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Wrapper numa frase em (in ingles)

Without wrapper in her teeth.
It was still in its red foil wrapper.
The foil wrapper has been glued to a.
Kate stared at him, then at the wrapper.
The wrapper turned back into a slimy rag.
The read() method is a wrapper to SensitiveInfo.
She threw a wrapper about her in the stillness.

Faintly, through the moldering wrapper, she felt.
There was a paper wrapper on the floor and on the.
When the plastic wrapper fell on his lap it nearly.
I did a pivot turn so I didn’t step off the wrapper.
I took a step forward and covered the wrapper with my.
A roll of unfolded notes done up in a wrapper fell out of it.
The wrapper was off and I lifted the lid of the box carefully.
He blocks my move by poking his trash picker at a gun wrapper.
Empty bottles, a Pringles can, the inevitable condom wrapper.
Thanks, he said as he rolled the wrapper into a ball and.
I shrugged, and pulled out a cereal bar and opened the wrapper.
Carried by the wind, a candy wrapper came to rest inside the cage.
Then one day Mercer fished a White Castle wrapper out of the trash.
At this point I could take a condom out of its wrapper and put it.
Inacio crushed the hamburger wrapper and smeared it between his palms.
Steve Fletcher holds the record for the largest gum wrapper collection.
Reacher got a cheeseburger in a paper wrapper and coffee in a foam cup.
There were scissors, but Claire used her teeth to open the foil wrapper.
As the officer handed over the package, Craig tore the wrapper off eagerly.
He wrenched the overcoat from its plastic wrapper and unfurled it before her.
It is implemented on a Windows 8 system in two parts: the NDIS wrapper (Ndis.
In between bites she tore his straw wrapper to bits she dropped into the ashtray.
Garcia removed the gum from his mouth, closed it in the foil wrapper, and set it.
Let me see the tags attached to this, Thom said, pulling up the wrapper file.
Fortnum, bemused, scanned the wrapper a moment then dropped it into the wastebasket.
He took another bite, then carefully set the remains of the sandwich in its wrapper.
You toss the empty wrapper with a few crumbs to them to watch as they fight over it.
She was dressed in a magnificent pink silk wrapper with lace at the wrists and throat.
The inner transparent wrapper had been opened, two of the biscuits were missing, and.
Jane reached into Carla’s bin and pulled out the wrapper, the device was still there.
The wrapper is open and one egg and bacon sandwich remains, slightly hard at the edges.
He could see the red of the cough drop peeking out through the silver of the gum wrapper.
As Vicki chuckled, Stanley heard her put her gum in the wrapper and a fresh stick in her.

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