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Gravely в предложении (на )

1. The old man said gravely.
2. He looked at her gravely.
3. Ngo nodded to him gravely.
4. Dan shook his head gravely.
5. She bowed her head gravely.
6. She nodded her head gravely.
7. You made me suffer gravely.

8. He looked at her very gravely.
9. Thomas shook his head gravely.
10. Barron shook his head gravely.
11. Her face was gravely serious.
12. Nancy nodded her head gravely.
13. The boy nodded his head gravely.
14. Mike then stared at her gravely.
15. The fish looked gravely troubled.
16. Stavrogin looked at him gravely.
17. The old man looked at him gravely.
18. The prince looked at him gravely.
19. But Holmes shook his head gravely.
20. No, said his mother gravely.
21. I might have been gravely injured.
22. The latter scrutinised him gravely.
23. She nodded and looked gravely at me.
24. Sarah stared gravely into his eyes.
25. He then looked gravely at the Rabbi.
26. She then looked gravely at Marshall.
27. What’s that? Del said gravely.
28. Elizabeth then looked gravely at Moten.
29. Madame Hohlakov looked gravely alarmed.
30. Farah looked at the technician gravely.
31. Father looked at him gravely, I did.
32. The world should be gravely concerned.
33. Hickathrift looked down at her gravely.
34. Sarah looked at her gravely for a second.
35. He gazes down at me, and he nods gravely.
36. One of those women looked at her gravely.
37. Then Van Helsing turned and said gravely.
38. In that instant, the vast crowd gravely.
39. I have few questions? I said gravely.
40. Hold up there, son, he said gravely.
41. Van Thorn bowed his head gravely and sighed.
42. Does this induce pain I asked gravely.
43. Speak of him no more, it insults me gravely.
44. The Omori POW doctor examined Harris gravely.
45. The Countess then looked gravely at Lisbeth.
46. A word of advice, said Chrovel gravely.
47. The Luftwaffe doctor looked at Hitler gravely.
48. He enunciated the word and then drank gravely.
49. Your Aunt Rose is gravely ill, she said.
50. That reverend gentleman looked gravely at him.
51. Feng Mantian was looking more and more gravely.
52. Nature hurts, he thought, and chuckled gravely.
53. Then, gravely, he raised her hand to his lips.
54. He stared at me gravely through his spectacles.
55. How did it happen? Asked Fernand gravely.
56. She looked at him gravely and caressed his face.
57. The ma’amour greeted us gravely but politely.
58. Yes, seriously, said the general, gravely.
59. He gravely touched his lips with his forefinger.
60. Then he nodded gravely and glanced at his watch.
61. Nauca nodded gravely while staring at the baby boy.
62. He turned to Alby then, and looked at him gravely.
63. Long Bushi was very solemn now and he gravely said.
64. Mousavi looked at her gravely, measuring his words.
65. We shook hands with him gravely and went back out-.
66. Zverkov waited very gravely, knowing what was coming.
67. I feel within me that something is gravely wrong.
68. Gravely the men turn in at a house—the wrong house.
69. Ingrid looked gravely at him, but kept her voice even.
70. Ah had heard that ye were gravely injured last night.
71. Hundreds of scenarios sifted gravely through her mind.
72. She said to him gravely: This is a terrible tragedy.
73. It was very dark now and Duplex was gravely concerned.
74. Peter Horn looked at his wife, she looked back gravely.
75. Olsufy Ivanovitch gravely and solemnly nodded his head.
76. Numbers are unimportant, the android said gravely.
77. They stood on her porch and she shook his hand gravely.
78. The two statesmen bowed and walked gravely from the room.
79. The children by the fire looked gravely at her, and one.
80. Si, senor, the major affirmed, gravely, with conviction.
81. It’s not really a laughing matter, Del said gravely.
82. Not at all, the attorney replied gravely but hurriedly.
83. He also admitted to me that in the past he had erred gravely.
84. Enjolras, left alone with Marius, was gazing gravely at him.
85. Heads were gravely nodded in agreement with those sentiments.
86. She takes care of an elderly married man who is gravely ill.
87. Nothing makes sense anymore, Batistuta replied gravely.
88. Omar gravely nodded once his head, then looked back at Vyyn.
89. The boy then faced Flavius Aurelius and looked gravely at him.
90. The judge would sit sternly on his bench and gravely deliver.
91. Now Shela joined the conversation and looked at Eilidh gravely.
92. King George nodded his head gravely but replied in a soft voice.
93. Then he said, very gravely, 'My wife died only a fortnight ago.
94. Two fighters, suggested Snotty, and I gravely nodded back.
95. That is as well, as you may have to, said Manfred gravely.
96. Gravely, I shook the hands of my unsmiling companions and left.
97. He looked over them gravely, his face brightening up as he read.
98. Anvi was sitting beside her, on the bed, looking gravely at her.
99. Life and realism surged gravely into his mind and onto his face.
100. Mei Yinxue gravely asked, Who are you? What is the matter?

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