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Recital в предложении (на )

1. The duo left the recital hall.
2. Once a year this recital was.
3. And a successful recital is the.
4. This music belonged in a recital hall.
5. A last word, before we enter on the recital.
6. Be sure to have artistically printed recital programs.
7. The arrangement of the recital program, that is, which.

8. Later, the recital selections can be chosen from this list.
9. He’s silent for a moment when I have finished my recital.
10. His recital finished, the abbe reflected long and earnestly.
11. Having Pumpkinseed Smith at a recital at the church, 8:00 P.
12. The length of a recital should be confined to one or one and.
13. In planning a recital, confidence on the part of both teacher.
14. I had been doing this, in an excess of attention to his recital.
15. A brief recital of our commercial system inwards, will show it.
16. Lydia in her itchy, powder blue costume at her first dance recital.
17. Always engaged in the recital of my name and virtues, ever-act-.
18. He hadn’t interrupted me with questions throughout my whole recital.
19. A servant brought refreshments during my recital of the recent events.
20. All this was achieved in much less time than is occupied in the recital.
21. The military commanders went thru a standard Rundown of Readiness recital.
22. Not that Lucy took it up professionally, but she has given the odd recital.
23. I’ve seen you in the recital hall, listening to the orchestra practice.
24. The pen trembles in my hand—my heart sickens at the recital of such misery.
25. Beadle had printed out sixteen photos that had been taken at the spring recital.
26. I started going to concerts and the recital hall up to five or six times a week.
27. Adrian made his way to the entrance of the recital hall, awaiting Lucas' return.
28. Where do you lodge? asked the lady, when the young girl had finished her recital.
29. As Roy's concluded his recital I was suddenly made fully aware of my absolute love for.
30. It’s always, Fine, Blanche, or Thanks for the recital at the PTA tea, Miss H.
31. Angie just sat, eyes enormous, listening to her husband’s halting, embarrassed recital.
32. To cover his embarrassment at being caught by Scarlett, he plunged hastily into a recital of.
33. Soon she got so entrenched in his descriptive recital of the history of the house she forgot all about it.
34. Lucas--it seems--was putting on a recital at the edge of town and he wanted Adrian to partake of his glory.
35. It was during a festival some city friends invited him to that he first heard a recital of a most famous epic poem.
36. THE further I advance in the recital of this period of my life, the more difficult and onerous does the task become.
37. I will not disgust you with a recital of the vices of my youth, which can scarcely be comprehended by female delicacy.
38. I allude to the repeated recital of British outrages, the bombardment of Copenhagen, and the attack on Constantinople.
39. They then asked for a recital of the most unusual ices and when the fountain man said, Old fashioned lime-vanilla ice.
40. There is no weighing of motives or analysis of character; nothing but a plain recital of facts as they are found to exist.
41. The pathetic recital caused several women at the hearing to weep, and all within earshot of the steward's story were thrilled.
42. Both he and Andrew danced as if they were following a practiced recital as blade met flesh and splashed blood in every direction.
43. Or last week, when pressed to come to her dance recital, he didn’t rule it out entirely, using the tired old excuse of, ‘work.
44. I heard Alastair play in a recital once – he plays organ and piano, you know – bloody fantastic what he could do with that organ.
45. When this recital of events was ended, his voice once more changed, and became plaintive and even musical, in its low guttural sounds.
46. During the recital of this tale, a flush had risen on Egeria’s cheek, and she tapped her foot with growing impatience upon the floor.
47. Tonight, during the Recital, he thought that way no would know and the two of you could talk and then join everyone else for dinner.
48. But Valentine was so weak that this recital scarcely produced the same effect it would have done had she been in her usual state of health.
49. The invalid sank back upon his cushions, tired out by this long recital, while his nurse poured him out a glass of some stimulating medicine.
50. This particular occasion was the Annual Spring Recital in which Quan’s daughter Mia, who was only 8 years old, was singing her first solo.
51. Prayers and recital of mantras, which have been known to be practiced around the world to help and heal the world, also hinge upon our intent.
52. Whereupon there ensu’d a Recital from each Member of the Coven of all the Doings of that Week, which the Maiden duly inscrib’d in her Book.
53. As for my father, for years I spoke to him on the phone about once a month, the conversations polite and newsy, a recital of things that happened.
54. May we be permitted to recur, for the sake of clearness in the recital, to the simple means which we have already employed in the case of Waterloo.
55. But to shorten the long recital of my woes, I will pass over in silence all the artifices employed by Don Fernando for declaring his passion for me.
56. This occurred while a recital was about to begin at Grace Presbyterian Church with Marian and others from the National Association of Negro Musicians.
57. Sure, from time to time, we all need to miss a dance recital or a date night when duty calls, but our precious memories aren’t always there for the taking.
