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  1. And will withstand all tests.
  2. He could withstand the crowds.
  3. Then he dared to withstand Paul.
  4. You know you cannot withstand me.
  5. To withstand the ravages of time-.

  6. It could withstand a nuclear blast.
  7. None the conviction could withstand.
  8. Some people could withstand conflict.
  9. How much heat can a bone withstand?
  10. Spain had to withstand these allies.
  11. With will will we withstand, withsay.
  12. I can't withstand thee, then, old man.
  13. Secure me so I can withstand the storm.
  14. I prayed he could withstand that shock.
  15. No ribs of man or boat can withstand it.

  16. I whine and I moan yet withstand the cold.
  17. Not only can they withstand the extreme.
  18. Can a man of god withstand the 'Fire and.
  19. Charlotte could probably withstand a fire.
  20. I could not long withstand that nameless.
  21. He could not even withstand a single punch.
  22. Those doors should withstand any attack.
  23. Few investors could withstand that nightmare.
  24. She could not escape, could not withstand it.
  25. By My command, they will Gibeon not withstand.

  26. A cat can only withstand a certain level of.
  27. She therefore could not withstand his argument.
  28. His power, teaching us to withstand any disease.
  29. Archaebacteria that can withstand extreme heat.
  30. Neither idea can withstand the test of science.
  31. But Sonosh was not one to not withstand a blade.
  32. How shall any tower withstand such numbers and.
  33. Grown men can withstand things children can’t.
  34. In case the tunnel can’t withstand a full.
  35. He builds the forms that can withstand thy power.
  36. Venus could easily withstand a falling boulder….
  37. None of our houses will withstand a deliberate fire.
  38. When the chicks are strong enough to withstand the.
  39. You wonder how the building can withstand the co-.
  40. British arms cannot withstand American upon the sea.
  41. His body couldn’t withstand the shock of depletion.
  42. They need good fuel to withstand a rugged lifestyle.
  43. We want an infrastructure to withstand all conditions.
  44. Keep in mind you would have had to withstand an −18.
  45. But blessed to withstand all that shall come her way.
  46. She had no idea how much a human skull could withstand.
  47. British arms cannot withstand American on the seas, 599;.
  48. And an adult young enough to withstand the conversion.
  49. But blessed to withstand all that comes her way….
  50. These tunnels were made to withstand far more than my.
  51. It takes a very strong will to withstand the female charm.
  52. Material designed to withstand atmospheric pressure? Check.
  53. It glowed with Baja symbols, and could withstand anything.
  54. You would not be able to withstand the power of this energy.
  55. There are certain breeds that can withstand the cold weather.
  56. I braced myself but couldnt withstand the cunning onslaught.
  57. He was built for ruggedness and the ability to withstand cold.
  58. Our hull plating will withstand the impacts with ease, sir.
  59. I should be able to withstand Io’s environment for a while.
  60. Will The Business Be Able To Withstand a Short-Term Disaster?
  61. His cries of agony filled my ears—I could barely withstand it.
  62. Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him.
  63. It never jammed and could withstand just about any mistreatment.
  64. And he had no pretensions about his ability to withstand torture.
  65. Some vessels are designed to withstand harsh winds and high waves.
  66. Something that will withstand the outdoors up there, he said.
  67. It required all his energy to withstand the jostling of the wagon.
  68. But I haven’t the strength to withstand the customary temptation.
  69. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to withstand their information.
