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Wind numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. What a wind it was.
  2. The wind can rock it.
  3. He went with the wind.
  4. The wind had said so.
  5. The Wind in Our Face.

  6. The Sun and the Wind.
  7. A breeze in the wind.
  8. Gone With the Wind, n.
  9. The Color Of The Wind.
  10. Today the wind is red.
  11. It rippled in the wind.
  12. The wind picked up a.
  13. The Wind will stop by.
  14. A whisper in the wind.
  15. A Whisper in The Wind.

  16. Lord of the North Wind.
  17. The wind is too strong.
  18. The colors of the wind.
  19. The Keeper of the Wind.
  20. The chimes of the wind.
  22. The wind blows it away.
  23. The wind was not right.
  24. She swayed with the wind.
  25. The wind picked up and.

  26. Like A Reed In The Wind.
  27. The wild wind was rising.
  28. And wind up on the deck.
  29. The wind held its breath.
  30. A slight wind blows on.
  31. A whisper of sullen wind.
  32. My sighs are on the wind.
  33. With what wind did you.
  34. The wind seemed to pick.
  35. Which Way the Wind Blows.
  36. He lost his wind as his.
  37. As the wind blown clouds.
  38. A strong wind was blowing.
  39. The softness of the wind.
  40. I think the wind found us.
  41. The wind had died down….
  42. God speed, said the wind.
  43. As the wind blew harder.
  44. And then the wind cleared.
  45. The wind was high at the.
  46. The music is in the wind.
  47. There was a large wind.
  48. The wind blew, and dead.
  49. Blow where the wind will.
  50. The wind was real strong.
  51. Auster was a god of wind.
  52. With the Earth, the wind.
  53. But seeing the wind, he.
  55. I will listen to the wind.
  56. Her hair blew in the wind.
  57. The wind is always blowing.
  58. The wind had led him here.
  59. The wind shakes the trees.
  60. In the Shadow of the Wind.
  61. To the rhythm of the wind.
  62. Fish always gives me wind.
  63. A voice danced on the wind.
  64. And blow away on the wind.
  65. Wind took it away, is all.
  66. The wind tousled his hair.
  67. The wind was strong, but.
  68. With the sun and the wind.
  69. Little gusts of wind sent.
  70. The wind is blowing tonight.
  71. Blow that solar wind by.
  72. Today the wind is blowing.
  73. The newspaper got wind of.
  74. Just the wind in the trees.
  75. The wind died to a whisper.
  76. Wind is only so and so!.
  77. Vanished on the wind, honey.
  78. The wind tears my words away.
  79. The wind blew cold ripples.
  80. Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water.
