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Roosevelt в предложении (на )

  1. Roosevelt, he said, was dead.
  2. Roosevelt died on April 12, 1945.
  3. Roosevelt in 1932 inaugurated a.
  4. But, President Roosevelt was angry.
  5. Next Roosevelt dealt with the banks.

  6. Roosevelt then became serious again.
  7. Roosevelt wrung a hand at those words.
  8. Roosevelt mentioned what had happened.
  9. Roosevelt did play the political card.
  10. He was, he said, Franklin Roosevelt Jr.
  11. That made Roosevelt pause for a moment.
  12. Roosevelt, the Invisible God had spoken.
  13. Roosevelt sent a committee to investigate.
  14. Miss Roosevelt is an enthusiastic spectator.
  15. Roosevelt was President of the United States.

  16. What President Roosevelt knew years earlier.
  17. Churchill and Roosevelt in his autobiography?
  18. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin.
  19. Clinton Roosevelt, a direct ancestor of Franklin.
  20. Roosevelt was a capable negotiator, but for empire.
  21. One can argue Roosevelt was an important president.
  22. Roosevelt described it as a splendid little war.
  23. Roosevelt, The only thing to fear, is fear itself.
  24. Eleanor Roosevelt resigned from the DAR in protest.
  25. Franklin Roosevelt, the great liberal, is President.

  26. Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United.
  27. Roosevelt, shot and killed his share of 'wild animals'.
  28. It was John Roosevelt, the president’s youngest son.
  29. Tehran that year, Roosevelt and Stalin opposed Churchill.
  30. President Roosevelt took the step, for security purposes.
  31. Roosevelt nodded at that, then looked at General Marshall.
  32. Roosevelt sat ramrod straight in a large leather armchair.
  33. Becoming friendly with Joseph Stalin, Roosevelt commuted.
  34. I had read somewhere that President Theodore Roosevelt had.
  35. Since Roosevelt, the attacks on the individual Amendments of.
  36. Why did Roosevelt press for the passage of the court-packing.
  37. Roosevelt looked at his officials and generals at those words.
  38. The fact was, I had not been completely honest with Roosevelt.
  39. Theodore Roosevelt understood what it meant to be a risk taker.
  40. But no one person created the canal more than Teddy Roosevelt.
  41. Roosevelt used the Map Room as his situation room during the.
  42. With the appointment of the new judges by President Roosevelt.
  43. And you certainly don’t have the bravado of Teddy Roosevelt.
  44. Roosevelt couldn’t wait to talk to the boys from Washington.
  45. There is a famous quote by Theodore Roosevelt that you may be.
  46. Roosevelt, a hard expression on his face, then looked at Nancy.
  47. Theodore Roosevelt would recall the visit of his uncle James.
  48. Roosevelt sold the American public on the idea that government.
  49. They loved Roosevelt and Stalin… I mean loved George Bush Jr.
  50. Martha married Theodore Roosevelt, Senior, father of President.
  51. Churchill deserves a greater share of the blame than Roosevelt.
  52. His successor, Teddy Roosevelt, reversed course in several ways.
  53. Teddy Roosevelt advises us to talk softly, but carry a big stick.
  54. She then looked at President Roosevelt with nearly imploring eyes.
  55. From a humanitarian point of view, Teddy Roosevelt was a disaster.
  56. Roosevelt and a compliant Congress was that Social Security was a.
  57. Roosevelt once stated: The only thing we have to fear, is fear.
  58. He said there is a great seafood bar in North Roosevelt Boulevard.
  59. President Franklin Roosevelt repealed the amendment in 1934; only.
  60. Because of Hill’s success, President Theodore Roosevelt in 1905.
  61. Roosevelt dealt with the coup by leaking the story to to the press.
  62. Roosevelt once said, The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
  63. Again from Roosevelt, "There is nothing to fear, but fear itself!".
  64. Roosevelt was an enlightened member of the Robber Baron millionaires.
  65. How did Roosevelt become so idolized? By the invention of the Victrola.
  66. Roosevelt finally fired him in 1939 when Winship was facing new charges.
  67. Roosevelt, let me put this as simply as possible, said Wells-Barnett.
  68. Frankfurter was an appointee, supporter, and friend of Franklin Roosevelt.
  69. Arnold’s smile then faded somewhat as he gave a sober look at Roosevelt.
  70. Roosevelt then told rebels in Panama he would help them if they revolted.
  71. Teddy Roosevelt was above all an imperial president, but never a noble one.
  72. Now convinced, Roosevelt looked around the table at his military advisors.
  73. I suspect that President Roosevelt will not be pleased by this, Sir Arthur.
  74. Then Roosevelt began to speak, leaning forward on his podium, clutching it.
  75. Waiting for the others to file out, Roosevelt then eyed Ingrid with gravity.
  76. Roosevelt, Cordell Hull, and Sumner Wells were all determined to change that.
  77. Roosevelt went to a cabinet behind his desk and took out a crystal decanter.
  78. Actual socialists opposed Roosevelt almost as strongly as those on the right.
  79. Roosevelt kept the fixed smile on his face until the two were out of the room.
  80. Roosevelt did order a special act of the New Deal to reconstruct Puerto Rico.
  81. The UFO flies towards the tramway crossing from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island.
  82. Roosevelt leading the Rough Riders captured the imagination of graphic artists.
  83. Roosevelt and a corrupt French businessman, Phillippe Bunau Varilla, stepped in.
  84. Franklin Roosevelt appointed General Blanton Winship as Governor of Puerto Rico.
  85. Roosevelt, visibly frustrated, looked first at Secretary of State Cordell Hull.
  86. In the United States, meanwhile, Roosevelt had a presidential election coming up.
  87. Teddy Roosevelt quit his job as Secretary of the Navy to join a volunteer cavalry.
  88. But Roosevelt had committed himself to Churchill and dissuaded Marshall and King.
  89. When Theodore Roosevelt said Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
  90. When President Theodore Roosevelt invited the black educational reformer Booker T.
  91. In that year, the Democrats under the guidance of President Roosevelt pulled one.
  92. Roosevelt while still reading the morning edition of the Chicago Tribune newspaper.
  93. Why did Roosevelt and the Congress in 1935 set up the Social Security program the.
  94. President Roosevelt (FDR) instigated and then covered up his role in drawing the U.
  95. Unlike Roosevelt, Obama did not jail or even try to charge lawless financial elites.
  96. But while this sentiment did support Roosevelt, it does not change his central role.
  97. Before Arnold could reply to that, Roosevelt cut him off by answering Stark himself.
  98. Roosevelt offered an amnesty for Filipino fighters and declared the war over in 1902.
  99. Roosevelt anticipated that if Japan attacked and scored a decisive victory over the U.
  100. Roosevelt negotiated to build and then rent the canal, signing the Hays-Herran Treaty.

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