  70. The above sand would have adequate refractoriness to withstand the.
  71. The unwillingness to withstand difficulties, to exert oneself and.
  72. No living creature on earth can withstand a morally powerful human.
  73. Your position can withstand a certain degree of movement against it.
  74. Not even a yautgan’s skin could withstand the claws of a genothroid.
  75. Walter's huge bulk was unable to withstand the assault that followed.
  76. None of those reasons it seemed, could withstand even light scrutiny.
  77. It was built strong and could withstand the abuse for a little while.
  78. It’s all crazy, said Betty, trying to withstand the onslaught.
  79. The fetus often has to withstand violence while in the mother’s womb.
  80. But alright, let’s see how much cold you can withstand older brother.
  81. Nothing on Earth can withstand the strength with which we kick the ball.
  82. That token lie could not withstand the actual culture of American greed.
  83. During this period, my husband could not withstand the huge mental pres-.
  84. He hadn’t known it was possible for a body to withstand that much pain.
  85. No ship, not even Tirpitz, could withstand direct hits by such great bombs.
  86. Shenandoah could withstand the beating it was taking from the volatile sea.
  87. He did not think the bridge could withstand that level of strain for long.
  88. Many business owners have insufficient competitive advantage to withstand.
  89. It may be said that vessels cannot be built to withstand such an accident.
  90. However, she found that she could withstand it because she wasn’t alone.
  91. The 72-year-old Rodin could not withstand that blow; he suffered a stroke.
  92. It is hard to withstand the heat and humidity in such regions of the world.
  93. You have the strength to withstand the special trials that will come to you.
  94. Even our so-called immortal forms can’t withstand the deaths of the Stars.
  95. The Buckeyes are another breed that can withstand the cold weather perfectly.
  96. They were far abler to withstand rough weather than shallow-drafted galleys.
  97. I had heard the kidney punch was the most painful punch to withstand but I.
  98. A protective one should be strong enough to withstand the fire at the mill.
  99. How could I withstand pain, physical pain? I couldn’t bear any kind of pain.
  100. What Newton saw as gravity can’t withstand even the slightest test of proof.
  1. There was no withstanding him.
  2. It was also capable of withstanding all our weaponry.
  3. Recognising and Withstanding Jezebel's attack (3 of 3).
  4. It is a witchery of social czarship which there is no withstanding.
  5. Caroline, you wanted to know about her, real mermen not withstanding.
  6. Their rose short comb is well adapted for withstanding the frost bite.
  7. I closed my eyes tightly, withstanding the fiery wrath and the shaking.
  8. All in all, with Blake Hall not withstanding, it all added up to £2 million.
  9. Yet, not withstanding the distinction between the two, both are dependent largely.
  10. The person who wrote this is clearly a genius, his subject matter not withstanding.
  11. All that not withstanding, stopping for lunch with them was probably not a good idea.
  12. Am I capable of withstanding these temptations? he asked himself not quite honestly.
  13. But, route deviations not withstanding, compromises maneuver marriages on the course of moksha.
  14. It is always others that are incorrect because Newton not withstanding the fabrication of the basic.
  15. Withstanding forces far greater than it was designed for, it rippled violently against the airlock seal-strip.
  16. I grabbed a reluctant Mana by the wrist and dragged her into the closest room which still had a door withstanding.
  17. It can mean withstanding large increases in the value of your option and/or margin requirements over the short term.
  18. The father left the office in order to get away from the sick man as dread was still in his mind, the cure not withstanding.
  19. She unrolled the parchment—the scroll that had come so far, withstanding fire and water, the ancient testament to treachery.
  20. May I ask, not withstanding your passion for sports, why a professional football team? It’s the Mount Everest of investments.
  21. It is always others that are incorrect because Newton not withstanding the fabrication of the basic facts that is always correct.
  22. Whether or not any b’tari possesses fully operational trans-space tech is not withstanding the fact that it will never be available to me.
  23. It is wisdom that will guide you through the years ahead as you struggle to create a legacy that is capable of withstanding the burdens of time.
  24. But it was soon found that marble was capable of withstanding the wear of weather and that the ornament could be applied to it directly by painting.
  25. In the suburbs and inner city every building was grey, giant drab monoliths withstanding the storm but shedding the attractions they held in sunlight.
  26. You can clearly see this Groller has an advanced gill system and a more resilient exterior hide capable of withstanding the pressures of unknown depths.
