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Cos в предложении (на )

  1. The SIN, COS and TAN Functions.
  2. He was funny too, cos all he kept.
  3. Two COs see Noah and give him a smirk.
  4. Only cos I’ve got the legs for it.
  5. Happiness was at hand cos you were mine.

  6. Absolutely, cos it goes with the territory!.
  7. Well, he was like really angry cos he thinks I.
  8. He had also called Ron Lippert, the Deputy COS.
  9. I'm not saying the muzz are stupid cos they are.
  11. All our choices were simple cos she was a perfect wife.
  12. Cos, I want to tell you that today, has been the BEST.
  13. But anyway, it was OK, cos as soon as we connected to.
  14. My wish is to hold your hand cos I’ve stories to tell.
  15. Have to do better than that, computer, cos I’m over it.

  16. Anyway, we told Dad that we were going the park cos the.
  17. Me and Toto just looked at it really quietly, cos it was.
  18. The other gangs are in there cos they is running the odd.
  19. But I think guys found me hard to talk to cos I was real.
  20. But the party was OK cos Minto was funny and kept telling.
  21. Anyway, I shrugged a bit cos I couldn’t see what else we.
  22. I’m just glad they have, cos I can be with my Autumn now.
  23. Hi again, I had to get up to write this cos it was the most.
  24. Anyway, after a while it was getting boring cos Matthews had.
  25. A unit Vision should span a couple of COs tours or about five.

