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Dip в предложении (на )

  1. On a dip lower to 9.
  2. A dip would cool him.
  3. Jerry's Dip in the Fat.
  4. Dip toast into it to eat.
  5. I watched his head dip.

  6. But when you dip into the.
  7. Dip, dip and swing the paddle.
  8. A Final Dip is not a Key Range.
  9. When the oil is hot, Dip the.
  10. I need another dip in the pool.
  11. Or was that dip staged?
  12. Bail: dip water out of a boat;.
  13. Dip in melted Dipping chocolate.
  14. Another sort of dip you could do.
  15. Dip it in the melted raw chocolate.

  16. The dip may last one day or several.
  17. You could use a quick dip in the.
  18. I much preferred a quick dip and out.
  19. Good, I could use a dip in this heat.
  20. It was kind of like salty oatmeal dip.
  21. Dip the brush in the water and repeat.
  22. Double dip chocolate heavenly hash.
  23. The doctors blamed it on coffee and dip.
  24. When the dip ends at a double bottom.
  25. Dip a pretzel rod into melted caramel.

  26. Fill each of the cups with the crab dip.
  27. The sun had just started to dip behind.
  28. To eat, dip pieces of toast into the egg.
  29. John Never dip your nib in the office ink.
  30. Shoot me! I dare ya! I could use a dip.
  31. Dip them in antiseptic and keep the ice on.
  32. He noted the moon about to dip behind the.
  33. Now he was coming to a dip in the landscape.
  34. The strata dip to the east about 10 degrees.
  35. There is a saucer shaped dip on the horizon.
  36. Buy when prices dip near the moving average.
  37. We can all dip into a collective memory bank.
  38. Before that market rises $75, it may dip $50.
  39. His dip, in water temperatures of between -1.
  40. A dwell is a little brother to a dip, which.
  41. The low day of that dip becomes the key date.
  42. Dip cotton in iced water and apply it on your.
  43. There’s a dip at the end of the driveway.
  44. There is no close during the dip above the 50 MA.
  45. Dip you nose in and inhale the water very gently.
  46. It’s just—I can always dip into their minds.
  47. There is no close during the dip under the 50 MA.
  48. The doctors blamed it on coffee and dip.
  49. That he wanted Lazarus to dip his finger in water.
  50. Volume on the dip to support is lower than average.
  51. After a brief but refreshing dip, the evening was.
  52. Place dip in a bowl and place on a chilled platter.
  53. You go in, your reflection calls you to take a dip.
  54. Dip? he said, more a statement than a question.
  55. You could say I was safe for a large part of the dip.
  56. Dip balls in melted chocolate, then roll in coconut.
  57. Dip candy pieces into chocolate, covering completely.
  58. Dip in chocolate coating to which a small amount of.
  59. The very next week, prices dip below this level to 1.
  60. Double dip chocolate mint for me, she announced.
  61. So's I can still dip that new fresh bread in the yolk.
  62. Spread the cut-up vegetables around dip bowl and serve.
  63. Chimpanzees chew leaves then dip them into water to be.
  64. That is the one for whom I shall dip the morsel and.
  65. There was no dip worthy of the name in those five days.
  66. Mix quickly to coat Dip out tablespoons onto wax paper.
  67. The sun began to dip once more and cast a rather gloomy.
  68. Only dip your finger in it and I’ll drink it all up.
  69. Only once, after a dip in the Ganges at her source, when.
  70. They strongly urged me to cut back, and to stop using dip.
  71. This is an exquisitely executed triple twirl with a dip.
  72. There are several coral dip brands currently on the market.
  73. Then a big dip landing by the hawks woke Samantha and Jane.
  74. Note the dip in the RSI line beneath the index value of 30.
  75. Now that the baby is in the water, just dip one of the wash.
  76. NOT ADD ANY LIQUID! Holding cherries by stems, dip one at a.
  77. At the next junction, in a dip, Doyle slowed and turned left.
  78. This dip was the reaction from December 7th to December 15th.
  79. I’m just having breakfast with my baby before I dip out.
  80. I seem’d to float, to soar, to dip and dive thro’ the Air.
  81. She looked around and Puller saw her hand dip into her jacket.
  82. Dip apples in hot liquid and place on waxed paper to harden.
  83. I told him he could have a proper dip if he were to follow me.
  84. Serve as an aperitif with a dip of choice or as a main course.
  85. Serve with a vegetable dip and your guests will be overwhelmed.
