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Wrapper numa frase em (in ingles)

1. Without wrapper in her teeth.
2. It was still in its red foil wrapper.
3. The foil wrapper has been glued to a.
4. Kate stared at him, then at the wrapper.
5. The wrapper turned back into a slimy rag.
6. She threw a wrapper about her in the stillness.
7. The read() method is a wrapper to SensitiveInfo.
8. Faintly, through the moldering wrapper, she felt.
9. There was a paper wrapper on the floor and on the.
10. When the plastic wrapper fell on his lap it nearly.
11. I did a pivot turn so I didn’t step off the wrapper.
12. I took a step forward and covered the wrapper with my.
13. A roll of unfolded notes done up in a wrapper fell out of it.
14. Empty bottles, a Pringles can, the inevitable condom wrapper.
15. He blocks my move by poking his trash picker at a gun wrapper.
16. The wrapper was off and I lifted the lid of the box carefully.
17. I shrugged, and pulled out a cereal bar and opened the wrapper.
18. Thanks, he said as he rolled the wrapper into a ball and.
19. Carried by the wind, a candy wrapper came to rest inside the cage.
20. Then one day Mercer fished a White Castle wrapper out of the trash.
21. At this point I could take a condom out of its wrapper and put it.
22. Inacio crushed the hamburger wrapper and smeared it between his palms.
23. Steve Fletcher holds the record for the largest gum wrapper collection.
24. Reacher got a cheeseburger in a paper wrapper and coffee in a foam cup.
25. There were scissors, but Claire used her teeth to open the foil wrapper.
26. As the officer handed over the package, Craig tore the wrapper off eagerly.
27. He wrenched the overcoat from its plastic wrapper and unfurled it before her.
28. It is implemented on a Windows 8 system in two parts: the NDIS wrapper (Ndis.
29. In between bites she tore his straw wrapper to bits she dropped into the ashtray.
30. Garcia removed the gum from his mouth, closed it in the foil wrapper, and set it.
31. Let me see the tags attached to this, Thom said, pulling up the wrapper file.
32. He took another bite, then carefully set the remains of the sandwich in its wrapper.
33. Fortnum, bemused, scanned the wrapper a moment then dropped it into the wastebasket.
34. You toss the empty wrapper with a few crumbs to them to watch as they fight over it.
35. The inner transparent wrapper had been opened, two of the biscuits were missing, and.
36. She was dressed in a magnificent pink silk wrapper with lace at the wrists and throat.
37. Jane reached into Carla’s bin and pulled out the wrapper, the device was still there.
38. The wrapper is open and one egg and bacon sandwich remains, slightly hard at the edges.
39. He could see the red of the cough drop peeking out through the silver of the gum wrapper.
40. As Vicki chuckled, Stanley heard her put her gum in the wrapper and a fresh stick in her.
41. I grabbed a soggy hamburger wrapper out of the current and immediately the paper turned dry.
42. This still has food in it, said Doug, pushing an ancient-looking wrapper with his shoe.
43. She had the one out of its wrapper and pressed to the wound, but there is where she stalled.
44. It seemed a shame to let it dirty up a good gun, so he used the shirt off his back as a wrapper.
45. In front of each seat was a file, with a water glass turned upside down in a clear paper wrapper.
46. Then, alone, he approached the river, took off his clothes and fastened a wrapper around his waist.
47. He covered his outburst by wadding the wrapper into a ball and shooting it towards the nearest trashcan.
48. Then she disconnected the gismo and wrapped it in a chocolate bar wrapper, dumping it into her waste bin.
49. So I went over there and without tearing the foil or the wrapper I lifted the chocolate bar out of there.
50. However, they got it down at last and, having put it on the handcart, covered it over with the black wrapper.
51. She searched her purse for a tissue to wrap it in but had to settle for a gum wrapper that barely encased it.
52. His breath was not on her face and his hands went round her roughly, under the wrapper, against her bare skin.
53. He turned to the cabin door and disappeared, to emerge a moment afterward followed by a lady in a morning wrapper.
54. Not all business is questionable, Nem said, gingerly picking up the stone by its wrapper and placing it back in the bag.
55. I chewed a piece of hardened spearmint gum once, twice, then spit it into a sandwich wrapper, feeling my ears get booze-warmed.
56. Hint: Use a decorator that acts as a wrapper which decides whether or not the real decorator is executed based on some condition.
57. The smell of the tongs, together with the greasy hands that handled her head, soon stunned her, and she dozed a little in her wrapper.
58. The solution is to write a wrapper (also known as Adapter) that converts the data from the given DKK format to the expected USD or EUR format.
59. It took several seconds of staring at the bread wrapper I had put in there in the morning before I realised that there was no sign of my dinner.
60. After a moment, he handed it back to the Colonel without a word, then balled his half-eaten burger up in its wrapper and tossed it into the sack.
61. She turned away quickly, and there was that little loved thing in her blue wrapper, propped up on Vera's pillows, watching her with puzzled anxiety.
62. He grabbed them up, stuck one between the waistband of his shorts and his stomach, ripped open the wrapper covering the other one, and began eating.
63. Dairyman Crick, who was there with the rest, his wrapper gleaming miraculously white against a leaden evening sky, suddenly looked at his heavy watch.
64. Then I sort of pushed on the sides of the wrapper so it puffed up with the foil giving it the appearance of a wrapper with a full chocolate bar inside.
65. When I got done, I carefully put the foil back in the wrapper and squared the corners of the foil along the lines they’d been before I removed the bar.
66. More wrapper methods can be added, if necessary, as access point to the services of the servers such as the wrappers create_file() and create_process().
67. And because of the specific tax code, which has been around for many decades, all of your deposits will be legally sheltered from tax in this insurance wrapper.
