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Violate в предложении (на )

  1. We can not violate the Rule of.
  3. You should not violate this rule at all.
  4. Its tendency to violate the public morals.
  5. Does not violate the open/closed principle.

  6. You permit torture and you violate the law.
  7. Since He gave man the power, He cannot violate.
  8. Watch for processes that violate semantic well-.
  9. It has no right to make compacts and violate them.
  10. Under no circumstance, you should not violate the.
  11. That kind of man wouldn’t violate a direct order.
  12. Because it would violate one of God’s laws, you dummy.
  13. But you should violate any terms and conditions at any cost.
  14. They violate your present life, and poison it with their past.
  15. I swore that I wouldn’t violate any of the system’s rules.

  16. He’d probably have to violate the penal system and just whip.
  17. The company starts to violate the financial covenants on its debt.
  18. It appears that time cannot be reversed, as that would violate the.
  19. Such a provision would be just, and not violate general principles.
  20. Choose the opportunities that don’t violate your emotional harmony.
  21. But maintain the weights with justice, and do not violate the balance.
  22. He asked if we were prepared to violate the public faith? I hope not, sir.
  23. Persistence! - Violate this step and you'll never achieve permanent results.
  24. I did not violate your last request, Garcia pointed a finger at McCoy.
  25. Should Jaume intend treachery, and violate the parley-flag, they would die.

  26. His love for Katiousha did not violate this theory, since it was purely platonic.
  27. As traders, we are confronted each moment with opportunities to violate our plans.
  29. He ordered men to violate camp policies, then attacked them for breaking the rules.
  30. The only question is, do they cease to violate our neutral commerce? This is not doubted.
  31. He was not afraid to break rules and laws and wouldn’t hesitate to violate court orders.
  32. The emphatic words of this law are, so revoke or modify, as that they cease to violate, &c.
  33. Note also the willingness of Jewish plutocrats to enable heads of state to violate justice.
  34. Freud was the first to hint at the fact that all parents violate and abuse their own children.
  35. Harassment refers to a wide variety of behavior which can violate both civil and criminal laws.
  36. As we trade, we still have a tendency to violate our rules, and our results are still erratic.
  37. Never violate people’s privacy, he cautioned them in a powerful, unqualified directive.
  38. They dared not violate it, except they could violate the most solemn compact—the constitution.
  39. And when prices violate our lines, we go into denial and become blind to the actual price action.
  40. And he knew that the man would not violate that trust in any fashion – at least not advertently.
  41. Sir, the only legal effect of such a fraud would be, to violate the treaty—to annul the contract.
  42. If you violate it, you will end up paying more for the stock and encounter a loss in that investment.
  43. It was the Patriarch himself that was doing it; his words seemed to twist reality and violate normalcy.
  44. CERN finally did violate its 50-day moving average with a valid sell signal at that point on November 11th.
  45. Jairus' only reply to all this pleading was: I have granted this request, and I will not violate my word.
  46. I don’t see any explanation in here of why Wyrshym decided to violate his orders to stand fast, however.
  47. By the terms of our act the revocation must be effectual, so as the edict shall cease to violate our rights.
  48. He couldn’t have seen you go to a club in Yondure, if she didn’t violate your sentence, Elmore said.
  49. While most persons do have consciences, and feel guilty when they violate their own moral standards, although.
  50. Conversely, stocks that do not show this tendency should be sold when they violate their 50-day moving average.
  51. Of course, if you violate the terms of the game, then there will be no turning back, no chance of any relief.
  52. They violate the bodies of living creatures that live around humans and violate the bodies of all living humans.
  53. You would have had to violate some federal securities laws to know this was going to happen, which we don’t do.
  54. Stalin took just six weeks to violate the Yalta agreement by installing communist puppet regimes in Eastern Europe.
  55. Gamble is not the solution, you only violate the law that was revealed to win a selfish gain through unvalued soul.
  56. In that particular section of the deck there was no further attempt to violate the rule of women and children first.
  57. This logic of attributed innocent means license to violate all privacy, because no one has the need to hide anything.
  58. If the British Government would cease to violate our neutral and national rights, our difficulties would be at an end.
  59. We can prove this in any home where children depart from home rules and deliberately violate the admonition of parents.
  60. If they violate your ‘emotional wellness’ or uproot your family you might want to decline or negotiate better terms.
  61. They wanted to be able to violate human undead auras, but escape being morphically poisoned by this cross-aura misogyny.
