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Teleological в предложении (на )

  1. We are the teleological manifestation of previous choices and trajectories.
  2. But progress, as teleological uphill arrow ever moving to some higher level, this progress is a dogma, not a law nor a principle.
  3. There exists an underlying current of confidence inherent in teleological designs reposed in a (presumed) understanding of ―things‖.
  4. Thus, when we speak of this AGE, this Age of Imagination, it does not have a necessary teleological end, but it will bend our intentions and acts towards what institutions they service.
  5. Notwithstanding the converging evidence of the Metaphysical, the Teleological, the AEsthetic, the Moral, the Historical, and the Supernatural arguments for the existence of God, we are taught on every side that apparent design is the subjective illusion of the thinker, not the testimony of nature to her Maker.

  6. For once Techine has harnessed the energy of the planet – wind, solar, thermal, hydro – becoming a Type I technelization, won't its imagination be captured by the engineering feats required to become a Type II technelization: consuming all the sun's energy in its Sherman-marching manifest ideal of transforming into a Type III technelization taming the energy fields of the solar system to become truly immortal as it wonders with an epicurean hunger if it could consume the galaxy, then the universe, what glories might its poly-reality produce? Is Techine topographically unbounded, whereas the universe, if not multi-parallel, has only linear expansion? Will techno-growth be the god that domesticates the multiverse's energy potential, converting its forces to power Techine's Ideal Dream into being? Is the teleological end of dark, white, shadow, pale and gray energy to be an everlasting battery for a galaxy-wide Cosmic Mind to fuel its incessant quest to create for its own amusement and edification? Is Game's End for energy a cosmic CAFO to power the pleasure of the final techine gamer?

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