  81. I dreamed that the wind was.
  82. Outside the wind is howling.
  83. I called for the Wind again.
  84. The wind was viciously cold.
  85. The wind was still blowing.
  86. I cried to the western wind.
  87. He felt the wind in his soul.
  88. Whether they would wind up.
  89. Is the wind beneath my wings.
  90. The wind picked up and the.
  91. Wind power is available today.
  92. The wind rips at our clothing.
  93. Maybe I will follow the wind.
  94. The wind grew into a tornado.
  95. The wind sapped his strength.
  96. Shielding the wind from his.
  97. The wind was roaring around.
  98. Of wind of the changes,.
  99. Each shift in the wind,.
  100. A candle lit in the wind,.
  1. Next comes the Winding Stair.
  2. Unlike the winding motion it.
  3. Then winding this hemp string.
  4. The group took in the winding.
  5. The long and winding hal way came.
  6. The spiked and winding cold seahorn.
  7. The withering, side winding motion.
  8. Beyond it went a winding road that.
  9. He walked along a long and winding.
  10. At the bottom of the winding road I.
  11. Tomorrow is just a sort of winding up.
  12. They piled in, soon winding down the.
  13. Here is where the winding trail begins.
  14. Down below the river was winding its way.
  15. Fortunately the path winding up the cliff.
  16. In a nursing home forty-five winding miles.
  17. Down, down they went in a long winding file.
  18. Barnes told her story, winding up with the.
  19. They continued to mount the winding staircase.
  20. Just as ZJ came at me and was winding up, LD.
  21. Dave was staring down the long, winding drive.
  22. They followed a winding track down to the town.
  23. He was winding it tightly with an ace bandage.
  24. Beefeaters reply, winding clarions of welcome.
  25. Winding down his window, he stuck his head out.
  26. The road passed slowly, winding down the valley.
  27. Mariko’s eyes were focused on the winding road.
  28. His foot rammed her stomach, nearly winding her.
  29. X1, the secondary winding of which can support a.
  30. However, we were slowly winding the amperage down.
  31. A winding driveway snaked away from the front door.
  32. That machine had to go up a steep winding staircase.
  33. The end of the winding sheet was laid over the face.
  34. Vinny drove his truck down the winding slope exiting.
  35. The two couples strolled down the winding path to a.
  36. The wagon rattled along the winding road through the.
  37. Johnny’s was blue with thin lines of gold winding.
  38. Winding Byron up was a pass-time of infinite pleasure.
  39. The issue came out just as the trial was winding down.
  40. My first day of employment at Aquatic was winding down.
  41. He began winding the metal wheel beside the inner door.
  42. He frowned while winding the dry cloth around her thumb.
  43. Gina watched as Heather walked up the winding staircase.
  44. The winding road led off the highway to the café over-.
  45. I was winding up the old lady as badly as Jimmy, and by.
  46. Josh stepped down into the opening and onto the winding.
  47. Each gate was pulled by winding gear housed at the dock.
  48. Geoffrey had opened the gramophone and was winding it up.
  49. Of you O waters of the sea! O winding creeks and rivers!.
  50. The winding, narrow trail was above it on the south side.
  51. He scooped her up and carried her up the winding staircase.
  52. It was the dark and dirty corner of a small winding street.
  53. That is, the universe is winding down to total chaos and.
  54. The end of a long and winding road after Maria’s murder.
  55. It was a small winding road that snaked off into the forest.
  56. He went upstairs feeling deeply hurt, and winding his watch.
  57. Do you need help winding that thing up? Jefferson joked.
  58. He led the girl through a door that opened on a winding stair.
  59. As Johnny approached, a conversation was winding itself down.
  60. At once it begins to climb up, up, winding and climbing back.
  61. Yes, if it isn't another pretty speech, winding up with a bow.
  62. Suddenly she heard the engine of the patrol craft winding down.
  63. Their torches could be seen winding up the coomb in many lines.
  64. Afghanistan was winding down, the Taliban waiting in the wings.
  65. We keep winding up in the middle of the edge of the building.
  66. The party trailed the twisting tunnel, winding through chambers.
  67. Phoebe was running again through the winding alleys of Marrakech.
  68. MPs he was removed from the investigation as it was winding down.
  69. Another sign from the Universe that her time here was winding up.
  70. It didn’t matter; Jocko was winding down and was ready to rest.
  71. Marco must have been doing sixty on the winding residential street.
  72. It was already dark when she drove the winding road to the castle.
  73. It seemed they had to continually meander and weave a winding route.
  74. The hobbits led their ponies up, winding round and round until they.
  75. A few hundred yards below them was a winding river, narrow and fast.
  76. Maria followed Serena, winding between the tables in the fierce sun.