  27. His efforts were based on the various curatoria he had studied or seen in his unfortunately short and, recent events not withstanding, uneventful apprenticeship.
  28. Accepting the conclusion that hostilities are unavoidable, we must make every preparation, not only for withstanding the first shock, but for prolonging the war as much as possible.
  29. Such were the Sectarians, the Poles, the Circassians rebelling in order to regain their independence, the political prisoners, the Socialists, the strikers condemned for withstanding the authorities.
  30. If, not withstanding all this, gold and silver should at any time fall short in a country which has wherewithal to purchase them, there are more expedients for supplying their place, than that of almost any other commodity.
  31. Jock has plans for a future, plans for a house built on solid foundations, capable of withstanding anything that Her Majesty's constabulary and court services might throw at him, at least until he is too old and feeble to care.
  32. Massive, solid, an imposing figure among the tall, skinny pines, it had towered over her, its knotted trunk and gnarled branches a testament to the years of withstanding whatever storms Nature in all Her fury and wisdom had thrown at it.
  33. This is our home port, secure, convenient, secret, and sheltered against winds from any direction! Along the coasts of your continents or islands, show me any offshore mooring that can equal this safe refuge for withstanding the fury of hurricanes.
  34. In order to prevent all this, and to secure our inner communication so that it remains one-on-one with the Higher Self, we must be able to establish a protective shield capable of withstanding not only the occult powers, but also those of the archangels.
  35. It happened that both before and during this time I was spending hours reading the books Bonnie had recommended, trying to piece together how the overall practices of self-development made one better off, not withstanding that only an idiot would talk about them.
  36. Revaluing Π to Π2 will bring about a new contact point where Π meets r forming another relation in Π2Time is the changes in relation where Π contacts a different r not withstanding the many r points there may form because every r constitutes a different value to the universe through other ratios and relevancies brought about by heat and light.
  37. Namely that significant value resided within the property to a much greater extent than revealed, a detestable crime against civil government if proven, and deserving of severe punishment by the court, not withstanding the fact that the person so accused is a minor, who is to be incarcerated at the town jail until brought before the bench, if he fails to post a bond of one hundred dollars.
  38. As we may infer that our domestic animals were originally chosen by uncivilised man because they were useful, and because they bred readily under confinement, and not because they were subsequently found capable of far-extended transportation, the common and extraordinary capacity in our domestic animals of not only withstanding the most different climates, but of being perfectly fertile (a far severer test) under them, may be used as an argument that a large proportion of other animals now in a state of nature could easily be brought to bear widely different climates.
  39. Sunshine, storm, cold, heat, forever withstanding, passing, carrying, The soul's realization and determination still inheriting,.
