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Wither numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I wither him with my looks.
  2. Echoes of time wither into dust.
  3. The garlands wither on her brow;.
  4. She’d wither to dust if locked.
  5. The wind blows and they wither fast.
  6. I have beheld them, wither they go back.
  7. The flowers of the witch-hazel wither;.
  8. The flowers of the witch hazel wither;.
  9. Many hopes will wither in this bitter.
  10. He shuddered, and hope seemed to wither.
  11. The Swakes would probably wither and die.
  12. Ralph sat the boy on his horse ’s wither.
  13. One day all wither and thrust (in the air).
  14. Whose shallow roots have run dry and wither.
  15. She could feel his heart shrivel, wither and die.
  16. Wither: Where: or, to fade; to waste; to pine way.
  17. She saw her mother wither away and eventually die.
  18. He felt his stomach clench in, wither, become a rock.
  19. To see roses wither and with them our good intentions.
  20. George Wither speaks of the power of his imagination:.
  21. I’m thinking any other boy would expect me to wither.
  22. Then the whole world will wither and die in everlasting.
  23. Come hither! Come hither! Bind and bound, cease and wither.
  24. Flowers fall and wither soon after they bloom, and we can.
  25. Without great health care, a society can only wither and die.
  26. Elowen’s horror, the body and severed head began to wither to.
  27. Smiling, she eyed the room and waited for the applause to wither.
  28. But when we are someone we strive to wither away into nothingness.
  29. They will remain dormant in us and finally wither away until the.
  30. Wither away into the silence of the night, through a meaningless.
  31. It will flourish or wither and that is always partly beyond our control.
  32. Maggie flashes him one of those wither and die looks, but she doesn't flare.
  33. She could bring them to an erection with a kiss, and wither them with a word.
  34. His career is always full of exploits, any one of which would wither even the.
  35. Thomas felt his elation wither, and he stepped back and turned toward the Hole.
  36. Lonely sophistication will pave another common element: wither then flight fails.
  37. Jonah, smitten by the heat, reproaches God anew for allowing the gourd to wither.
  38. Jessica got close to examine it wither her nose inches from Laura’s finger tips.
  39. Soon he would set all the shoreland woods ablaze and wither every field and pasture.
  40. Mary slowly met his eyes and something seemed to wither in the question still hanging.
  41. He was more than ever emaciated; drink, which made others fat and red, seemed to wither Sebastian.
  42. When people with such an agenda are in charge with dispensing the facts, hope is bound to wither.
  43. I’m hardly delicate, Samuel said angrily with a stare that could wither a bed of flowers.
  44. No sooner doth the Woman bloom with Child, but the Child drops from her and she begins to wither.
  45. Woe to you who drink water from every fountain; for suddenly shall you be consumed and wither away.
  46. And say, The truth has come, and falsehood has withered away; for falsehood is bound to wither away.
  47. The man convulsed a bit, then slumped to the ground as his limbs seemed to wither; only his eyes 285.
  48. When I left college, I pursued what came naturally--technology--but never let the writing dream wither.
  49. What a happy rendering…therefore they cannot live, being separated from the vine they wither and perish.
  50. Rita gave her a withering look which was completely lost on Eileen, who obviously didn’t wither that easily.
  51. The flowers of this world all die, and wither and lose their sweetness, and decay, and come to nothing at last.
  52. Those ways were good for us because we would never again be hungry, but they also caused our hearts to wither.
  53. Aphids are small, soft-bodied threats to foliage; these pests suck your plant’s sap and cause the plant to wither.
  54. Let Bel wither my arm! I speak truth! By Derketo, Conan, I am a prince of liars, but I do not lie to an old comrade.
  55. It wouldn’t do for everything those folks planted to wither up and die in two days, as their track records suggested.
  56. The seed in his heart starts to wither and is no longer receiving the nutrients from his belief that it needs to survive.
  57. He shall be like the tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth fruit in season, who's leafs shall not wither.
