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Witching numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Another witching hour.
  2. It was nearing the witching hour.
  3. The witching hour, he grinned.
  4. After all, with the witching hour came my first night of freedom.
  5. Quadruple witching day: The third Friday of the last month in each quarter (March, June, September, December).

  6. The little spot was as dreamy and witching and evasive as any retreat of fairies and dryads in ancient forests.
  7. This triple witching typically occurs on the third Friday of the contract month, when all expiring stock index contracts, both futures and options, are settled in cash.
  1. Poor lad!’ he added, with a groan; ‘he’s witched: I’m.
  1. The witches froze in terror.
  2. The witches had their orders.
  3. Best of luck on the witches.
  4. There are nice witches too.
  5. The witches stepped aside to.
  6. Or I will call up the witches.
  7. The Complexities Of Witches *34.
  8. Speak on, witches! he cried.
  9. He pushed past a group of witches.
  10. Witches are pedigree of the devil.
  11. Mayfairs, yes, witches again, yes.
  12. Come on, they’re not witches.
  13. He knew about witches? How?
  14. It is a coven of witches and hags.
  15. The trolls and witches sat on the.
  16. No wonder witches feared her coming.
  17. Witches have a bond even after death.
  18. You witches just love your poetry.
  19. They were hard workers, those witches.
  20. Entire families of witches moved here.
  21. She’ll bring a small army of witches.
  22. I wondered if all of them were witches.
  23. It has to do with the founding witches.
  24. The witches finally caught up with him.
  25. We were the warlocks and witches, the.
  26. This proves witches can be wrong too.
  27. Where are our witches and warlocks?
  28. He stopped all the witches and servants.
  29. For he had ordered all witches destroyed.
  30. Our sorority has its share of witches too.
  31. This was the Academy for Trainee Witches.
  32. She was one of the five founding witches.
  33. These witches are not to be trifled with.
  34. I don't picture witches with cell phones.
  35. There is no such thing as real witches.
  36. Back in Italy, I saved you from witches.
  37. Vampires and werewolves and witches, oh my.
  38. What are the witches planning to do?
  39. All Witches call signs, this is Lady Hawk.
  40. I think Jesse and his family are witches.
  41. Hunter said there were two Shadow Witches.
  42. Yet my men are not trained to fight witches.
  43. And then he would devour the witches as well.
  44. Then, as the three witches stared, he turned.
  45. Vampires and witches don't usually get along.
  46. Witches who've turned loose all their powers.
  47. I had witches shove power into me at fourteen.
  48. To join the witches, instead of fighting them.
  49. Their crime is that they’re witches, love.
  50. We were warned by the tales of the old witches.
  51. Beldora nodded and then both witches disappeared.
  52. We’re not real witches, she reminded him.
  53. You have a soft spot for witches wannabes, sis.
  54. What are they doing to you, these witches?
  55. The witches in Massachusetts were real witches.
  56. The witches started hauling the two older men away.
  57. We should be on the alert for witches with brooms.
  58. The witches reined in their donkeys and dismounted.
  59. The two witches shook hands and the deal was done.
  60. We thought only witches appeared out of nowhere.
  61. The witches are up to something, he cautioned.
  62. There are other witches in Bayport? asked Kala.
  63. Never had Hunter been upset by the death of witches.
  64. Especially if it’s those three witches who tell me.
  65. We can’t let the witches have it all their own way.
  66. It says here that the first witches were Nephilim.
  67. They hunted down heretics and witches wherever they.
  68. Witches become ordinary vampires when they're turned.
  69. Maybe she is one of the founding witches, Sam said.
  70. Just then, three more witches materialized in the room.
  71. Either way, she had to overpower the witches and fast.
  72. All witches carry marks usually under the left armpit.
  73. Other preposterous beliefs about witches included the.
  74. The three witches glared redly into one another's faces.
  75. The witches had thrown off their hunchbacks, and were.
  76. Half a dozen male and female witches came into the room.
  77. Sarah was one of the most powerful witches in history.
  78. You have been recognised by one of the older witches.
  79. Witches throughout thousands of years have told us this.
  80. Now the circle was complete with thirteen cloaked witches.
  81. The three witches glared redly into one another’s faces.
  82. And some of those witches need all the help they can get.
  83. There were dark witches and then there were dark witches.
  84. The Witches pull’d in one Direction and then the other.
  85. Witches came forward and anointed her Body with Unguents.
  86. Because witches and cats were often clumped together they.
  87. A decision was made to choose either witches or the Bible.
  88. He was taken by the witches a decade ago, him and Spartan.
  89. Good-by, good-by, said the town witches, fading away.
  90. There are four witches actively casting, but keep alert.
  91. Listen to me you little witches! What you’re about to.
  92. On the inside, though, they were two witches who had done.
  93. Then old Mrs Bledic, one of the scariest witches of Pasing.
  94. The witches outnumbered the witch-hunters three times over.
  95. But I can't take all that talk about witches too seriously.
  96. We had three wolves with every group of witches and warlocks.
  97. So… what have these witches done? To upset the MMC?
  98. For lack of a better term, they were known as 'evil witches.
  99. So what were the witches talking to you about? asked Amy.
  100. We managed to relocate them before the witches hit London.

