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Sherry в предложении (на )

  1. I slugged my sherry back.
  2. He took a sip of his sherry.
  3. Dan sipped his sherry quietly.
  4. Stir in the sherry and lemon juice.
  5. He does not need sherry, thank you.

  6. Nevsky sipped his sherry, thoughtfully.
  7. Mrs Tillman sipped her sherry and said.
  8. The bottle of sherry was almost empty.
  9. Matt is lucky to have Sherry in his life.
  10. Nick smiled and held up his sherry glass.
  11. With ham and sherry, they'll meet to bury.
  12. Horricks smiled and held up his sherry glass.
  13. Sherry hurries up to the counter to greet him.
  14. Among the drinks were beer, vodka and sherry.
  15. Interview with Dave and Sherry Gold, May 2010.

  16. Let’s just say Sherry never has to work again.
  17. Marinated in pineapple juice, soy sauce and sherry.
  18. Sherry, he whispers, lips tracing the name in silence.
  19. Sherry tells her, Silly, you forgot to tie the box.
  20. Dave and Sherry Gold, founder of 99 Cent Only Stores.
  21. My friend Sherry Martin was in town from the islands.
  22. Add sherry, Soy sauce, Sesame oil, and chicken broth.
  23. They reentered, and refilled their glasses with sherry.
  24. It’s the first time he’s painted since Sherry died.
  25. I dated this blonde nurse, Sherry, for about two years.