  58. Zion, and utter his voice from Jerusalem; and the habitations of the shepherds shall mourn, and the top of Carmel shall wither.
  59. A long walk north along the beach last night to clear my thoughts and let my low grade buzz wither had been the perfect elixir.
  60. If he could remove the head of the snake, the body would wither and die, or so he had been taught by this very same Su-Katii general.
  61. All the folds and corners of her clenched in about her and tick tick tick went the wristwatch, tick tick tick and another tick to wither on.
  62. All the folds and corners of her clenched in about her and tick tick tick went the wrist-watch, tick tick tick and another tick to wither on.
  63. The reassuring dream message of the night before had seemed to wither before the tense, surprise-filled occurrences that had overrun his day.
  64. All the folds and corners of her clenched in about her and tick tick tick went the wristwatch, tick tick tick and another tick to wither on….
  65. I have been little disposed to gather flowers that would wither in my hand, but now I shall pluck them with eagerness, to place them in your bosom.
  66. Oliver’s large fortune, he might do as much good with it as if he went and laid his genius out to wither, and his strength to waste, under a tropical sun.
  67. But when Will introduces me to Cara, his older sister, she gives me the kind of look that would wither a plant and does not extend her hand for me to shake.
  68. He wouldn’t be caught dead with a bouquet of wildflowers and there was no way he was going to waste money on flowers that would wither and die within a week.
  69. If Brokin could infiltrate the sett and kill the Preceptor while his main force was fighting at the front, then the headless snake would quickly wither and die.
  70. He will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, Which yields its fruit in its season And its leaf does not wither; And in whatever he does, he prospers.
  71. He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither; and whatever he does shall prosper.
  72. He felt one of those old-time fits of rage come bristling up the back of his head, the fury of old when he had tried to wither that giddy creature in his spasms of jealousy.
  73. Let’s bypass them outright and let the Japanese garrisons there wither, with us taking only the islands nearest Japan that we could use as bases to blockade and bomb Japan.
  74. Psalms: 1:3: And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth.
  75. Let’s say you have a green plant, and you don’t water it for sometime, and neglect to give it fertilizer, and plant it on poor soil, won’t the leaves wither and dry up?
  76. Would you watch me suffer in agony, Arianell? Watch me wither and burn as my body consumes itself for food and the collar torments me into a mindless worm? Please, spare me that.
  77. I started to laugh, of course, the tax collectors, the lifeblood of the tyrants, without taxes, they would wither and die, and as Coatl had said, everybody knew when the taxes were collected.
  78. Woe to the worthless shepherd, Who leaves the flock! A sword shall be against his arm And against his right eye; His arm shall completely wither, And his right eye shall be totally blinded.
  79. Woman has a limited time for men to dote upon, and what a time they give us women in our time! If a woman chooses to remain a marital frog in her dried up well, she would wither away anyway.
  80. At the next moment, the breech of Hawkeye's rifle fell on the naked head of his adversary, whose muscles appeared to wither under the shock, as he sank from the arms of Duncan, flexible and motionless.
  81. What Shapiro could not accept, and what was increasingly causing his formerly unquestioned passion for the legal system to wither, was when prejudice conquered reason, when the law became a cudgel for beating people down rather than a scalpel for excising what was wrong.
  82. There are also the Hindu worshippers, who see in the materializing phenomena which are performed by the so-called adepts, a source of power, forgetting or never seeming to realize that as soon as the will is withdrawn the forms wither and the vibratory forces of which they are composed vanish.
  83. Have you not considered how God sends down water from the sky, then He makes it flow into underground wells, then He produces with it plants of various colors, then they wither and you see them yellowing, then He turns them into debris? Surely in this is a reminder for those with understanding.
  84. Ask yourself: if a freshly killed animal’s meat will make you sick, but leaving it to wither and dry and rot for two weeks does not make you sick: how good is eating this shit for you in the first place? How many other kinds of food are poisonous to you if you eat it fresh? Compared to letting it sit for two weeks.
