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Sinister в предложении (на )

This time it was sinister.
Then it got more sinister.
time she looked more sinister.
One sinister and unforgiving.
with such a sinister reputation.
Sinister obliteration of a man.
He presented a sinister image as.

It is certainly not as sinister.
Angela was altogether more sinister.
It’s more sinister than I thought.
until this sinister quiet had fallen.
There was something sinister about.
sinister inn, but they did not stay.
D's eyes, giving him a sinister look.
The moon was sinister over this plain.
sinister thoughts concerning the Alien.
There may be nothing sinister in this.
I could see nothing sinister about him.
There is really nothing sinister to it.
but, no, snow-boarding was more sinister.
sinister when it comes to experiencing God.
’ She thought about the tall sinister man.
sellout had a much more sinister feel to it.
place a sinister appearance that it halfway.
Something sinister about Proud and Friedman.
Such people have such a sinister, repulsive,.
His face seemed darker, angrier even sinister.

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Синонимы слова sinister

baleful forbidding menacing ominous sinister threatening black dark