  26. But with this BackOrifice thing it is really cool cos we were.
  27. Here, you input the angle value into sin, cos and tan function.
  28. Is this to imply that COs are bitter losers? I won’t go there.
  29. God I hate dreams like that, but I guess it’s cos I haven’t.
  30. The wilted roses and dried petals matter not cos my love lives on.
  31. I really wanted to hit him now, cos I have always liked Kate, 118.
  32. Banging is a stress free life cos the OG’s got everything took care of.
  33. T ( t) = A cos pt + B sin pt , where the following relation is available:.
  34. Cos I’m sort of like a captain, aren’t I? The captain of my little boat.
  35. Well funny you should mention it Ethan cos the new ones I ordered last week.
  36. I reckon that was what scared the girl anyway, cos we’d put lipstick on the.
  37. Yea, cos I’m the one who dragged you in a here! Gulab used the same tone.
  38. Guy's stick with me here, cos it's not just some woman's thing ok? It's awesome.
  39. It felt sooo cool cos we could look at Matthews’ computer cos I’d managed to load.
  40. Blake was looking at the rest of the stuff in the locker, cos we hadn’t just put the dog in there.
  41. The weird kid we used to stick in-goal cos we didn't know what else he was good at, had grown up to be.
  42. I could put my cap on it too if I had it in the corner of my bedroom, cos I can never find it and stuff.
  43. If you are not familiar with the cos() trigonometric function, you can use R to gain familiarity as follows:.
  44. And maybe the occasional little wizard, too, as long as he wasn’t born with a beard, cos that would be too weird.
  45. That’s where Fred West hung himself, and it would be so cool if Matthews’ smelly Dad hung himself cos then he would be.
  46. We’ve been playing spies again, this time it’s been a lot better cos Toto suddenly had an idea and asked me whether I’d.
  47. Hiya! Man I’ve had such a cool day today, I mean yesterday was wicked with Minto and stuff cos he really helped me and made.
  48. Kate and making her laugh, but he was doing it for me cos he’s my best friend and he knew I had to do something and that he.
  49. He’d impressed the need to avoid wasting them upon his COs, and he was glad to see Gairwyl had taken his admonition to heart.
  50. And then it got worse and worse cos Kate is Matthews’ girlfriend and they kept giggling and holding hands and I saw them both.
  51. I did, but he only searched my back pockets and I had the other one in my front, which I forgot about cos it happened so quickly.
  52. The program did highlight a few letters from people who themselves objected to the COs, calling them unpatriotic and anything but men.
  53. Being led into pitch darkness was totally disconcerting cos I could hear other diners but had no idea where they were or how large the room was.
  54. Liverpool’s (who Steven Gerrard plays for) biggest enemies cos they both live near the same park and probably have fights all the time and stuff.
  55. I jumped and stuff, cos we haven’t seen him before and then I was scared that he’d notice that we’d changed our Dad’s bill and that he’d undercharged.
  56. I hadn't been there long when a face appeared at a gap in the boards, and a voice said: Do yer fink y're safe there, mate, cos we're chock full o' bombs in 'ere.
  57. Plus, I bloody well wish I had thought of it and sold the idea to retail establishments cos it's gonna be an absolute CRACKER! And my god, how much fun is this?
  58. The COs soon learned of the squadron’s prowess; angry farmers came calling after the 372nd’s hundred-pound bombs flattened an outhouse and one unfortunate cow.
  59. Well, of course, this particular Fruitloopmum had trouble deciding which category I might fit into cos it really depends on the day of the week and whether there's a full moon.
  60. I’ve been looking in GQ or it might have been in FHM or Loaded or something (Danny Smith at school got me a copy of Loaded from his brother cos I sort of told him I was writing about.
  61. Those who made their way there saw abominable conditions, and it was through the efforts of the COs that those facilities were shut down and improvements in the system were accomplished.
  62. One, two, three COs, wearing full inmate-extraction gear—hats and bats, they call it: helmets with face shields, heavy boots and gloves, vests, pads on their knees and elbows, thick batons.
  63. So all you mums (and even dads cos you're not immune either) when ignoring the pleas of pre-schooler in a public place, never underestimate their ability to employ guerilla tactics! Oh and always wear clean undies.
  64. So I was playing with Google and kind of searching for more stuff about Quiksilver cos Dad said he would buy me a Quiksilver T-shirt to put under the Ben Sherman shirt Uncle Terry got me from his mate who’s on.
  65. You see, Matthews has been telling everyone for ages how he’s this super DJ and that and even Kate said he was OK - cos his Dad had got him these really expensive decks and lessons at Christmas last year and Minto had seen.
  66. He hears the calls of the other Aryans; the roar of the other inmates enjoying the show; the whistles of the COs; the voice over the loudspeaker calling for the inmates to retreat to the far corner, like a referee moving a boxer during a ten-count.
  67. Pardon? Seen him today at a runefal? Chum o' yourn passed in his checks? Ludamassy! Pore piccaninnies! Thou'll no be telling me thot, Pold veg! Did ums blubble bigsplash crytears cos fren Padney was took off in black bag? Of all de darkies Massa Pat was verra best.
  68. It had speakers all over the room, real little Bose ones like you see in GQ and stuff, but no leads anywhere cos they were wireless and then I saw his computer and it was this iMac looking thing which I’ve seen in PC World at Cribbs that costs thousands and has got a.
  69. Toto wanted to steal the clanger off their burglar alarm as well, but it’s on the front of the house and people would’ve seen him and stuff, so we just took the dog, which was really easy cos it was as stupid as the rest of the family and just followed us when Toto 58.
  70. Anyway, I just pretended to get real shitty and said that if he didn’t want it I just wish he’d stop pissing me around and treating me like a bitch and all - and he was like ‘no, no’ and stuff cos he really wants Cubasis and all but really was worried about Kate and.
  71. Man, he must be sooo dumb, me and Toto were laughing but still trying to be cool, but it was so funny and Toto kept saying ‘Can you see if his lips are moving’, cos he reckons Matthews is so dumb he can’t just read in his head and has to say the words as if he’s still in primary school or something.
  72. When some of these COs went to jail, one of the wardens, after all his undertakings with them, mentioned that he couldn’t wait until the war was over so that he could deal with murderers, rapists and Congressmen rather have to put up with these conscientious objectors, whom he just didn’t know how to handle.
  73. I didn’t go to a party or see Minto or Kate or anything, all I did was sit at the computer with Toto, but it was so cool cos we were putting the plan into action and Toto was explaining it a bit more and stuff and telling me about BackOrifice which is this really cool hacker tool that he downloaded from the Doctor.
  74. But we didn’t know that then cos all we could see was this fat smelly greasy little shit called Matthews standing in the middle of the playground, wearing this really flowery dress that was loads too small for him, him being a fat blubber belly and all, and then he started to sing a Britney Spears song that was popular back then, but cheesy now, but she was a really big singer then and all.
  75. The crack sound was loud but I couldn’t hear it properly cos there was this rushing sound like when we used to play in the water pipe by the river and you could hear the water rushing along and it was like it was going to catch you and wash you away into the sea without a lifebelt and stuff and Minto’s book doesn’t cover that - and I didn’t even have the book then but that’s how it sounded and I just put the pieces of the CD-R.
  76. I still needed her cos she had not completed her task here,.
  77. Matthews kind of fell over backwards really slowly and his legs went in the air and I couldn’t see but I think it was Minto who pushed him cos he was closest and he shouted ‘He hasn’t got his knickers on’ and everybody surged forward to see, I guess,.

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