  85. Suffice it to say that, as Shakespeare wrote of Cleopatra, age cannot wither nor custom stale her infinite variety; and in spite of the amazing influx of their young and lovely and accomplished countrywomen into London since their day of arrival, these two ladies still stand, as they have stood for years, at the very top of the entire American set abroad.
  86. So in hybrids themselves, there are some which never have produced, and probably never would produce, even with the pollen of the pure parents, a single fertile seed: but in some of these cases a first trace of fertility may be detected, by the pollen of one of the pure parent-species causing the flower of the hybrid to wither earlier than it otherwise would have done; and the early withering of the flower is well known to be a sign of incipient fertilisation.
  87. Gholson,) who usually sits on my right hand, a few days ago, in which he stated that the power to regulate commerce was specially given by the constitution to the United States—not as a means of raising revenue, equalizing duties throughout the United States, and making all in fact one family—but, that it was put into the hands of Congress as a scorpion-whip to bring the other nations of the world to our terms; that, by turning away the light of our countenance—the sunshine of our commercial bounty—they might wither and decay.
  88. And I went beyond it and saw seven magnificent mountains all differing each from the other and the stones of it were magnificent and beautiful magnificent as a whole of glorious appearance and fair exterior: three towards the east one founded on the other and three towards the south one on the other and deep rough ravines none of which joined with any other; And the seventh mountain was in the midst of these and it excelled them in height resembling the seat of a throne and fragrant trees encircled the throne; And among them was a tree such as I had never yet smelt neither was any among them nor were others like it; It had a fragrance beyond all fragrance and its leaves and blooms and wood wither not forever and its fruit is beautiful and its fruit n resembles the dates of a palm; Then I said: 'How beautiful is this tree and fragrant and its leaves are fair and its blooms very delightful in appearance.
  89. And I went beyond it and saw seven magnificent mountains all differing each from the other, and the stones of it were magnificent and beautiful, magnificent as a whole, of glorious appearance and fair exterior: three towards the east, one founded on the other, and three towards the south, one on the other, and deep rough ravines, none of which joined with any other; And the seventh mountain was in the midst of these, and it excelled them in height, resembling the seat of a throne, and fragrant trees encircled the throne; And among them was a tree such as I had never yet smelt, neither was any among them nor were others like it; It had a fragrance beyond all fragrance, and its leaves and blooms and wood wither not forever, and its fruit is beautiful, and its fruit n resembles the dates of a palm; Then I said: 'How beautiful is this tree, and fragrant, and its leaves are fair, and its blooms very delightful in appearance.
