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Wrap numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. His arms wrap around me.
  2. It would wrap all around.
  3. I really have to wrap up.
  4. He wanted to wrap this up.
  5. Eons of time wrap over me.

  6. Please wrap them up for me.
  7. The covers are being wrap.
  8. Can you wrap it for me?
  9. He best buddy took the wrap.
  10. I’ll wrap this rain around me.
  11. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap.
  12. I’ll just wrap it up for later.
  13. I can’t wrap my head around it.
  14. I wanted to wrap Mona in my arms.
  15. Here, wrap the robe around your.

  16. Wrap in tulle and tie with ribbon.
  17. They wrap themselves away from us.
  18. I need something to wrap this in.
  19. He turns to wrap her up in his arms.
  20. Lay noodles flat atop plastic wrap.
  21. Wrap the weed in a rag of your own.
  22. Wrap up: evaluation of the session.
  23. She wished she’d brought her wrap.
  24. Well, let's wrap this up about skis.
  25. Serve in cut pieces or eat as a wrap.

  26. Wrap ball, and chill at least 1 hour.
  27. I have some loose ends to wrap up.
  28. Spoon filling on lettuce and wrap up.
  29. The cushions seem to wrap around him.
  30. Bubble wrap is the preferred favorite.
  31. Place a layer of lettuce on the wrap.
  32. Wrap ground papaya on the pieces and.
  33. Wrap ’em up, she said quickly.
  34. He let the silence of the woods wrap.
  35. Surely if I didn’t want to wrap my.
  36. They wrap themselves in sleeping bags.
  37. Her wrap was on, but it covered little.
  38. He rips the plastic wrap with his teeth.
  39. I'd love to wrap him around a lamp post.
  40. I tried to wrap my mind around this idea.
  41. They wrap their chests to hide from Him.
  42. A white linen cloth is used to wrap his.
  43. What a glorious way to wrap up my retreat.
  44. In this warm weather, I don’t wrap him.
  45. Finally the speaker decided to wrap it up.
  46. I just could not wrap my head around this.
  47. I step forward and wrap my arms around him.
  48. Leave the wrap on for three or four days.
  49. Press the dough together, wrap and chill it.
  50. Cut into squares and cover with plastic wrap.
  51. Could he simply wrap himself up in the bed.
  52. Sarah moved over to wrap her arms around her.
  53. We’ll wrap her tight to help with the pain.
  54. He was ready to get home, wrap Torie in his.
  55. EMERSON IS trying to wrap her head around this.
  56. It was worth it to her to wrap things up here.
  57. A sense of salvation & safety wrap through me.
  58. Depress the bubble wrap rather than popping it.
  59. Wrap pears in pastry then coat with beaten egg.
  60. Just then she felt a hand wrap around her ankle.
  61. Keep fudge covered tightly with plastic wrap.
  62. The wrap reminded me not to use that hand much.
  63. Tell me how much and I’ll wrap it in a piece.
  64. I still couldn’t quite wrap my head around it.
  65. Why would they wrap it twice? Garcia asked.
  66. I dry myself off and wrap a towel around myself.
  67. Place balls on a dish and cover with plastic wrap.
  68. OK, let's meet here when you wrap up for the day.
  69. Wrap celery in aluminum foil when putting in the.
  70. You can't keep stretch wrap in it while punching.
  71. I’ll have Jackie wrap it up as soon as possible.
  72. She turned so she could wrap both arms around him.
  73. Let me wrap that for you, she said, as she.
  74. Di Yang said, Paper cannot be used to wrap fire.
  75. Drain the Tofu and wrap it in the towel for one to.
  76. Hand me down Luray's night wrap before you do that.
  77. We’ll bring him in right after we wrap up Vinnie.
  78. I wrap my arms round her and hold her for a moment.
  79. Arms apart, she stepped to wrap her child in a hug.
  80. She covered it by sliding her hand inside her wrap.
  81. Lay a large piece of plastic wrap on the counter top.
  82. I guess that’s it, we’ll wrap it up elsewhere.
  83. Drain tofu, then wrap it in a towel for 1 to 2 hours.
  84. Set a timer for 60 minutes to wrap up a small project.
  85. This glove is very nice! Please wrap two of them;.
  86. I finish my shower and wrap my hair and myself in a.
  87. Ok you three, let’s wrap it up and head for home.
  88. I scoot towards him and wrap my arms around his waist.
  89. Raw voices wrap themselves round the flaring gas-jets.
  90. She drew her legs to her chest and readjusted her wrap.
  91. We need to wrap that ankle so it doesn’t get worse.
  92. Then she showed me how to wrap a second strip of cloth.
  93. Emma made sure to always be the one to wrap the ribbons.
  94. I could tell he wanted to wrap his hands around my neck.
  95. I can’t wrap my head around it, he said honestly.
  96. The final stage is to wrap the outside of the ottoman.
  97. Get all fingerprints including that on the gift wrap.
  98. This was all staggering news, hard to wrap my head around.
  99. Nerissa longed to wrap the boy’s thin body in her arms.
  100. Rafael, not a man inclined to wrap things up with pretty.
