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Chechen в предложении (на )

  1. He has killed a Chechen and now he rejoices.
  2. This meant that Lukashka should kill another Chechen.
  3. Another category of Chechen rape victims were those who.
  4. The Chechen started up, but it was too late, and he fell.
  5. This mass terror-rape of the Chechen nation and women was.

  6. Suddenly the Chechen wrenched himself free and fired his pistol.
  7. He is a brave, a great brave!' he said, pointing to the Chechen.
  8. The death of more than one Russian, as well as Chechen, lay on his conscience.
  9. The Chechen looked at him and, turning slowly away, gazed at the opposite bank.
  10. When the body had been carried to the skiff the brother Chechen descended to the bank.
  11. She pointed to her head and the palm of her hand, to indicate the shaved head of a Chechen.
  12. Lukashka, pale as death, was holding a wounded Chechen by the arms and shouting, 'Don't kill him.
  13. I'll take him alive!' The Chechen was the red-haired man who had fetched his brother's body away after Lukashka had killed him.
  14. He began to speak to him, asking from what village he came, but the Chechen, scarcely giving him a glance, spat contemptuously and turned away.
  15. Olenin was so surprised at the Chechen not being interested in him that he could only put it down to the man's stupidity or ignorance of Russian; so he turned to the scout, who also acted as interpreter.

  16. Once he galloped off that way and rode to the top quite pleased, but a Chechen fired at him and killed him! Ah, how well they shoot from their gun-rests, those Chechens! Some of them shoot even better than I do.
  17. Thoughts did come that time! I thought some of your soldiers, the devils, must have got into a Tartar village and seized the Chechen women, and one of the devils has killed the little one: taken it by its legs, and hit its head against a wall.

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