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Uncouth в предложении (на )

1. And cry out foul, now that's uncouth.
2. Nor were his manners wholly uncouth.
3. To me it all seems strange, uncouth, and tragic.
4. When others spoke they seemed harsh and uncouth.
5. His voice and language are more uncouth, and more.
6. He said it was uncouth and below his office to attend.
7. Animals sure can behave in an uncouth manner at times.

8. Learn about everything, especially weird and uncouth things.
9. He was invariably dirty, shabby, uncouth, and uninteresting.
10. This time Stephanie had had enough of Al’s uncouth behavior.
11. I guess she knew factory workers were uncouth but had no idea.
12. John was irritated by Tom's uncouth manner and untidy appearance.
13. I deem it to be a tongue of the Black Land, since it is foul and uncouth.
14. It was the town that seemed savage and uncouth, glaring on the clouds at the back of him.
15. Augustine and forty monks to preach the gospel to those fierce, wild, uncouth barbarians.
16. He is more worried than he will admit - give him time, Lady, he is not always this uncouth.
17. This kooky old man reminded her a little of her Pap Pap, even though he was a little uncouth.
18. She can be rather uncouth, Granny, but her total lack of conscience is a real asset in my line of business.
19. As he crept along with his eyes on the ground, the man gave utterance at intervals to uncouth, inarticulate sounds.
20. Toller, for that is his name, is a rough, uncouth man, with grizzled hair and whiskers, and a perpetual smell of drink.
21. But, like life also, it is a poor thing and a very uncouth affair if it has nothing but primitive conditions to recommend it.
22. Over him hung a form which I cannot find words to describe—gigantic in stature, yet uncouth and distorted in its proportions.
23. And so they were unaccustomed, painfully uncouth in the simplest social intercourse, suffering, and yet insolent in their superiority.
24. She hated the editor’s bluster and uncouth manners, but she was used to them and knew he would relent after he had vented his spleen.
25. The ordinary happy, smiling consumer; if faced with any honesty: will flee in fear and anger and outrage at how uncouth the other person was.
26. From Icelandic, Dutch, and old English authorities, there might be quoted other lists of uncertain whales, blessed with all manner of uncouth names.
27. Despite his plain face, uncouth demeanour, and fault of stuttering, Peter was a man of unswerving principles and of the most extraordinary good sense.
28. His voice was deep and guttural, yet to Merry's surprise he spoke the Common Speech, though in a halting fashion, and uncouth words were mingled with it.
29. Besides Lebedeff there was the dandy Zalesheff, who came in without his coat and hat, two or three others followed his example; the rest were more uncouth.
30. Why should that uncouth pair sit here childless while the place crumbles about their ears? I will not disguise from you that I have taken a dislike to Beryl.
31. Me sits there with his augur's rod of ash, in borrowed sandals, by day beside a livid sea, unbeheld, in violet night walking beneath a reign of uncouth stars.
32. Lizaveta was of lower rank than her sister, unmarried and awfully uncouth in appearance, remarkably tall with long feet that looked as if they were bent outwards.
33. Kelly, Bill Ferguson, Lon Perry and Gus Ferris, all gorgeously uncouth, as far as externals go, made an admirable onslaught in the direction of the dress suit.
34. Peter had lived in Birmingham for most of his live, and since this city had a large black population, Peter knew too well just how uncouth and savage blacks were.
35. In the flickering light of the lantern, we saw it, a huge black mass coiled in the corner of its den and throwing a squat, uncouth shadow upon the whitewashed wall.
36. The pathway among the woods seemed wilder, more uncouth with its rude natural obstacles, and less trodden by the foot of man, than he remembered it on his outward journey.
37. At first they had been pleased and relieved that this queer, ugly, uncouth little man was in eclipse, but as he grew more unhappy they suffered a strange reversal of feeling.
38. Yes, in the mists of the sea, and in their remoteness from the rest of the race, the shapes of those men appeared distorted, uncouth and faint--so faint as to be almost invisible.
39. The Shire-hobbits referred to those of Bree, and to any others that lived beyond the borders, as Outsiders, and took very little interest in them, considering them dull and uncouth.
40. And Senor Gamacho's oration, delectable to popular ears, went on in the heat and glare of the Plaza like the uncouth howlings of an inferior sort of devil cast into a white-hot furnace.
41. Then with the same deliberation he scrutinised the uncouth, unkempt figure and unshaven face of Razumihin, who looked him boldly and inquiringly in the face without rising from his seat.
42. Several times I was attacked by wild beasts; strange, uncouth monstrosities that leaped upon me in the dark, so that I had ever to grasp my long-sword in my hand that I might be ready for them.
