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  1. I felt my eyes widen.
  2. I widen my eyes at her.
  3. Widen price targets as well.
  4. She should widen her stance.
  5. He felt his tired eyes widen.

  6. I see your eyes widen, George.
  7. Yuki saw Parisi’s eyes widen.
  8. Shocked, Anne could only widen.
  9. Ashley's eyes widen and she gasps.
  10. Her eyes widen and she stares at him.
  11. Amy’s eyes widen and she steps back.
  12. You can always widen it if it is too.
  13. Thor stops walking, and his eyes widen.
  14. Selena’s eyes widen with realization.
  15. This caused Sue’s grin to widen a bit.

  16. The needle caused Zoe’s eyes to widen.
  17. A person, unable to widen the field of.
  18. Then his mouth opens and his eyes widen.
  19. His eyes widen at the sight of my mother.
  20. She felt her eyes widen from the effect.
  21. Now the Jews, but I decided to widen my.
  22. The size and the heat made her eyes widen.
  23. I saw Chuck’s eyes widen and he stopped.
  24. His eyes widen when he catches sight of me.
  25. His eyes widen and he’s visibly impressed.

  26. Her eyes widen and she looked quickly away.
  27. Loraine’s eyes seemed to widen at his tone.
  28. That made Nancy’s smile widen into a grin.
  29. He saw Lezura’s eyes widen into pink marbles.
  30. Her eyes widen and a tremor passes through her.
  31. Paul’s eyes widen and his mouth dropped open.
  32. This caused Zem’s loving smile to widen a bit.
  33. Matt’s eyes opened as wide as they could widen.
  34. My eyes widen as I notice my mother near the shed.
  35. I couldn't help but widen my eyes at the prospect.
  36. What I say is widen the scope of our society, let.
  37. Shortly afterwards, his mouth began to widen again.
  38. His eyes widen as a dazzling smile forms on his face.
  39. Even at this distance, Ralph can see her eyes widen.
  40. The canal seemed to widen as the barges drew closer.
  41. His eyes widen slightly, filled with wonder and lust.
  42. She let the crack of light between the pillows widen.
  43. Some of the goth boy’s appendages make my eyes widen.
  44. He turns the page and his eyes widen like a bullfrog’s.
  45. Or, widen your prospects with our new keyword search for.
  46. Widen stops a smidge so as not to get shaken out by noise.
  47. The path began to widen and soon led into a broad circular.
  48. Hoenir and Sigyn are standing there and Loki’s eyes widen.
  49. His eyes widen, but he catches himself and clears his throat.
  50. Widened states are very important, because only in the widen.
  51. His eyes widen again, but this time, with pure, undiluted fear.
  52. Her eyes widen at the sight of the pistol pointed towards her.
  53. I watched her eyes widen and the terror grip hold of her body.
  54. M: Increase and widen your desires till nothing but reality can.
  55. His eyes widen a fraction, and he grins, slowly getting to his feet.
  56. As soon as the initial hole was made, it became much easier to widen.
  57. They did not seem to bother the man for his eyes did not even widen.
  58. Nathaniel looked over to see what I was doing and his eyes widen in.
  59. Just before I passed out, I saw his eyes widen as he looked at my face.
  60. The creaking, the low moans and a man’s voice made Zoe’s eyes widen.
  61. The manager of men will strive to widen the indifference zones of others.
  62. I’ve been meaning to widen that, Eddie said by way of consolation.
  63. You can start with Botticelli and widen the scope of your site over time.
  64. She needed to widen the hole if she was to dig up whatever was down there.
  65. Her eyes widen in surprise – an expression that easily slips into a grin.
  66. Have them widen their distance slightly to allow Drasav�s ships to merge.
  67. However in the current example we widen the initial set to 600 combinations.
  68. Lower yields make the (short) options more valuable and widen credit spreads.
  69. These parameters widen only when the shaming meta-evaluations are reduced or.
  70. His eyes widen in helpless terror when he saw his father standing before him.
  71. That point began to widen gradually while crystal clear water spiralled in it.
  72. Loki is about to speak, something angry and unkind, but his eyes widen instead.
  73. And after five years Death again came to widen his path, by taking away his wife.
  74. I could see Thean’s eyes widen in the moonlight, recognizing her naivety, Ah.
  75. In fact, you must widen your acceptance of slight differences in the candle lines.
  76. The wolf followed his every step, making sure the distance between them would not widen.
  77. A door has already been cracked, and even the name itself has power to widen that crack.
  78. Members do not widen this debate beyond the subject of the Prime Minister’s statement.
  79. It took her about half an hour to widen the hole sufficiently to see what she had touched.
  80. To widen the market, and to narrow the competition, is always the interest of the dealers.
  81. The danger that the strike might widen the war by forcing other countries into the fighting.
  82. This example should lead us to widen our conception of a speculatively situated common stock.
