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Blob в предложении (на )

1. Is the black blob now white?
2. The man‘s face was a raw blob.
3. He put his finger on a black blob.
4. It was now little more than a blob in a.
5. I dream of rest, but the blob continues to.
6. I am a poorly demarcated blob of interacting.
7. He spread the blob onto a sheet of glass fixed to.

8. Ashi stared at the colorful blob and bounced the baby.
9. As he thought, a blob of darkness was seeping toward him.
10. Use a soft toothbrush with a pea-sized blob of toothpaste.
11. Presumptuous me! I thought the blob was a disease upon me.
12. I noticed that Corey had a blob of blood that’d emanated.
13. The rest of his face stayed fixated on the approaching blob.
14. There was a large, white blob staring at me from the window.
15. The blob had no wish for this outcome after discharging me.
16. A slightly clearer gray blob started to grow in front of him.
17. It was like running into a massive blob of invisible gelatin.
18. On one end of the needle was a large congealed blob of dark red.
19. If that’s what happened, then whoever it was dropped a blob.
20. It wasn’t a little blob or a peanut, it was a fucking astronaut.
21. The black cloud had crossed the sky, a blob of dark against the stars.
22. I failed in this respect, created the blob and learned a good lesson.
23. He’s tracing his hands in a circle on the sidewalk in a blob of goo.
24. The 12-volt headlights threw a short blob of yellowish light on the pavement.
25. We, the blob and I, are close friends for all time, and as much as I hate the.
26. He placed the package on the table and Boran picked it up and inspected the blob.
27. The lobster approached the white blob slowly, then stopped with its head at the edge.
28. None of this makes sense because the spider blob already lives in my head; to eat my.
29. Now the blob, black and gray and slightly shiny, mimics the shape of a mouth with its.
30. The formula is in the form of a little round blob, the color and consistency of tar.
31. He watched the blubbery blob the way a lizard watches an insect—just before mealtime.
32. Every digital square is actually a vague, fuzzy blob of constantly changing brightnesses.
33. Sat at the back of the shop on the counter was a big blob of pizza dough called Giuseppe.
34. A black blob fills the volume of my head; not formless but poorly formed, writhing as an.
35. Stare the sun for example like the eagle then look at a shoe see a blotch blob yellowish.
36. The worst of it was my mouth, a grotesque blob of purple and red, all bruise and stitches.
37. Hilderich coughed somewhat hard, and flinched before spitting out a blob of bloodied sputum.
38. The blob grew and quivered as the machine released small electrical discharges into the blob.
39. This epistle was sealed with a kiss in heavy lipstick that clung in a sticky blob to the card.
40. Claire wasn’t good with faces, so a tiny blob represented a young Paul sitting at the table.
41. In the distance a large dark blob staggered along, contrasted by the lighter grey of the river.
42. With a big blob of cream on his nose, 18 and a half million pounds should give us a good start.
43. At first it was just a dark blob of normal light; then, as he tried to focus, horror gripped him.
44. From their height, the undead blended as one, forming a black blob crawling up the foot of the trunk.
45. The single figure out of uniform led them pass the kids as a short blob of color pulled at her sleeve.
46. With that they set off to the hike city streets and her blob of orange curls was soon lost in the crowd.
47. But it was actually a blob of honoi in someone’s arms that she landed on and squished into a fine mist.
48. Before he reached the blob of light that represented the grate to Hollowcrest’s room, he heard voices.
49. Without an abstract name; it is merely a living blob of protoplasm that makes a lot of incomprehensible noises.
50. One of them was a molder, who produce a blob of honoi in his cupped hands, stretched it until it was a javelin.
51. Just an elongated blob, which all but vanished, the only clue: the spacial distortion itself, massive graviton flux.
52. It wasn’t the real deal but a massive blob was successfully hurled at the mech’s shield-projector and stuck there.
53. But he pulled another blob out of his overcoat and wound back like a baseball pitcher, while Laura hurled herself onto the ground.
54. Although sometimes after sunset or before sunrise the blob glows brightly, so brightly in fact that it’s the brightest thing in the sky by far.
55. Donald reached into his gown from the top, and Jeff stepped back, half-expecting him to withdraw a dark blob, but all he did was scratch his chest.
56. His next string of curses he directed towards himself, for letting his weariness blur his senses and allowing a simple blob of a creature to be his end.
57. He poured out of another container, a thin liquid that he mixed and spread over the powder, leaving a blob on the bodies that hardened to blue-white clay.
58. After a few more minutes they saw the speck of the great wagon and its kedas, and the dots that were humans, all run from the blob that was the shuttlecraft.
59. If you chop up the little blob, or soak it in warm water for a while it might be easier going down, but you know me, I just grabbed the thing and chewed and swallowed.
60. Later on, the pizza chef came and tore off a bit of Giuseppe to make a pizza (Giuseppe did not mind this; after all, he was a blob of pizza dough so that was his purpose in life).
61. Then you retire and sit on your fucking ass, and after 1 or 2 years of that, you either die of boredom, or you become a fat, senile blob and then you die of complication of the liver.
62. After several attempts the wad of glowing blue saliva moved up to blob, but it was still mostly water based, and left a bitter taste in Joey’s mouth that made him vomit more than once.
63. It was just a sloppy ball of flesh, squirming like one big three hundred pound blob of fat, propped up on six curved sticks, each four and a half foot long, pulsating out of the bottom edge.
64. How can a mindless blob that can’t move be beautiful? They learn by example, they absorb everything around them like sponges: sucking up whatever attitudes, beliefs, values, and practices they are exposed to.
65. I looked around one more time, scrounging the darkness for a red blob of vampire hair, but all I could see was vermin, rats, stray cats and a whole animal kingdom of insects, my sign to get the hell out of there.
66. The second desire won and he reached over to the side table, squirted into his hand a blob of the lubricant that had last greased his way into his fiancés protesting vulva, and pushed some up his newly shaved anus.
67. A land animal going back to the sea: losing all use of its limbs, losing use of its senses, losing its intelligence, becoming an insensate blob of blubber is not evolution: it is a reversal of evolution: it is de-evolution.
68. Her son: a filthy genetically poisoned Jew dies as a fat blob of evil: a sick, leering corrupt Jew: his last pictures show how totally the undead poisoned this healthy happy young boy Doris raised in the worst possible ways.
69. Keep in mind your distance between your feet and the earth is about 10-11 meters going square! You that can’t calculate it, the value would be meaningless but it is so much it will crush your atoms into a pulp, leaving you not even in a blood blob.
70. The machines CAIN cells glowed and the oven hissed and spewed into life and, within a few minutes chemicals got deposited on several pads around the centre, which then became absorbed into the machine as it assembled them all into order and then deposited a large translucent blob in the centre of the machine.