  62. He crossed the threshold of our bedroom and I realized that he was about to violate the pristine ambiance of our bedroom.
  63. The idea is to identify normal variation in the system and then to flag events that seem to violate that normal variation.
  64. We can get that done and get your brother on some bogus crap that will violate his court agreement in the hit and run case.
  65. How wonderfully prevailing Pierre’s urges had been over the boy; how wickedly superb it had been to degrade and violate him.
  66. But will it not be counted a trespass against the Lord of the city whither we are bound, thus to violate his revealed will?
  67. Notice that AAPL does in fact violate its 10-day moving average relatively quickly after each of the two pocket pivot buy points.
  68. When the price spread between the two contracts appears to violate this relationship, it represents an opportunity for the trader.
  69. We want you to help us in all fields of development to establish a Chinese presence on the planet that does not violate any of your.
  70. To violate this combination is everywhere a most unpopular action, and a sort of reproach to a master among his neighbours and equals.
  71. That inserted a great fear in the heart of the girl and a big lesson to her and others who use to violate the Islamic religious rules.
  72. Except for those among the polytheists with whom you had made a treaty, and did not violate any of its terms, nor aided anyone against you.
  73. It is difficult to nail these patterns down because it is not uncommon for good breakouts to have reactions that violate the breakout level.
  74. Chairman, whether these decrees have been so revoked or modified as that they ceased to violate the neutral commerce of the United States.
  75. To do violence to such a vessel by visits, by searches, and by other acts of an arbitrary authority, is to violate the territory of a colony.
  76. If you violate the building codes, the local authorities can force you to replace the offending cable and possibly make you pay fines as well.
  77. It is in vain to say that a nation preserves a neutral attitude, when it permits one of the belligerents repeatedly to violate its sovereignty.
  78. She agreed to violate several regulations at once to lend me a number of back issues of the local newspapers, which I agreed to return by mail.
  79. Under the act of 1807, it had become the duty of the court to examine whether it was the intention of the parties to infringe or violate the laws.
  80. The six-to-three Supreme Court ruling decided such boarding and registration checks did not violate the privacy rights of boat operators and crews.
  81. When the stock price falls, margin accounts start to violate margin requirements; brokers start selling the shares to satisfy the margin requirement.
  82. The effect to be produced was that this revocation or modification should be such as that these edicts should cease to violate our neutral commerce.
  83. He may violate every law, human and divine, as long as he does not violate his oath of allegiance to him who, at a given time, happens to be in power.
  84. His writing aims to violate the small house of our cautionary being and leave it no longer inhabitable in quite the same way as it was before.
  85. But which species poisoned which first? Did undead reptile-bird auras violate human auras first? Or did human auras violate reptile-bird auras first?
  86. The pullback following breakouts can violate the pullback level (as B did in this example), can stop at the level, or can hold well clear of the level.
  87. While you looked so, I should be certain that whatever charter you might grant under coercion, your first act, when released, would be to violate its conditions.
  88. Since it does not violate any known rule of software programming, I suspect it would be possible to create software that could take advantage of an organic brain.
  89. The history of civilization is an open book that shows how power and wealth creates irresponsible criminals who violate the rights of others, and get away with it.
  90. The undead ghouls which violate the living bodies of living Jews are by far more negative and negatively powerful than the undead ghouls of any other human undead.
  91. How so? Because these filthy undead things are parasites: they suck off the living; they use living parasites to violate the auras of human beings and poison them.
  92. Congress now routinely passes laws that violate Constitutional provisions, which our current Constitution-hating Chief Executive is only too happy to sign into law.
  93. BIDU did not violate its 10-day line for three months after the gap-up, far longer than the minimum of seven weeks required for the stock to meet the Seven-Week Rule.
  94. What was the condition to be performed on the part of France? Sir, she was to revoke and modify her decrees, so that they should cease to violate our neutral commerce.
  95. It is such judicial decisions as these that violate the obvious and historically understood meaning of the establishment clause, not the acts these decisions prohibit.
  96. Then there came a time, when, thousands of years ago, even in the time of Moses, there appeared the consciousness in men that it was bad to violate and kill one another.
  97. Lowell furrowed his brow in perplexity at a proposal that would so blatantly violate protocol, a formality he had learned from his wife who was accustomed to high society.
