wick with a milled metal wheel bracketed in front of it.
70. What do we see here? First the shooting star sent a clear signal of weakness, and on our 15 minute chart this is reflected in two candles, with high volume on the up candle which is also topped with a deep wick to the upper body.
71. On his way back to the workshop he noticed the odor of the wick that Santa Sofía de la Piedad was using to light the stoves, and he waited in the kitchen for the coffee to boil so that he could take along his mug without sugar.
72. The length of any wick, either to the top or bottom of the candle is ALWAYS the first point of focus because it instantly reveals, impending strength, weakness, and indecision, and more importantly, the extent of any associated market sentiment.
73. The next two candles are down, but the volume is falling, so we do not expect the market to move far, and indeed the lower wick on the second of these candles, is a clue that this is simply some early profit taking on the gap up open, and that the buyers are in control.
74. Conversely a length of wick dangling out of the bottom (called the ‘hammer’) shows that an abundance of sellers threatened to push the market down but there were more than enough buyers to offset them, so the market bounced off the bottom, which gives promise of further rises.
75. Look with me please at verses 16 and 17 again: This is what the Lord says—He who made a way through the sea, a path through the mighty waters, who drew out the chariots and horses, the army and reinforcements together, and they lay there, never to rise again, extinguished, snuffed out like a wick.
76. A cricket chirped from across the passage; someone was shouting and singing in the street; cockroaches rustled on the table, on the icons, and on the walls, and a big fly flopped at the head of the bed and around the candle beside him, the wick of which was charred and had shaped itself like a mushroom.
77. This sort, therefore is at present cultivated principally for supplying wick for the lamps that are used in sugar boiling, and for domestic purposes; but the staple being exceedingly good, and its color perfectly white, it would doubtless be a valuable acquisition to the muslin manufactory, could means be found of detaching it easily from the seed.
78. In the air there passed sooty albatross with four–meter wingspans, birds aptly dubbed "vultures of the ocean," also gigantic petrels including several with arching wings, enthusiastic eaters of seal that are known as quebrantahuesos,* and cape pigeons, a sort of small duck, the tops of their bodies black and white—in short, a whole series of petrels, some whitish with wings trimmed in brown, others blue and exclusive to these Antarctic seas, the former "so oily," I told Conseil, "that inhabitants of the Faroe Islands simply fit the bird with a wick, then light it up.