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1. No, I am not a witch.
2. A witch is a low-.
3. Maybe she was a witch.
5. The Witch of the South.
6. She was indeed a witch.
7. The witch, not his Mam.
8. Many called her a witch.
9. He was the witch doctor.
10. Mother is not a witch.
11. They shut the Witch Door.
12. The old witch threw a fit.
13. Dark looked to the Witch.
15. The witch laughs even more.
16. The Witch & Wizard Novels.
17. And the Queen’s a witch.
18. When a wizard and a witch.
19. The old witch looked to her.
20. Oh my, said the witch.
21. I’m not a witch though.
22. Wicked Witch of the West, n.
23. A witch and a powerful one.
24. The Witch carried a basket.
25. Luckily, I’m not a witch.
26. I think she’s a witch.
27. Fauna was going as a witch.
28. The witch filled with pride.
29. Captive of the Witch Queen.
30. Witch boy, I want you safe.
31. Don't fuck with a witch!!.
32. But it’s still a witch.
33. The Shadow Witch is coming.
34. Witch, he thought, come back.
35. Could she be a witch?
36. The Witch melted in her rags.
37. That little witch would do.
38. The Shadow Witch wants me.
39. Not a witch nor wizard be.
40. Not without my son, witch.
41. Hamrick is a mean old witch.
42. She's a witch, Aya quipped.
43. Turn off the motor, witch.
44. My mother was a White Witch.
45. My mother is a witch and my.
47. Witch! he thought to himself.
48. You've got this round, witch.
49. I had hoped to see the witch.
50. The Wicked Witch of the Wing.
51. I will not harm her, witch.
52. O Witch Hunts and Regulation.
53. And winter lived in the Witch.
54. Being a witch and all, that.
55. Yes, the witch was a concern.
56. Yes, she’s a White Witch.
57. Teagan is an elemental witch.
58. She’s a witch, you know.
59. The little witch is leaving.
60. The Witch was a school teacher.
61. The witch had no time to reply.
62. But no, this was evil, a witch.
63. Ding-dong the witch is dead.
64. Rowan was the thirteenth witch.
65. Also, that little witch never.
66. Some even said she was a witch.
67. Waking the Witch – Kate Bush.
68. She’s a witch, he said.
69. The Shadow Witch, it had to be.
70. Yes simply said the Witch.
71. Therefore I’m not a witch.
72. She might well kill the Witch.
73. They did not call me witch then.
74. The Witch hissed in frustration.
75. What did the witch say?
76. Why was the Witch doing this?
77. If she is a witch, she will be.
78. Hallelujah, the witch is dead.
79. That was a real witch, Gertrude.
80. That is my plan, little witch.
81. People said Eleanor was a witch.
82. The witch looked back and smirked.
83. I’ll be rid of this witch then.
84. I heard that you’re a witch.
85. So, Karyl said to the witch.
86. Behave, for God sake, as a witch.
87. A witch emerged from a nearby hut.
88. But, the Witch heard what he said.
89. So, the witch made some friends.
90. But he was a white-washed witch.
91. How ironic, the witch mused.
92. The witch took out a bronze dagger.
93. This is turning into a witch hunt.
94. I mean a witch like my parents.
95. I became Worc… The Witch Doctor.
96. He left us to look for a witch.
97. I’m not a witch, Gary said.
98. Katrin is a very old witch, Liz.
99. Thank you for your concern, witch.
100. The witch came closer to the group.

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