43. It was too much for them, and they found themselves giving expression to passionate and vehement resentment, all of which only tended to arouse the mob spirit in this ungodly and uncouth assembly.
44. You know, one of those uncouth new people one’s so often coming across nowadays, One of those free-thinkers you know, who are reared d’emblee in theories of atheism, scepticism, and materialism.
45. The sand-banks far out were spotted with uncouth crawling forms, huge turtles, strange saurians, and one great flat creature like a writhing, palpitating mat of black greasy leather, which flopped its.
46. Endeavoring, then, to collect his ideas, he prepared to perform that species of incantation, and those uncouth rites, under which the Indian conjurers are accustomed to conceal their ignorance and impotency.
47. As if in a dream I was vaguely conscious that this was the japanned box which stood in front of him, and that he had drawn something out of it, something squat and uncouth, which now lay before him upon the table.
48. And even though it may offend you, I feel bound to say that the majority also of English people are uncouth and unrefined, whereas we Russian folk can recognise beauty wherever we see it, and are always eager to cultivate the same.
49. I shall call hills steep, which ought to be bold; surfaces strange and uncouth, which ought to be irregular and rugged; and distant objects out of sight, which ought only to be indistinct through the soft medium of a hazy atmosphere.
50. It was the hall-mark of his aristocratic birth, the natural outcropping of many generations of fine breeding, an hereditary instinct of graciousness which a lifetime of uncouth and savage training and environment could not eradicate.
51. As was common on the journey, they found the Japanese guards to be humane and reasonable men, uncouth in their habits and mentally far removed from western ideas, but tolerant to the weaknesses of women and deeply devoted to children.
52. And now to be baffled by strange, uncouth characters the like of which he had never seen before! Why, they even tipped in the opposite direction from all that he had ever examined either in printed books or the difficult script of the few letters he had found.
53. All the editions printed in Spain from 1637 to 1771, when the famous printer Ibarra took it up, were mere trade editions, badly and carelessly printed on vile paper and got up in the style of chap-books intended only for popular use, with, in most instances, uncouth.
54. Though that was her way of doing things, she realized with frustration that Americans were much more liberal and uncouth concerning such matters and that she would merely have to tolerate this, irrespective of the difficulty in accepting that which was not rigid and serious, while vacationing here in this foreign land.
55. Lerys Canal was one of the oldest on Safehold, carved through the heart of the Kyznetzov Mountains by the Archangels themselves to connect Yu-kwau (although the city had been little more than a smallish town—called New York, or some other uncouth, barbarian name—at the time) all the way to Shwei Bay, fourteen hundred miles to the east.
56. This celebrated botanist ascertained that it was a new genus, to which he gave the name of a German botanist, (Floerke) and published it in the third volume of the transactions of the society des Curieux de la Nature of Berlin, for 1801, under the name of Floerkea proserpinacoides, which long and uncouth specific name has been changed by every subsequent author.
57. And besides all this they are harsh in their style, incredible in their achievements, licentious in their amours, uncouth in their courtly speeches, prolix in their battles, silly in their arguments, absurd in their travels, and, in short, wanting in everything like intelligent art; for which reason they deserve to be banished from the Christian commonwealth as a worthless breed.
58. When his violent paroxysms possessed him he would arrange bedroom chairs in rude resemblance of a motor-car and would crouch on the foremost of them, bent forward and staring fixedly ahead, making uncouth and ghastly noises, till the climax was reached, when, turning a complete somersault, he would lie prostrate amidst the ruins of the chairs, apparently completely satisfied for the moment.
59. She looked the queerest figure, heavy, middle-aged, uncouth, ugly, standing there passionately expressing her readiness to begin; and Herr Dremmel unconsciously seeing this, and bored by having had to explain the obvious at such length and spend a valuable half hour bringing a woman to reason--why could they never go to it by themselves?--wasted no more words having got her there, but brushed a hasty kiss across her hair and went away looking at his watch.
60. Believe it or not, as uncouth as these beasts were,.
61. She told him that she was an uncouth woman who under any other circumstances,.

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