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Shade в предложении (на )

  1. A beer in the shade.
  2. A shade from the heat.
  3. There is not a shade of.
  4. The subtle shade of the.
  5. The kid went a shade paler.

  6. The window shade was down.
  7. That shade is nice on you.
  8. If the unusual shade of the.
  9. Ain’t even much shade here.
  10. Some cows stood in the shade.
  11. His eyes were a shade darker.
  12. The shade of it was familiar.
  13. The sly shade of a Rural Dean.
  14. To the grass and shade?
  15. And he went over into the shade.

  16. In the Lyceum's noiseless shade.
  17. His tone becomes a shade colder.
  18. An unseen hand drew a shade down.
  19. At least we’ll have some shade.
  20. As he left the shade and headed.
  21. It was pure hot even in the shade.
  22. There were trees to give us shade.
  23. It may be that his martyred shade.
  24. The air grew cold, a shade darker.
  25. And sitting in the shade and soft.

  26. They were the shade of winter sky.
  27. Akbar in ‘The Shade of Swords’.
  28. No shade of duality survives their.
  29. It was a chance of shade and light.
  30. I stood submerged in the shade and.
  31. You should be happy with the shade.
  32. I can now easily shade tears or cry.
  33. There is no shade anywhere at Lohme.
  34. Zhilín walked and kept in the shade.
  35. Equate the amount of shade with the.
  36. It was just a shade warmer than dead.
  37. They carry their own light and shade.
  38. Sit cool in the warm shade of summer.
  39. Lobo lay in the shade and had water.
  40. Book III: 103 in the Shade Chapter 48.
  41. Ninety degrees in the shade and humid.
  42. To raise it high above the shade, and.
  43. Nor are the shade and the torrid heat.
  44. Date and palm trees gave shade, tall.
  45. Into the shade and loneliness and mire.
  46. It was the same exact shade as her hair.
  47. I must have turned a bright shade of red.
  48. His face turned a sickly shade of yellow.
  49. I looked, and I beheld the shade of him.
  50. Not of woods only and the shade of trees.
  51. Let me find some shade, Doran said.
  52. The shade felt better than the hot sun.
  53. The soda turned a violent shade of cobalt.
  54. Shade awaited them in the corner paddock.
  55. Many had lain down in the shade to sleep.
  56. His reflection was a shade on the window.
  57. Even in the shade it was intolerably hot.
  58. We've had a narrow escape ; that shade.
  59. The shore was lined with shade trees and.
  60. Gaminerie is a shade of the Gallic spirit.
  61. After she left, I sat there in the shade.
  62. It is so good to just sit in the shade.
  63. Warms in the tint, and mellows in the shade.
  64. The classrooms in the shade of the hangar.
  65. There was neither curtain nor shade to the.
  66. Philander, a shade of annoyance in his tone.
  67. Take note of every shade ; a man's laugh mu.
  68. It was topped by a cashmere sweater a shade.
  69. A little breeze stirred the blue window shade.
  70. Let’s sit in the shade of that cherry tree.
  71. We don't have one in the right shade of green.
  72. This shade of deference also disturbed Pierre.
  73. Waving up to the palm fringes of coffee shade.
  74. There is an old black walnut tree to shade her.
  75. His normally bronzed skin looked a shade paler.
  76. Suddenly the lights turned an ominous shade of.
  77. I was having trouble with my sight in the shade.
  78. At noon he sprawled in the poor shade of a bush.
  79. The opaque walls were painted a pleasing shade.
  80. Outside, the hills had that brilliant shade of.
  81. Because it meant that a lack of shade wasn’t.
  82. He tried to step into some shade but had no luck.
  83. Can I get some shade, the sun burns like hell.
  84. The guide, sat in the shade, ignored the old man.
  85. The shade screeched up, and she lighted the wick.
  86. Go back closer to the trees, Fox, in the shade.
  87. With our chins in the cool shade, we drank it in.
  88. There was a shade of puzzlement behind the older.
  89. It was usually over 90 in the shade, and no way.
  90. He sat where the homes above cast a bit of shade.
  91. Her lips the exact same shade of red as the dress.
  92. The big thermometer in the shade read 102 degrees.