58. No sooner had the jinn listened to it than they said: "We have heard a wondrous recital (Qur'an) giving guidance to the right path so we have believed in it".
59. I will not trouble the House with a recital of the technical jargon and tedious repetition of words, of course, which constitute the bulk of such instruments.
60. Then, patting the young girl on the head, he continued, Haidee is very courageous, and she sometimes even finds consolation in the recital of her misfortunes.
61. And another thing, young lady, if you mention her name, this Screaming Whatsis, once more at this table during lunch, I won’t go out with you to hear her recital.
62. Nathan ended his touching recital with these words: But David, who sends us this word, reports that the Master, in foretelling his death, declared that he would rise again.
63. The puppets, instead of continuing the recital, redoubled their noise and outcries, and, putting Pinocchio on their shoulders, they carried him in triumph before the footlights.
64. I would sit in the midst of a big symphonic performance, a vocal recital, or a chamber music concert and imagine all the songs that I’d never thought to write and everything that there was still to learn.
65. Unable to agree with the Melanie’s soft voice, tinged with indignation, went on and on as she told of the recent Gentlemen’s Glee Club as to the program for their next recital, the ladies had waited on.
66. My judges had listened with interest and even kindness, to the recital of my acquaintance with the usurper, from the meeting in the snowdrift to the taking of Belogorsk, where he gave me my life through gratitude.
67. We would arrange our chairs around any piano that we could find and listen while Steve Nieve gave a recital of his own keyboard inventions until the early hours or until the cupboard was bare, whichever came first.
68. Norris was at intervals urging something different; and in the most interesting moment of his passage to England, when the alarm of a French privateer was at the height, she burst through his recital with the proposal of soup.
69. Down there she had behaved exactly like the traditional foolish woman when there is a death about,--no common sense, no grit, crying if you looked at her, and keeping up a continual dismal recital of the virtues of the departed.
70. They sat at the long dining-room table and ate fried chicken and drank iced tea and told long-forgotten stories about the departed—the way Sam used to hum every time he ate ice cream and how Julia had forgotten all the notes before her first piano recital.
71. She managed the recital, as she hoped, with address; prepared her anxious listener with caution; related simply and honestly the chief points on which Willoughby grounded his apology; did justice to his repentance, and softened only his protestations of present regard.
72. She stood at the foot of Philip's cross encouraging him to proclaim the glad tidings even to his murderers, and when his strength failed, she began the recital of the story of salvation by faith in Jesus and was silenced only when the irate Jews rushed upon her and stoned her to death.
73. The answer known, he had yielded to Albert's wish to be introduced to Haidee, and allowed the conversation to turn on the death of Ali, and had not opposed Haidee's recital (but having, doubtless, warned the young girl, in the few Romaic words he spoke to her, not to implicate Morcerf's father).
74. The whole history of pagan times is nothing but a recital of the incidents and means by which the more wicked gained possession of power over the less wicked, and retained it by cruelties and deceptions, ruling over the good under the pretense of guarding the right and protecting the good from the wicked.
75. You prohibited my mentioning my father's name to her, but perhaps "Count," said Albert, in a low tone to Monte Cristo, "do allow the signora to tell me she will allude to him of her own accord in the course of the recital, and you have no idea how delighted I should be to hear our name pronounced by such beautiful lips.
76. You must know best what will be its effect; but had I not seriously, and from my heart believed it might be of service, might lessen her regrets, I would not have suffered myself to trouble you with this account of my family afflictions, with a recital which may seem to have been intended to raise myself at the expense of others.
77. And the thing was so much the more annoying, as, according to the characteristic modesty of a Frenchman, Albert had quitted Paris with the full conviction that he had only to show himself in Italy to carry all before him, and that upon his return he should astonish the Parisian world with the recital of his numerous love-affairs.
78. Have you not read that masterpiece of Semitic literature -- the Scripture story of the afflictions of Job? Do you not recall how this wonderful parable begins with the recital of the material prosperity of the Lord's servant? You well remember that Job was blessed with children, wealth, dignity, position, health, and everything else which men value in this temporal life.
79. This had become thoroughly her attitude by the time that, in my recital of the events of the night, I reached the point of what Miles had said to me when, after seeing him, at such a monstrous hour, almost on the very spot where he happened now to be, I had gone down to bring him in; choosing then, at the window, with a concentrated need of not alarming the house, rather that method than a signal more resonant.
80. Jackson reminds me, sir, of a set of miserable, conceited pretenders to wit, who, having great confidence in the acuteness of their own mental perceptions, and very little in that of their hearers, will kindly and compassionately explain the point of wit to their hearers, before they approach it in the recital of the story, to prepare and qualify the hearers' minds to join in the laugh intended to be produced by it.
