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Into в предложении (на )

I fell into a dream.
We say it into the.
A Trip Into The Past.
So lets dive into this.
We pull into the drive.
Fred looked into the box.
She looked into his eyes.

Cat looked into his eyes.
He went down into death.
Put a call into control.
Ish walked into the bank.
He gets back into his car.
Lets look into Proverbs 2.
He fell into step with me.
Place into the Roach Inn.
Theo stared into her eyes.
I walked into the kitchen.
Action gets you into life.
He ushered them into the.
Whenever you walk into a.
I just called into being.
She whispered into his ear.
And he turned again into.
I looked into his cold eyes.
He took step into the pond.
Dave walks into the kitchen.
Jean reached into his tunic.
These he stuffed into the.
He said he bumped into you.
Ajarn stepped into the hall.
The room burst into laughter.
Terry walks into the kitchen.
Then he gazed into her eyes.
Alan led him into the garden.
She follows me into the hall.
I looked into her moist eyes.
I follow him into his bedroom.
Troyes to look into his death.
I looked into her bright eyes.
His words turned into a chant.

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