  86. They strongly urged me to cut back, and to stop using dip.
  87. She told me to dip three fingers instead of one and press harder.
  88. Her eyes widened as she dumbly watched his head dip towards her.
  89. Rochelle's heart took another dip, but she was not about to wear.
  90. Baptise = NT907 = to immerse in, to dip into, with = en = in, into.
  91. The funds for this base are ring-fenced, he can’t dip into them.
  92. Dip the spatula into flour as needed to keep cookies from sticking.
  93. I believe you had a nice dip in the sea whiled you were away?
  94. I flattened more broads than a steamroller at a Baptist skinny dip.
  95. Dip еасh tоrtіllа іn thе heated sauce аnd fіll wіth 1/8.
  96. Dip about 1 inch of the end of each cookie into the chocolate sauce.
  97. Thanks! A girl always loves to take a dip in the sewer! I said.
  98. The last thing he needed was yet another issue to dip his beak into.
  99. Eat as is or dip in melted chocolate and chill again before serving.
  100. I went in for a dip and swam for a while but was bored and came out.
  1. Dip in melted Dipping chocolate.
  2. The sun was already dipping in the west.
  3. The little moon was dipping to the horizon.
  4. Dipping compass, on the manipulations of, J.
  5. A brilliant book of wisdom to keep dipping into.
  6. The Covert started dipping and weaving on its own.
  7. Dipping her chin and scowling, she begins to chant.
  8. This is great with French bread for dipping into it.
  9. It was a classic pickpocket maneuver called dipping.
  10. Eat with fork, dipping the fish into the garlic butter.
  11. In a minute, in a minute, he said, dipping his pen.
  12. He said dipping some sushi in the wasabe sauce and then.
  13. Outside the sun was just dipping below the London skyline.
  14. On came the knights, with waving plumes and dipping lances.
  15. I've brought you a present; and, dipping into a pouch tied.
  16. The sun was slowly dipping its feet back into the horizon as.
  17. Dipping his head to Alec, the One Elf vanished into the building.
  18. One bird kept dipping low over the raft, then soaring off again.
  19. Bloodstained Blade entered the dining room, dipping his ax head.
  20. Dipping a hand into the steaming water, it was just what he needed.
  21. Before each dipping, stir the chocolate vigorously with your fingers.
  22. I can stay out for ten before even dipping into emergency air.
  23. The sun was dipping behind the mountains and the breeze was stronger.
  24. Dipping into his pocket, he found a bunch of scrunched up paper tissues.
  25. Roman served the appetizer—fried calamari with a thick white dipping.
  26. Kita stopped dipping her french fry and looked across the table at Skinny.
  27. The Seinfeld episode involving double dipping is what was happening here.
  28. Unable to recall what was said, he pondered the question, dipping his hand.
  29. A limestone rock is seen dipping under the sandstone which forms the country.
  30. Memory acts like a wave, dipping into the bank of universal memory with each.
  31. A promise is a comfort to a fool, Tim said, dipping her mop in the bucket.
  32. On February 22, 2005, the PC ratio stayed low most of the day, dipping below 0.
  33. I loosened my grip and tugged on the string, dipping and dodging the green kite.
  34. Admiral Wa thought over his answer carefully, dipping into his knowledge of history.
  35. Dipping into your capital base is the cardinal sin of investment and empire building.
  36. There was an old practice of dipping an infants dummy into sugar to stop them crying.
  37. Faster and faster the hawk flapped its wings, dipping and dodging through the clouds.
  38. As he came closer, he discovered a bunch of young women were skinny dipping in his pond.
  39. An old silo and windmill creaked in my passing, its water wheel still filling and dipping.
  40. Dipping low it swooped over the road and headed off towards the tall trees of Migaro Lake.
  41. A dipping into the infinite reservoir of knowledge, which is part-of the infinite universe.
  42. It was heading straight for them and zoomed past very low indeed, dipping one wing in salute.
  43. Let’s mark her up, said another one, shoving Graic away and dipping his hand in the mud.
  44. Then he moved up my thighs slowly, dipping under the hem of his shirt and pushing it up along.
  45. He took it from her hand and attempted to feed himself, dipping the grilled cheese in the soup.
