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Work numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It is not my work.
  2. I had tons of work.
  3. Adam was out of work.
  4. Right to Work Laws, n.
  5. It was a work of art.

  6. To work as they wish.
  7. We work for the city.
  8. How does it work in.
  9. What a piece of work.
  10. But I have work to do.
  11. I love the art work.
  12. He found more day work.
  13. His hands went to work.
  14. I needed to work fast.
  15. In order to work with.

  16. Q: But his work suffers.
  17. Do your own dirty work.
  18. His work is much easier.
  19. I’ll work on that one.
  20. She went to work on that.
  21. But Celina made it work.
  22. A flag to work the road.
  23. He started to work his.
  24. There is work to be done.
  25. That did not work either.

  27. We used to work on Samos.
  28. Work is love made visible.
  29. We can start the work.
  30. I commonly came to work.
  31. Bahkmar set right to work.
  32. This allows you to work.
  33. Otherwise, I work in wood.
  34. Work is by the whole for.
  35. No, that would never work.
  36. Odd, for his kind of work.
  37. You’re a lot of work.
  38. Much work needs to be done.
  39. This is a man’s work.
  40. It does its work within us.
  41. Besides this is great work.
  42. When the work to be done.
  43. The work was slow and the.
  44. No other system will work.
  45. My enemies were at work.
  46. Your work here is finished.
  47. If only that would work.
  48. Oh, that will never work.
  49. I don’t work like that.
  50. The mother's work is done.
  51. The work started coming in.
  52. Anyway, the oven won't work.
  53. A new angle that might work.
  54. We’ll work at it together.
  55. M: It does not work that way.
  56. He bid me go work on swords.
  57. We can work this thing out.
  58. It seemed to work admirably.
  59. But it didn’t really work.
  60. I threw myself into the work.
  61. It could work, he said.
  62. I mustn't try to work it out.
  63. I suppose I could work it in.
  64. Gun control clearly can work.
  65. His work was cut out for him.
  66. You work from a position.
  67. We can work together on this.
  68. I'm willing to work with that.
  69. Would that work? she asked.
  70. That should work, I said.
  71. Too caught up in media, work.
  72. Sometimes I work in charcoals.
  73. Just get to work on that line.
  74. We have to work out who it is.
  75. Apparently the title did work.
  76. That everything will work out.
  77. I started work the next Monday.
  78. I said I was very busy at work.
  79. They all work together as one.
  80. Let the work come organically.
  81. He had to work in the morning.
  82. Good work, Gafar, I said.
  83. The doctor returns to his work.
  84. No doubt that was God’s work.
  85. We can work out the rest later.
  86. The German knows to work; the.
  87. There is still much work ahead.
  88. This novel is a work of fiction.
  89. It is the secret work of aeons.
  90. These days I work on cash only.
  91. She said she’d drop by work.
  92. Work is nature, nature is work.
  93. England so that they still work.
  94. I never said you couldn't work.
  95. He hated the endless paper work.
  96. Chapter 8: Foods That Work Well.
  97. Not bad work, if you can get it.
  98. But what a tool to work with.
  99. Something else was at work here.
  100. That seemed to work fairly well.
  1. I was working at J.
  2. I was working as a.
  3. J T was working hard.
  4. I was working for an.
  5. I was working toward it.
  6. No, he was out working.
  7. Davie is working it out.
  8. They were working on it.
  9. They were working as a.
  10. If it's not working out.
  11. When she is not working.
  12. I am still working on it.
  13. It is not working though.
  14. It's not by working hard.
  15. A woman working for the.
  16. Suzy had been working late.
  17. She was weary of working.
  18. She still is working un-.
  19. Oh, I’m working on it.
  20. But I’m working on that.
  21. The ants are always working.
  22. Working as quickly as she.
  23. They were all working fine.
  24. He loved working with wood.
  25. Pellew is working with us.
  26. You have been working hard.
  27. My favorite way of working.
  28. His excuse to his working.
  29. K and started working with.
  30. It is working for all of us.
  31. Christ is God working in us.
  32. It's not working out babes.
