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Yucky numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Like the yucky salmon-.
  2. Trash litters the sticky, yucky floor.
  3. We can't drink that water, it's yucky.
  4. It smells yucky, he said pinching his nose.
  5. It was full of yucky stuff and the smell could’ve.

  6. That's all yucky stuff! Please, let's change the subject.
  7. She resurfaced, spitting mouthfuls of the yucky salt water, and clambered onto the rock.
  8. He experimented with breathing air and water in the same breath, but it was a yucky feeling; not pleasant at all.
  9. He didn’t drop me because the knife went through his head, into the wall with the yucky wallpaper, and pinned us to the wall.
  10. Vaguely, I’m aware that I’m still in my sweats, unshowered, yucky, and he’s just gloriously yummy, his pants doing that hanging from the hips thing, and what’s more, he’s here in my bedroom.
  11. Yuck! Let me tell you that the more the spiritual sense of taste is activated in our lives to sense sin, the more motivation we will have to stay clear of it, because it does not taste good at all! I’ve tasted things as mildly yucky as putting a copper coin under your mouth, to things that literally made me wanna spit to get the taste out of my mouth, because it tasted so bad (and sometimes I would go spit).

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