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    1. filled me with a surge of praise and tongues

    2. I stand and direct the crowds that surge through the shallows of

    3. I stand and direct the crowds that surge through the shallows of our old world on waves of violence

    4. waits for the surge and roll of waves to push her up

    5. Time travels by the surge

    6. ' And with that the river ran deep and we all jumped in to be swept along in the surge from the Lyra, Lauto and the Tsambouna as the music grabbed us by the shoulders and pulled us into the roaring waters of gladness and abandon

    7. The water is starting to sweep across the deck, a surge of chilly water washes over the top of my boots, soaking my socks … urghhh!

    8. It was impossible not to be swept along on the surge of emotion and enthusiasm for whatever was to come

    9. • Splashy Surge: A splashy surge indicates that the trout will most likely chase any whitebait or smelt into shallow waters

    10. With a surge, she tried to leap on top of the smaller woman, but the suction of the mud was too great and Chrissie rolled out of reach, panting at the exertion

    1. Since then, he has acquired a sort of cult following which surged in the 60’s with the peace and Earth-loving hippies and has continued on into the 80’s and 90’s with New Ager’s buying the bulk of the over million bottles hand packed annually

    2. Suddenly the water surged way over the bank and erupted in spray

    3. Just then the doors to the boardroom crashed open and the combined weight and wealth of the Cameron and Flashman-Pebble clans surged into the room, waving glasses of bubbly and cheering loudly as they celebrated the perfect society couple locked in true love’s wonderful embrace

    4. The ball surged high as Ish

    5. wealth of the Cameron and Flashman-Pebble clans surged into the

    6. The water surged and retreated, rolling the pebbles over one another in a rhythmic crunching

    7. Chrissie gasped and watched anxiously as the turmoil of water surged and swirled over the rocks, but when the white water receded, there was no sign of the big man

    8. Patrick’s rifleman missed all of his shots and the group charging their wall surged within twenty yards before the volley of shotguns fire forced them back

    9. The machines coughed and spluttered, then surged into life, roaring and screeching they ambled forward taking the Clothiers fencing down in one concerted hit, then thudded on through the grass paddocks towards Dort Valley crossroads

    10. Grays and blacks and red spots surged across her vision

    1. Power surges through him

    2. “Interesting surges in the scanners the closer to the system

    3. shifting of the winds and rolling waves, the next hour would find him with his arms hanging listlessly at his sides, fists clenching with the intermittent surges of emotion

    4. The resulting rapidly changing electric fields and magnetic fields made all electrical and electronic systems to produce damaging current and voltage surges

    5. Blood surges from a wound in her abdomen, dyeing her shirt crimson

    6. Peter surges toward me in a half crouch, and punches me in the stomach

    7. that strives and surges

    8. David surges toward me with a grimace of pain as he puts weight on his injured leg

    9. The sea that surges, falls, and resurges, is the life that is born, dies, and is reborn again

    10. surges had pushed farther inland making contact with some burning houses

    1. Thru the previous dark they had sailed the whole hundred miles of Beghtik, the smallest major lake in the interconnect, and were now riding a surging favorable tide as Kortrax pulled the waters toward their height at Noonsleep in Center Lake

    2. She heard it before she reached the edge of the cliff – a violent, shushing, surging noise

    3. Miles of multistory ceramic and grown structure, surging crowds, The big docks they had already seen actually sent traffic four stories deep into the face of the mountain

    4. The fundamentalists with Bishop Rendellyn were surging to the fore

    5. The darkness spilled over the Outer Shell, surging into the courtyard

    6. I stood still, trying to understand what had just happened, and failing to dispel the energy surging through me

    7. At this point in time, the human consciousness of the world has passed the point of neutrality and it is surging ahead towards Oneness or a holistic way of life

    8. Fifty-two mini fusion thrusters fired up, sending him surging forward like some children’s animated superhero

    9. Waves of hot pleasure rolled out, surging from my clitoris deep into my core and out into my limbs, my center aching with desperate emptiness even as my body tingled and shuddered under his hands

    10. He watched without their benefit, grinding his teeth against the overpowering surging of fresh blood reawakening his flesh

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