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  1. At last he left the woodlands.
  2. On the further shores the woodlands still marched on.
  3. What might be lurking amid those nameless woodlands?
  4. Esyth swallowed loudly and gazed out into the thick woodlands.
  5. So they passed on, until the woodlands grew thinner and the land began.

  6. Within half a mile of entering the woodlands it was almost dark with trees.
  7. Passes of the Treman Mountains and down into the immense woodlands of Tardania.
  8. But she tore her eyes from it and swallowed as she stared into the woodlands again.
  9. It descended rapidly through pristine woodlands to join the Columbia near Celilo Falls.
  10. To atone for a sin: great lords had churches built, they bequeathed woodlands to the church.
  11. They eventually managed to erect the tent in the woodlands, after much cursing of the instructions.
  12. They had splashed through two brooks and wandered fearfully in the deep woodlands west of Ecchinswell.
  13. One could easily walk from red-brick terraced-house towns to woodlands, lakes, hills, and countryside.
  14. One of the Realm’s greatest treasures has been forever lost with the destruction of these ancient woodlands.
  15. Ryan and the other were now entering the woodlands, they stopped when the heard a wolf howling, I didn’t know wolves lived out here.

  16. Within a fairly short time, we find ourselves being ushered out of the building into the equally familiar woodlands surrounding the building.
  17. She introduced herself as Danielle and told them that there were large grounds and woodlands around the school that would be ideal for camping.
  18. She pointed out the woodlands in the distance where they could set up camp and in saying goodbye said she would see them in the canteen some time.
  19. James remarking that he had not been afforded these courtesies when he was imprisoned at Hu Lyang’s Woodlands cottage – he had even been gagged!.
  20. Without saying more than a grunt, he lurched off in the opposite directly, moving with unexpected speed and agility into the dense scrub and woodlands.
  21. For a brief moment of time, they were laughing together as one, facing death side by side and shoulder to shoulder, in the cold, damp woodlands of their home.
  22. Despite being a well run estate, and having the benefits of the Forestry Commission managing the woodlands, there were still large areas of forest undeveloped.
  23. Rory had decided to make an early start the next morning, hoping to arrive at the Woodlands cottage before Hu Lyang and plant his little electronic transmitters.
  24. We had walked our way off the moors and away from the burned villages and farmsteads to enter woodlands so thick that I wondered how anyone had cut a trail through.
  25. The wires trailed from the explosive, hidden by a conceal as he was by the camo, and the bald man smirked as he moved back out of range, into the woodlands near the home.

  26. At the end of the month, after all of the “hullabaloo”, caused by the mysterious “Ubisi”Milk Tanker explosion, had died down… calm once more descended on Woodlands.
  27. BODY WASHED UP ON BEACH off WOODLANDS! A body that was washed up on the beach south of Woodlands this morning, although dreadfully mutilated, has been identified as that of Mr.
  28. Trees and hedgerows disappeared under the heavy earth moving equipment as the staunch engineers of Mesapit scourged across the fields and woodlands eventually to arrive at Mr.
  29. If once, by some strange miracle, he fell to us, then his voice would become nothing but a whisper, and his wild stallion only the young fawn you see in the woodlands in spring.
  30. After that the journey went well, and the days went quickly by; for they rode at leisure, and often they lingered in the fair woodlands where the leaves were red and yellow in the autumn sun.
  31. The “Boom!” could be heard for quite a distance away from Woodlands, as Hu Lyang drowned in a flood of milk, money and “Tik” – not the “milk and honey” that he had been expecting!….
  32. At that precise moment, the tanker turned sharply down the bumpy road leading to Hu Lyang’s once-owned cottage at Woodlands, where he would use one of his motorboats, to rendezvous with the luxurious yacht, anchored off-shore… waiting to take him to Cannes!!.
  33. When a new-hatched savage running wild about his native woodlands in a grass clout, followed by the nibbling goats, as if he were a green sapling; even then, in Queequeg's ambitious soul, lurked a strong desire to see something more of Christendom than a specimen whaler or two.
  34. That John Orr had been a fire chief in Glendale, California, during a very long and devastating spate of fires that over the course of nine years had consumed sixty-five homes, acres of woodlands, and numerous retail stores and had killed four people, one of them a three-year-old boy.
  35. For there on the flat shore were pictures of Grecian lions and Mediterranean goats and maidens with flesh of sand like powdered gold and satyrs piping on hand-carved horns and children dancing, strewing flowers along and along the beach with lambs gamboling after, and musicians skipping to their harps and lyres and unicorns racing youths toward distant meadows, woodlands, ruined temples, and volcanoes.
  36. Drove through Grahamstown, by-passed Port Elizabeth, Clarkson and then a few kilometres before Woodlands turned left down a little country road to a small holiday cottage, surrounded by lush tropical foliage, on the beach, which was owned and used by Hu Lyang, when he was not staying at his Cape Town mansion – there were no other cottages in the area – the only other structure being a wooden boathouse which had its own jetty attached….
  37. Even as he gazed his quick ears caught sounds in the woodlands below,.

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