  90. No breath of sin to wither,.
  91. Will change, and wither, and be less,.
  92. The old that is strong does not wither,.
  93. You don’t have to wither and whittle,.
  94. Woe to you who drink water from every fountain; for suddenly shall you be consumed and wither away,.
  1. I shot him a withering look.
  2. It was simple and withering.
  3. He gave me a withering look.
  4. She gave him a withering look.
  5. Ellie threw him a withering look.
  6. Kate gave Cecil a withering look.
  7. He is withering to his daughters.
  8. With one last, withering look at.
  9. She fixed me with a withering glare.
  10. The withering, side winding motion.
  11. Ekseri held her in a withering stare.
  12. I stopped to give him a withering look.
  13. Audrey shot a withering glance, but then.
  14. He fixed the children with a withering stare.
  15. However, he was hit by a withering hail of fire.
  16. Jesse… she warned with a withering stare.
  17. The other gets rather tiresome, never withering.
  18. I was simply a flower withering in the field.
  19. Something about withering plants I read in a garden.
  20. Fred received another withering glare from Number One.
  21. Nor those practiced withering looks and snide asides.
  22. Just give him a withering look, and have done with it.
  23. Sim gave him a withering look that could have fried an egg.
  24. He cocked his head to the side and gave me a withering look.
  25. Away from the withering glare of the Redeemer, Elowen felt a.
  26. He gave her his most withering look, but it just made her grin.
  27. Mother gave him a withering stare, before continuing her diatribe.
  28. My body is weakening, my ego is fallen and my wits are withering.
  29. He tries to give Ken a withering look, but it falls on stony ground.
  30. Harry gave me a withering look, but I knew he was just busting my chops.
  31. Another withering look would have been excessive but I gave him one anyway.
  32. Alas for Boromir the brave! The young perish and the old linger, withering.
  33. I've prayed for many young people, and they're withering for lack of words.
  34. But it seems that the wind is setting East, and the withering of all woods.
  35. I wish I was still a princess, she said, giving him a withering look.
  36. At least fer some o' us, he finished with a withering look in my direction.
  37. Bounded by society rules, he was withering, dreading the thought of becoming a.
  38. Hilderich was picking ineffectually at the withering bark of a large oak-like tree.
  39. Ariella gave him a withering look and slapped a hand over his mouth, silencing him.
  40. Yes, times of the old are withering away, and dramatic concepts are becoming normal.
  41. His unglazed linen collar appeared behind his bent head, soiled by his withering hair.
  42. Emory sent him a withering look and bumped into a woman with furiously batting eyelashes.
  43. Eventually I would be alone, slowly withering away with my tortured conscience, he thought.
  44. The housekeeper turned and gave Jane a withering look, but switched off the vacuum cleaner.
  45. Her shield was withering away to nothing, and she need to protect herself…and those behind her.
  46. Zach gave her a withering glance, but it was so over-dramatic she and the others burst out laughing.
  47. But then, suppose the car did not start? She withered in the dark, like a burning, withering paper.
  48. But then, suppose the car did not start? She crumpled in the dark, like a burning, withering paper.
  49. She did not answer but gave him a withering look as she swept past and went straight for the showers.
  50. I could see Eileen almost spent, faint and withering, unable to even stay afloat in her incorporeal body.
  51. I liberated that miserable woman — liberated her from her own vileness, trapped in that withering flesh.
  52. The old man grunted his disapproval and glared at his favorite son with anger and withering disappointment.
  53. They died in the presence of everybody, colourless, haggard and gloomy, like trees withering on rocky ground.
  54. Rita gave her a withering look which was completely lost on Eileen, who obviously didn’t wither that easily.
  55. Senator Joe Buck turned to Bill and gave him a withering look, ordering him to get under way as soon as possible.
  56. A withering fire was directed against the angle where the balloon had disappeared and along the edge of the wood.
  57. Seeing the American/Canadian suffering under the withering fire, the cowboy started laughing again in deep guffaws.
  58. She gave him a withering look as though to say, "Not another amateur psychologist?" Then she shrugged and remarked tartly.
  59. People sometimes have a proper sense of the eternal fitness of things, her mother returned, with withering inconsistency.
  60. He gasped and clawed at her hand, but he was already turning grey, his skin withering, crackling with the strange electricity.
  61. I focused on a bird as she flew higher and higher into the sky, her wings a perfect silhouette against the withering sunlight.
  62. We had just poured a withering fire into a trench on our left knocking it out and bayoneting the Turks who tried to surrender.
  63. By the late 1990s, inflation was withering away, corporate profits appeared to be booming, and most of the world was at peace.
  64. Eight days from now he'd stand half-blind, withering, dying, as his father now stood, staring uselesly at his own wife and child.
  65. Eight days from now he’d stand half-blind, withering, dying, as his father now stood, staring uselessly at his own wife and child.
  66. I was trying to come up with a withering retort when suddenly we heard a series of pop-pop-pops and one of them yelled, Now!.
  67. But the whole question of life in this cave, the dying people, the withering and the insanity, surged through Sim's new, small head.
  68. Now well silhouetted in open terrain, the Taliban fighters found themselves suddenly the targets of a withering machinegun crossfire.
  69. On one hand, he could look intimidating; his withering eye contact and don’t mess with me expression made most adversaries back down.