  93. On the table before him stood a lamp with a shade.
  94. I was an ugly shade of lime green and piss yellow.
  95. He growled his eyes turning a dark shade of red.
  96. The girl’s eyes were a beautiful shade of green.
  97. Two boys were angling in the shade of a willow-tree.
  98. Darek took the pleasure of resting under its shade.
  99. The heat was suffocating as there was little shade.
  100. To hide his poll or dye it of a mentionable shade;.
  1. Shading her eyes with her hand Mrs.
  2. You will then get a shading effect.
  3. Lines of shading, different, 102, 123.
  4. Softness indicated by shading, 102, 123.
  5. She leans back shading you facing outward.
  6. Fulness of form indicated by shading, 102, 124.
  7. I’m shading toward the dead end of the middle.
  8. As the use of shading became systematized the contour.
  9. Jack turned to face me, shading his eyes from the glare.
  10. The crossing of lines in shading gives a more opaque look.
  11. Shading her eyes from the glaring hot sun, she peered about.
  12. I know it will be tricky but leave to the shading to others.
  13. Portraits, he answered, a faint smile shading his lips.
  14. The glass here had taken on a shading tint against the sunlight.
  15. You can help cool your home by shading the windows with awnings.
  16. He peaked out, shading his eyes from the blinding afternoon sun.
  17. First the rose (which is a form of red) then the yellow, shading.
  18. Meanwhile he’d made a good living, in part by shading the truth.
  19. She drew herself up slowly, shading her eyes with her hand to look.
  20. Legolas gazed ahead, shading his eyes from the level shafts of the.
  21. There are stone benches and many large trees shading the courtyard.
  22. He rose and gazed out eastward, shading his eyes, as if he saw things.
  23. He straightened up as they dismounted, shading his eyes against the sun.
  24. In Line Drawing shading should only be used to aid the expression of form.
  25. Jason and Deanna were in the background, shading their eyes as they peered.
  26. As they approached the last doorway, an old man appeared in it, shading his.
  27. It looked as though they were shading away from the strong blue sky and their.
  28. If a person, of whatever shading, hates a person of a different color, thats racism.
  29. Soon we arrived at another clump of trees shading an intersection with another dirt lane.
  30. There were pine trees whose needles hung onto small limbs, shading a part of the boulder.
  31. They’re probably caught in traffic, Bree said, shading her eyes from the afternoon sun.
  32. Their path led through more forest, the trees pressed closely in, shading them from the warm red sun.
  33. He was as large as Brander, if not larger, and had silver strands of hair shading his dark blond hair.
  34. Bathymetric chart: a chart indicating depths of water by contour lines and shading; a bottom contour chart.
  35. It is indeed an endless task to follow the numerous shading placed on the simple words by various interpreters.
  36. All the parchment and binding roared back in answer, cream shading transmuted to crimson, a destruction of words.
  37. They had been, he perceived, like a dark blind shading his eyes from the tormenting glare of too much domesticity.
  38. Experiment with different ways of shading and highlighting your eyes, and see which shapes and colors suit you best.
  39. He whistled loudly for a while and shading his eyes with his hand looked in all directions but did not sight the dog.
  40. The expression of terror did not leave her even when, shading her eyes with the palms of her hands, she recognized him.
  41. The curving of the lines in shading adds considerably to the force of the relief, and suggests much stronger modelling.
  42. The governor read what he had written, slowly, with his open hand shading his eyes from the bronze butterlamp, his lips moving.
  43. As they approached the last doorway, an old man appeared in it, shading his squinting eyes from the slant of the sun with his hand.
  44. Sylvia, in a cream-colored sweater and straight skirt, shading her eyes from the mischievous sun, walking on into the great return.