  46. By the time we get back to the villa the sun is dipping towards the horizon and the air is chill.
  47. Dinner was a chicken stew called egusi—and fufu, which is pounded yam for dipping in the broth.
  48. The sun was dipping behind the horizon, or it would have been, had it not been pouring with rain.
  49. That twat was ripping me off, dipping his sticky little fingers in places they didn’t belong.
  50. Dipping his finger in his beer he traced his finger around the rim, his eyes down set and confused.
  51. They lunged forward at the slavering wolf-creatures, dipping so far that a knee touched the floor.
  52. I give all my gratitude to Princess Aazuria, Alcyone said softly, dipping into a solemn curtsy.
  53. But in this house, Lady Phyllis won’t stand for him dipping his sword in someone else’s scabbard.
  54. One of the men had removed his cap and was dipping it into the sea, then splashing the cold water in Mrs.
  55. And dipping the tip of his pen into the coal miner’s pit, he pulls it out, scribbling up the page in gold.
  56. I followed the motion of my pen, dipping into an inkwell and scratching across the surface of the paper before me.
  57. It is not uncommon to see swallows skimming its surface, and dipping for the water necessary to build their nests.
  58. As well, bushwalkers over the years have been waterproofing their matches by dipping the heads in melted candle wax.
  59. It’s deep black glaze was painted in white and ocher tones with scenes of women dipping their serving jugs into a.
  60. Dipping his snout to the ground and the faint scent he'd been following, the young badger set off again at a fast trot.
  61. Tera finally ended up in the bath with Heracles, dipping herself up to the neck in the warm water with a sigh of relief.
  62. That’s too bad for them sergeant, answered the superintendent straightening his cap and dipping it over his eyes.
  63. Don did as he was told, dipping an oily rag in the container, wiping it over a new mold—and listening to his new friend.
  64. Camilla watched as he began a methodical examination of the truck, prowling twice around it before dipping to the ground.
  65. It seems to like having its feathers caressed, dipping its head against my hand … it’s obvious pleasure makes me smile.
  66. Like the water that is already in the paint, it too will evaporate out as air is added by the dipping of the brush and roller.
  67. The thoughts floated on the surface of her mind like waves, building and dipping, as she drifted in and out of dreamless sleep.
  68. Three, four times, they circle the travellers, bright wings dipping as if to draw them upwards into their world of air and song.
  69. My latest encounter with double dipping occurred when I paid off my car loan to Toyota Financial Services (TFS) in February 2009.
  70. The madam lays the boss on the bed, removing clothing, going to the basin by the bed and dipping water in it to clean off the wound.
  71. The berries dump into each cauldron until it’s full, then it moves along the overhead conveyor, dipping lower over the flames.
  72. Your hair laid like silk across your shoulder, dipping to cover even your chest at times, as you starred down into the clear water.
  73. Poke a toothpick into the top of each ball (to be used later as the handle for dipping) and chill in freezer until hard (1/2 hour).
  74. I noticed two swans across the river Avon dipping their heads in the swift flowing river obviously combing the water weed for insects.
  75. I floated on wavelike currents, dipping in and out of reality, feeling gentle hands laying cool compresses against my burning forehead.
  76. The hillmen held the ridges, and the mercenaries, gripping their dipping pikes, bracing their feet in the bloody earth, held the Pass.
  77. Overhead the solar was dipping down creating rosy oranges and purples in the west, and a great eagle soared, then swooped down to join her.
  78. They had completed their supper, but were still drinking, dipping pewter mugs or jewelled goblets into the broken heads of the wine-casks.
  79. Claire cackled, pried off the lid, and as we took turns dipping our spoons in, she said to me, So how’s it going with you and Joe?
  80. According to the Agency’s weather forecasters, the storm would continue through the night with temperatures dipping into the single digits.
  81. From rope traces attached to his collar stretched a long line, taut, but dipping with his stride, the further part of it dripping pearly drops.