  70. But the whole question of life in this cave, the dying people, the withering and the insanity, surged through Sim’s new, small head.
  71. Don’t tell me more fucking fatigues and working parties I hate the bloody things? George shot him a withering look and replied.
  72. Hello Nick, he said, giving a withering look at Sally, What are you doing here? I was told you were tied up in meetings all day.
  73. They could never envisage that his separation from Lea would be heartbreaking; a withering of his life, perhaps an early melancholy death.
  74. The foliage on the plant, which Than did not know, since he knew nothing about such things, was withering, dying along with its caretaker.
  75. Aside from the usual care, when the plant and seedlings are withering or the growths are stunted, the most probable cause is improper ventilation.
  76. She was fragile as the foliage in autumn; the radiance of heaven shone through her as the sun strikes athwart the withering leaves and gilds them.
  77. Even beneath the withering stare of the president of the United States—likely the only ally she had left—Kennedy portrayed only supernatural calm.
  78. However, the eastern camp withdrew into the trees on the eastern end of the clear area and poured a withering fire into our men as we closed with them.
  79. I still felt as a wanderer on the face of the earth; but I experienced firmer trust in myself and my own powers, and less withering dread of oppression.
  80. Her abundant sexuality was withering without glory, her lovemaking was slowed by her sobbing, and her eyelids were beginning to darken with old bitterness.
  81. There, what do you think now of the affair? Wasn't I right to part with the horses? Madame Danglars surveyed her husband with a look of withering contempt.
  82. Right lads what’s happening is this there is no transport for us today, he shot a rather withering look at the young Lieutenant in charge of transport.
  83. But if the outside temperature drops and your greenhouse cannot maintain a warm environment, placing a heater would save your plants from frosting and withering.
  84. Creeping down the rocks Balthus felt his flesh crawl between his shoulders as he momentarily expected a withering blast of arrows from the green masses about them.
  85. I turned around, smiled, and expected to be greeted with the sight of her withering in fear (like my hand which still felt numb) but she just stood there like it was nothing.
  86. All the way up though the Turks were pouring a withering fire down on us but me Ben and Snowy made it to the top and with a bit of help we cleared old Johnny Turk out of there.
  87. Still, once almost a hundred light proton cannons’ firepower had been combined, they created a withering assault that even a battle class cruiser could not have withstood for long.
  88. As if there were a withering spell in the sad letter, her beauty, the warmth and richness of her womanhood, departed, like fading sunshine; and a gray shadow seemed to fall across her.
  89. Then it shall be Billy Boy for we are now friends, so till tomorrow Billy Boy adieu, and with these last words she walked away giving the guard a withering look as she passed him.
  90. Branches wafted toward him, although the air was still, snapping like breaking bones as they uncoiled to grasp at him, then withering away the moment they brushed his aura of white light.
  91. They were within a hundred and fifty yards of their objective when a withering blast of arrows from the wall littered the ground with corpses and sent the survivors fleeing back to the trees.
  92. There are only signs of many having returned the way they came, over the hills to their encampment! the captain continued, in a voice that signaled his awareness of Myserrah’s withering glare.
  93. Good-bye, sweet Miravelle! Will I ever lay eyes on you again? Farewell, oh, acid-tongued Oberon, may you not alienate too many of the nurses with your withering wit, for they can make your life miserable.
  94. This was the consciousness that Bulstrode was withering under while he made his preparations for departing from Middlemarch, and going to end his stricken life in that sad refuge, the indifference of new faces.
  95. Omigod, and so Red Dog turns and gives me that withering look again, and I’m not going to lose this case over the testimony of that shrink, am I, Lindsay, am I? Because I’ll tell you, that just can’t happen.
  96. At this time she was crying again; bitter, burning tears; those scorching tears that follow in the wake of destroyed illusions, that drop, hot and withering, on to the fragments of what was once the guiding glory of an ideal.
  97. Leaving dozens of dead and wounded comrades behind in the ravine, the surviving enemy infantrymen bravely pushed on their assault up the western slope of Hill 310, despite the withering machine gun fire decimating their ranks.