  45. A mariner, far out in the Channel, in a small boat, was shading his eyes with his hand and gazing towards the south-western horizon.
  46. The fulmination that had dissipated a little earlier would have blinded him too were it not for said helm shading his eyes from any glare.
  47. In this method the lines of shading not being much varied in direction or curved at all, a minimum amount of that "form stimulus" is conveyed.
  48. Yellow sandstone is colored also by iron, and I have frequently seen the red sandstone shading of to the yellow without any division whatever.
  49. Ahh, screamed the man with the scar, as he raised an arm before his eyes, shading them from the painfully bright light that was shining on him.
  50. The sun had risen brightly and its slanting rays struck straight into Napoleon’s face as, shading his eyes with his hand, he looked at the fleches.
  51. The sun had risen brightly and its slanting rays struck straight into Napoleon’s face as, shading his eyes with his hand, he looked at the flèches.
  52. I barely remember Earth and when I try to picture it in my mind today I notice the fields covered with ribbonleaves and archwoods shading the houses.
  53. Turning and shading his eyes against the sun, he saw the bird, a big, dark black and white creature, bearing down out of the blue sky at great speed.
  54. Then, he took up the candle, and, shading it with his murderous hand so as to throw its light on me, stood before me, looking at me and enjoying the sight.
  55. Lines of shading drawn in every direction, crossing each other and resolving themselves into tone effects, suggest atmosphere and the absence of surface form.
  56. Rory stood, swung his arms as if to improve circulation and then squatted down, apparently facing up the coast, shading his eyes against the glare off the sea.
  57. He sailed close enough to exchange hails with the workmen, shading their eyes on the edge of the sheer drop of the cliff overhung by the jib-head of a powerful crane.
  58. Shading should be a subtle blending rather than obvious patches; use pinks, golds, peaches and reds in daytime, and keep the darker browns for use under electric light.
  59. He stood about thirty feet above deck level in Defiant’s mizzen ratlines, shading his eyes against the fierce light of the newly risen sun as he peered almost directly into it.
  60. The short, round-shouldered Captain Tushin, stumbling over the tail of the gun carriage, moved forward and, not noticing the general, looked out shading his eyes with his small hand.
  61. The short, round-shouldered Captain Túshin, stumbling over the tail of the gun carriage, moved forward and, not noticing the general, looked out shading his eyes with his small hand.
  62. In figure drawing it is an interesting quality to use sparingly, with the shading done on the across-the-form principle; and to suggest a difference of texture or a straining of the form.
  63. What I tell you is this: whilst my father and mother barely remembered me many field-lengths away, I sat alone under the grey cypress tree, its leaves shading me from the worst of the chill.
  64. This method will lighten or darken a tone in varying degree, according to whether the lines are thick, thin, or gradated—somewhat in the same way that lines of shading are drawn in line work.
  65. How also in Plate I he has carried the vertical feeling even into the sheep in the front, introducing little bands of vertical shading to carry through the vertical lines made by the kneeling figures.
  66. It was a dark, handsome, clear-cut face which confronted Milverton, a face with a curved nose, strong, dark eyebrows shading hard, glittering eyes, and a straight, thin-lipped mouth set in a dangerous smile.
  67. It was a dark, handsome, clear-cut face which confronted Milverton—a face with a curved nose, strong, dark eyebrows shading hard, glittering eyes, and a straight, thin-lipped mouth set in a dangerous smile.
  68. In the case of foreshortened effects, where the forms are seen at their fullest, arching one over the other, some curvature in the lines of shading is of considerable advantage in adding to the foreshortened look.
  69. Little Tushin, moving feebly and awkwardly, kept telling his orderly to ‘refill my pipe for that one!’ and then, scattering sparks from it, ran forward shading his eyes with his small hand to look at the French.
  70. Little Túshin, moving feebly and awkwardly, kept telling his orderly to refill my pipe for that one! and then, scattering sparks from it, ran forward shading his eyes with his small hand to look at the French.
