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Wrinkle numa frase em (in ingles)

I can live with the wrinkle.
Tripping on a wrinkle in the rug.
Ah, but that is the wrinkle, William.
But there is one small wrinkle: I think the CIA.
Henderson said as wrinkle appeared on his forehead.
I am coming for a bride without stain, spot, and wrinkle.
MY bride is the one without stain, nor spot, nor wrinkle.

There was a faint wrinkle of displeasure in Egeria’s brow.
How youthful her face looked with not a wrinkle in her brow.
Every wrinkle on his parched face had been earned toiling on.
I wrinkle my nose at him and don’t dignify it with a response.
To add yet another wrinkle, none of them performs consistently.
It has not acquired one permanent wrinkle after all its ripples.
Afterwards, I want you to wrinkle it up and then put it in your.
I made sure my browns were wrinkle free, and checked in on Frankie.
He does? The wrinkle in Paul’s forehead reflected his doubts.
He came near and saw her nose delicately wrinkle at his honest sweat.
He seemed very old, even though his face was smooth and wrinkle free.
Years wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.
Let it be presented to thee without spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing.
After a few minutes, I knew this latest wrinkle should be presented to.
Then a wrinkle distorted his snout as a sudden thought clouded his mind.
Spread trading with options throws a different wrinkle into the equation.
I popped a snail in my mouth and chewed slowly, contemplating this new wrinkle.
The queen thinks on this a moment, smoothing out a wrinkle in Rapunzel's sleeve.
The wrinkle in her forehead clearly revealed that she was about at wit’s end.
He felt his space suit start to wrinkle against him and realized that the cabin.
It gave you an interesting wrinkle: Before the video, it was clear you did it.
Every scar, wrinkle, extra bit of flesh is seen as a statement against themselves.
There was a slight wrinkle in his forehead, a sign of concentration for most, but.
Isin announced, Coming out of wrinkle just within the orbit of Corona Zed gamma.
Trying to erase every wrinkle, for example, is going to look a little out of place.
After I ironed my shirt, I sprayed a little starch on it, so it wouldn’t wrinkle.
Walter's mustache feels strange, almost suffocating, and causes her nose to wrinkle.
Notice that she does not present herself to Him as glorious, without spot or wrinkle.
She examined each wrinkle and pore for the hint of a lie, but his expression was pure.
The smile disappeared from her face, and a wrinkle on her brow evidenced her suffering.
Her dress, though it didn’t fit, was still perfect—not a spot or a wrinkle in sight.
Groot, was a white, fat baby without a single wrinkle on her and had a head of black hair.
His skin was pale white and almost wrinkle free, and his eyes shone with a soft blue light.
Morel, wrinkling up his face, laughed too.
He sounds nasty, she said, wrinkling her nose.
Wrinkling her nose at it, she pressed on ahead.
That’s queer, he murmured, wrinkling his nose.
Gervais glances up, his forehead wrinkling with confusion.
Would explain the smell, Mark said wrinkling his nose.
I’m not going in there, said Bryony, wrinkling her nose.
So that’s the harvest, she whispered, wrinkling her snout.
A rigid Ajna is seen in constant wrinkling of the forehead, in the.
He imagined her face blackening, wrinkling, twisting into knots of agedness.
Scarlett looked at her, her brow wrinkling with the effort to digest the words.
Then wrinkling her snout in an attempt at light-heartedness, she cocked her head.
Yeah well whatever you say, I still think its nasty, I said wrinkling my nose.
Then wrinkling his snout, he counted them once more, and just to be certain, yet again.
Who told you that? He turned and faced her, faint annoyance wrinkling his forehead.
Brock looked about, wrinkling his snout as though trying to remember something important.
Then wrinkling his snout, he squeezed his eyes tight shut again, trying to clear his head.
Lynch, his jockeycap low on his brow, attends him, a sneer of discontent wrinkling his face.
He looked around, gesturing and wrinkling his nose like he was smelling something unpleasant.
The Waghtnin was no longer a safe refuge and they were wrinkling out from it in all directions.
Wrinkling his nose and scowling a bit, Thor gingerly scratches Fenrir on the chest with a finger.
Everywhere must have stunk of burning weeds! commented Jenny, wrinkling up her nose in disgust.
Krishna took the message from Francis and read it, his brow wrinkling and his face becoming quizzical.
I cannot hear what you are saying, she called out, wrinkling her brow and frowning more and more.
Thomas followed, wrinkling his nose up at the sudden smell of dirt and manure coming from the animal pens.
They have a better place than we do, Darrin voiced Carter’s thoughts, wrinkling his nose in distaste.
Hazel looked steadily for a long time, listening with raised ears and wrinkling his nose in the unmoving air.