  1. Wrapping his arms around me.
  2. It’s the size for wrapping.
  3. Wrapping the covers around her.
  4. Roman took the wrapping off the tray.
  5. She smiled at the makeshift wrapping.
  6. I was wrapping up my affairs and was.
  7. Hang the gift wrapping on the wall?
  8. Mom stopped wrapping and started to cry.
  9. Wrapping her legs around the top of my.
  10. Wrapping cloth around the eyes of each.
  11. Wrapping her fingers about the gun, she.
  12. Aaron pulls the wrapping from his sandwich.
  13. Three hours later the trial was wrapping up.
  14. He does this by constantly wrapping us in.
  15. He pulls me closer, wrapping me so tightly.
  16. They started to tear into the wrapping paper.
  17. My warmth wrapping him with passion and love.
  18. I chuckled wrapping my arms around her waist.
  19. Just let me clean up all this wrapping stuff.
  20. Minnie continued wrapping her arms around her.
  21. Choice of wrapping, I mentally repeated.
  22. She appeared, wrapping a bath robe around her.
  23. It's just the wrapping is different, that's all.
  24. Wrapping my arms around him, I hugged him close.
  25. Wait! That’s beautiful wrapping paper, Julia.
  26. Wrapping the strip up, I carry it over to the bunk.
  27. Then wrapping his arms about Rochelle, he danced.
  28. Wrapping his hand around the back of my neck, he.
  29. Wrapping a comforting arm about her he said nothing.
  30. Cloth wrapping is NOT enough to protect from spines.
  31. Sarah took care of his questions for him by wrapping.
  32. Complete with a half mask, blue waist wrapping, and.
  33. The edge of the gift wrapping had been carefully slit.
  34. Wrapping his arms around me, he pulls me against him.
  35. Just this, he said, wrapping his arms around her.
  36. He removed the wrapping and revealed a sheathed sword.
  37. I felt someone wrapping their arms around my shoulders.
  38. He remembered wrapping presents and stringing popcorn.
  39. Carter fidgeted with his wrist by wrapping his fingers.
  40. Wrapping his arms about her, he felt her lean heavily.
  41. This means tying and wrapping all herbs in cheesecloth.
  42. It was the boney fingers of regret wrapping around his.
  43. Bones banked the free ride, wrapping his stint in Astoria.
  44. I just didn't know what was inside the gift wrapping yet.
  45. He pulled out his knife and cut into the canvass wrapping.
  46. He placed the parcel on his desk and tore the wrapping away.
  47. I just didn‘t know what was inside the gift wrapping yet.
  48. Taking one of the thermal blankets and wrapping it around.
  49. He tried to stuff it and the wrapping back under his jacket.
  50. Shinra, wrapping his fingers around the handle of the Buster.
  51. Wrapping Olivia in her arms, Jesse felt an inexplicable bond.
  52. Wrapping it around his hand, he yanked on it with a sharp tug.
  53. I laid my head on his chest, wrapping my arm around his waist.
  54. They gathered the weapons left behind by the Weeds, wrapping.
  55. He let out a long breath, wrapping his arm around her shoulder.
  56. Minutes later, he was wrapping the brace on her arm in plastic.
  57. Start the thread on the hook by wrapping it around the shaft a.
  58. The beautiful handmade knife had sapphires wrapping its handle.
  59. Oh, how kind you are, what's that you are wrapping me up in?
  60. He was just wrapping the rope in his arms as he answered Nobron.
  61. Communication), to wrapping up the emotional hurricane that was.
  62. Wrapping the towel around his waist, Krodus stood in front of Dar.
  63. Wrapping both hands about the dagger, she pressed it to her chest.
  64. Just think of it as more wrapping on the present, said Brian.
  65. Their only hope? A skyhook Second Coming, wrapping up the whole of.
  66. I press against him and kiss him, my hands wrapping around his arms.
  67. Leah, what happen? I said wrapping my arms around her shoulders.
  68. Norah burrowed in, wrapping her arms around him beneath his open coat.
  69. Let us pray that that’s not the case, said Ronan, wrapping a.
  70. The leopard ambushed her, jinking, feinting, wrapping around her legs.
  71. Emily leaned up and kissed him, crushing her lips to his and wrapping.
  72. The Doctor got out some ace wraps and started wrapping David’s chest.
  73. Then he swooped, his arms wrapping around me faster than I could react.
  74. Cass remains silent while wrapping his arm around her little warm body.
  75. She turns to face the wall, and he follows, wrapping his arm around her.
  76. Cherry pouted in disappointment as she removed the wrapping from their.
  77. Sionna assisted, wrapping the material around Aazuria’s legs and hips.
  78. Hey, Nicolas said, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind.
  79. The host on the call-in radio program was wrapping up a segment on the.
  80. Wrapping her sheath closer around her body as it was cold away from the.
  81. Here’s the analogy, Gart said, wrapping up his impromptu lecture.