  77. Heading up the winding road the guards they passed all bowed their.
  78. We drive through Wells and up the winding hill leading towards Bath.
  79. Carroll coughed and gasped as he climbed sets of steep winding stairs.
  81. I lived in constant fear of breaking the rules and winding up in Hell.
  82. Smith drove carefully along the winding country roads away from Danby.
  83. The path snaked along in front of them, winding its way over the hills.
  84. The clock’s winding down on this thing, Denny said straight-out.
  85. The news was quite interesting for a while, but it is all winding down.
  86. While the music was winding its way to its conclusion, Tammas was again.
  87. Slowly, he edged the car down the winding slope and into the parking lot.
  88. Serpent holds supernatural power in winding form but not a normal snake.
  89. Give me the shotgun, quick, Terry shouted, winding down his window.
  90. I lingered in the center hall, then followed Joe up the winding staircase.
  91. Winding up of a company: Winding up of a joint stock company is deemed to.
  92. As Nightday turned into Dawnsleep they sat with a cup winding down the day.
  93. By five or six in the morning Civic (Canberra city centre) was winding down.
  94. The drive along the winding road was becoming more familiar and less scary.
  95. He eventually had to settle for winding down the driver’s window by hand.
  96. Olmec hurried on down the corridor, and descended a winding ivory staircase.
  97. He turned his eyes to the grey gleaming river, winding along towards Dublin.
  98. Rapp stopped, squinted up at the winding road and then down at the cigarette.
  99. He took another drink of water and began winding his legrope around his fins.
  100. By the time Brynjolf arrived, the city was already winding down for the day.
  1. I was too wound up.
  2. I wound up and threw.
  3. A raw wound seemed to.
  4. Then there is no wound.
  5. It was a horrible wound.
  6. Guntram has a head wound.
  7. You wound me, young man.
  8. And to wound him cruelly.
  9. The wound had been fatal.
  10. I’ve got a graze wound.
  11. Better a wound than dead.
  12. There has to be a wound.
  13. Evil played on that wound.
  14. And still the wound I feel.
  15. I only have a flesh wound.
  16. As you say, the wound.
  17. It was all over his wound.
  18. It’s just a flesh wound.
  19. I was too wound up to stop.
  20. As The Strings Are Wound Up.
  21. The mother licks its wound.
  22. But the wound was reopened.
  23. The wound on her face was.
  24. They brushed over the wound.
  25. He wound it around her eyes.
  26. That wound looks pretty bad.
  27. Around his waist was wound.
  28. He wound up losing his job.
  29. He gave the wound a cursory.
  30. Loofah wound down the window.
  31. Her wound was infected, she.
  32. With the existing tap wound.
  33. I wound it down, brain empty.
  34. I stitched her wound, it is.
  35. A bride had kissed his wound.
  36. You had a nasty wound and Dr.
  37. But it was too deep, his wound.
  38. The wound in my side screamed.
  39. Nothing remained of the wound.
  40. I believe the wound will heal.
  41. One bullet wound to the heart.
  42. It was as if the wound healed.
  43. I realized the wound had opened.
  44. Hey, great wound, he said.
  45. The next man was a facial wound.
  46. Blood spurted out of his wound.
  47. Red blood oozed from the wound.
  48. That wound needs to be sealed.
  49. You have suffered a head wound.
  50. If he had only known the wound.
  51. He peered to look at the wound.
  52. Sara was a fresh wound for Emmy.
  53. She glanced at Killian’s wound.
  54. And Karel's shoulder wound was.
  55. It was a deep wound, he said.
  56. You only managed to wound me.
  57. A wound to the heel is not fatal.
  58. Some wound up with my first wife.
  59. You just need to clean the wound.
  60. I need to check the wound anyway.
  61. I could barely look at the wound.
  62. And the wound was a mere scratch.
  63. The wound looked bigger and open.
  64. Satan will heal the deadly wound.
  65. Something that ached like a wound.
  66. Can you guess where he wound up?
  67. His wound had healed dramatically.
  68. Finally, I had the wound bandaged.
  69. There was no eye behind the wound.
  70. I heard it was a gunshot wound.
  71. The wound was oozing and festering.
  72. A tear wound its way down her cheek.
  73. The wound healed before their eyes.
  74. For the present wound shall go sour.
  75. Shut up! This little flesh wound.
  76. To heal the wound, to ease the pain.
  77. Back in camp my wound is re-bandaged.
  78. The road wound on inside for a few.
  79. He went on to probe the wound saying.
  80. Davis smiled, wound up for the pitch.
  81. The wound was bleeding considerably.
  82. He had a large wound in his stomach.
  83. In one case, a ship had even wound.
  84. A duel was the pretext for my wound.
  85. Their main worry was the head wound.
  86. The indictment wound up as follows:.
  87. Natasha’s wound healed in that way.
  88. As the first wound across his chest.
  89. Natásha’s wound healed in that way.
  90. Alice pulled something from the wound.
  91. Linen had been placed upon the wound.