  83. Thailand still holds on to the class system which may be perceived to widen the gap even more.
  84. Cause you’re a witch, and aren’t witches supposed to be nice? Ryan eyes widen slightly.
  85. The path continued to widen by degrees, and Leofric became aware that the creatures were trying.
  86. If he is right and the market does rise above 120, the spread will widen to its maximum value of 5.
  87. But one must not expect every thing; though I suppose it would be no difficult matter to widen them.
  88. Every time he caught his reflection in a mirror, he checked his skull and saw the thinning lines widen.
  89. Such spreads widen especially sharply during flight-to-liquidity episodes and during Treasury scarcity.
  90. His eyes widen and a happy smile plays on his face, as though he’s just worked out something monumental.
  91. If this happens, both spreads will show a profit because they will both widen to their maximum value of 5.
  92. Minho didn’t wait for a response, didn’t see the look of horror Thomas had just felt widen his own eyes.
  93. The tunnel continued to widen, and he was sure the temperature was rising as they went deeper into the cave.
  94. I pulled out the pictures and threw them on the table, I watched his eyes slightly widen as he looked at them.
  95. Layla's eyes widen and she gasps, but though she is still pointing her gun at Anthony, now her aim is wavering.
  96. Fighting not to widen my eyes, I turn, staring at Zachary, who glares at his young brother with a flushed face.
  97. The city’s name caused the Praefect’s ears to perk up and his own eyes to widen with the wonder of familiarity.
  98. In wildly fluctuating shares, market-makers are loath to stick their necks out and they carefully widen the spread.
  99. This is not a bullish or bearish bet on either of the assets, but a bet that the spread between the two will widen.
  100. The effective stop distance will widen as the price rises, before the price corrects and a new stop level is noted.
  1. I sat up, eyes widening.
  2. The widening gap in this.
  3. I watched him, his eyes widening.
  4. Then he froze, his eyes widening.
  5. I hold up a hand, my smile widening.
  6. Rabel’s jaw dropped, eyes widening.
  7. A body? she said, her eyes widening.
  8. His smile was widening as she touched him.
  9. Conal looked at the date, his eyes widening.
  10. The extreme widening of Anahata is a state.
  11. Smith sensed his mood in the widening silence.
  12. Hrun glanced up at the widening cracks and sighed.
  13. He began to shake, his eyes widening in realization.
  14. He held the animal and looked at him, eyes widening.
  15. He was, at first, astonished at this sudden widening.
  16. He blinked and stepped back, his eyes widening briefly.
  17. She shook her head, her eyes widening in comprehension.
  18. While ostensibly widening its realm, one undermines it.
  19. In a widening cone above the point at which he stood, an.
  20. The barbed wire continued to unspool, widening the wounds.
  21. He placed a hand on each of her legs, widening them further.
  22. A widening of gap to our spiritual path is ever increasing.
  23. Her eyes widening, Katie snapped, Who told you that?
  24. His eyes widening, Andrew asked, The animals hate humans.
  25. We have to— Macey turned, her eyes widening in surprise.
  26. With the road gradually widening and the curtains of waste on.
  27. Inhalation is done by widening of the thorax in tree dimensions:.
  28. The same effect holds for narrowing or widening the strikes range.
  29. Shrike's eyes were widening, as if to allow in everything he said.
  30. She peered in, apprehensively at first, then with eyes of widening.
  31. The contrary state — Anahata’s widening is feeling the state of.
  32. Also, the members of the JPC can keep on widening the scope of the.
  33. She stares at him, face completely slack, eyes widening by the moment.
  34. Johnson watched the distance between trains widening as his train was.
  35. Mrs Shrike’s eyes were widening, as if to allow in everything he said.
  36. Thus, certain declines in BRP will directly be offset by widening ERPB.
  37. Is this Alexandra? The woman smiles, her eyes widening with delight.
  38. It seems likely that widening breadth comes at the expense of lesser skill.
  39. As in many countries in the world the gap between rich and poor is widening.
  40. Alana continued to probe her mental bonds; all the while widening the cracks.
  41. Cahnyr Ahlkofahrdoh spun towards the mainmast, eyes widening in astonishment.
  42. Johnny and Ben started with Picks widening the hole so the others could help.
  43. I felt confident that some aspect of this widening search would yield results.
  44. Eldridge Neal was on his back, a crimson stain widening across his white shirt.
  45. Slicky shrugged with eyes widening, obviously affected by the two lengthy lines.
  46. Garcia dediecated another monitor to exchange information with Picard, widening.
  47. She came to a ravine, a gash shearing the escarpment above and widening out into.
  48. She attempted to cross the widening creek on a narrow, downed tree, but lost her.
  49. The sprawling festival of people stared upward with open mouths and widening eyes.
