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Swan в предложении (на )

Or eaten by a swan.
The swan opened its eyes.
Sung when the swan is dying.
Captain Swan, this is Tim.
The Swan Pub in Bayswater Road.
The poor swan is probably stuck.
Swan the whitest, serpent coldest.

So the dragon ate the white swan.
Been dreaming about the swan too.
Swan in readiness for a long journey.
The swan of Avon has other thoughts.
The ugly duckling had become a swan.
A sugar swan sailed over one of them.
Wendy and me celebrating at The Swan.
The clean chit given to Swan Telecom.
What kind of swan is it? he asked.
He lifted a swan almost as big as his head.
He looked at the upset swan and its cygnets.
I wondered about the happy ending of Swan Lake.
A student of mine says she saw the swan too.
But what about the swan? Bernice frowned.
In this chapter we meet the Swan and the Camel.
Elfric tasted the swan and grunted appreciatively.
Swan shot off into the void to make her rendezvous.
Captain Swan and his crew appeared all around them.
Out of the corner of her eye, the swan went flying.
Out of the above six, three companies viz M/s Swan.
Is Charlotte still on board the Black Swan, Ben?
The arrow was a yard long, flighted with swan feathers.
Swan had taken the copy belonging to the First Officer.
We’re at the Swan again, in the room under the eaves.
As graceful as a swan, the boat glided across the water.
The swan had been crying, just like it had in his dreams.
Captain Swan opened the communicator and pushed a button.
Of all these things, he worried about the swan the most.
Ghost… dragons… cats with metal teeth… the swan.
But it was too late, the swan was floating upside down.
If there really is a swan on the lake, why is it here?
Regardless, he hadn’t been the only one to see the swan.
He walked up to the father swan and it widened his wings.
He said to me, What are you doing here swanning about?
Even before the letter he’d been divided: one part of him swanning with Jay Gatsby around an imaginary Gotham; the other part stolid and earthbound, nose to the deep fryer, in the stifling, sizzling South.
He would have loved to criticise her for not doing a better job and swanning off to London when she was needed there, but unfortunately couldn’t because he had authorised the trip, a decision he was now starting to regret.
Swanned in here at seven o'clock, picked up a bottle of Grouse and said he had some business to do.
The clouds looked brighter although still foreboding, as they swanned across the rapidly lightening sky.
In particular they kept a lookout for pickpockets and swindlers, who simply swanned in the roulette salons, and reaped a rich harvest.
The father pointed to the swans.
We had a river full of white swans.
I don’t know the psychology of swans.
And then a herd of swans tried to eat me.
The swans that brushed the evening tide.
The swans had not yet reached the brioche.
The swans called out but did not approach.
Of the broken-winged swans in their struggle to fly.
I know the swans are trivial in the face of war and.
Just as the swans came up, the stick touched the cake.
Regardless, I’m pretty sure these swans were onto me.
For the moment, the swans were swimming, which is their.
The swans makes its nests by the ponds edge every spring.
Could they be happy as swans? It seems that the spirit of.
Swans are the closest thing in bird culture to human love.
But what I liked most were the beautiful swans in the pond.
And charm the swans from the ponds with lily-white hands.
They killed the swans, Mommy, said Jasmine through her.
Behind them swans and ducks floated on the easy-flowing river.
But black swans always exist and when they come, then it's over.
Black Swans are discovered more often than investors would suspect.
Father and son halted near the fountain where two swans were sporting.
This bourgeois appeared to cherish a special admiration for the swans.
Paper swans didn’t fly, especially not when you tried to catch them.
We called ours Swans, Kookaburras, and Ducks, but it’s the same thing.
He watched the swans disperse into a line of five babies and two parents.
The swans were far away, in the centre of the basin, and busy with some prey.
I called to him to be aware of the swans and the put his spaniel on the lease.
They were at a tranquil pond shaded by willows and populated with graceful swans.
The broad lake sparkled, the swans, just aroused, came out gravely from the shore.
This was generally accepted as fact until explorers stumbled upon the first black swans.
But it is a restricted lake and nobody I know has ever seen any blue swans or the devil.
Swans are dangerous but are never held accountable, I suspect because of racial profiling.
Several waterfalls descended from the rocks above to form ponds laden with fish and swans.
Regarding this matter there was a warning sign to any person who molested any of the swans.
Anna Marqes, a seven-year-old who attended the local primary school, could make origami swans.
But when you're by the river counting white swans you don't see the ripples from the black one.
As the storm became persistent within Frith Le Firth, the swans, geese and ducks flew over to.
There were no swans in here, no dragons threatening to jump out of his closet and eat him whole.
In the meanwhile, the two little waifs had approached the brioche at the same time as the swans.

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