  82. I know how hurtful it is, he said, wrapping an arm around my shoulders.
  83. Madeline had seriously considered wrapping up potatoes for both of them.
  84. The gases from the body had puffed the polythene wrapping significantly.
  85. Among the manuscripts Anne found one written on sheets of wrapping paper.
  86. Is something wrong? Jacob asked, wrapping his arms around her waist.
  87. Golden chains exploded in the monster’s face, wrapping around its snout.
  88. They love it here, she said, wrapping her arms around him with 122.
  89. After wrapping in a ball of clay, food is placed in the embers of a fire.
  90. Aesa collapsed on the first bed he found, wrapping the blankets around him.
  91. Some of the control seats hadn’t had the plastic wrapping taken off yet.
  92. Frank’s annoying way of wrapping a statement in a question irked Dwayne.
  93. I stare at the flames wrapping around the fragments of wood that fuel them.
  94. Wrapping her arms lovingly around his shoulders, Alisha began to rock him.
  95. Visola crossed the room in an instant, wrapping her daughter up in her arms.
  96. I don't want to go, she said, slipping out of the bed and wrapping a.
  97. I took his hand playfully, wrapping my fingers around his as he clamped on.
  98. The markings on the boxes were however easily readable through the wrapping.
  99. A little above the hill's foot they halted, and wrapping their cloaks about.
  100. I’ll be back in a jiff, he said, wrapping the towel around his waist.
  1. Wrapped in the wry warp.
  2. The card game wrapped up.
  3. I wrapped the eggs in it.
  4. I've been so wrapped up.
  5. The flag of Ico wrapped.
  6. It is all neatly wrapped.
  7. I was wrapped around his.
  8. This time he wrapped his.
  9. I became so wrapped up in.
  10. Willow wrapped me in a hug.
  11. They were each wrapped in.
  12. She was so ill and wrapped.
  13. They were still wrapped in.
  14. He wrapped his arms around.
  15. Pa was wrapped in his sheets.
  16. Alexander wrapped her in a.
  17. I’d wrapped it in the shawl.
  18. He wrapped his arms around me.
  19. Kirk wrapped a cloth around.
  20. Ish's arms wrapped around Ali.
  21. Max wrapped his trench coat.
  22. Timothy had wrapped one arm.
  23. She wrapped her arms around.
  24. A Wind-bow, I was wrapped in.
  25. He wrapped his arms around her.
  26. Wrapped in calico was a rifle.
  27. Ali wrapped his arms around us.
  28. In return he wrapped his arms.
  29. She wrapped her arms around me.
  30. Tina fondled the bomb wrapped.
  31. Smith wrapped him in a blanket.
  32. He was wrapped completely in a.
  33. Jack wrapped his arms around me.
  34. Alyssa wrapped her arms around.
  35. Plastic wrapped honey buns and.
  36. He wrapped it in coarse sacking.
  37. With a towel wrapped about her.
  38. All those tightly wrapped lives.
  39. She was wrapped in a large red.
  40. Both of his hands were wrapped.
  41. The woman wrapped her into a hug.
  42. He wrapped it around my shoulder.
  43. The walker, focused, wrapped up.
  44. He wrapped a bulky arm around me.
  45. The truth is wrapped up in lies.
  46. He wrapped his arms around the.
  47. Her arms wrapped around his neck.
  48. Jarek wrapped his arms around him.
  49. Lydia’s arms wrapped around her.
  50. They're wrapped up in themselves.
  51. A muzzle is also wrapped around.
  52. I’ve carefully wrapped them up.
  53. After that we wrapped up the call.
  54. She wrapped her arms around his.
  55. She wrapped it as best she could.
  56. Parker wrapped his arm around her.
  57. I wrapped the boxes back for him.
  58. With my heart in my arms wrapped.
  59. It was Six, wrapped in his scarf.
  60. Ancient secrets wrapped in a bow.
  61. He wrapped his hands around the.
  62. God is wrapped up in His choices.
  63. Rad wrapped his arms around her.
  64. I wrapped him in cool, wet covers.
  65. You know what? I’ve wrapped it.
  66. I wrapped my arms around my chest.
  67. They were gaily wrapped in paper.
  68. He had his arms wrapped around her.
  69. It wrapped her up from top to toe.
  70. I've been so wrapped up in it all.
  71. He wrapped his around both of them.
  72. Wrapped around his neck is a child.
  73. Alec wrapped my hand in both of his.
  74. The hair is wrapped in a warm towel.
  75. M: Each pleasure is wrapped in pain.
  76. Without thinking, she wrapped her.
  77. The body is then wrapped in clean.
  78. Sue wrapped the backs of her feet.
  79. I wrapped my arms around his neck.
  80. She wrapped her arms around herself.
  81. Wrapped up in 3 words; it was hell.
  82. He wrapped a hand around her waist.
  83. Perhaps it's wrapped up in that hug.
  84. Wrapped in plastic for preservation.
  85. But Tasha and Eric were so wrapped.
  86. Presents were wrapped and exchanged.
  87. Than wrapped his arms around Therese.
  88. Damon stirred and wrapped his arms.
  89. The casket wrapped in the red-and-.
  90. What he thinks is wrapped in darkness.
  91. He was wrapped around in white cloth.
  92. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders.