  98. Although a corporation cannot commit a crime, it may violate the rules prescribed in the law for its establishment, and thus incur an immediate forfeiture of its charter.
  99. Note that the coil is a consolidation of a recent price high in an uptrend, is getting tighter, does not violate the 50 MA, and in this case is trending slightly downward.
  100. If you examine these levels carefully, you will see that most of them violate the rule I gave that good breakout levels have to be very real, visible levels in the market.
  1. It was a strange, violating sensation.
  2. Without corrupting and violating living humans.
  3. Aren’t you violating the prime directive.
  4. At The Time Of His Fall Josh Was Not Violating.
  5. This tripping and violating the realms must stop.
  6. Violating and raping your dream state every night.
  7. Do read out these AdSense TOS as in case of violating.
  8. After all, it wasn’t violating any of his principles.
  9. As such, he’ll have no excuse for violating the restraining.
  10. He knew that by doing so he was violating all he had been taught.
  11. However, violating these laws can have catastrophic consequences.
  12. The defense of necessity is a valid ground for violating the law.
  13. He was violating the entropy principle right in front of my eyes.
  14. Citizens you will be violating your protocol shortly, and will be punish.
  15. Demands to know why they’re violating his town and everything and stuff.
  16. Humans consistently engender chaos without violating alchemical principles.
  17. Legal actions will be taken for violating any of the above mentioned cases.
  18. There are probably much more serious terms and conditions that I am violating:.
  19. I learned most of these lessons by losing a few thousand dollars violating them.
  20. In this way, a person can time travel as an observer, without violating causality.
  21. He retained his integrity by not violating himself, the hunter’s wife or the hunter.
  22. Colling asked, Aren’t you violating those orders, doing what you’re doing?
  23. Schechter, for violating its rules and convicted him, with a fine and a jail sentence.
  24. Theology stood on guard for the old views and accused the new of violating revelation.
  25. However, prices of European options can also be distorted without violating the parity.
  26. One of the primary ways that traders lose more than they should is by violating this rule.
  27. Sacrilege, (commit): The crime of violating or profaning sacred things; robbers of temples.
  28. Only it was necessary to have been able to do this without violating love, and I was unable.
  29. His life was spent on the back of a horse violating the universal laws of health and happiness.
  30. You will not be violating your principles if you use your powers against them and kill them.
  31. Filled with youthful impetuousness, he was violating the Council’s will by venturing out alone.
  32. Our job was to get aboard her, inspect her papers, and if, as suspected, she was violating the U.
  33. British cruisers have been in the practice also of violating the right and the peace of our coasts.
  34. A man is really what he does, violating his conscience is violating the Word of God planted in him.
  35. She reminded him that he was violating the terms of the temporary restraining order as he sat there.
  36. The only thing that mattered was that they were violating Law, and duty called for him to stop them.
  37. Because they know they are guilty of committing a sin by secretly violating a living human’s aura.
  38. Our job was to get aboard her, inspect her papers, and if, as suspected, she was violating the U.
  39. Violating a protective order may also increase the severity of harassment, stalking or menacing charge.
  40. And how, pray tell, did you acquire a Locutus of Borg piece with out violating the rule structure?
  41. She gagged me and held me down with a knife to my throat while her friends seemed intent on violating me.
  42. They were standing too close to me, violating the invisible margin of space I try to keep with strangers.
  43. Anyone violating that armistice will be warned at first, then will be destroyed if the violence continues.
  44. You should have thought about that before violating the prime directive and then rescuing us, Osaka.
  45. The sacred cow is back on the table to discuss deficits; collects intelligence by violating other nations.
  46. Evil: Violating or inconsistent with the moral law…Due to (actual or imputed) bad character or conduct.
  47. After a week in class, I was surprised to see that he was violating every rule he learned in this one trade.
  48. Women cannot do this without violating the restrictions God has placed upon them regarding public teaching to.
  49. You will not be violating your principles if you use your powers against some entities with no soul and kill them.
  50. Intentions were ascribed to the new occupants of power of violating the public faith and prostrating national credit.
  51. He walked quickly but nervously, his resonating footsteps violating the sacred quiet as he penetrated the empty acres.
  52. For example, the threat of bankruptcy is much more severe than the threat of having to pay a fine for violating a law.
  53. Not a bank infringing and violating the rights of the States; but, a bank upon principles consistent with those rights.