  98. When Siri was allowed into the delivery room, he began to make some comments about not naming the child too early as it might not survive, but one withering look from the defensive mother put pay to any further doubts regarding Jai’s future.
  99. He took in things as they were, his mind enjoying a numbness while both it and his body recuperated slowly, the effects of dehydration slowly withering away and vigor reappearing in his face with his head throbbing gently instead of being about to explode.
  100. Perhaps the best evidence of the withering effect the President’s speech had on the demonstration was provided by traffic helicopters from two of Washington’s AM radio stations, which reported that traffic leaving the city was heavier than traffic heading in.
  1. Age has not withered it.
  2. He withered as the magma.
  3. Was withered at the root;.
  4. Old plants withered and dry.
  5. She looked old and withered.
  6. Rekindled in my withered heart.
  8. It probably withered up and.
  9. From the torn and withered leaves.
  10. And at once the fig tree withered.
  11. Withered obsession life and death.
  12. Have one by one all withered grown.
  13. With all my withered heart and soul.
  14. Withered leaves in the golden years.
  15. Withered away the racehorse of soul.
  16. Had not yet withered his young breast.
  17. Egyptian magic had withered over the.
  18. Was withered ere the morning light—.
  19. At last is shrunk and withered quite?
  20. Some of the heads had already withered.
  21. And on her withered dewlap pour the ale.
  22. She's turned into a withered old Witch.
  23. I didn’t see the boy’s withered arm.
  24. He was afflicted with a withered arm.
  25. The grass looked brown and withered and.
  26. His rage withered, halted by a bitten lip.
  27. If seed like this is withered in its soil.
  28. Because they had no root they withered away.
  29. Elowen withered under his stare and backed.
  30. All the hope growing inside me has withered.
  31. Though being stabbed by a withered old hag is.
  32. Removal of withered, dried flowers is thus to.
  33. The men's loins were indrawn, withered orchids.
  34. Stoner Meditation by Withered Tree with Lao Two.
  35. Are BURNED UP like withered branches [John 15:6].
  36. The young shoots dried up, the blossoms withered.
  37. Bjorgolf blanched and visibly withered at the news.
  38. The earlier confidence that enflamed her withered.
  39. He wasn't withered at all, quite muscular actually.
  40. A withered hand holding a tattered book reached out.
  41. His body was wasted and thin, his muscles withered.
  42. The light of fifty years withered and bloomed there.
  43. Fire will burn up the withered branches (John 15:6).
  44. He opened his pouch and drew out some withered leaves.
  45. She withered in loneliness and at last I let her die.
  46. The grass withered, and the flower thereof fell away.
  47. Old, withered by winds, baked like adobe in the heat.
  48. Some are still standing, and some have withered away.
  49. Bates, Lim said, extending a hand thin and withered.
  50. However, I couldn’t help but droop like a withered.
  51. Older, more withered, but definitely the same evil face.
  52. From the top of her sack juts a sheaf of withered greens.
  53. Even the youngest looked like withered old men and women.
  54. She hissed at me with a withered face and beautiful teeth.
  55. Edmund energetically hauled his withered leg up behind him.
  56. Now she is completely withered like an ancient paper burned.
  57. At the foot of the mound stood the withered trunk of a dead.
  58. When the sun had risen it was scorched and it withered away.
  59. Her figure became hunched and her face withered and wrinkled.
  60. And next they gave them in who had them withered but not cut.
  61. Bentley laughed and put her withered claw to her small bosom.
  62. But they lacked stamina and withered into a flimsy flirtation.
  63. The stringy, long white hair on his head was dry and withered.
  64. This fig tree lay withered for nearly 19 centuries thereafter.
  65. Withered old hands shook as they reached out to touch the gold.
  66. All the plants and trees she’d grown were withered and dead.
  67. Anyone seeing him and Chunt would just see a withered old man.