  71. Not getting it in the contour, Watts has boldly introduced it by means of shading the farther arm and insisting on the light upper edge of the outstretched arm and hand, while losing somewhat the, outline of the head beyond.
  72. Here you can see how the metaphor slides from an economic free market tone to farmer's market shading to geographical field solidity; one metaphor, market; three tones: free, farmer's, local; but multiple ethical inferences and emotional responses.
  73. The distinction between the tower roofs and the body of the building is not brought out clearly in the different drawings, as this would require shading all the granite stonework except the tower roofs, and shading is prohibited by the instructions.
  74. By losing the outline of the third figure on the right and getting a double line out of the single figure on the left by means of the outline of the mass of hair, and also by shading this single figure more strongly, he has contrived to keep a perfect balance.
  75. He was always dressed in a fine, freshly pressed, brown hound's-tooth English suit with a dark brown Irish cap pulled over his snow-white curls and shading his General Erwin Rommel or, if you prefer, killer hawk's Conrad-Veidt-about-to-smother-Joan-Crawford-or-Greer-Garson face.
  76. But Legolas stood beside him, shading his bright elven-eyes with his long slender hand, and he saw not a shadow, nor a blur, but the small figures of horsemen, many horsemen, and the glint of morning on the tips of their spears was like the twinkle of minute stars beyond the edge of mortal sight.
  77. As she lay in her nest, clenching the thin, smooth branch of whatever bush was shading her, she wondered again about Stan and how easily he had deceived her, but before she could think too long, a party ascended the mountain from the east—probably the source of the voices she had heard by the stream.
  78. Stooping and shading my candle with my hand, I ran in a frenzy of fear to the rocky archway, hastened up it, and never stopped until, with weary feet and panting lungs, I rushed up the final slope of stones, broke through the tangle of briars, and flung myself exhausted upon the soft grass under the peaceful light of the stars.
  79. In the chapter on line work it was stated that: "Lines of shading drawn across the forms suggest softness, lines drawn in curves fulness of form, lines drawn down the forms hardness, and lines crossing in every direction atmosphere," and these rules apply equally well to the direction of the brush strokes (the brush work) in a painting.
  80. Beyond Stresow the road was hilly and charming, with woods drawing sometimes to the edge of it and shading us, and sometimes drawing back to the other side of meadows; and there were the first fields of yellow lupins in flower, and I had the delight to which I look forward each year as July approaches of smelling that peculiarly exquisite scent.
  81. For a moment the captain listened, straining his eyes at the same time to pierce the dense mist ahead; the man on the look-out, perched in the bows, who had been leaning forward with his hand shading his eyes, turned about with a startled gesture, throwing his arms aloft, and shouted to the captain that we were close in shore, and heading for it directly; the captain sprang to the indicator, and signalled for the reversal of the engines; but it was too late.
  82. Years afterwards she could bring the whole scene back again, as if it had been only yesterday—the mild blue eyes and kindly smile of the Knight—the setting sun gleaming through his hair, and shining on his armour in a blaze of light that quite dazzled her—the horse quietly moving about, with the reins hanging loose on his neck, cropping the grass at her feet—and the black shadows of the forest behind—all this she took in like a picture, as, with one hand shading her eyes, she leant against a tree, watching the strange pair, and listening, in a half dream, to the melancholy music of the song.
  83. Out in the garden, for instance, down there beyond the lime-trees at the end, where you could stand in the gap in the lilac hedge and look straight out across the rye-fields, the immense unending rye-fields, dipping and rising, delicate grey, delicate green, shining in sunlight, dark beneath a cloud, restlessly waving, on and on, till over away at the end of things they got to the sky and were only stopped by brushing up against it--out there with one's hand shading one's eyes from the too great brightness, who could find fault with anything, who could do anything but look and see that it was all very good? Oh, but it _was_ good.