  82. We spent hours every day shaving bamboo for the center and cross spars, cutting the thin tissue paper which made for easy dipping and recovery.
  83. She dug in her pocket for her keys and touched the touchplate on the jamb, an old reflex, like dipping into holy water before entering a church.
  84. The crystal clear water was dipping and the animals were going up! Massie was shocked but Kristen, the humble Kristen, acted as if it was nothing.
  85. Drake gave a satisfied smile as he watched understanding play across my features and continued to stroke my skin, dipping down lower on my chest.
  86. The scout, standing up at one end of the skiff and dipping his paddle now on one side now on the other, steered skilfully while talking incessantly.
  87. Alas for Tom, the arm twisted and turned in the air dipping and swirling, after all it was boomerang shaped, hitting his head with a sickening thud.
  88. These are some of the methods of grabbing money from the people who have it, but they’re certainly not the only ones when it comes to double dipping.
  89. She looked around and found a stick on the ground; she picked it up and then knelt down at the edge of her small island, dipping the stick into the lava.
  90. It would also prevent future generations of politicians from dipping into the credit till without any concern for the financial wellbeing of our country.
  91. I half spun her around and dipping down I lifted her up, as I grasped the back of her legs throwing her over my shoulder, even as I straightened back up.
  92. One of the women shouted to him, We’re not coming out until you leave! The farmer replied, I didn’t come down here to see you skinny dipping.
  93. And then, one by one, they realized that they couldn’t hear anything at all except for the gentle murmur of their blades dipping into and out of the water.
  94. Dipping his finger between the folds to catch the slick wetness, he traced my opening up to my clitoris and began to stroke, rolling it against the soft mound.
  95. Most love the leverage option and really want to maximize their returns by double dipping and borrowing from bucket A, and investing those funds into bucket B.
  96. Then comes the premièred frame which is heated at about 660 degrees Fahrenheit in Thermal Tunnel before dipping it in the air injected powdered mixture of paint.
  97. The only sign of life was a glint of steel on the far-off battlements, a raven in the sky that wheeled backward and forth, dipping and rising as if seeking something.
  98. They found a little gate, and soon were in a broad green alley of the wood, with a new thicket of fir and pine on one hand, an old oak glade dipping down on the other.
  99. The limestone, slate, and sandstone, as far as the writer's knowledge extends, so to speak, form the country; the limestone and clay slate dipping under the sandstone.
  100. But all it did was wink at them—jet black ink leaked out of its eye as it did so—and simply say, Anchors away, before dipping its bulbous head back underwater.