As he pushed the door open a little further, pangs of confusion flowed through his mind, wrinkling his forehead.
The Elder looked at Brokin, uncertainty wrinkling his snout, unsure of what the young boar's reactions might be.
Wrinkling his snout in excitement, Darkburst turned the prize over and over in his paws, examining every detail.
He looked kinder bothered, and stood there with his bills fluttering on his arm, thinking, and wrinkling up his forehead.
He tries to sit, but he's too anxious and the valets keep giving him dirty looks because he might be wrinkling his clothes.
Wrinkling her nose at the strong smell of French tobacco, Ingrid nonetheless sat down with Dumoulin to fill her deposition.
Oak's own smile spread across his face as he felt his own cheeks raise upward wrinkling his eyes that were locked onto Denver's.
And our neglected neck and chest take vengeance by wrinkling, sagging, and displaying dark spots that beg to be hidden by a turtleneck.
At the end of the ceremony Mrs d'Urberville abruptly asked Tess, wrinkling and twitching her face into undulations, "Can you whistle?".
Wrinkling his snout in concentration as he scaled the trunk, knowing this was the easy part, getting back down again was always a lot harder.
She laughed when the horse turned his head to sniff at her leg, wrinkling his nose at the unfamiliar, and to him revolting, smell of mothballs.
Easing the door open a crack, he screwed his eyes up against the sudden light and peeked out, wrinkling his nose at the acrid smell of burnt gunpowder.
His decomposed face with black and brown muscle wrinkling over the skull stared at me as though he had already chosen his main course for the evening.
His nose wrinkled in disgust.
He held a wrinkled paper bag.
Montse wrinkled her snub nose.
She wrinkled her nose at him.
She wrinkled her nose: You lie.
His face was rough and wrinkled.
The entire poster was wrinkled.
The baby was as wrinkled as Tee.
So the sad wrinkled fellow moved.
She just wrinkled her nose at him.
His face wrinkled at the thought.
And wrinkled lip and sneer of old.
A thousand wrinkled, satin trails.
Terry turned and wrinkled his nose.
He wrinkled his face at the thought.
The girl’s face wrinkled in worry.
You’ll be a wrinkled old wizard.
His skin is only slightly wrinkled.
The bark became wrinkled and black.
Pressing on its wrinkled skin, she.
Her nose wrinkled, That’s not it.
Grobut?' Stazl wrinkled his forehead.
Her wrinkled eyes came alight with joy.
Kita wrinkled her nose at the nickname.
Nathan wrinkled his nose and I laughed.
It made his face wrinkled with disgust.
My mom nodded and then wrinkled her nose.
Then he smiles that wrinkled smile again.
His face was mild, wrinkled, and knowing.
He wrinkled his nose, and Freddy sniffed.
The old man with the wrinkled upper lip.
Lennie's face wrinkled with apprehension.
His brow wrinkled at the thought as he.
His face was wrinkled with apprehension.
Who’s Molloy? I wrinkled my nose.
She wrinkled her nose at the harsh smell.
He wrinkled his brow in a troubled frown.
The tanned, wrinkled lad with the little.
The wrinkled old man with the lederhosen.
Her wrinkled suit stuffed in the duffel.
He wrinkles his nose at me.
It evens out the wrinkles.
She had so many wrinkles on.
Wrinkles that mar are drawn by.
She’d have wrinkles in no time.
For an instant the wrinkles were.
I see worry wrinkles etch his face.
Offensive wrinkles showed in those.
Wrinkles were now developing in threes.
He rubbed the wrinkles out of his shirt.
Suspicions are nothing else than wrinkles.
A Fresh Approach in How To Erase Wrinkles.
Keith, I want you to remove these wrinkles.
These grey hairs and wrinkles could not charm.
A few wrinkles appeared on Allen’s forehead.
Hiss frowned, several more wrinkles appearing.
A few wrinkles sketched his sun darkened face.
When I smiled, wrinkles appeared near my eyes.
This will help you smooth any wrinkles on your.
Swiftly, the firelight erased her many wrinkles.
Onn’s forehead became an ugly mess of wrinkles.
Locke studied his suit, noticing a few wrinkles.
There's a smarter way to handle acne and wrinkles.
This was evident from the perpendicular wrinkles.
Salome smoothened the wrinkles of her deep green.
The glider was old and its sail had a few wrinkles.
Once there are wrinkles, only dignity is possible.
There were wrinkles and lines on his hands and face.
Decreases the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
He rubbed his wrinkles and thought of his dead wife.
When grace is mingled with wrinkles, it is adorable.
Wrinkles form around the edges of his eyes from the.
A Good Friend Of Mine Asked Me How To Erase Wrinkles.
At any rate, there were no wrinkles or superfluities.
Neither boy had ever seen anyone with so many wrinkles.
His face had wrinkles and his skin was dry and cracked.
Wrinkles had started installing themselves on her face.
He brushes wrinkles from his shirt, strains for dignity.
Bilibin smiled and the wrinkles on his face disappeared.
It made the deep wrinkles laugh instead of worry or cry.

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