  54. It is only the effect of all their combined personalities violating your subconscious mind that you see in your dreams.
  55. She went to him earlier in the day seeking approval to modify her experiment and avoid violating her grant stipulations.
  56. They are poisoning your subconscious mind, violating your aura, sucking energy from you, sinking into your aura, every night.
  57. It is because bird auras and insane human undead, unseen auras are violating every baby that is born with their foul presence.
  58. Well done! No, it’s not violating an ill-conceived campaign by the American government that bothers me, it’s the ruined lives.
  59. However, I did not stay long in those places since I felt I was invading their privacy and violating the free will of these people.
  60. Kennedy crooked his finger at a cabby who was alertly violating the new ordinance and soliciting fares away from a public cab stand.
  61. Then there was his response when a reporter accused him of violating the law in making campaign solicitation calls from his West Wing office.
  62. This is not violating confidentiality- it is simply good faith on your part to show donors to M'AIM how their contributions are being spent.
  63. It seems the violating of constitutional rights is not isolated to the TCDA‘s Office, but is a rampant problem within Tarrant County itself.
  64. Any smugglers I catch who haven’t paid his or her dues to me, or is violating the rules I have given you on that PADD is subject to my wrath.
  65. She shrieked and flung the towel to the floor, stamping her feet and slapping her skin as the presence enfolded her, violating her singularity.
  66. They are because of the masses of undead spreading the sickness of their insane diseased souls by entering, violating and poisoning living souls.
  67. At that point I I was still unaware that my trip was in any danger or that I was coming close to violating US laws on the importation of firearms.
  68. You are violating your very cause that God raised you in the earth for, and you cannot gossip or slander against someone without wounding yourself.
  69. Thus, that employee is violating the freedom of the boy to have a body and mind free from suffering, Dyma said, looking at Yania compassionately.
  70. In the Fall of 1997, the Coast Guard chased, stopped and boarded a Chinese fishing vessel which was violating a drift-net fishing ban north of Hawaii.
  71. So Petainen bought shares at $8, but then only two months later it had fallen to $6 violating Petainen’s 20-percent rule, so he sold most of his holdings.
  72. The concept that a person might not be liable to civil penalties for such offenses as violating the Sabbath would have appeared alien and dangerous to them.
  73. If I’d told you how I felt, what would’ve happened? Would it have turned into something? His mouth came too close, violating her with soft touches.
  74. Boehner phone call on their CB radio while driving down the road in Florida? Oh, the call supposedly had to do with Gingrich violating House Rules on Ethics.
  75. Moments later Angelo was violating her in such a way that he ended up with not only a 2-year subscription to Rolling Stone but also six months of Field & Stream.
  76. As a result of violating this major spiritual law, she drew a demon on her and this demon was then allowed to cause this short and long term memory loss with her.
  77. The cuckoo bird in Europe: is only one small example of this secret manipulation of undead bird intelligence auras violating undead human’s auras and vice versa.
  78. Not without violating our orders to stand fast, Wyrshym replied, with far more candor than most AOG commanders would have exposed to their army’s intendant.
  79. Once he begins to look forward to your visits, he’ll actually begin to think of stuff that he safely can tell you, without violating his code of personal conduct.
  80. The two books of Lewis Carroll scream out the truth of undead entities violating and poisoning the subconscious minds and bodies of children with their unseen presence.
  81. Don’t be shocked by my decision – I’m not violating a moral principle, I am acting in the best interests of all concerned and that is exactly what should prevail.
  82. If you are going to use any of these approaches in actual trading, make sure you understand the assumptions and the risks involved in violating any of those assumptions.
  83. There are happy career opportunities coming to you, but it’s doubtful whether you will accept them if it means violating your emotional harmony or uprooting the family.
  84. You cannot escape this responsibility of knowing this truth: just as you cannot escape the predicament you have been forced into by your own undead ancestors violating you.
  85. Simply by invading and violating a living aura so violently: they will react irrationally and run away or develop an irrational inexplicable dislike or hatred of someone else.
  86. We just exercised that mandate by shooting down Egyptian planes violating Palestinian airspace and I fully expect more such Arab armed incursions in the hours and days to come.
  87. She received this summons for violating a city ordinance prohibiting parked vehicles within 30 feet from a corner stop sign or approximately four (4) car lengths from that corner.