  1. I dipped my head down.
  2. I dipped into the reef.
  3. The Cup dipped into the sun.
  4. The elf dipped his bald head.
  5. She dipped her hand in the.
  6. The yacht dipped in its wake.
  7. Quinn dipped down to kiss her.
  8. Have dipped in worldly business.
  9. Davis dipped his head to the side.
  10. He dipped his index finger in the.
  11. Arakiel’s head dipped in consent.
  12. She dipped sweetly into his eye line.
  13. I dipped my chips into the runny egg.
  14. Matilde dipped her toe into the water.
  15. He dipped down and started kissing me.
  16. Where between pine-woods dipped the way.
  17. One of the floats dipped under the water.
  18. He dipped the cookie into the milk and.
  19. But then the notes dipped and dove and.
  20. Rykus dipped his chin in a fractional nod.
  21. He dipped his furry toe into the meniscus.
  22. He dipped his head to brush my lips with his.
  23. He dipped his head and gave me a small smile.
  24. He dipped a rolled note into the powder and.
  25. He dipped his head to Silas and stepped back.
  26. When the dipped nose of the bonnet caught the.
  27. His head dipped, as his eyes closed in prayer.
  28. Ananya and I held a coconut dipped in turmeric.
  29. The dolphin dipped his head to her in greeting.
  30. The answer: He dipped into his capital base.
  31. My ribs felt like they’d been dipped in acid.
  32. We dipped our hands in and ate with our fingers.
  33. His thumbs dipped below her waistline, teasing.
  34. His side felt as if it had been dipped in acid.
  35. Factory orders in China had dipped dramatically.
  36. He dipped his lance to her and her lord husband.
  37. I dipped my idli into coconut chutney and ate it.
  38. She dipped one foot in the perfectly still water.
  39. He dipped back into the feeder, eating ravenously.
  40. Circles of light spun and dipped around the stone.
  41. And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood:.
  42. Flatten with a fork dipped in confectioners' sugar.
  43. Need crunch? How about some baby carrots dipped in.
  44. Finally she dipped her little finger into the sauce.
  45. The car came to an intersection and dipped in the rut.
  46. A finger dipped inside her, and she bucked off the bed.
  47. Rhone slid his trousers off onto the pile and dipped a.
  48. An eagle soared overhead as the road dipped again into.
  49. Slice thinly with a knife dipped in hot water to serve.
  50. She dipped the shell into the water and carried it to.
  51. She dipped a spoon into the potion and then took a sip.
  52. He dipped his legs in the water first, up to his calves.
  53. She boiled some water and dipped a bag of Red Bush Chai.
  54. We dipped our hands in and ate with our fingers.
  55. Alistair dipped his head in agreement with this sentiment.
  56. She dipped her pen in the ink, and turning to Marius:—.
  57. His blood pressure had dipped dangerously low: 60 over 0.
  58. His head dipped slightly, but Inacio sensed his feelings.
  59. I got out with a small profit when stock dipped earlier.
  60. In effect, the sun was so low that it dipped at the moment.
  61. Before Elowen could ask where he got the money, he dipped.
  62. The food was blessed and we dipped our bread into the stew.
  63. The slender cleric slid her slippers off and dipped a bare.
  64. She dipped her head and wiggled her fingers at us, beaming.
  65. Dominick dipped his head, and his hair fell across his eyes.
  66. The plane dipped and Rapp glanced over the top of his screen.
  67. The bed dipped above her and the bedsprings creaked as Dayne.
  68. Jack ripped off a piece of bread and dipped it into his sauce.
  69. Bucca dipped into the container and passed her a small lump of.
  70. The market mulled the proposal and the stock price dipped to $12.
  71. He dipped into his purse and took out a handful of silver pennies.
  72. She closed her eyes and dipped her head under, holding her breath.
  73. It dipped to just above the water line and then floated towards.
  74. He took me in his arms and dipped me with flair as he planted a.
  75. Alex placed the linen napkin on his lap and dipped his toast into.
  76. What happens to a litmus paper when it is dipped into the special.
  77. She carefully dipped the tip of the staff into the dancing flames.
  78. He dipped his hand into the pot and brought out a handful of coins.
  79. He who dipped his hand with Me in the dish the same will betray Me.
  80. This is for you Rex, she whispered as she smiled and dipped.
  81. Marshall dipped his head and watched the camera pan away from Daniel.
  82. Using a fork dipped in flour, press edges of pastry together to seal.
  83. You… said the core, his tongue still dipped in the fires of.
  84. All of a sudden all the sea monsters heads dipped below the surface.
  85. All they could see now was her rump bobbing as she dipped for seeds.
  86. They could have dipped them in it before putting them out in the sun.
  87. His legs had been dipped in Kool-Aid as payback for a purloined book.
  88. She dipped the paddle into the water and turned the punt towards home.
  89. When you have dipped a row of candies, top each with a little of the.
  90. Jim stepped to a water-barrel and dipped some water into a tin basin.
  91. I would PLACE my casting dipped in WATER, other than the portion I am.
  92. Lewis dipped his head, appeared somewhat remorseful, then asked, Mr.
  93. Candy kick water at each other as they dipped their feet into the pool.