  1. This cliff shaded the area.
  2. Thankfully, I was fully shaded.
  3. What do the shaded areas mean?'.
  4. He shaded his eyes with his hands.
  5. His eyes were shaded and looked brown.
  6. They do best in a shaded part of a room.
  7. For example, the shaded area in Figure 4.
  8. Shaded ledges and rests it shall be you!.
  9. The beginnings of a bruise shaded his jaw.
  10. The rear of the building, shaded from the.
  11. I shaded them and looked toward the groves.
  12. The support area around 72 is shaded in gray.
  13. We shared a cool soak in the shaded pool and.
  14. Keep it covered and shaded to avoid evaporation.
  15. We walk off the court to rest by the shaded seats.
  16. She shaded her eyes to follow the eagle's progress.
  17. I was fully shaded from the sun’s heat and rays.
  18. Keep it sealed and shaded until you really need it.
  19. The woman flashed a grin, bright in the shaded black.
  20. A man emerged, shaded his eyes, then waved him over.
  21. Hap narrowed his eyes and shaded them with his right.
  22. He held his hand up and shaded the sun from his eyes.
  23. The tiled floor was shaded under a low canopy of green.
  24. Below, the shaded outline of the river could just be seen.
  25. Although it was shaded from the sun you could already feel.
  26. Boots are best dried in a warm, shaded spot, not beside the.
  27. Now it shaded my eyes and kept the chill breeze from my head.
  29. She shaded her eyes with her hand to squint across the square.
  30. Anоthеr kеу роіnt to make is that іn a shaded аrеа.
  31. A small shaded globe threw a round spot of light on his table.
  32. To facilitate good germination, keep the box in a shaded area.
  33. The man driving the van shaded his eyes and looked up the road.
  34. They recognized the house by an old walnut-tree which shaded it.
  35. I ask you to picture the shaded sitting-room of the Fazenda St.
  36. He stood on the green, shaded lawn at the top of the escarpment.
  37. He opened his eyes and turned his head toward the shaded window.
  38. She took her place among her retinue in the shaded viewing stand.
  39. Some artists have shaded their lights with gold and silver paint.
  40. I shaded my eyes as he carried on welding a section of steel pipe.
  41. In the center of his torso, the color shaded toward blazing yellow.
  42. A grin, shaded with a hint of satisfaction, slid across Carl’s face.
  43. We landed on the far side of the lake in a small shaded clearing, then.
  44. Despite the dimness, designer sunglasses shaded his eyes from her view.
  45. It was enclosed by a high brick wall and shaded by tall umbrella pines.
  46. On the price plot, there is a price zone around 72 that is shaded in gray.
  47. Mr Power, collapsing in laughter, shaded his face from the window as the.
  48. Her dark eyes, shaded by long dusky lashes, were deep with sensuous mystery.
  49. Rese? She shaded her eyes with her hand, and then a smile lit her face.
  50. Morningday evening it was shaded, Afternoonday evening it watched the sunset.
  51. Later, lying languidly on the bed, shaded from the midday sun and touched by.
  52. Gould pointed right to a rectangle in the wall that their goggles shaded blue.
  53. Still, the Doctor, with shaded forehead, beat his foot nervously on the ground.
  54. It was the cross-roads of a wood, with a fountain shaded by an oak to the left.
  55. We climbed the slippery slope which had some frosty leaves in the shaded areas.
  56. Running out, both ladies shaded their eyes to read the vanishing license plate.
  57. The knoll was shaded by a huge oak that reached out over the slow moving stream.
  58. He indicated for them to sit under one of the silver trees which shaded the area.
  59. Her smile shaded to the cruel, thin-lipped grin of which he was all too familiar.
  60. They were at a tranquil pond shaded by willows and populated with graceful swans.
  61. Kurt carefully ran the length of the ditch, keeping to the shaded side into the.
  62. He walked to the other end of the bunkhouse and turned on the second shaded light.
  63. Titus stood leaning up against the shaded side of the Saratoga’s rusty fuselage.
  64. In the shaded light she saw his blatant anger and she knew she was the reason why.
  65. They crested the small koppie and snaked onto a flat, splintered rock, shaded from.