  50. Forgetting about the Souls, the widening gulf between him and Hanor was all that.
  51. He blinked a few times and looked around the car, his eyes widening in recognition.
  52. He spun around, a surprised look on his face, crimson stains widening on his chest.
  53. Paul took the coat, his childish eyes widening with surprise and delight as he kept.
  54. They opened the door, Diondra’s eyes widening like she was looking at a first snow.
  55. Whereupon the Maiden join’d Hands with us, widening our Ring, and the Dance began.
  56. Moon is not coming closer but the distance between the Moon and the earth is widening.
  57. At his touch the likeness disintegrated, expanding outwards into ever widening ripples.
  58. In turn, this also tends toward a widening of possibilities when making a final choice.
  59. He relished the memory of her eyes widening in fear as somebody finally stood up to her.
  60. Eyes widening, Sespian spun about, half expecting Sicarius to be lurking in the shadows.
  61. Thousands of ears were widening up as if desperate to swallow the name I was going to yell.
  62. The fissures split through to the ceiling, a cascade of sand runs in from the widening hole.
  63. The MP who had enquired of Wolf's health swung around the tree, eyes widening at what he saw.
  64. Maybe the case was widening, and I just wanted to keep the illusion that it was in my control.
  65. A widening of his captive's lovely eyes as she stared over his shoulder warned the huge black.
  66. The encampment was huge, nestled as it was in a slight widening of the narrow valley that the.
  67. And so the circle goes on ever widening, like as the ripples from a stone thrown in the water.
  68. Widening the protective barrier, Claire gathered herself for a distraction and raised her hand.
  69. But I also know that widening my circle of concern beyond my own crap has made me much happier.
  70. Brandon was about to say something but he stopped and his eyes locked on me, slightly widening.
  71. Jessica flushed from her chin to the roots of her hair, her eyes widening as our gazes connected.
  72. What? Ed bellowed, his eyes suddenly widening and the corners of his mouth turning downward.
  73. At dawn, we began widening the ledge at the bottom of the mound so we could get a better foothold.
  74. Still keening and staring at the rapidly widening crimson puddle where her best friend used to be.
  75. He whined, backed up a few inches, stopped, and continued to watch Jeff through the widening crack.
  76. It was a docking facility similar to the one at the Project, a simple widening of the canal's left.
  77. However, further widening of the range does not exert significant influence on this characteristic.
  78. He gasped, his eyes widening, finding it difficult to breathe in the room’s obnoxious atmosphere.
  79. We saw the blue sky for the first time, Abigail went on, despite the widening eyes all around.
  80. That got a reaction from Karla and she lent forward, eyes widening as she lowered her glass to the table.
  81. The ‘primary’ concept also exposed the widening gulf between Rahul and the old guard in the Congress.
  82. He continued to move backward, but more and more slowly, noting the spaces widening between the pursuers.
  83. Clearly this amendment goes much farther than a mere widening of the categories of savings-bank investment.
  84. One mighty tusk cut like a mountain against the golden light, trailing a widening shadow towards the stars.
  85. One by one, the girls passed the note around the table, their eyes widening in horror as they read the words.
  86. His eyes focused on a point behind her, widening in surprise and she knew that she had made a fatal mistake.
  87. In this scenario Jim has suffered from the widening of the trading range, as can be seen clearly in the chart.
  88. The gap between the poor and rich was forever widening, and upward social mobility was the lowest in decades.
  89. Even Dracos stopped screaming and stared out at the widening fiord with its great rocky walls towering above.
  90. She countered with her knife and kicked Joey into the damaged wall, widening the hole more as he went through.
  91. Lights flickered alive everywhere in an ever widening circle of color that illuminated the space all around us.
  92. Without a road to watch her eyes were involved too, narrowing, squinting, widening, shifting focus far and near.
  93. Widening her legs further to accomodate him, he settled himself at her entrance and thrust slowly into her heat.
  94. Academics emphasize the correlation of spread widening with bad times as a reason for a required default premium.
  95. Crevasses are found where a glacier starts at a valley wall, changes direction or spreads out in a widening valley.
  96. Elohat wriggled closer, eyes widening as he took in the expensive clothes and credcom strapped to the man’s wrist.
  97. Even now, burdened as he was, he was widening the track for those who followed, thrusting the snow aside as he went.
  98. The world suddenly tilted and Darkburst's mind reeled, his eyes widening in awe, every hair on his body standing erect.