  94. The count took another spoon, and again dipped it into the golden box.
  95. The RSI had dipped and was turning back up and the MACD was improving.
  96. Emily dipped her hand into the cool water and rubbed it on her skin to.
  97. Jermaine already dipped out secretly with a duffle bag full of goodies.
  98. Her head was dipped but her eyes turned upwards to look at him intently.
  99. He dipped the idol into the water again to loosen up the clay even more.
  100. The line slackened and dipped into the water as the front of the barge.
  1. The kite spins, dips, steadies.
  2. The dips and the dried fruits ready.
  3. The signal dips for a second or two.
  4. Death toll dips to 4 in bridge collapse.
  5. He dips his hand in to pull up some water.
  6. As the train dips down to street level, Edward leaps.
  7. We are the one source that dips into regularly into.
  8. The chassis dips with the added weight hanging from the.
  9. When the sun dips below the skyline, we light the candles.
  10. I watch as Cherrie dips her board over the lip of the slope.
  11. The hay remained with two dips where they had been sleeping.
  12. She dips in two fingers, digs up a wet, soft, slippery thing.
  13. CCI then identified tradable pullbacks with dips below –100.
  14. Vanka sighs, dips his pen in the ink, and continues to write:.
  15. The curvature of the orb dips back into a white field, the eye.
  16. Way 14: Investing in the Bull, trading in the Bear—buying the dips.
  17. When price dips well below the typical range, the opportunity is clear.
  18. Dips below 20 warn of oversold conditions that could foreshadow a bounce.
  19. The plane banks and turns as the wing dips, and we spiral toward the sun.
  20. He answered them It is one of the Twelve he who dips with Me in the dish.
  21. Two bullish continuation signals confirmed that the dips were not reversals.
  22. The setting sun allowed the hills to cast shadows along the dips and curves.
  23. Sara dips away from me and finds the bottle, and the two of them go off laughing.
  24. We stand and watch transfixed as the long legged bird dips its beak into the water.
  25. Her toe dips in and she decides to ease into the waves until she is up to her neck.
  26. It only takes so many turns of that key in the lock, so many dips of your ladle in.
  27. She has to defend a position that gets her shorter into rallies and longer into dips.
  28. See those dips, said Colin, not having realised that Eddie was still at his desk.
  29. Mk 14:20 …it is one of the 12 who dips with me in the dish Dip = bapto = to immerse.
  30. Reaching my navel, he dips his tongue inside, and then gently grazes my belly with his teeth.
  31. Therefore he can buy (fade) dips in the stock and then hope to sell it back out into strength.
  32. Bench press, dips, flies, leg press, leg extensions, leg curls, leg lifts, crunches, StairMaster.
  33. The vegetation had changed somewhat since he was human, but all the dips and rises were the same.
  34. You can cross over, or do some corny dips, or even jitterbug a little, and she stays right with you.
  35. Dips below –100 read as oversold, and moves back above –100 signal the start of an oversold bounce.
  36. There were dips and climbs out of deep gorges and there was a hairpin she wanted to get right this time.
  37. The marsh was covered in new pools of rainwater where before there had only been dampish dips in the ground.
  38. He dances with Mimir, spins him, dips him, catches the staff on his foot, and tips it back up into his hands.
  39. Just in time the doctor realises that the engine is going to stall, dips the clutch and floors the accelerator.
  40. Mica slate likewise lies on the sides of the gneiss range in Canaan and Salisbury, where it dips under the limestone.
  41. Her hands slid underneath his shirt and her fingers traced the well-defined dips and ridges of his hard chest muscles.
  42. Colleen, Aaron, and her family go to Rick’s house where a low table full of veggies and dips lay in front of them.
  43. Wuthering Heights rose above this silvery vapour; but our old house was invisible; it rather dips down on the other side.
  44. For the purposes of this setup, we define a steady uptrend as follows: The 50 MA is rising steadily without any major dips.
  45. The buy on dips mentality has been discredited in the current investor generation’s mind, unless the dip is very deep.
  46. When its 2-bar Force Index dips below zero, it marks a wave that goes against the tide—an opportunity to buy at a lower price.
  47. Focus your attention on using large movements that create the best responses, like squats, deadlifts, dips, pul -ups, shoulder press and rows.
  48. The crow knows how to break a dried up piece of bread when it dips the hardened piece of bread into pond of water to make it soft and eatable.
  49. And a certain heaviness, the heaviness of a very full ear of corn that dips slightly in the wind, that there was about her, made his brain spin.
  50. T-bonds experience several small dips lower and back higher over the next few weeks, any of which may have stopped him out of a futures position.
  51. A buying signal is generated when the price exceeds the upper (+100) line, and a selling signal occurs when the price dips under the lower (-100).
  52. Any supernatural being that dips their fingers in that water will be stripped of all their supernatural abilities each time they step in your house.