  88. Whenever I came near Charlotte, Diane and her family would have me arrested for violating the Order Of Protection! Each of those times, I wind up staying in jail for a week or two.
  89. When he saw prisoners violating the rules by eating vegetables in the garden area, or pocketing mussels at low tide outside the camp, he talked the guards into looking the other way.
  90. Maybe there's an area where you actually are violating God's principles in some way? You know, you're sleeping with someone, and then you're wondering why you're not hearing from God.
  91. We don't short on valuation, but rather in situations where we believe a company is violating the law, or has misleading or inaccurate accounting, or has a potential regulatory problem.
  92. How is this? Men used to live a beastly life, violating and killing all those whom it was advantageous for them to violate and kill, and even eating one another, thinking that that was right.
  93. Are your daily actions violating or empowering your Why? Take a look at what you do everyday and really think about the possibility that those daily action steps are compromising your success.
  94. What are they going to book me on, Violating the Waters of your Sacred Fountain? Or, perhaps you’d like to charge me with Unmercifully Hassling a Mall Security Guard, you wannabe Rambo!.
  95. Hadn't she done so already? By doing what she was doing she had already proven she was capable of violating every law of professional ethics in the book, not to mention good, ordinary common sense.
  96. Because they are selling and pulling cash out to pay the investors (and the market is still crashing), the account equity is coming down, again violating the margin requirement and brokers will sell.
  97. Because force is the most basic way of violating rights, any civilised society renounces the use of individual force, and hands this power (the ability to initiate force) over to a dispassionate government.
  98. The books Alice in Wonderland and Behind the Looking Glass; written f by Lewis Carroll or children, are full of undead entities violating living animals and speaking through them: disappearing and reappearing.
  99. Though he knew that he was violating the city ordinance that prevented communicating on cell phones while driving, Max pulled his car into the northbound lane of Kings Highway and waited for his wife to answer.
  100. It means I haven't been given a clear-cut mission, I don't really know what the President expects of me, but I could be relieved of my position in a heartbeat for violating rules that aren't even thought up yet.