  92. I will tend to your wound at my home.
  93. He stooped to examine the flesh wound.
  94. She showed us the wound in Zoe's side.
  95. My bleeding heart hath had its wound;.
  96. My stomach heaved when I saw the wound.
  97. Your wound is surely only a scratch.
  98. Kenney with his lie on the back wound.
  99. You don’t want that wound to fester.
  100. He wound it round and round his waist.
  1. On the winds of love.
  2. The winds of time blew.
  3. Winds of the West, 276.
  4. Tower of the Winds, 36.
  5. Winds of up to 240 km/h.
  6. Much depends on the winds.
  7. Only the winds blow by over.
  8. Pamela felt the winds of love.
  9. At this time, the winds were.
  10. The winds were nearly as loud.
  11. He threw caution to the winds.
  12. All too soon the island winds.
  13. Wherever your winds ever rove.
  14. The Arctic winds are freezing.
  15. Such winds are the life-force.
  16. On the restless winds of change.
  17. By the strength of mighty winds.
  18. Cool winds raced over the aliens.
  19. The winds pushed hard against me.
  20. November chills and watery winds.
  21. Suddenly, the winds ceased, and.
  22. Upon the winds; shooting pain’d.
  23. The five root winds are: (1) the.
  24. But see things from the winds eyes.
  25. These produce winds and carry rain.
  26. When the fierce winds begin to blow.
  27. Each time the winds became stronger.
  28. The Blowing Winds of the New Birth.
  29. Earth and sky and the winds; and I.
  30. The winds softly call out her name.
  31. Of winds and waves, and anthemings.
  32. Catch the trade winds in your sails.
  33. The winds of war blow over us again.
  34. The winds are what make the landing.
  35. The way of life winds upward for the.
  36. We can tell whether or not the winds.
  37. Not with the winds are bad as they are.
  38. Powerful winds made terrifying noises.
  39. None of us expected such strong winds.
  40. No heavings hint that winds have been.
  41. They are moved by the winds and storms.
  42. Samuels, who commanded The Fair Winds.
  43. Wallops in a comparative study of winds.
  44. Winds and storms, proximate causes of, E.
  45. Howling winds uprooted giant trees and.
  46. I decided to throw caution to the winds.
  47. Beyond the sway of the winds, he found.
  48. There are five root and five branch winds.
  49. Which the winds of change can never reach.
  50. Temperate winds blow softly on the meadow.
  51. The winds burn passionately with the smell.
  52. You will encounter strong winds that will.
  53. Free as the winds I give thee now to rove:.
  54. The rocket metal cooled in the meadow winds.
  55. The winds swept it far and high across the.
  56. The bold winds speechless and the orb below.
  58. And the remote winds sigh, and waters flow!.
  59. Spring water burbles by the path that winds.
  60. So that three winds proceeded forth therefrom.
  61. You could have heard him at Four Winds Point.
  62. Temperate winds flow eastward toward the moon.
  63. Ronan raised his voice above the howling winds.
  64. Winds up to sixty miles an hour with heavy.
  65. Low air temperature accompanied by high winds.
  66. What raging winds! what roaring waters round!.
  67. It is said that inner winds are like someone.
  68. God winds you up, and you go till He stops you.
  69. Ay, to the proof; as mountains are for winds.
  70. The day winds down and the night crowd comes in.
  71. The winds were favorable, but the weather was.
  72. Your knowledge of the winds and the atmosphere.
  73. Temperate winds show the truth behind the guise.
  74. Typhoon Chaba caused flooding, with record winds.
  75. Furthermore, I could hear violent winds therein.
  76. The bitter, winter winds swept inside the warm.
  77. The winds brought me here and deposited me a.
  78. The laughing WINDS and RIVERS, and lithe HOURS;.
  79. High winds triggers fast fear to have sheltering.
  80. And now this beggar rides on the winds of change.
  81. The persistent shriek of the Winds was very loud.
  82. The harsh winds sliced right through his clothes.
  83. Night benedictions hover; and the winds of night.
  84. The drywash catacomb tunnels funneled cold winds.
  85. In these winds one felt the breath of the cholera.
  86. In the case of the Celts, the existing winds and.
  87. But now the winds I feel, are only winds of change.
  88. Deaf with the roar of winds along the open skies!.
  89. The sails strained against the winds of the storm.
  90. The seven winds are: (1) the earth element wind;.
  91. Without these winds our mind cannot move from one.
  92. Heavy rain and harsh winds hit the city of Ashcote.
  93. Be on time, by six, we can catch the morning winds.
  94. He fragmented from birth, thrown to the winds and.
  95. Hurricane-force winds would soon bear down on them.
  96. Gave her that song Winds that blow from the south.
  97. Be advised: strong winds from the east-northeast.
  98. About the winds of the world, and fades from brains.
  99. Temperate winds row over the waves, down the stream.
  100. The landing was smooth in spite of the gusting winds.

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