  53. The “Virgin Queen” slowly dips as a sudden wave submerges the “bow” and forces a dozen barrels of “salt cod fish” to float off the stack.
  54. Volatility generally dips on those days, so we considered extreme lows as dips greater than 11 percent in the VIX and extreme highs as dips under 2 percent.
  55. Then she picked her way back to the fruit trees to gather a few oranges, this time looking more closely at the ground for small dips where she could set more traps.
  56. It uses it in accordance with its fancy, it dips into it hap-hazard, and it often confines itself, when occasion arises, to alter it in a gross and summary fashion.
  57. The Ministry of Agriculture was a government department; surely they wouldn’t have anything to do with walking scarecrows or dips that turned humans into livestock?
  58. With the thought fresh in his mind, Kurt gestured Bernice forward and began to lead the way toward the lake, taking extra care to direct them around the juts and dips in the path.
  59. The first three days start out like the Upside Gap Two Crows, with the exception that the second black body (third day) dips into the body of the first long white day (Figure 4-53).
  60. But his shoulders were broad and the candlelight highlighted the dips in the shape of his muscle, and all I could do was stare, while he pulled off his trousers and stood before me.
  61. True written representation of speech would require a system more difficult to read and write than all the dots, dips, dashes, letters, marks, strokes and slashes of dictionary entries.
  62. In practical terms, your insulation materials should be able absorb and store heat from the earth and the sun during the day, and release this heat slowly as the temperature dips at night.
  63. The lane twists and dips past Hoops restaurant, turning sharply left, and as the Mondeo swings through the curves and Alex catches a flash of brake lights up ahead, Billy starts to feel nauseous.
  64. Ancient primeval forests pocketed the dips and hollows of the mountains and valleys, while vast stretches of open grassland stretched out like a patchwork quilt over the rolling terrain of the valley bottoms.
  65. Seen by the dim light of the dips, their number to me appeared countless, though not in reality exceeding eighty; they were uniformly dressed in brown stuff frocks of quaint fashion, and long holland pinafores.
  66. How deceitful is the intellectual pride that precedes the spiritual downfall! My friend of many years, who even now eats my bread, will be willing to betray me, even as he now dips his hand with me in the dish.
  67. Mark 14:20-21 It is one of the twelve he who dips with Me in the dish; The Son of Man now indeed goes as it is written about Him but disaster to that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed! It is good for that man if he had.
  68. But if that were the case, and if she had indeed smelled water on the wind, that had to mean it had come from the left—where, in the vast nothing before her, the plains continued on with no breaks or dips in land whatsoever.
  69. In 2000, some strategists were telling people to buy the dips (short-term declines in price) because the cash position of mutual funds had increased greatly and all this money was sitting on the sidelines waiting to be invested.
  70. Some time after I had come in, one of them had been kind enough to show me a bathroom so that I could clean my hands, but I could still see Sam’s blood in the dips around my nails, rust-coloured cuticles that hinted at a not-so-distant atrocity.
  71. That is, if the weekly squeeze on AAPL has fired off a short signal (hey, it could happen), then why waste time buying the dips on the daily chart? These trades are very likely going to be stopped out until that weekly squeeze short signal is over.
  72. July and October stand out as cycles you want to pounce a little earlier on any volatility dips as they tend to provide both good value relative to realized volatility and tendencies in January and October to see sustained volatility strength later in the cycle.
  73. The road from Ankh-Morpork to Quirm is high, white and winding, a thirty-league stretch of potholes and half-buried rocks that spirals around mountains and dips into cool green valleys of citrus trees, crosses liana-webbed gorges on creaking rope bridges and is generally more picturesque than Picturesque.
  74. How he came to fall into this extravagance would perhaps be matter of wonderment to himself on the morrow; but before dinner something in the state of the country, a slight pause in the harvest before the Far Dips were cut, the stories about the new King and the numerous handbills on the walls, had seemed to warrant a little recklessness.
  75. Despite there having once been a time when each different type of plate was sorted into its own separate stack, they were now being tossed together in random, teetering card-house piles of butter-slathered glass, coated with crusted cheese dips and half-devoured, soggy, broccoli, all of which was routinely splashed into Blok's face from the required high water-pressure of the rinsing hose.

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