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  1. Still, comments such as the "Han Solo" wisecrack at the 1999.
  2. Neither of the men said a word, not even a wisecrack, to break the ice.
  3. None of the guards gave them a second look beyond a smile or a wisecrack.
  4. It was meant as a joke, a wisecrack, a movie reference we’d both laugh at.
  1. She was wisecracking on the stool to his left as he lined up wet shot glasses that had recently contained whiskey.
  2. His cap is pushed back to reveal what would have then been his auburn hair, and he regards the camera with an expression somewhere between a smile and an insolent, wisecracking leer that I better recall from his son, my late uncle Arthur.
  3. Wisecracking, precocious young children superseding the worldly ―wisdom‖ of their well-meaning but oftentimes bumbling parents, more often than not, the father; portrayed as ‖agreeable‖, however (somewhat) pompous, over-bearing, self-regarding and someone who just ―doesn‘t get it.
  1. Someone would have to open those big hangar doors first, Reuben wisecracked.
  2. One of the boys behind him wisecracked, You just wanted to win this thing so you could be taller than us for once, didn’t you? Someone handed Moch a sapling oak tree in a pot.
  1. Cut the wisecracks, I told myself.
  2. Why didn’t he have one of his usual wisecracks to throw back at her?
  3. The foursome knew most of the guards and greeted them by name provoking laughter and teasing wisecracks as they passed.
  4. His strong voice interrupted the pasha’s wisecracks saying: ‘Oh Pasha… Oh honourable Pasha… do you know that the cat you killed is a spirit… a living being, a creature with a soul… sensations… it feels… it suffers pain… and you killed it, you killed a spirit willfully by doing such a thing.
  5. The Motion Picture industry has enjoyed a long running fetish with strong, physically intimidating women routinely beating up on or otherwise skillfully out-maneuvering the obnoxious designs of pretentious, self-centered males filled with a heightened sense of their (own) self-importance; convenient foils portrayed as anachronistic, insensitive, chauvinistic types deserving an occasional thrashing every so often from women scorned or in response to inopportune or unsolicited (sexual) banterings or harmless wisecracks intended to make a definitive statement about strong women coming of age.

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