  33. Time is working against you.
  34. And after years of working.
  35. It a process worth working.
  36. His father was working in S.
  37. Yes, but it’s not working.
  38. It seemed to be working out.
  39. The shift was still working.
  40. There is no harm in working.
  41. He was working out perfectly.
  42. Scientists are working on it.
  43. This is your working capital.
  44. Maybe they had been working.
  45. It is still in working order.
  46. Forrest is not working alone.
  47. Stil working on that score.
  48. I’m still working on it.
  49. But it appears to be working.
  50. Diane was working at the gas.
  51. Even if she was working for I.
  52. That's what we're working for.
  53. I have truly enjoyed working.
  54. He nodded that it was working.
  55. Working with silk flowers is.
  56. Working as Will had told them.
  57. He was still working at the R.
  58. Working on this is hard, but.
  59. My mind was not working right.
  60. Mainwaring is working on that.
  61. Dad's working at the refinery.
  62. We’ve been working with the.
  63. The plan was working perfectly.
  64. I‘m working with a Thai guy.
  65. You aren't working on the case.
  66. Three parts of a working whole.
  67. I quit working for anyone else.
  68. Maybe she was working too hard.
  69. I was working at the Motorola.
  70. This, I can report, is working.
  71. Since I was working for the CIA.
  72. Samuel Murphy was working in ER.
  73. Yeah, we’re working on that.
  75. The anti-venom was working well.
  76. Working for the private sector.
  77. Initially, the team was working.
  78. We’re having a working dinner.
  79. It was real - a working village.
  80. Besides, he's not working alone.
  81. They are hard working and sharp.
  82. That, while he was working for.
  83. Tony, absent, working his angle.
  84. We’re already working on it.
  85. You could try working backwards.
  86. Working together in a group is.
  87. It's all that working out I do.
  88. My new vision is still working.
  89. The crew were working furiously.
  90. That is, until it stopped working.
  92. Not yet, but I'm working on it.
  93. Working abroad was fine with him.
  94. Presently living and working in.
  95. You know I ain't working tonight.
  96. However, I’m stil working.
  97. He likes working with his hands.
  98. She was working with another girl.
  99. While working those endless hours.
  100. My persuasion seemed to be working.
  1. I worked it out with.
  2. Oh no – it worked.
  3. It worked for a while.
  4. I worked in the Co-op.
  5. And the deal worked out.
  6. Mark worked as a car-.
  7. And then worked it out.
  8. He worked out all the.
  9. He worked out that it.
  10. It worked out like this.
  11. I worked an average of.
  12. Had he worked the evil.
  13. This dog worked in icy.
  14. You have worked so hard.
  15. She has worked too hard.
  16. I also worked for a 74.
  17. He said he worked as a.
  18. He worked menial jobs, e.
  19. It worked just a little.
  20. It looks like it worked.
  21. She worked out that if.
  22. That was where I worked.
  23. He then worked from 9 a.
  24. I have worked with the.
  25. We've worked it all out.
  26. He had worked for TEPCO.
  27. But Sophie and I worked.
  28. She worked the three to.
  29. Vince had said it worked.
  30. And it worked! My magic.
  31. But I also worked out a.
  32. Here’s how it worked: T.
  33. But the eyes never worked.
  34. God has worked a long time.
  35. It worked in the Old West.
  36. They worked as nurses at.
  37. But if this worked, they.
  38. They really get worked up.
  39. You have worked master a.
  40. This worked out, I built.
  41. A couple guys who worked.
  42. It was being worked when.
  43. As I said, I worked with.
  44. Well, it must have worked.
  45. Sort of worked against us.
  46. The way it worked was the.
  47. He showed her how it worked.
  48. At least his lie had worked.
  49. It worked most of the time.
  50. As you may have worked out.
  51. The sums worked out a treat.
  52. I have worked with the US.
  53. This worked out very well.
  54. Whatever he did, it worked.
  55. It worked and after three.
  56. It worked this time as well.
  57. It always worked with women.
  58. I have worked very hard to.
  59. This worked very well with.
  60. I worked with a guy who 66.
  61. That worked to my advantage.
  62. When I worked in the diving.
  63. It worked, you were right.
