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Betterment в предложении (на )

  1. The betterment of mankind, he said.
  2. Let Hope for the Betterment of this world….
  3. Neither is there for the betterment of mankind, they.
  4. Whether it be for the betterment of the life of man-.
  5. All things lead to fun, happiness, and the betterment of self.

  6. They all worked towards the goal of the betterment of mankind.
  7. Maybe they had been brought together for the betterment of both.
  8. There he devotedhimself to the betterment of his native province.
  9. Obviously it is vital to keep striving towards the betterment of your.
  10. For the betterment of the life which is not actually for his betterment.
  11. While giving up on hope is despair, not striving for betterment is self-denial.
  12. She did what in her lay for its betterment and serenely left the rest to the Higher Powers.
  13. How that doctrine was misused and became a vicious tool for the betterment of a select few.
  14. Now Hankins has a degree, her own business and the desire to participate in the betterment of.
  15. The once proud dance-floor became a museum of silence to quench the thirst for knowledge and betterment.

  16. Although his intentions appeared malevolent, he may have been working for the betterment of the universe.
  17. As long as there’s movement in your life, there’s at least a hope of change (and thus of betterment).
  18. Nobody in the recently freed Bosnia would have traded their betterment for the butcher dictator of Serbia.
  19. Don’t you know that when he came to power he gave the Germans hope and betterment talked of all over Europe.
  20. He is actively living for the betterment of humanity and himself, not one aspect over or in spite of the other.
  21. You are the princess and you need to learn to put your own needs aside for the betterment of the entire kingdom.
  22. Becoming a part of these groups will give you more insight, hope and should lead you to work for the betterment of our planet.
  23. It is the Father's will that mortal man should work persistently and consistently toward the betterment of his estate on earth.
  24. Hopefully this message will enable some to make some changes to their lives for the betterment of themselves and their country.
  25. They need to experience it, to break free from it and to push on with the new for the betterment of the humans in this existence.

  26. In happier conditions than formerly, there is a decided increase in the Indian population, as there is betterment in their customs and modes of life.
  27. In celebrating this holiday today, Jews are to contemplate their shortcomings and regrets from the previous years and seek betterment in the to come.
  28. Whether it be for the betterment of the life of mankind and his society, or for the detriment of his time and energy here on this planet, or even worse.
  29. Granted, the Winderiver family is one of means and resources, which we’ve always used to fund the library for the betterment of Thimble Down and its denizens.
  30. But in my last dying days, as I reflect upon my time on this Earth, I would like to think that I have made an earnest contribution toward the betterment of mankind.
  31. Every great agitation for the betterment of the world has been led by men who beheld their own mission with such absorbing intensity that they could see little else.
  32. President added more to his comment while he was trying to defend his all past activities before Chief Justice, what he did for the betterment of his country Zulimistan.
  33. Patriotism to a law that is not the better of two goods is treason against the betterment of humanity; for every lesser of two evils traveled is a habituation toward trails of extinction.
  34. The daimon of Technology is perfection, but the human self is not perfectable, except in its intention to perpetual betterment; its ideal evolves it, but is not realistically achievable, e.
  35. Whether spiritual or not, we all have to reflect on our own lives and change those bad habits that are killing this country, for the betterment of us all for the sake of this great country.
  36. I tried to implement my policies for the betterment of my nation but I admit that many times I could not implement my policies due to this Lobby’s heavy influences in our Government machineries.
  37. As humans, selfishness, greed, arrogance and pride put aside, we are by virtue of our make-up ultimately striving for personal improvement and betterment on both an intellectual and spiritual plane.
  38. A sudden understanding, a pity mixed with horror, welled up in Bilbo's heart: a glimpse of endless unmarked days without light or hope of betterment, hard stone, cold fish, sneaking and whispering.
  39. That obedience will be willingly given to the acknowledged superiority of America, when the Cuban realises that the betterment of his Island, not the selfish wishes of politicians and the greed of financiers, is concerned therein.
  40. Why would any parent put his son or daughter in the hands of strangers if it were not for the betterment of the child’s welfare? So, it was time that parents got what they paid for and children got what they needed, an education.
  41. And frankly, you can pay me back when you want! Just remind everyone that ours is a generous family and one committed to the betterment of Thimble Down, and do tell the gossipmongers to stop bringing down the name of Winderiver!.
  42. The notion of not ‘growing’ as a person was supported somewhat by activities which did not reflect, in particular, any attitude or intention for personal betterment, at least as much as perhaps one could have expected and wished for.
  43. Why the imperative in giving without receiving any benefit of pleasure? If one lives their life completely for the betterment of others because that fulfills their sense of meaning and purpose, does that make their self-sharing act not altruistic?
  44. But it means to live life to our fullest potential, as best we can, with whatever resources we have, including the giving of dignity, respect and encouragement to all people for their betterment, whilst, also continuing to strive for self-betterment.
  45. Now, in your growth and productivity in life, if you contribute anything to the betterment of the human species, you will have achieved immortality, and by the way, contributed to our understanding of man, which is the most important of all understanding.
  46. For this ZTA will have to plan for the safety and protection of our people and this is why we have gathered here what to do for the betterment of our homeland…? We will not let allow these three institutions to continue their stupid and negative policies.
  47. Love, however, did that, though the earl was assiduous, surrounding the young man for the betterment of his choice with half the eligible petticoats in the county; a mistake, seeing that iteration and propinquity in affairs of the heart are of more assistance than variety.
  48. Government has systematically undermined, sabotaged and aborted any socialist/democratic movement in poor countries who want to improve their lot; because they do not want those poor country’s natural resources to be nationalized and used for the betterment of that country’s population.
  49. Through science, humanity escaped the old world gods of unmerciful judgment against sinners, only to have science's child, technology, resurrect it as the police state of perfect objective machine surveillance, who is out to punitively fine citizens to death and not seek their betterment.
  50. And lo, who was her mother? I told about the woman who once prostituted herself for her children’s betterment; what a piquant situation it was for both of us as we recognized each other, maybe owing to her conviction of her compulsion, she didn’t lose her poise, and my appreciation of her character enabled me to retain my composure.
  51. Second, we must wage peace with the same absolute commitment that we would use to wage war! Let us bring prosperity to the poor with generosity and with training and education and help and camaraderie! Let us restore the lands and wilderness areas that have been despoiled by past wars and disasters! Let us build schools and libraries and parks and gardens for the enjoyment and betterment of all! Let no effort or expense be shirked in these endeavors, for the Nexus threatens our entire world!.
  52. When one nation declares an area beyond its border its sphere of influence, who is allowed to influence whom, because cannot every state declare its own sphere of influence? When states are competing for influence, how much do you think they are cognizant of and represent your cause? For if what the State wants is some amorphous betterment for you and yours, how is that achieved by your death in war, rather than the equal sharing of the county's wealth? How free are any under the influential sway of the armed, whose smile demands and whose frown punishes? A Zombie State is one that is dependent upon war, the subjugation of others, threat and fear.
  53. But there are people who believe in it, who busy themselves with peace congresses, deliver addresses, write little books; and the governments, of course, express their sympathy with this, let it appear that they are supporting this, just as they make it appear that they are supporting a temperance society, whereas they for the most part live by the drunkenness of the masses; just as they make it appear that they are supporting education, whereas their strength is based on ignorance; just as they make it appear that they are supporting the liberty of the constitution, whereas their strength is based only on the absence of a constitution; just as they make it appear that they are concerned about the betterment of the labouring classes, whereas it is on the oppression of the labourer that their existence is; just as they make it appear that they are supporting Christianity, whereas Christianity destroys every government.

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