  68. It had aged to keep sad company with his own withered features.
  69. He would never lean on anyone’s arm, despite his withered leg.
  70. Removal of withered flowers from the plant is called dead heading.
  71. DI Morton gave her a look that would have withered a rubber plant.
  72. It withered away because it had no moisture because it had no root.
  73. Heaving up, Saul coughed and blundered, burned, withered by hell!.
  74. Emily turned when she saw the withered heku step out from behind a.
  75. Several days later the trees surrounding the hut withered and died.
  76. And — something else — a small withered fragment of — skin?
  77. But a fell disease struck her, and she withered away before my eyes.
  78. Me, he is cast out as a branch and is withered; and they gather them.
  79. Behind the tents, the elevated midway withered down to a service road.
  80. Randy spots a chipmunk in the withered grass around the landing strip.
  81. Now withered lay the hemlock-sheaves, And one by one with sighing sound.
  82. The worst part of her suffering must have been her withered self-esteem.
  83. Gnarled and withered, her bejeweled hands rested palms-down on her thighs.
  84. More than that, their attraction for each other never withered with time.
  85. The crisp, withered leaves rustled on the maple trees outside his window.
  86. As his voice withered, Katy rose and took his shaving kit from the cabinet.
  87. Mine resembled a withered black man's head left to smoke and char my plate.
  88. Only when he grips Daddy’s withered biceps do the old windows flutter up.
  89. Her dry, withered body resembled a big smacked insect against a windshield.
  90. Meneldil son of Anbrion failed, and the Tree withered, and the blood of the.
  91. The whole country seemed to have withered and browned under the searing sun.
  92. I withered away with the trees growing around me until they buried me alive.
  93. It withered away and disappeared from the consciousness of the human race:.
  94. There were dark circles under her eyes, and her skin seemed withered and old.
  95. Thin fingers clenched into fists and a witch screamed from her withered mouth:.
  96. Now on the journey you keep asking, like one whose hearing organs have withered.
  97. An old, withered looking man came over and invited Simla with an outstretched hand.
  98. His face wore a worried look that further augmented his already withered features.
  99. She carries a paper sack full of withered greens and seats herself amid the rubble.
  100. Withered mothers carried their shrunken babies who clung desperately to the breast.
  1. Long after it withers away.
  2. No More, The Flower Withers.
  3. Withers, he instructed as he.
  4. That which grows fast, withers as rapidly.
  5. Summertime withers as the sun descends.
  6. Withers here in a safe place for the time being.
  7. Bill Withers – Ain't No Sunshine (1971).
  8. Then the love stales and chokes as the vine withers.
  9. If you do not feed it, it withers and dies.
  10. Included are fifty withdrawal slips signed by Judy Withers.
  11. And your faith withers for lack of water, for you have no root.
  12. Beathan lifted his leg over the pony’s withers and slid off.
  13. Besides they say if the flower withers she wears she's a flirt.
  14. He laid his hand on the withers of Balashev’s horse and said:.
  15. Withers, and I will now proceed to give you the account proposed.
  16. He laid his hand on the withers of Balashëv’s horse and said:.
  17. The height of bulls, to their withers, can reach an impressive 7ft.
  18. In that sense the state withers away as all participate in its work.
  19. One feels connected to the land; one grows, withers, rots and decays.
  20. He slowed his horse and firmly patted its withers and stroked its neck.
  21. I climbed over Max’s shoulders, and grabbed the withers of a buckskin.
  22. Yes’um, he said, ol’ man Withers that live up the road a ways.
  23. But then it withers, and you see it yellowing, and then it becomes debris.
  24. Hands are needed for prayers to start but when godliness happens, prayer withers.
  25. Caribou are medium-sized deer, with a height at their withers of about 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 ft.