  1. He withstood the pain of gain.
  2. They withstood the whole thing.
  3. She withstood his tirade calmly.
  4. Neither orc nor man withstood them.
  5. They have withstood or avoided or repelled.
  6. A civil servant she had withstood; but when Dr.
  7. The man who has withstood and subdued its power.
  8. And each time that mountaintop withstood the test.
  9. Nothing assailed the company nor withstood their passage, and yet.
  10. Icy blue eyes were burning I wondered how they withstood the flames.
  11. He remembers what it withstood last night and notes that it's undamaged.
  12. Yet even tempered steel could not wholly have withstood that furious stroke.
  13. The priest pounded me with every Hail Mary he could, but I withstood them all.
  14. A man of ice could not have withstood the searing heat of her passion and fury.
  15. Their iron nerves had withstood an ordeal that might have driven weaker men mad.
  16. Just don’t forget that July options have withstood a month of decay themselves.
  17. And they (the priests) withstood Uzziah the king, and said unto him, It apper-.
  18. And no matter how many times a theory has withstood attack, and no matter how much.
  19. Why was the Russian army- which with inferior forces had withstood the enemy in full.
  20. How this man could have withstood the beating his skin had taken was beyond imagination.
  21. As you have withstood the inclinations of the mortal nature, be willing to be steadfast.
  22. Using strategies that have not withstood the test of time will lead to great disappointment.
  23. These large, ancient formations, sculpted by the constant winds had withstood the test of time.
  24. Mark’s in-the-Bowery were benches and some old big shade trees that had withstood the centuries.
  25. Nothing normal, alive, or man-made could have withstood that amount of concentrated, focused power.
  26. Although the hull had withstood the blast, the proximity of the explosion had overloaded its systems.
  27. Nonetheless he withstood it while mentally reciting compassionate mantras for all the pretas’ wayward souls.
  28. He, the galley-slave, might have hidden himself forever in an honest family; he had withstood this temptation.
  29. It has withstood the test of time and is partly responsible for the incredible accomplishments of this nation.
  30. Nothing of the castle's former authority, these talkative trespassers surmised, had withstood the dambuhala onslaught.
  31. Now it appears that, as the rock of Orthanc has withstood the storms of time, so there the palantnr of that tower has.
  32. Their grand plan had withstood near impossible challenges and setbacks, surely their luck had run out at this final stage?
  33. Palmer, though treating their apprehensions as idle, found the anxiety and importunity of his wife too great to be withstood.
  34. Many of Graham and Dodd’s specific ideas have withstood the test of time and, in fact, been picked up and carried forward by others.
  35. The long-legged kargir they were riding were not as intelligent or fast as kedas, but they withstood the dry terrain without complaint.
  36. For those that withstood the earth tremor, they all shared the mark of collapsed brick chimney stacks, while the homes remained intact.
  37. The more time periods you can analyze, the better your odds of finding a strategy that has withstood a variety of stock market gyrations.
  38. In addition, this castle had withstood Eiess’ supposed attacks in the past, so surely, she must be safe within these sturdy, stone walls.
  39. They’ve withstood the test of time for over 130 years and have always succeeded in spite of facing the biggest challenges this world has ever seen.
  40. Lydgate's nature demanded this combination: he was an emotional creature, with a flesh-and-blood sense of fellowship which withstood all the abstractions of special study.
  41. In our sample, short straddles were highly profitable when absolute earnings announcement returns were lower than 5%, while short strangles withstood 6% to 7% price movements.
  42. I withstood the inspection calmly; when it was ended I noted that in spite of himself he was somewhat relaxed from the opinion of me he had formed upon what he had heard and read.
  43. Still, once almost a hundred light proton cannons’ firepower had been combined, they created a withering assault that even a battle class cruiser could not have withstood for long.
  44. This poisonous food constricted their blood vessels so drastically that most of them later died of cold and overexposure to the elements they had so effortlessly withstood for centuries.
  45. Whitton could not see what the upper floor of the house looked like but if it was anything like what she saw through the hole downstairs it was clear that nothing had withstood the blaze.
  46. If Tess had been artful, had she made a scene, fainted, wept hysterically, in that lonely lane, notwithstanding the fury of fastidiousness with which he was possessed, he would probably not have withstood her.
  47. Thus a gambler or a drunkard, who has not withstood temptation and has succumbed to his passion, remains none the less free to recognize his gambling or his intoxication either as an evil or as an indifferent amusement.
  48. Why was the Russian army—which with inferior forces had withstood the enemy in full strength at Borodinó—defeated at Krásnoe and the Berëzina by the disorganized crowds of the French when it was numerically superior?
  49. It is the norms in our clan that wives, who endured the allure of the flesh, withstood all temptations from innumerable promiscuous cunning men and eventually go into marriages, as virgins requires that their husbands should celebrate them.
  50. Under my eyes there perhaps lay the warlike town of Makhimos or the pious village of Eusebes, whose gigantic inhabitants lived for whole centuries and had the strength to raise blocks of stone that still withstood the action of the waters.
