Checkout these super easy self-promotion tricks!

Think how hard you worked to put your book together. Now make all that effort count!

We want you to capitalize on your listing so that your book can get all the attention it deserves. As such we’ve put together this list of quick, simple and (in nearly all cases) free tricks and tactics you can use to really promote yourself to the world!

Step:Select the Book You Wish to Promote

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Step:Pick up your Tactics

Tactic 1 | Social Media Sharing

(cost = $0, time = 10 seconds)

The easiest of them all and also a must: share your listing via your Facebook and Twitter accounts simply by hitting either/both buttons below:

Bonus trick* Use any social bookmarking services? If so, quickly bookmark your book’s listing using any of the following:

Tactic 2 | Signatures

(cost = $0, time = a few minutes)

Think of how many emails you send. A lot isn’t it! Create or editing a custom email signature is a breeze and very effective since the people receiving your mail is sure to read everything.

1. Simply copy this pre-made signature (feel free to edit as per your preference, just keep the link intact):

Claim your FREE copy of my new book, _TITLE_ today! Your complimentary download is available now, at:


2. And now add it to to your email program. If you need instructions click on the program that applies to you:

Bonus trick* forum signatures: belong to any forums or communities online that allow for custom signatures? If so, use the same signature tactic in all those places. Trust us; all these little things add up really quickly!

Tactic 3 | Press Release

(cost = $0 to $80, time = 1 hour)

While this tactic is a little more time consuming but so worth it and the good news is we’ve already created a template for you to use (see below). Distributing a Press Release is a great way to reach journalists and get media exposure.

1st - To get started simply download either one of these templates: Fiction Book Press Release or Non-Fiction Book Press Release

2nd - Customize the template you downloaded and save

3rd - distribute your Press Release through your preferred net work:    

•  We recommend using as it is the most effective but their services do start at $80 (this is the service we use ourselves and feel it’s the best value)

•  The best free PR service is:

Tactic 4 | Articles

(cost = $0, time = varies)

Articles are a great way to get links back to your listing as content hungry website and blog owners reproduce these and share them with their audiences. These not be long or complicated. Often an informative 400-500 words is perfect!

Checkout these examples: Fiction Book Press Release or Non-Fiction Book Press Release

Now submit your articles to the top directories:

Bonus trick* Releasing 1 article per week for a few weeks will really increase your exposure.

Tactic 5 | Topic Pages – more for authors of non-fiction

(cost = $0, time = 1 + Hour)

Websites like Squidoo and Hubpages command large traffic. Use your knowledge (and even your articles) to quickly post a Squidoo and a HubPage based on your book’s topic.

You already know (and have written) all this stuff so this will be a snap.

Important* make sure to refer back to your book’s listing by including something like this:

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