81. To dissipate the sadness of this recital Tess went and bade all her favourite cows goodbye, touching each of them with her hand, and as she and Clare stood side by side at leaving, as if united body and soul, there would have been something peculiarly sorry in their aspect to one who should have seen it truly; two limbs of one life, as they outwardly were, his arm touching hers, her skirts touching him, facing one way, as against all the dairy facing the other, speaking in their adieux as "we", and yet sundered like the poles.
82. As the speed increased, and the Toad could see on either side of him real fields, and trees, and hedges, and cows, and horses, all flying past him, and as he thought how every minute was bringing him nearer to Toad Hall, and sympathetic friends, and money to chink in his pocket, and a soft bed to sleep in, and good things to eat, and praise and admiration at the recital of his adventures and his surpassing cleverness, he began to skip up and down and shout and sing snatches of song, to the great astonishment of the engine-driver, who had come across washerwomen before, at long intervals, but never one at all like this.
83. Dantes obeyed, and commenced what he called his history, but which consisted only of the account of a voyage to India, and two or three voyages to the Levant until he arrived at the recital of his last cruise, with the death of Captain Leclere, and the receipt of a packet to be delivered by himself to the grand marshal; his interview with that personage, and his receiving, in place of the packet brought, a letter addressed to a Monsieur Noirtier—his arrival at Marseilles, and interview with his father—his affection for Mercedes, and their nuptual feast—his arrest and subsequent examination, his temporary detention at the Palais de Justice, and his final imprisonment in the Chateau d'If.
84. To him prayer was a sincere expression of spiritual attitude, a declaration of soul loyalty, a recital of personal devotion, an expression of thanksgiving, an avoidance of emotional tension, a prevention of conflict, an exaltation of intellection, an ennoblement of desire, a vindication of moral decision, an enrichment of thought, an invigoration of higher inclinations, a consecration of impulse, a clarification of viewpoint, a declaration of faith, a transcendental surrender of will, a sublime assertion of confidence, a revelation of courage, the proclamation of discovery, a confession of supreme devotion, the validation of consecration, a technique for the adjustment of difficulties, and the mighty mobilization of the combined soul powers to withstand all human tendencies toward selfishness, evil, and sin.
85. Christianity destroys the State—Which is more necessary, Christianity or the State?—There are men who defend the necessity of the State, and others who, on the same grounds, deny this necessity—Neither can be proved by abstract reasoning—The question decides the character of a man's consciousness, which either allows or forbids him to participate in the organization of the State—Realization of the uselessness and immorality of taking part in the organization of the State, which is contradictory to Christian doctrine, decides this question for each one, regardless of the destiny of the State—Argument of the defenders of the State, as a form of social life indispensable for the defense of the good from the wicked, until all nations, and all members of each nation, shall have become Christians—The more wicked are always those in power—History is but a recital of the usurpation of power by the bad over the good—The acknowledgment by authority of the necessity of struggle with evil by violence is equivalent to self-destruction—The annihilation of violence is not only possible, but is going on before our eyes—However, it is not destroyed by State violence, but through those men who, obtaining power by violence, and recognizing its vanity and futility, benefit by experience and become incapable of using violence—This is the process through which individual men, as well as whole nations, have passed—It is in that way that Christianity penetrates into the consciousness of men, and not only is this accomplished despite the violence used by authority, but through its agency, and therefore the abolition of authority is not only without danger, but it goes on continually as life itself—Objection of the defenders of the State system that the diffusion of Christianity is improbable—Diffusion of Christian truth interdicting violence accomplished not only slowly and gradually, by the internal method, by individual recognition of the truth, by prophetic intuition, by the realizing of the emptiness of power and abandonment of it by individual men, but accomplished also by the external method, by which large numbers of men, inferior in intellectual development, at once, in view of their confidence in the others, adopt the new truth—The diffusion of truth at a certain stage creates a public opinion, which compels the majority of men who have previously opposed it to recognize the new truth at once—Therefore a universal renunciation of violence may very soon come to pass; namely, when a Christian public opinion shall be established—The conviction of the necessity of violence prevents the establishment of Christian public opinion—Violence compels men to discredit the moral force which can alone exalt them—Neither nations nor individual men have been conquered by violence, but by public opinion, which no violence can resist—It is possible to conquer savage men and nations only by the diffusion of Christian public opinion among them, whereas the Christian nations, in order to conquer them, do everything in their power to destroy the establishment of a Christian public opinion—These unsuccessful experiments cannot be cited as a proof of the impossibility of conquering men by Christianity—Violence which corrupts public opinion only prevents the social organization from becoming what it should be, and with the abolition of violence Christian public opinion will be established—Whatever may take place when violence has been abolished, the unknown future can be no worse than the present, and therefore one need not fear it—To penetrate to the unknown and move toward it is the essence of life.

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