  99. He could see the effect his words had on Marcia by the determined clench of her jaw and slight widening of her nostrils.
  100. The encampment was huge, nestled as it was in a slight widening of the narrow valley that the road had taken them through.
  1. My eyes widened a bit.
  2. The spread widened to 1.
  3. Her eyes widened in protest.
  4. Her eyes widened in horror.
  5. His eyes widened in surprise.
  6. Her lips widened into a grin.
  7. Her eyes widened in surprise.
  8. My eyes widened in surprise.
  9. They widened when he saw her.
  10. His eyes widened drastical y.
  11. Sam frowned; his eyes widened.
  12. Battles' eyes widened a little.
  13. It gradually widened as they.
  14. Soffen's eyes widened in shock.
  15. Josie widened her eyes in worry.
  16. Selma’s eyes widened in panic.
  17. Gloria’s eyes widened in fear.
  18. His eyes widened with surprise.
  19. The warrior's dark eyes widened.
  20. Her eyes widened with mild fear.
  21. John widened his eyes and gaped.
  22. Donna’s eyes widened in shock.
  23. Khan's eyes widened with shock.
  24. Then her eyes widened suddenly.
  25. Sara’s eyes widened with alarm.
  26. Beneath my hood my eyes widened.
  27. The monk widened his eyes to say.
  28. Rachel's grin widened in victory.
  29. My smile widened as I neared him.
  30. Barrad’s eyes widened in anger.
  31. Amelia's eyes widened with shock.
  32. His eyes widened ever so slightly.
  33. Donna’s eyes widened in surprise.
  34. He widened his mouth with a snarl.
  35. His eyes widened and lips trembled.
  36. Max’s eyes widened from surprise.
  37. The Hollow widened at one certain.
  38. Carter’s eyes widened with horror.
  39. Stan’s eyes widened at her sight.
  40. Her eyes widened as her memory raced.
  41. Her eyes widened at once with shock.
  42. Andre's eyes widened with skepticism.
  43. More shards fell and the gaps widened.
  44. Her eyes darted downward and widened.
  45. Her eyes widened, then dimmed a little.
  46. Tina’s eyes widened at those numbers.
  47. Fanshaw’s eyes widened with interest.
  48. Their eyes widened at this social coup.
  49. Zoe’s eyes widened at the revelation.
  50. Course not–– Her eyes widened.
  51. Sebastian’s eyes widened as he looked.
  52. Rad’s eyes widened, and then softened.
  53. Donna’s eyes widened, her mouth gaped.
  54. He looked around, and his eyes widened.
  55. Our thorax can be widened forward, by.
  56. His grin widened as he puffed his cigar.
  57. My eyes widened as I stared at his mouth.
  58. Her eyes widened and she snarled, Caius.
  59. His eyes widened "M-Massie B-B-Block?".
  60. Her eyes widened and she pressed her lips.
  61. Her eyes widened and she looked up at him.
  62. Herminia’s eyes widened and she laughed.
  63. Gower’s grin faded and his eyes widened.
  64. Miss Pinchard's eyes widened at his words.
  65. Sima Zhongtian widened his eyes and asked.
  66. I glanced at my watch and my eyes widened.
  67. Her mouth went slack and her eyes widened.
  68. The customer’s eyes widened in surprise.
  69. The eyes that were locked on hers, widened.
  70. His grin widened and he stepped toward her.
  71. Long straight cracks appeared and widened.
  72. His eyes widened with a serious expression.
  73. The fissure widened, swallowing the djain.
  74. Alex's eyes widened, as well as Derrick's.
  75. Freezing nights had widened cracks of the.
  76. The man stared, and Dana’s smile widened.
  77. Di Yang widened his eyes and was astonished.
  78. Norma Jean’s eyes widened at those words.
  79. Melvin started to fume and his eyes widened.
  80. His eyes and mouth widened at the same time.
  81. Her eyes widened in surprise at the amount.
  82. His eyes widened at the sight of the blood.
  83. Drew studied the paper and his eyes widened.
  84. His eyes widened with some untold memories.
  85. Loken's eyes widened as the magic fell away.
  86. Feng Mantian with his eyes widened, shouted.
  87. She widened her eyes in realization as she.
  88. Yeltsa’s eyes widened with incomprehension.
  89. Her eyes widened as they roved over his body.
  90. The eyes of the police sergeant widened then.
  91. His eyes widened as he flipped to the last.
  92. What other reasons? Sam’s eyes widened.
  93. The priest in blue widened his eyes and said.
  94. Her eyes widened as her cheeks were drawn in.
  95. His eyes widened and he felt a little dizzy.
  96. Olivia’s eyes immediately widened in fear.