  1. But you have violated my.
  2. Why have you violated the.
  3. And became what they violated.
  4. Its word was not to be violated.
  5. He was humiliated, he felt violated.
  6. He’d been violated one more time.
  7. Well, the Doc violated his parole.
  8. You have violated the rule structure.
  9. Peace, the reign of, 108; how violated, 109.
  10. My son! Islam has been violated before this.
  11. His mind felt violated and dirty and unclean.
  12. Remy had violated that order and met with no.
  13. But today you violated that basic honored rule.
  14. Now, the Temporal Directive had been violated.
  15. I asked him what specific motor code I violated.
  16. He must marry the girl, for he has violated her.
  17. But you already violated the margin requirement.
  18. Musafir felt violated but managed to play along.
  19. Dude straight violated with Griff and Ant man.
  20. I speak for sexually violated children everywhere.
  21. Our neutral rights are violated by the belligerents.
  22. Meanwhile I along with Lisa was continuously violated.
  23. Free will would have been violated, Kitara said.
  24. They were obsessed by the thought we’d be violated.
  25. It has been violated by its sheikhs and its followers.
  26. Even his brother Brendan hadn’t violated that trust.
  27. Violated And How The Injury Or Wrongful Death Occurred.
  28. Her boyfriend violated her after 6 years of going out.
  29. Conversely, resistance, once violated, becomes support.
  30. I felt completely violated by his handling of my stuff.
  31. Even the United States violated the laws of neutrality.
  32. You, priest, have violated the most important law of all.
  33. In this stinking puppy mill I was violated over and over.
  34. I just can’t believe he deliberately violated our bond.
  35. Shock at such a basic piece of the jigsaw being violated.
  36. Such a remark violated the dignity of the venerable elders.
  37. The trendline supporting the uptrend has not been violated.
  38. In this play Barrie has violated sheer decency of sentiment.
  39. The trendline containing the downtrend has not been violated.
  40. If they have violated one law, why worry about another one?
  41. Their precious bodies have been violated and anyone who sees.
  42. He has violated, in cold blood, the sanctity of a human heart.
  43. I was witness unto many other propagandist lies that violated.
  44. The Galaef suddenly felt as if his territory had been violated.
  45. On a historical basis, these bands seem to be rarely violated.
  46. Harry Reid violated this clause when he introduced Obamacare.
  47. You have once again violated our space with violent intentions.
  48. Remember, I too have been sexually violated, but in another kind.
  49. Freedom is a right and without it the dignity of man is violated.
  50. Huckabee complained that Democratic county clerks violated state.
  51. If this rule is violated, there can be energy (and other) problems.
  52. And you were happy to be able to help a girl who’d been violated.
  53. Ask them about the town by the sea, when they violated the Sabbath.
  54. Anger arises when we believe our personal rights have been violated.
  55. The selling began in earnest once the level was decisively violated.
  56. Even covered with a white blanket it looked bare, desolate, violated.
  57. To not ever have the sanctity of soul or body violated in any manner;.
  58. But when they violated the Sabbath, their fish would not come to them.
  59. You have violated the law of use, and your body is paying the penalty.
  60. She hadn’t just broken a promise, she’d violated Jane’s privacy.
  61. You violated your mating vows? Theron asked, his voice deep, hard.
  62. Violated with anything they could ram in, raped, gang raped, sodomized.
  63. He felt violated and used, his privacy having been so blatantly invaded.
  64. He was shocked and hurt, feeling decidedly violated and dirty and angry.
  65. Buddha said, You have violated their firm faith in the guise of saints.
  66. When the Feds changed from the gold basis, they violated the Constitution!.
  67. Certainly women will have violated their God given role and men will have.
  68. This often occurs when support is violated with a confirmed reversal signal.
  69. In its deliberate actions, the United States federal government violated.
  70. He himself violated this civil code at his own leisure whenever he chose to.
  71. The rule has been violated which requires the recipients to help themselves.
  72. Support was violated in mid-2009 and to many, this appeared as a new bear trend.
  73. When it was over, his violated skin was covered with an intricate grid of blood.
  74. When we reached the violated case, Mortimer stopped and examined the breastplate.
  75. For example, Rudy violated his stop by more than 75 percent on numerous occasions.
  76. A woman came running out of the house whose yard the Ford pickup had violated and.
  77. But when the market gaps, the assumptions on which the model is based are violated.
  78. My response to him was that my privacy was violated since the envelope was unopened.
  79. Rachel cooked, cleaned, and let herself be violated in more ways than just physical.
  80. A commander would not hesitate to put to death a soldier who violated a holy place.
  81. It means only that in such case, the natural conditions of production are violated.
  82. Free will was violated with Jacob, what’s the difference? Better yet, he could.
  83. In doing this, we violated no obligation, even of the most remote and delicate kind.
  84. What had those men done? They had stolen, violated, pillaged, murdered, assassinated.
  85. Sleeping with Jill meant I had violated Jennifer and the feelings that I had for her.
  86. He felt almost violated; robbed of his right to discover, experience, and learn anew.
  87. You violated medical protocol, T’Pau said, and with a wave of her hand, Selar.
  88. The very concept of the Rapture would have been inconceivable and would have violated.
  89. The confines of the range may be violated, but violations will usually be short-lived.
  90. If Carol violated the agreement, she was bound to refund all monies paid with interest.
  91. Smith lives through some meaning perspective of his own which feels Tanya has violated.
  92. It was not until late June of 2007 that CROX finally violated its 10-day moving average.
  94. No American soil was trampled on or violated, nor would there have been any actual invasion.
  95. Once that previous pivot low has been violated, any upswing will now begin from a lower low.