  93. While he’s wrapped in his bandages.
  94. The sandwiches are wrapped in paper.
  95. Wrapped around their upper arms are.
  96. They wrapped her in a cocktail dress.
  97. The gift of hope wrapped up in a bow.
  98. He wrapped Seven’s arm around his.
  99. She wrapped her arms around his waist.
  100. He wrapped his arms around her waist.
  1. That wraps up lesson 12.
  2. That wraps up lesson 10.
  3. That about wraps it up….
  4. The duvet wraps around her.
  5. He wraps his arms around her.
  6. He wraps his arms around me.
  7. I believe that wraps it up.
  8. He then wraps himself in the.
  9. Wisty wraps her arms around me.
  10. Well that wraps up this chapter.
  11. And that pretty much wraps it up.
  12. Cara wraps a pillow around her head.
  13. Frodo sat and shivered in his wraps.
  14. That wraps up the final bonus chapter.
  15. Enzo wraps the edges of his bo staff.
  16. The boy wraps his fingers in the circle.
  17. They wore noisy dresses and many wraps.
  18. Using two loose wraps, start tying the.
  19. For years he kept his feelings under wraps.
  20. That about wraps it up for the main antenna.
  21. He wraps his arms around me and holds me close.
  22. He wraps his arms around me, suddenly concerned.
  23. He wraps his arms around me, and I melt into him.
  24. Cass wraps her in his soothing protecting embrace.
  25. Barry then wraps his arm entirely around Diane D.
  26. The FBI’s keeping it under wraps, Sampson said.
  27. Then he turns and bends and wraps his arms around me.
  28. A balcony that wraps around the west and south sides.
  29. A confidential settlement that’s still under wraps.
  30. He wraps his hands around mine and lifts the pistol up.
  31. He wraps his arms around me and we sit still for a while.
  32. Sighing, the man wraps his hands around Fenrir’s torso.
  33. That wraps the far horizon in its foggy dark-hued shroud.
  34. He takes me into his chest and wraps his arms around me.
  35. It can be tied with one or two wraps of an overhand knot.
  36. Step 2: Make approximately 10 wraps with the lighter line.
  37. He turns back to her as she wraps her arms around his waist.
  38. He wraps his arms around my waist and I play with his hair.
  39. He pulls the curtains closed and wraps his arms around Carol.
  40. Cut the thread and cement your wraps with a thin head cement.
  41. Step 2: After all the wraps are completed pass the line back.
  42. She shuffles close to him, and then wraps her arm through his.
  43. Whip finish the head with six to ten wraps of a whip finisher.
  44. He sits down on the stairs and wraps his arms around himself.
  45. She wraps her hand around mine, which is wrapped around the vial.
  46. He comes over to where I am sitting and wraps his arms around me.
  47. We all watch as Aaron wraps his fingers around the wrist of Kevin.
  48. The boy reaches up and wraps his arms around the scribe’s neck.
  49. Omes wraps an arm around my shoulders and guides me out the door.
  50. He wraps one hand around mine and touches my hair with the other.
  51. It’s just off the lobby and wraps around three sides of the inn.
  52. There was also a weapon under wraps that he was not allowed to see.
  53. Her scream is cut short when Jayson wraps a scarf around her throat.
  54. She is so excited, she hugs me and wraps her hands tightly around me.
  55. He stands quickly and wraps his arms around me as I lean against him.
  56. He leans his face close to mine and wraps his fingers around my chin.
  57. His body presses against mine, and he wraps his arms around my waist.