  26. Then a gourd comes up over Jonah and protects him from the sun, but the next day it withers.
  27. Noël still withers me with his looks and then walks out of the room, with Selena in his tracks.
  28. Gillin JC, Pulvirenti L, Withers N, Golshan S, Koob G (1994) The effects of lisuride on mood and.
  29. When she withers she can remain your servant, a much better life than she’d have in her own realm.
  30. The tender plant is produced ; but in so cold a soil, and so severe a climate, soon withers and dies.
  31. Vronsky patted her strong neck, straightened over her sharp withers a stray lock of her mane that had.
  32. The earth mourns and withers; the world languishes and withers; the highest people of the earth languish.
  33. This particular part of man has no room to set roots, therefore rises quickly, and withers just as rapidly.
  34. This cuts off blood supply to the hemorrhoid and it then withers away, and finally drops off in a few days.
  35. There is also a Social Security card in Judy Withers name and a driver's license with Eileen's picture on it.
  36. The earth mourns [and] withers, the world fades [and] withers, the exalted of the people of the earth fade away.
  37. Gourd: A species of castor-oil plant, having very large broad leaves; when cut or injured it withers away quickly.
  38. Killing and drying a green plant until it withers into a gnarled rotten death mask; then burning it an inhaling its smoke.
  39. And he said, What shall I crye All flesh is grass, and all the goodliness of it is as the flower of the field: 7 The grass withers, the.
  40. Without these oils, the brain quickly withers and the unfortunate Piscador suffers a mental decline leading ultimately to dementia and death.
  41. Control over the mind is alone necessary, and when that is attained, man is free like the king of the forest and his very glance withers the enemy.
  42. She stood in a small courtyard of hard-packed earth, she slipped her cloak off and pocketing the brooch she threw the cloak over the chestnut’s withers.
  43. Then, hold the waist of your saddle with your right hand, have your left hand on the horse's withers, gently bounce once or twice on your right foot and then spring off of it.
  44. I seen one where it’s hot an’ fine, an’ walnut trees an’ berries; an’ right behind, close as a mule’s ass to his withers, they’s a tall up mountain covered with snow.
  45. Prayer silences the passions of the soul, assuages the rebel ion of anger, dismisses envy, dissipates evil desire, withers the love of worldly things, and brings great peace and serenity to the soul.
  46. Vronsky patted her strong neck, straightened over her sharp withers a stray lock of her mane that had fallen on the other side, and moved his face near her dilated nostrils, transparent as a bat's wing.
  47. Jamal, Michael, and the Senate Majority Leader, Nancy Withers, of California, were in conference at Camp David with the President, discussing the disaster in California and the upcoming predictions Jack South had made.
  48. Thus as neither age withers nor custom stale the appeal of Muhammad to the Musalmans, the hadith remains the sacrosanct parent to a Muslim child, the data of which is but the recollections of Muhammad’s followers of his actions and utterances.
  49. When an apple has ripened and falls, why does it fall? Because of its attraction to the earth, because its stalk withers, because it is dried by the sun, because it grows heavier, because the wind shakes it, or because the boy standing below wants to eat it?
  50. You can no longer stay like that unless you stay in Me; I am the vine you are the branches; he who stays in Me and I in him the same produces much fruit; because without Me you can do nothing; If a man does not stay in Me he is thrown out as a branch and withers; And men gather them and throw them into the fire and they are burned; If you stay in Me and my words stay in you you shall ask what you wish and it shall be done for you; In this is my Father glorified so that you bear much fruit; so you shall be my disciples.
  51. I’faith, the Dean was so caught up in his Fancies and Reveries about Horses, that I could scarce tell him of my Horse, Lustre, of the fine Arabians Lord Bellars had imported, of the many Foalings I myself had witness’d as a Child, of that splendid Moment, the Culmination of eleven Months of great Anticipation, when the Foal emerges, Forelegs first, then Muzzle, then Cheaks, then Ears, then Withers, then Flank, and then the Foal entire, with the Moon-blue Membranes gleaming, and the Waters of the Womb still glist’ning upon his infant Fuzz! My own fondest Childhood Memories were also of Horses.
  52. He withers laurels, wreaths, and crowns,.

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