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Budgie в предложении (на )

  1. The budgie saluted Andrew with a wing and said, Sorry I’m.
  2. There is no reason to offer your budgie meat, chicken, fish, or insects.
  3. Manager on the West Coast, where she resides with her family and pet budgie.
  4. Use the same simple commands so the budgie doesn't really have to learn anything new.
  5. Once your budgie has your trust, he will have the confidence to accept your direction.
  6. But the budgie was ecstatic, twittering and puffing up at all this birdie-testosterone.
  7. To begin, you have to form your first strong bonds with your budgie and earn his trust.
  8. Choose a local veterinarian experienced with birds before you bring your budgie home.
  9. Never breed a budgie with French molt, because the disease may be passed on to the young.
  10. Currently, there are between seventy and one hundred recognized budgie color variations.
  11. Generally speaking, if your home's water supply is safe for you, it is safe for your budgie.
  12. As mentioned earlier, the decision to trim the wing feathers of a budgie is a personal one.
  13. Your budgie can also contract psittacosis by being exposed to another pet bird with the disease.
  14. Your budgie will think of herself as part of the family and may want to try the things you eat.
  15. Visually determining the sex of a budgie is not as big a mystery as it is in so many other parrots.
  16. It was a blue-bottomed, white-faced budgie, its back covered with alternating rows of black and white.
  17. Giving grit to a young budgie can cause death if the bird eats too much and the grit stops up her crop.
  18. A young budgie often still has a layer of "baby fat" under the skin that will burn off in a few months.
  19. Leave some food and a millet spray in the cage at night in case your budgie wakes and wants to feed a bit.
  20. Adult females have duller ceres that vary from tan (similar to that of an immature budgie) to bright pinkish.
  21. The veterinarian will weigh your budgie and take note of how much fat is present under the skin of the chest.
  22. Buy the largest cage you can afford for a breeding budgie pair, preferably more than twenty-four inches in length.
  23. Keep styptic powder on hand to control any bleeding from those little accidents that can happen when a budgie flinches.
  24. You will want to learn more from an experienced budgie breeder, your veterinarian, and a few good books on the subject.
  25. Within a few days, the budgie should become accustomed to your finger and hop up immediately when you give the command.
  26. Still, some budgie owners feel more comfortable offering their birds bottled water or water that is filtered at the tap.
  27. If you desire truth, you’ll find it! The budgie crossed his chest with a wing proudly and said, That’s my motto.
  28. This bond is essential if you plan to handle and train your budgie, but an untrained budgie can still be a delightful pet.
  29. Feed your budgie twice a day, early in the morning and early in the evening, in line with a budgie's natural feeding behaviors.
  30. Teaching a budgie to speak can be a long, slow process, but many companies have produced teaching aids to make your job easier.
  31. Another large number of recognized variations are rare and difficult to breed for, being found only at large budgie shows or exhibits.
  32. The mother budgie may help a chick leave the egg by chipping at the scored spot and rotating the egg to help the chick position himself.
  33. The gene for melanin is carried on the Z (X) chromosome, so a male budgie may have one or two chromosomes with Z (X), a female only one.
  34. The presence or absence of the pigments is indicated by a shorthand code when geneticists and budgie breeders write about their birds.
  35. An adult budgie who has not bonded with you or with any other human will be more difficult to train and perhaps cannot be trained at all.
  36. You are unlikely to ever see a budgie with French molt for sale at a pet store, but it could occur spontaneously if you breed your budgies.
  37. The veterinarian can also confirm the sex of your young budgie through a simple blood or feather test (which is sent out to a special lab).
  38. Move your finger under the bird where he can hop on, and firmly give the command "step up" so the budgie associates the sound with the action.
  39. There are exceptions, of course, and it is not possible to cover all the possibilities, so consider the following a primer in budgie coloration.
  40. For an accurate measurement, birds are commonly weighed in grams; twenty-five to thirty-five grams is an acceptable range for an American budgie.
  41. For a budgie breeder, however, a mutation is almost exclusively one that changes the nature of the cells that produce the colors of a wild budgie.
  42. Your budgie will live about five to eight years on average, but she could live as long as fifteen years with the right diet and regular veterinary care.
  43. Budgie breeders have developed a number of color varieties (called mutations), ranging from yellow to green to blue to white, and mixes of colors, too!.
  44. The green and yellow colors we see in a normal green budgie are the result of the presence of pigments and the way the light absorbs and reflects the colors.
  45. Most budgie couples hit it off fairly well at the onset, and there seldom is any fighting, so the pair often begins to mate in a matter of just one or two days.
  46. An infected young budgie cannot properly digest her food; even though she feeds heavily, she loses weight, plucks herself, screams, and is obviously uncomfortable.
  47. One exception is cooked noodles of various types, which are often included in commercial bird food mixes that are designed to be cooked before being fed to a budgie.
  48. The casual budgie owner interested in breeding a few budgies probably has little interest in the details of avian genetics, so this section will touch on it only lightly.
  49. Your bird will need several weeks of handling to form a strong attachment, so if you want two birds, wait at least two or three months before you purchase the second budgie.
  50. Budgies can't digest many of the things we eat, and the salt, sugar, and fat found in many of our foods (especially processed foods) would be especially unhealthy to a budgie.
  51. Your budgie could catch this disease if she is regularly kept outdoors in a cage where droppings from infected pigeons and house sparrows could contaminate her food and water.
  52. Don't expect your budgie to ever sound as clear as an African grey or an Amazon parrot, whose larger sound boxes produce more modulated tones that can actually resemble human intonation.
  53. Although this disease is preventable through vaccinations, the low cost of a budgie and the low chance that a pet store bird will carry Newcastle disease means that very few are vaccinated.
  54. Veterinarians who love what they do are happy to talk about their qualifications; and if they love what they do, it is a positive sign about the quality of care they will provide your budgie.
  55. Obesity is a common problem in budgies and can lead to a number of diseases, so it is important to have this baseline measurement to later determine whether your budgie has become overweight.
  56. The first things to teach your budgie are to hop up onto your outstretched finger or hand while in his cage, to leave the cage on your hand, and to hop back down into the cage when returned.
  57. In an older budgie, excess fat may indicate that the bird has long been on a poor diet or has not had enough exercise (both easy problems to correct); but extra fat can also indicate a more serious problem.
  58. In many cases, the veterinarian will be able to tell the sex of your budgie, once the bird is about four months old, by the color of the cere; but with some color mutations, the cere color does not indicate sex, and so a blood test is needed.
  59. By the time the baby budgie is eleven days old, he can maintain his own body temperature better, and you can gradually start reducing the heat in the brooder; it should be roughly ninety degrees Fahrenheit by the time the bird is fully feathered.

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