  66. His tuneful whistle sounds again, finely shaded, with rushes of the air, his fists.
  67. A little deck appeared with a wide lounge chair on it, shaded by a colorful umbrella.
  68. He shaded his eyes and blinked for a few seconds until he had adjusted to the change.
  69. Although the image of he sign on the buildings was shaded, both Matt and Yakov could.
  70. If it is hot and the water is low, fish in shaded water and where there are deep pools.
  71. The Doctor shaded his forehead with his hand, and beat his foot nervously on the ground.
  72. Standing up, she shaded her eyes against the last rays of the sun and gazed at the clouds.
  73. Palm trees shaded much of the area, and once we were inside – the gate opened with an.
  74. Her eyes are huge and a deep reddish violet, shaded dark towards royal blue near the edges.
  75. Outside a town on the Gael we settled for a time in a hollow shaded by big, hollow hemlocks.
  76. They were low and swift with thin hulls, each with three to six rowers, shaded by a canopy.
  77. Mary shaded her eyes and shrugged her shoulders as if it were none of her concern either way.
  78. When the Tsar recovered consciousness, he was standing in a small room lit by a shaded lamp.
  79. The speaker was finally at the rail, shaded by the big hornflower growing on this courtyard.
  80. The shaded portions in each block-plan represent the aggregate of available room in each case.
  81. And he stared out at the sea, watching the dark waves shuffle under a shaded and faltering sun.
  82. Instead of going to library I ambled in the tiny shaded lanes between the trees looking for Adi.
  83. Sunlight penetrates the gaps in the canopy, casting contorted shapes on the shaded forest floor.
  84. At some points, it was a narrow street lined with older houses and shaded by towering old trees.
  85. The accompanying chart of the S&P 500 Index shows several past cycles with the bear markets shaded.
  86. During the hot afternoons, Pon stopped in shaded areas of jungle and outcrops of rubber plantations.
  87. It was slightly cool in the shaded hermitage, probably a chill radiating off of the concrete floor.
  88. After this, it is only a matter of checking the most shaded and the sunniest spot within your yard.
  89. Once he got up and looked out the door and saw that the green shaded light was on in the laboratory.
  90. The two shaded areas, green and red, are the two candles that comprise together the reversal signal.
  91. He found the old man suspended from one of the branches of the oak which shaded his daughter's grave.
  92. We were seated close to a couple with a toddler in a child-buggy, shaded by a parasol with prominent.
  93. Its one window is so shaded by a huge willow that the room has a grotto-like effect of emerald gloom.
  94. Just then the latch of the Selwyns’ front gate clicked, and Jacqueline appeared on the shaded street.
  95. An exclusive road lined with bold mansions had been driven up where pines had once shaded the shelter.
  96. Lyra squinted and shaded her eyes against the helicopter’s bright light as it flew directly overhead.
  97. The girls saluted a few more people, and finally chosen a table near the wall, watching the shaded patio.
  98. The shaded sconces on the wall further amplified the mellowing sensation created by the subtle lighting.
  99. The little room, cheaply furnished in black walnut, was in semidarkness, the lamp shaded with a newspaper.
  100. He returned to the stone hut and once more, just before going in, shaded his eyes, searching the black sky.
  1. Last word in art shades.
  2. Maybe it was the shades.
  3. Thorn took off his shades.
  4. Colored by pale shades of.
  5. His shades were steaming up.
  6. Her look had shades of panic.
  7. The shades of stone, organ.
  8. I had no texture, no shades.
  9. To foal in the autumn shades.
  10. Blending into shades of grey.
  11. All in vivid shades of green.
  12. As usual, he wore his shades.
  13. With colored shades and paint.
  14. Should have brought his shades.
  15. Everything is shades of grey.
  16. Blame it on those evil shades.
  17. Pastel shades and teddy bears.
  18. All the shades were still down.
  19. Matthew put his shades on, for.
  20. Continually pull down the shades.