68. Then you had better keep the receipt for every candy bar you eat: or else, the store you bought it from will refuse to accept the wrapper the candy bar came in.
69. After peeling off the cellophane wrapper and removing the tin foil wrapping of the twenty-count pack of smokes he would reinsert one of the cigarettes face-down.
70. The study door flew open, the little red wrapper appeared on the threshold, joy put strength into the feeble limbs, and Beth ran straight into her father's arms.
71. The main attraction: Because the investments are held within an insurance wrapper, gains inside the policy are shielded from income taxes—as is the payout upon death.
72. His expression, absent, thoughtful, When she heard the rasp of his key in the lock, she threw on a wrapper and, going into changed to surprise when he saw her standing there.
73. The date stamped on the wrapper is the date on which your subscription expires; it is, also, an acknowledgment that a subscription, or a renewal of the same, has been received.
74. Thin, tall, unkempt but dishevelled, she stripes one child at her back and another by her left, all supported with a yellow wrapper belting the two miserable kids to her tired body.
75. Litter! Did he see garbage? William crawled a few feet and stretched to grab a plastic wrapper that was rolling like tumbleweed over the dry bare soil that was once the bottom of a stream.
76. That stormy night when the knocker hammered on the door with such hurried urgency, she stood on the landing, clutching her wrapper to her and, looking down into the hall blew out the candle in Frank’s hand.
77. The NDIS wrapper is not device specific; it contains common code that surrounds the MAC drivers and provides the interface between the network adapter drivers and the protocol drivers installed in the computer.
78. Thus Tess walks on; a figure which is part of the landscape; a fieldwoman pure and simple, in winter guise; a gray serge cape, a red woollen cravat, a stuff skirt covered by a whitey-brown rough wrapper, and buff-leather gloves.
79. March wrote that he should soon be with them, then Beth felt uncommonly well that morning, and, being dressed in her mother's gift, a soft crimson merino wrapper, was borne in high triumph to the window to behold the offering of Jo and Laurie.
80. He was shaking, as though he stood in a strong wind, and a completeness that wiped out everything from her mind but the dark into which she and his lips, traveling from her mouth downward to where the wrapper had fallen from her body, fell on her soft flesh.
81. Once I bartered a precious electronic instrument for a pair of black Oxford shoes and a brand new white shirt still in its original wrapper for just such an affair, and on very special occasions I was even allowed to borrow my grandfather’s tuxedo which, since he was a couple of inches shorter than I, was a poor fit.
82. Mona had sense enough to pull up the shivering feathers of the wrapper over her face so that nothing could be seen of her but heaps of red hair and dangling bejeweled feet, and we made our exit with polished polite assurances to the clamoring herd, directing the profoundly indifferent Clem to head for New Orleans immediately.
83. Whilst the clothes lasted which had been prepared for her marriage, these casual glances of interest caused her no inconvenience, but as soon as she was compelled to don the wrapper of a fieldwoman, rude words were addressed to her more than once; but nothing occurred to cause her bodily fear till a particular November afternoon.
84. Harvey-Browne, having heard all about my day on the _Bertha_ from the landlady, and how I had come back in the unimpeachability of singleness, the Professor safely handed over to his wife, forgave the chin-chucking, forgave the secret setting out, and hurried on to the landing in a wrapper, warmth in her heart and honey on her lips.
85. In the whole sunlit range of empty balconies along the street only one white figure would be visible high up above the clear pavement—the wife of the Senor Administrador—leaning over to see the escort go by to the harbour, a mass of heavy, fair hair twisted up negligently on her little head, and a lot of lace about the neck of her muslin wrapper.
86. The shrill, melancholy minor of Prissy was raised, From the kitchen below, she heard the rattle of china as Prissy prepared breakfast, but “Jes’ a few mo’ days, ter tote de wee-ry load…” The song grated on Scarlett, its sad implications frightening her, and slipping on a wrapper she pattered out into the hall and to the back stairs and shouted: “Shut up that singing, Prissy!”.
87. Suppose the inside perpetrator goes to room 666, relieves his junior conspirator, writes down the trigger codes for each package, takes off the outer wrapper, and then places the bombs in conventional shipping cartons with the address of a different federal installation and a hand carry instruction with a code for each, but no explosives warning, and delivers them on a push cart to the mail room.
88. Again: as the profound calm which only apparently precedes and prophesies of the storm, is perhaps more awful than the storm itself; for, indeed, the calm is but the wrapper and envelope of the storm; and contains it in itself, as the seemingly harmless rifle holds the fatal powder, and the ball, and the explosion; so the graceful repose of the line, as it silently serpentines about the oarsmen before being brought into actual play—this is a thing which carries more of true terror than any other aspect of this dangerous affair.
89. It was a tornado, funneling, driving, whispering, murmuring, feeling of the street ahead of it with big whirl-around brushes like sewer lids with rotary brushes under them, spinning, with a big rolling-pin brush turning under all the scattered trivia of the world's men, the ticket stubs from that show at the Elite tonight, and the wrapper from a chewing gum stick that now rested on top of a bureau in one of the houses, a small chewed cannonball of tasteless elasticity, and the candy wrapper from a bar now hidden and folded into the small accordion innards of a boy high in a cupola house in a magic room.
90. Some days later, one morning, when the sun was shining brightly, and they were both on the steps leading to the garden, another infraction of the rules which Jean Valjean seemed to have imposed upon himself, and to the custom of remaining in her chamber which melancholy had caused Cosette to adopt, Cosette, in a wrapper, was standing erect in that negligent attire of early morning which envelops young girls in an adorable way and which produces the effect of a cloud drawn over a star; and, with her head bathed in light, rosy after a good sleep, submitting to the gentle glances of the tender old man, she was picking a daisy to pieces.

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