  51. An hour later the Syracuse junior varsity improved their ancient coach’s day when they withstood a furious come-from-behind charge to fend off Navy—even as sirens wailed on the navy destroyer, urging the midshipmen on—to win the second race of the day.
  52. In spite of all this our hero felt as though he had risen from the dead, as though he had withstood a battalion, as though he had won a victory when he succeeded in clutching the overcoat of his enemy, who had already raised one foot to get into the cab he had engaged.
  53. And they withstood Uzziah the king, and said unto him, It appertaineth not unto thee, Uzziah, to burn incense unto the LORD, but to the priests the sons of Aaron, that are consecrated to burn incense: go out of the sanctuary; for thou hast trespassed; neither shall it be for thine honour from the LORD God.
  54. He guessed from the ponies, and from the traces of the camps he had discovered, that men had come up from the river and the lake and had scaled the mountain-side from the valley where the ponies had been standing; but the door withstood his searching eye, and the little high-walled bay had kept out his fiercest flames.
  55. To have resisted such attractions, to have withstood such tenderness!--Is there a man on earth who could have done it?--Yes, I found myself, by insensible degrees, sincerely fond of her; and the happiest hours of my life were what I spent with her when I felt my intentions were strictly honourable, and my feelings blameless.
  56. To have resisted such attractions, to have withstood such tenderness!—Is there a man on earth who could have done it?—Yes, I found myself, by insensible degrees, sincerely fond of her; and the happiest hours of my life were what I spent with her when I felt my intentions were strictly honourable, and my feelings blameless.
  57. The poor fellow had temptations enough from without and from within, but he withstood them pretty well, for much as he valued liberty, he valued good faith and confidence more, so his promise to his grandfather, and his desire to be able to look honestly into the eyes of the women who loved him, and say "All's well," kept him safe and steady.
  58. Sensing that his nerves and the tricks they played upon his mind were getting the better of him, he took a deep breath and focused his attention on the large wooden door, that looked as though it had withstood everything from attacks by an army to hurricanes, in order to calm himself with a visual focal point that would prevent him from being distracted by the surroundings.
  59. Then the three statues advanced towards him with looks of love, and approached the couch on which he was reposing, their feet hidden in their long white tunics, their throats bare, hair flowing like waves, and assuming attitudes which the gods could not resist, but which saints withstood, and looks inflexible and ardent like those with which the serpent charms the bird; and then he gave way before looks that held him in a torturing grasp and delighted his senses as with a voluptuous kiss.
  60. Recovered at length to a more shew of life, by his tender condolences, kisses and embraces, I upbraided him, and reproached him with my ruin, in such natural terms, as added to his satisfaction with himself, for having accomplished it; and guessing, by certain observations of mine, that it would be rather favourable to him, to spare him, when he some time after, feebly enough, came on again to the assault, I resolutely withstood any further endeavours, on a pretext that flattered his prowess, of my being so violently hurt and sore, that I could not possibly endure a fresh trial.
  61. When the ground was partially bare of snow, and a few warm days had dried its surface somewhat, it was pleasant to compare the first tender signs of the infant year just peeping forth with the stately beauty of the withered vegetation which had withstood the winter—life-everlasting, goldenrods, pinweeds, and graceful wild grasses, more obvious and interesting frequently than in summer even, as if their beauty was not ripe till then; even cotton-grass, cat-tails, mulleins, johnswort, hard-hack, meadow-sweet, and other strong-stemmed plants, those unexhausted granaries which entertain the earliest birds—decent weeds, at least, which widowed Nature wears.
  1. Frederick withstands a third blow.
  2. She or he withstands all pulling of.
  3. She withstands nor’easters raging rains.
  4. The spirit of the Palace Flop house, tested under the torques and stresses of so many years, was broken, shattered like granite, which withstands so long as the hammer blows, then suddenly disintegrates.
  5. The rebels of the Civil War know that if the family remains intact and healthy, and if the moral base of faith upon which the nation was founded withstands the unrelenting assaults against it, they cannot prevail.

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