  26. After that, he drank all the rest of the sherry, and Mr.
  27. His will to paint seemed to have died when Sherry passed.
  28. Dave and Sherry Gold, co-founders of 99 Cent Only Stores.
  29. All he needs is to think about Sherry at a time like this.
  30. Sherry hurries to fill a second box using the same method.
  31. Author’s interview with Dave and Sherry Gold in May 2010.
  32. Dave and Sherry Gold, founders of 99 Cent Only Stores; and.
  33. His comment cause Sherry to asks, You have children?
  34. Bake in casserole with all other ingredients except sherry.
  35. You can substitute sweet vermouth if you’re out of sherry.
  36. Alternate a layer of Angel Food Cake with a layer of sherry.
  37. Sherry said, John will be here soon, then left the area.
  38. Jenny! Sherry shouted; her voice overwhelmed with emotion.
  39. In the past she would have had the odd glass of sherry socially.
  40. Albert offers a second helping, offers salt, offers sherry again.
  41. She poured herself a small sherry, which, although she was under.
  42. Would you care for a glass of sherry? Dan offered hospitably.
  43. He’d sold most of his paintings in an auction after Sherry died.
  44. Hey! Stop it, Sherry said, twining her fingers through my hair.
  45. Whether it was the sherry or Van Thorn’s offer, something had him.
  46. What’s that flaming thing you make with the sherry and rum?
  47. What’s that noise? Sherry asked, frantically glancing below us.
  48. He has his "wife", Sherry, and together they compromise their potential.
  49. Sherry was a waitress at the local hometown restaurant and what little.
  50. John was there, shoving a glass of sherry into my hand and hauling me in.
  51. See the great maroon leather chair where you drank sherry with Father?
  52. See the great maroon leather chair where you drank sherry with Father?’.
  53. Barron noticed a snifter of sherry still sitting on the small table, along.
  54. I give her a hug and send her off into the hall where Nick is pouring sherry.
  55. Sherry fans her face with her hand, as Isabella uses hers to covers her heart.
  56. All the while Sherry tolerates his daily intoxication and nightly beligerance.
  57. She introduced herself as Sherry Stewart and said she was an assistant to John.
  58. I wondered what good that shower had done that I’d taken before meeting Sherry.
  59. Add reserved chicken, sugar, Soy sauce, sherry and vinegar and stir-fry 1 minute.
  60. Add the rest of the soy sauce, ½ cup of water and sherry and cook for 5 minutes.
  61. Potatoes have been sliced and par boiled, and the sherry bottle has been uncorked.
  62. Hands off! It's quite simple, said the Minister, casually raising his sherry glass.
  63. I offered him a glass of sherry, but he preferred a beer; I went and got him a bottle.
  64. Sherry told me that I would be sitting on the couch at the end next to John’s chair.
  65. She pours each of them a small glass of Spanish sherry before explaining how they met.
  66. The maid had a small glass of sherry while we waited; then came a bustle in the front hall.
  67. The decanter of sherry was on the table half full, but there was a queer, acrid smell about.
  68. Lashings of stuff we put up: port wine and sherry and curacao to which we did ample justice.
  69. She turns her head towards the kitchen while announcing to Sherry, Guess who’s come back.
  70. All he had to do was show Sherry his picture collection—and a scalpel he had brought along.
  71. Miravelle laughed as she held up the delicate stem in the light, and then she sipped the sherry.
  72. Bob noticed she was surreptitiously sipping his whisky and the cooking sherry was vanishing fast.
  73. Both of the men prepare to exit as the Sherry and Isabella converse with an assortment of giggles.
  74. His wife—a beautiful woman who had once been known as Sherry Artsun—died while crossing the street.
  75. The idea was to close down the bars and saloons, though not to outlaw a social glass of sherry at home.
  76. What’s happening? Sherry asked again, this time more quietly, as though she was talking to herself.
  77. Eight shillings for a bed and eightpence for a glass of sherry pointed to one of the most expensive hotels.
  78. From her stool near the door, the widow Nan McKiernan tipped her sherry his way, in obscure congratulation.
  79. When I asked Sherry Gold why, she answered, We had everything we wanted that was achievable through money.
  80. There was John's face, of course, grinning like a pumpkin in the window, sipping sherry, toast-warm and at ease.
  81. Come on with this poor lads drink and fetch me a sherry with it while your at it your slower than a drunken slug.
  82. So, you’re really getting married? pouted Sherry, a pretty redhead I’d dated a few times in my early twenties.
  83. Isabella and Sherry fight over Rico, whom makes it a point to stop in and receive his complimentary pastry every morning.
  84. I wrapped my arm around Sherry and forced her head down the way I had seen on television and in all those action movies.
  85. As we started to descend, Sherry leaned over me to peer at the blinking lights on the bar that rotated inside the wheel.
  86. In one, a prig made a ceremony of pouring himself a sherry from a decanter and drinking it for hours while reading the paper.
  87. Sherry set down the stuffed pink pig I’d won for her in the ring toss and folded her hands in her lap, enjoying the silence.
  88. After his hour with Sherry was over, closer to an hour and a half actually, Michael Sullivan didn’t have to give her any money.
  89. I was probably just old enough to recognize that the bottle of sweet sherry he was clutching was a matter of bravado and nerves.
  90. The moment he succeeded, he came over to me (breathing sherry and crumbs), and said in a subdued voice, "May I, dear sir?" and did.
  91. And now I suggest we all repair to the library for a glass of sherry while waiting for Grandma to fix one of her amazing banquets.
  92. This new cargo was destined for the coast of the Duchy of Lucca, and consisted almost entirely of Havana cigars, sherry, and Malaga wines.
  93. Frau Elena sits just inside the entryway with a mountain of laundered stockings in her lap and the bottle of kitchen sherry between her feet.
  94. Isabella hurries to assemble a box as Sherry quickly pulls out two trays filled with virtually every type confectionery delight the bakery offers.
  95. Bad Beat Revue frontman Patrick Sherry (UK) died of head injuries after jumping from the stage at the Warehouse club in Leeds, UK, on 20 July 2005.
  96. Bloody politicians! Standing in front of a large log fire at the Minister's home, a large glass of sherry in his hand, Mainwaring started to thaw out.
  97. She puts the schooner of sherry to her lips and lets the thick, sickly sweet amber wine from the Jerez region of southern Spain slide around her mouth.
  98. Granted, it wasn’t the giant teddy bear I’d spent twenty bucks trying to win, but Sherry seemed happy with her little plush pink prize nonetheless.
  99. It was a very merry evening and eventually Finlay passed around my bottles of sherry which I was loath to allow but it was a lovely evening so why not.
  100. About ten o’clock he had a sherry and stood gazing at the shelves that stretched up to the 12 foot ceiling, deciding what would be appropriate to start.

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