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Wizard numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. A wizard was one who.
  2. The wizard was put out.
  3. He was a failed wizard.
  4. I say, what a wizard.
  5. He was a wizard no more.

  6. He points at the wizard.
  7. May the best wizard win.
  8. You are a wizard, Alexi.
  9. The one with the wizard.
  10. Mum was a wizard onstage.
  11. A wizard of many coats.
  12. I’m a wizard on skates.
  13. The Witch & Wizard Novels.
  14. When a wizard and a witch.
  15. The wizard stifled a scream.

  16. This was no ordinary wizard.
  17. Not a witch nor wizard be.
  18. You’re a wizard, after all.
  19. The wizard fought back panic.
  20. Wizard choice of friends I.
  22. She was with a wizard?
  23. He took a swing at the wizard.
  24. The wizard looked on in panic.
  25. Until the Wizard stopped them.

  26. She was protecting the wizard.
  27. The tall young wizard was odd.
  28. The wizard unrolled a fraction.
  29. This Cruzel had to be a wizard.
  30. I defeated the Grand Wizard.
  31. The wizard was as good as dead.
  32. This is it, the wizard thought.
  33. The wizard got the impression.
  34. But not impossible for a wizard.
  35. We’ll need a wizard, though.
  36. The Grand Wizard stopped singing.
  37. They had heard about the wizard.
  38. Dorothy, in The Wizard of Oz.
  39. Wizard had only managed to turn.
  40. I now know that he was a wizard.
  41. Can't see a wizard coming here.
  42. The old wizard sounded frightened.
  43. Ragnar nodded towards the wizard.
  44. I am a wizard! And now I have a.
  45. The Grand Wizard had disappeared.
  46. Oz? Dorothy? The Wizard? Oh, yes.
  47. The Grand Wizard froze in mid roll.
  48. The wizard looked at me with anger.
  49. Select Tools -> Wizard -> Lookup.
  50. Why? asked the wizard curiously.
  51. And we’re off to see the Wizard.
  52. Still the Grand Wizard said nothing.
  53. There was the old wizard, sitting.
  54. The wizard flailed around in panic.
  55. You’ll be a wrinkled old wizard.
  56. But Cilus was a cold-hearted wizard.
  57. The wizard had said one more than.
  58. What kind of wizard are you?
  59. I believe that you are a wizard, Mr.
  60. What the wizard guessed was always.
  61. A glowing ember landed on the wizard.
  62. The wizard Thrand told Egil his plan.
  63. Grand Wizard is a heredity position.
  64. They pretend to be the Wizard of Oz.
  65. The wizard watched him in amazement.
  66. And he was giving the wizard a very.
  67. Use the Wireless Network Setup Wizard.
  68. The wizard put a hand on her shoulder.
  69. He is not a wizard, First Sergeant.
  70. For an instant the wizard looked out.
  71. The wizard looked at me with surprise.
  72. Twoflower hurried over to the wizard.
  73. The Troll Lord did as the wizard asked.
  74. I showed it to the Grand Wizard, who.
  75. The wizard and his companion had gone.
  76. The wizard put his own hunchback down.
  77. Thank you for a pleasant tale, Wizard.
  78. I’d rather snog that wizard over.
  79. And you became a wizard? he asked.
  80. Don’t kill him! the wizard said.
  81. Charles nodded to the red-haired wizard.
  82. The wizard hesitated for a few seconds.
  83. I was in this duel with another wizard.
  84. The Wizard of Oz (Victor Fleming, 1939).
  85. The false Wizard looked at him carefully.
  86. Curses, it burns, the wizard cried.
  87. Now the turning wizard was half man-size.
  89. The man inside was undoubtedly a wizard.
  90. Well, every wizard has a chosen totem.
  91. You’re the boss, the wizard said.
  92. Everhorn narrowed his eyes at the wizard.
  93. One was a wizard and the other a healer.
  94. The wizard could hardly have failed to.
  95. She seized the wizard by the hand, and.
  96. He galloped up the hill after the wizard.
  97. The Wizard had become addicted to alcohol.
  98. How? asked the wizard incredulously.
  99. Then came Louis, the wizard of elasticity.
  100. The Forest? asked an anxious wizard.

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