  21. From shades of the relentless past.
  22. Those shades of gray? Just copouts.
  23. He slipped on his shades and took.
  24. I’ll be damned, Shades said.
  25. She was dressed in shades of white.
  26. Does it reflect with shades of us?
  27. He finally had taken off his shades.
  28. There were no shades of grey to him.
  29. Ares grinned and took off his shades.
  30. Shades of Treason, Anomaly Novel #1.
  31. Shades of my sister and me growing up.
  32. The moon shines down in shades of gold.
  33. To the eternal shades in heat and frost.
  34. Her cheeks turned several shades of red.
  35. The girl is three shades paler than.
  36. The window shades were open and only a.
  37. I couldn’t hear my kinsmen’s shades.
  38. Her face had turned three shades lighter.
  39. I could feel it on him in shades of gray.
  40. The sun was bright and I put my shades on.
  41. Throw those cheap dime-store shades away.
  42. These shades were made only for her eyes.
  43. There were many shades of color everywhere.
  44. Day breathes into my dreams, shades on the.
  45. It makes all the dead be "shades" "shadows.
  46. Shades of Viet Nam, of wars fought by boys.
  47. Your work with many shades of government;.
  48. A great whisper, a mix of shadows and shades.
  49. The room was in half-light, the shades drawn.
  50. And the shades to the cause are without count.
  51. He replaced his shades and turned to face me.
  52. He was dark skinned and wore mirrored shades.
  53. White guy, wears a police cap and big shades.
  54. But now, at noon this day, the shades were up.
  55. Her tiny face was turning a few shades of red.
  56. She slowly takes the dark shades off her face.
  57. The lights were on, but the shades were drawn.
  58. Nearing the top, vague shades of gray rose as.
  59. The shades of the moon-try to capture its glow.
  60. It’s only when shades of gray are dreamed up.
  61. He took his great shades off and examined the.
  62. I think I might have turned eight shades of red.
  63. The shades are preparing themselves to go out!.
  64. He was wearing dark shades and a black overcoat.
  65. Phillip’s cheeks turned a few shades of crimson.
  66. Its colours are various shades of gray and brown.
  67. I spoiled all of their fun, by pulling the shades.
  68. Today, for the first time, the shades were raised.
  69. The shades of evening began to fall, and it grew.
  70. Most wore rough cotton clothing in shades of dust.
  71. Not a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey anywhere, sadly.
  72. Midge didn't answer as he stepped out of the shades.
  73. Punk scanned the perimeter through his sleek shades.
  74. It was made out of various shades of colored glass.
  75. They drew the shades and made the room like a cave.
  76. Ladies of all shades of opinion were agreed in this.
  77. Smith liked some shades of nothing more than others.
  78. Millie’s shades came in handy to protect her eyes.
  79. He removed his shades and cleaned them on his sleeve.
  80. I wore shades and a hat to conceal my true identity.
  81. Ilona was dressed similarly, but in shades of white.
  82. Similarly Love and Hate are different shades of Life.
  83. He was tanned and wore his shades on top of his head.
  84. Don’t look directly into the core without shades.
  85. This stems from the fact that the shades are okay to.
  86. Hanging on each branch were different shades of ribbon.
  87. Fauna always drew the shades of her bedroom tight down.
  88. He stepped back and waved Mirror Shades out of the way.
  89. Another rock whizzed by, almost knocking off my shades.
  90. Enzo rips the blackout shades off his face, revealing.
  91. The white wall behind the waterbed was various shades.
  92. There are sizes, colors, shades, or ends to all things.
  93. The tall one, Standford, removed his wraparound shades.
  94. The shades are all drawn, she told him quickly.
  95. A single gentle rain makes the grass many shades greener.
  96. They and their spouses, in shades, reclining on couches.
  97. Nihar left for their old haunt- under the shades of the.
  98. He can also see perfectly well in all shades of darkness.
  99. She looked at the world through her immense shades, and.
  100. Shades, I’m Jake Stone, writer of The House of Horrors.

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