  97. His mouth dropped open, and his eyes widened.
  98. His eyes widened, another image came to focus.
  99. The embankment beyond the bridge widened out.
  100. Suraya’s eyes widened, and she looked back.
  1. Here the Gulf Stream widens.
  2. As I go on, his smile widens.
  3. Her mouth widens by the second.
  4. What widens within you Walt Whitman?
  5. In some parts it widens into a morass.
  6. She widens her eyes and mouths ‘woah.
  7. Then he checks the time and widens his eyes.
  8. Use where the game trail widens or offers options.
  9. It widens and improves your perspective on things.
  10. It widens into a grin as if he’s just had an epiphany.
  11. His smile widens as he turns his attention back to Tori.
  12. Her smile widens with anticipation, as her eyes fill with delight.
  13. This widens the competitive advantage and makes it more sustainable.
  14. She blinks, then widens her eyes as if she’s just come out of a trance.
  15. Places that are inhabitable because of high increase in temperature widens.
  16. Glacia widens her eyes and shakes her head as if she accidentally offended me.
  17. Otherwise, when your opening widens, you would be at the mercy of the Eye of Creation.
  18. These provoke irritations to parents which alleviate them and a distance farther widens.
  19. The shadows of poverty and meanness gather around us, and lo! creation widens to our view.
  20. It also could do better than expected if the futures spread widens — bottom line of table.
  21. Between the two piers there is a narrow opening into the harbour, which then suddenly widens.
  22. He bites my nipple hard as he widens the stretch and my body isn't sure which pain to focus on.
  23. There is an opening in boys, but the opening is smaller than the opening in girls and widens just a bit.
  24. Annyeke, meanwhile, widens her eyes, and the sensation of her surprise hits him when he least expects it.
  25. She opens her mouth just as she widens her eyes, but I refuse to give her the opportunity to interrupt me.
  26. What is she doing? She widens her eyes back at me, and I realize she’s trying to make Christian jealous.
  27. When a girl is about to become a women, the Shadow of the Eye of Creation falls on the opening and widens it.
  28. Putting the container of water onto the floor beneath Lewis's bed her smile widens when she sees a stream of bubbles.
  29. To the left beyond it the valley widens as it leads to the sea several miles away… the sea? Are we that far all ready?
  30. And this conception of beauty, although it seems very clear is, unfortunately, again inexact; for it widens out on the other side, i.
  31. Her father, still peering out through the eating room window, sees this and raises his eyebrows, widens his eyes, and breathes out a hushed.
  32. However, we should remember that each reiteration widens the set of the selected combinations with new elements, which are worse than the preceding ones.
  33. It will be seen that over the gallery, at the western end of the nave, there widens the lower arc of a circular window, which must have been of great size.
  34. Having an option Strangle instead of a Straddle at the two middle strike prices widens the area for profit, but at the same time makes the potential profits lower.
  35. Desi gives me a nudge and widens his eyes in a question: Did I know about the affair? Was I okay? My face is a mask of fury—poor little lamb, my ass—but I can pretend it is because of this betrayal.
  36. Moreover, the authors show that such betting-against-beta portfolios tend to lose money when the TED spread widens, presumably because tightening funding conditions lead to de-levering these levered portfolios.
  37. The only difference (which holds only during a calm period and only for portfolios constructed of long-term options) is that, while for the delta-neutral strategy loss probability increases as the strikes range widens, in the case of partially directional strategy this parameter has no effect on loss probability.
  38. But as the visitor is constantly changed, the less experienced students are puzzled by the different methods advocated, and flounder hopelessly for want of a definite system to work on; although for a student already in possession of a good grounding there is much to be said for the system, as contact with the different masters widens their outlook.

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