  58. A bit, Aaron says, as he wraps his arms around and places his.
  59. Volkheimer unfolds a blanket and wraps it around Werner’s shoulders.
  60. Still, though she wraps her four legs around my arm, she never claws.
  61. The Doctor got out some ace wraps and started wrapping David’s chest.
  62. The owner thinks it's an official project being developed under wraps.
  63. He pulls me to to his chest and wraps his arms around me to comfort me.
  64. A frigid wind claws at her dress and she wraps her arms around herself.
  66. She has long brown wet hair that she wraps up in a towel and then lets.
  67. The octopus wraps its tentacles around the shark and begins to squeeze.
  68. She wraps her arms around herself as the cool night air brushes her skin.
  69. He wraps the night around the day, and He wraps the day around the night.
  70. Amar wraps his arms around George, and George thumps his back with a fist.
  71. He wraps his arms around his body as if ro hold himself in and silently.
  72. She wraps her arms around her body as if to hold herself in and silently.
  73. Using two loose wraps, start tying the fibers down to the top of the hook.
  74. There, the silence wraps around me like Caleb’s embrace did, calming me.
  75. He wraps his arms round me and lets me cry myself out against his shoulder.
  76. Rigor was still firm and the wraps were puffing up, but there was no smell.
  77. Natasha, Nicholas, and Petya took off their wraps and sat down on the sofa.
  78. Body Wraps, Herbal treatments and other therapeutic and cosmetic Procedures.
  79. He removes his hand from mine and wraps his arm around my shoulders instead.
  80. If you don’t start with loose wraps, the fibers will twist around the hook.
  81. No beam of light comes from any side and the bleak darkness wraps everything.
  82. Dorothea, feeling very weary, rang and asked Tantripp to bring her some wraps.
  83. Natásha, Nicholas, and Pétya took off their wraps and sat down on the sofa.
  84. In the bedroom where the wraps were laid, she found Cathleen Calvert preening.
  85. The feds have done a good job at keeping the details of this story under wraps.
  86. But more than that, we had a strong desire to keep this information under wraps.
  87. She wraps her arms around him as they both try and hold back the hands of time.
  88. After years of keeping everything under wraps, I’m having problems adjusting.
  89. He didn't have many friends he could trust and this had to be kept under wraps.
  90. He selects two sachets and hands them over with the two other wraps to the boy.
  91. She steps forward and wraps her arms around me, nestling her head on my shoulder.
  92. He opened his backpack, showing me some wraps with something that looked like ham.
  93. They wore capes of brown wool and loin wraps to protect themselves on the ponies.
  94. I step into the hall; Dave closes the door behind me and wraps his arms around me.
  95. The women were without wraps and the few men there were wore very little clothing.
  96. He wraps everything up a bit too quickly saying, and they lived happily ever after.
  97. A white bandage wraps around his temple and there are deep shadows beneath his eyes.
  98. The generate_banner() function wraps the styled text with a simple header and footer.
  99. It wraps around him in the shower, and the hair on the back of his neck stands on end.
  100. Sabera spreads a bunch of leaves on the counter and proudly wraps the weapon into them.

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