  64. What he had done had worked.
  65. That had worked to placate.
  66. He knew the hardware worked.
  67. He worked at a steady pace.
  68. It has always worked before.
  69. Most of the families worked.
  70. Look how well that worked out.
  71. The gas station I worked at.
  72. Owen worked out that if the.
  73. And you know what? It worked.
  74. That appeared to have worked.
  75. As of now it hadn’t worked.
  76. I’ve worked there with him.
  77. It just wouldn't have worked.
  78. Why not? It had worked before.
  79. He looked like he worked out.
  80. He worked and traveled a lot.
  81. They have worked hard to-day.
  82. He Said He Worked the Rodeos.
  83. He worked out, kept in shape.
  84. Aunt Hannah worked until the.
  85. He worked out with weights I.
  86. Thus airburst worked the best.
  87. Pretty dramatic, but it worked.
  88. Western worked almost the same.
  89. The plan to end piracy worked.
  90. Cook worked, but said nothing.
  91. You've always worked so hard.
  92. Down the line, Tony worked a.
  93. Peanut worked the young girl.
  94. The crew worked, and Captain.
  95. The power of suggestion worked.
  96. He worked hard on that forest.
  97. He has worked for the school.
  98. But I’ve worked way too hard.
  99. Charlotte had worked very hard.
  100. College, London; worked as an.
  1. How it works for me.
  2. I hope it works out.
  3. This is how it works.
  4. The way it works is.
  5. Mosul is in the works.
  6. Here is how it works:.
  7. You all know it works.
  8. No one works for free.
  9. I'm not sure it works.
  10. It works for us, Dave.
  11. It hurts, but it works.
  12. This is how it works!.
  13. Don't ask how it works.
  14. And it works both ways.
  15. Yes, that works for me.
  17. Many of his works had.
  18. He works for the resort.
  19. My car still works, too.
  20. See, that's how it works.
  21. The Wrench in the Works.
  22. But this works both ways.
  23. An economy that works on.
  24. And we all know it works.
  25. A team that works around.
  26. His works abound in the.
  27. This works well but you.
  28. It works I feel better.
  29. That’s not how it works.
  30. It works in a similar way.
  31. Oh, okay, so that works.
  32. It works the same way in.
  33. That’s the way he works.
  34. That’s the way it works.
  35. Works on slugs and snails.
  36. Is that how it works? Is.
  37. Works, Volume 54, Page 447.
  38. Other works by the Author.
  39. The trick only works once.
  40. It's the man he works for.
  41. Of course, it never works.
  42. That’s just how it works.
  43. Now, lets see if it works.
  44. Evaluate how the diet works.
  45. So their works are in vain.
  46. Thought works in a few ways.
  47. I can see how that works.
  48. That is how the world works.
  49. That's just how it works.
  50. This is the way it works:.
  51. The enjoyment of works of.
  52. But it works either way.
  53. He works in a gas station.
  54. That is how our brain works.
  55. It works, does it not?
  56. This is how the mind works.
  57. The universe works by it-.
  58. Now his works will be seen.
  59. My niece works at Wal-Mart.
  60. The Holy Ghost works in us.
  61. Either method works for me.
  62. So it works out practically.
  63. She works at the university.
  64. Karma works in the same way.
  65. That is how ownership works.
  66. Faith without works is dead.
  68. This just about never works.
  69. Her mother works here, and.
  70. That method works very well.
  71. Revealed that grace by works.
  72. The works of our flesh and.
  73. A coffee grinder works well.
  74. You’re proof that it works.
  75. It works the same way though.
  76. Let’s see if this works.
  77. Here's how this program works.
  78. Helping Hands staff works to.
  79. Then it works, said Tom.
  80. My mind works in strange ways.
  81. There is a method that works.
  82. That one point works as the.
  83. I think he works for Svoboda.
  84. God works in mysterious ways.
  85. Ain’t pretty, but it works.
  86. She works for the Airlines.
  87. It is how all politics works.
  88. Yes, it works the same way.
  89. That’s how the world works.
  90. Has a URL that works with it.
  91. You better hope this works.
  92. That's the way it works Boyo.
  93. Trust him then and his works.
  94. Whatever the cause, it works.
  95. The individual works in the.

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