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Slater в предложении (на )

  1. Mr Slater said.
  2. Slater, of Norwich, Conn.
  3. Slater who sadly passed away in the year.
  4. Tim Slater compared trading to a medieval battle.
  5. Slater has here his Christopher Columbus, Mr.

  6. Pte Slater, no that’s alright I know about him.
  7. I was sorry to hear about Charlie Slater Helen told me.
  8. Bill Slater, NBC’s commentator, opened his hookup to New York.
  9. John Slater, the driver, so that he should vanish with the others.
  10. Mr Slater had to shout at me so I could understand him as he said.
  11. NBC’s Bill Slater was screaming over KOMO’s airwaves in Seattle.
  12. You remember that a stonemason, named Slater, walking from Forest Row.
  13. As to John Slater, there is no clue to be gathered from his appearance or injuries.
  14. The criminal expert will find in John Slater the one flaw in all our admirable combinations.
  15. A short time later Charlie Slater appeared in our midst with a bandage on his hand he looked at us saying.

  16. My name is William Lamb Mrs Slater and I was with your son on Gallipoli he asked me to come and see you.
  17. Oh yes where’s that other reprobate Pte Slater got to I haven’t seen him yet? I looked at the CSM and replied.
  18. Hello Mrs Slater I was a friend of Charlie’s and I just thought that I would come round and offer my sympathies.
  19. John Slater, the engine-driver, had been approached, but had been found to be obstinate and dangerous, so we desisted.
  20. A man who has had as many triumphs as I can afford to be frank, and I therefore lay my finger upon John Slater, and I proclaim him to be a flaw.
  21. I was so envious of Helen god forgive me that’s why I kissed poor Charlie Slater to make you jealous but it didn’t you never even noticed.
  22. I entered and saw a woman about the same size as Mr Slater but there the similarity ended for he was healthy and robust while his wife was the exact opposite.
  23. I come across a quote straight from Slater himself: ‘Should one branch fail, it is the responsibility of the other two branches to restore their Embassy’s prominence.
  24. We walked up that sloping valley of death with bullets whizzing and ricocheting all over the place and it was just as we got closer to the top that we lost Charlie Slater.
  25. Regret to report that the dead body of John Slater, driver of the special train, has just been found among the gorse bushes at a point two and a quarter miles from the Junction.

  26. I felt such compassion for my mate Archie for I knew exactly what he meant we had been through the same thing he had lost Ben at the landing and we had lost Charlie Slater so I felt the same pain.
  27. Hello Sir my name is William Lamb I don’t know if Charlie ever mentioned my name but I with him on Gallipoli and I told him that I would come And se you and Mrs Slater if anything ever happened.
  28. You remember that a stonemason, named Slater, walking from Forest Row about one o'clock in the morning—two days before the murder—stopped as he passed the grounds and looked at the square of light still shining among the trees.
  29. They are collated from the Liverpool papers of that date, from the proceedings at the inquest upon John Slater, the engine-driver, and from the records of the London and West Coast Railway Company, which have been courteously put at my disposal.
  30. Gallipoli Charlie Slater, Walter Cole, Eli Woods, Johnny Grundy even the spy on Cairo station I woke up with a cold sweat covering my body sticking my clothes to me so I got up and turned on the light because I must have slept the day away as it was dark outside now.
  31. It was a few days later and Archie had been allowed to get up he was sat beside my bed He had already told me about Ben being killed when they first landed on Gallipoli and that Snowy had been killed the night that he had been injured I told him about Charlie Slater being killed.
  32. I was asleep in seconds but the nightmares soon came to haunt me especially the ones about the landing and my friends getting killed I saw their faces again Mickey Lord Lt Cole Charlie Slater and many more and I walk up in a cold sweat of fear trembling and sick to the stomach again.
  33. Grandet had left all his affairs unattended to, and a number of persons came on business,—the plumber, the mason, the slater, the carpenter, the diggers, the dressers, the farmers; some to drive a bargain about repairs, others to pay their rent or to be paid themselves for services.
  34. Our stoker did his business so clumsily that Slater in his struggles fell off the engine, and though fortune was with us so far that he broke his neck in the fall, still he remained as a blot upon that which would otherwise have been one of those complete masterpieces which are only to be contemplated in silent admiration.

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