К сожалению, у нас еще нет примеров предложений для этого слова.

К сожалению, у нас еще нет примеров предложений для этого слова.

1. Blobs fell onto the napkins Betty had laid out.
2. These observations are consistent with the bright blobs of.
3. The gas street lamps glowed dully, blobs of yellow in the fog.
4. This provides evidence of clumps or blobs of dark plasma that.
5. Adler [2] claims that we have detected these clumps or blobs in.
6. The torches were each as long as a man's leg, tipped with blobs of pine-tar.
7. Blobs relating to the environment were easiest to extract and maintain a flow.
8. He clicked again and a diagram appeared: a collection of irregular, colored blobs.
9. This provides evidence of clumps or blobs of dark plasma that populate the atmosphere.
10. Since the density of dark matter particles within the dark plasma blobs is much higher.
11. His vision was cloudy, just hazy blobs, his mouth dry and rough and with a vague taste of blood.
12. She thought that she could possibly eliminate Charlie before Donald could hit her with the black blobs.
13. Since the density of dark matter particles within the dark plasma blobs is much higher than the spaces.
14. Earth over its history would include blobs or clouds of dark plasma carried by meteorites, asteroids and.
15. He felt no pain, but now strange shapes were flashing before his eyes: purple blobs, green dots, then orange streaks.
16. His words didn’t matter, because Angela’s mouth was buried in a mountain of powdered sugar, surrounded by gushing blobs of red jelly.
17. He told her about the bum who had been chasing them with the dark blobs, just in case that meant anything to her, possibly jarring loose a memory.
18. Pomegranate trees preened themselves with scarlet flowers, while nearby the gnarled limbs of olive trees became mere dark blobs against the landscape.
19. After about six seconds, large blobs of molten metal and other materials started streaming out, but she kept her engines on for another thirty seconds.
20. RT, Aug 17, 2013 – Christina Consolo, Nuked Radio: We have three 100-ton melted fuel blobs underground, but where exactly they are located, no one knows.
21. Her protective suit was charred and blobs of metal adhered to the surface and underneath its skin, she was trembling and shaking but holding it together well.
22. Someone has been feeding him, and the spoon rests on the glass table and blobs of porridge cling to Frederick’s whiskers and his place mat, which is a woolen thing featuring happy pink-cheeked children in clogs.
23. They, instead, looked like monsters—like blobs of color so dark and faded they looked to be nothing more than spots of jelly upon a piece of very burnt toast and creatures like bugs who wove within their legs the fruits of labor.
24. If her mind has its own way, she imagines they are nothing like little girls—that beneath it all, the skin and clothes and hair and eyes, they are really ugly creatures who look like blobs of jelly that eat everything in their path.
25. We must create such a surplus of food so that the human species fucks itself from 500 million in the 1500’s to one billion by 1800’s, to 7 billion by 2012 in order to create an excess of mindless blobs called consumers, identical units with no purpose for their existence except to consume manufactured crap.
26. The buttons of this were hanging on for dear life, going far beyond the call of duty, and the material, moulded to the flesh as it strained to contain the trembling rolls of jelly, was stretched to tear-point and was decorated with an overlapping profusion of stains: huge patches of reeking sweat, shiny slides of grease and discrete blobs of some nameless matter, dried and cracked like desert mud.

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