  96. Then one day, in full view of the captives, Shithead opened his pants and violated the bird.
  97. Until it is impossible to unsnarl which affected which: and which originally violated which.
  98. Looking around the cyberversion of the office, Sunday felt as if he’d already violated Dr.
  99. Orders sent previous to the issuing of the President's proclamation violated no existing law.
  100. His six foot frame looked even larger as he filled the entryway to the room she had violated.
  1. Espronceda violates the rulein this.
  2. Abuse violates the freedom of the child.
  4. To call it Mind or Buddha violates its nature.
  5. No, I can't receive that, it violates scripture.
  6. If more debt violates the parameters set forth.
  7. But if it's off mission then it violates statute 36-C.
  8. This means that sex with them, by definition, violates the law.
  9. Additionally, the rock/dog evolution violates the Second Law of.
  10. He prepared lies to defend himself why he breaks or violates the trust.
  11. That violates Title VII, the federal employment discrimination statute.
  12. That violates the UN mandate signed by all countries, including Atlantica.
  13. GMCR is finally sold on August 18 as it violates its 50-day moving average.
  14. We see, therefore, that man violates law if he carries a burden, and a burden.
  15. However this rule violates the plain language of the Act and is currently being.
  16. Despotism violates the moral frontier, an invasion violates the geographical frontier.
  17. However this rule violates the plain language of the Act and is currently being litigated.
  18. My conscience is my greatest ally, the phrase why did I do it? violates my conscience.
  19. He’s saying the results are meaningless when the instrumentation violates accepted theory.
  20. This means that sex with them, by definition of the strict liability statute, violates the law.
  21. If anyone violates this unspoken taboo; they are severely punished, shamed, killed or ostracized.
  22. They too will buy, either on stops or with contingent orders when the market violates the previous high.
  23. Not at all; it goes on to say:) sees plainly that he violates the oath of allegiance and duty to his sovereign.
  24. Temptation violates the normal procedure right of act to insert the demon impulse which is a power felt with urge.
  25. It’s an order from the court, and if he violates it he’ll really anger the judge, who’ll throw him back in jail.
  26. Such a wooden rule violates the Graham and Dodd precept that analysts make a fact-determinant, company-specific analysis.
  27. Criminalizing any conduct like drug usage that harms no one but the willing actors violates the third Universal Law of Life.
  28. Sell if the stock violates its 10-day moving average, for instance, closes under the 10-day line and then trades below the low of that day.
  29. The Election Commission’s Model Code of Conduct over a nine-phase election violates the Code of Common Sense, fulminated voices on Twitter.
  30. To me having to wear a suit and tie violates one of our constitutional amendments against cruel and unusual punishment to high school students.
  31. On June 16th, GMCR violates its 10-day moving average for the first time in more than seven weeks, so at least half the position can be sold here.
  32. Note that AAPL also simultaneously violates its 10-day moving average only six days after the gap-up day, sealing its fate as a failed gap-up move.
  33. Who are you? What are your intentions with us? This violates all conventions against humane captivity as agreed upon by the Federation Romulan treaty.
  34. If a stock violates the 10-day moving average within seven weeks of the buy point, then a violation of the 50-day moving average signals to sell the stock.
  35. When a stock violates the 10-day moving average within seven weeks of its buy point, whether a base breakout or a pocket pivot point, as AK Steel Holding Corp.
  36. When the child asks for a slap in exchange for a cookie in all conscience, the child violates the structure or, better, exposes the illusory power of domination.
  37. If the CEO sets certain standards of behavior or expectations of performance, yet violates them personally, then you should perceive that the manager lacks integrity.
  38. Our private admission—we know it violates the law, but hey, let’s take a chance, especially as the Election Commission hasn’t sent us anything specific in writing.
  39. GMCR violates its 10-day moving average in its fifth week after resuming its uptrend the week of July 13; thus the 50-day moving average would be used as the sell guide.
  40. The shortest allowed cycle period is a two-bar cycle, because any shorter cycle period violates the Nyquist sampling criteria of requiring at least two samples per cycle.
  41. If Rest in Peace Rykus violates the command and authority of the Fighting Corps, if he betrays the trust the senate placed in him, it will damage the integrity of the Coalition.
  42. On December 7th, AAPL violates the 50-day moving average, and since applying the Seven Week Rule dictates that the 50-day line will be used as a selling guide, the stock is sold.
  43. If the price violates a key short-term moving average that I am using and then price is going to close on the other side of that line for the first time since entry, I will exit there.
  44. We can take it even further and argue that altering the implementation of a legacy component to meet our needs is not only impractical, but it also violates the open/close principle [j.
  45. Stocks that have shown a tendency to “obey” or “respect” the 10-day moving average for at least seven weeks in an uptrend should often be sold once the stock violates the 10-day line.
  46. Can a decree, or order, or edict, be pointed out in the long history of our wrongs and our sufferings, which is more strongly marked with injustice, or which more strongly "violates our neutral commerce?".
  47. Although Stuart's arrangement violates the symmetry maintained between the other groups of the frieze, yet Overbeck 104 especially commends the symmetry shown in the composition of these portions of the relief.
  48. Their position is essentially that when we don't like something or feel a media production violates our values we are to sit there with our mouths shut in deference to our supposed creative betters in the ranks of the cultural elite.
  49. If any disclaimer or limitation set forth in this agreement violates the law of the state applicable to this agreement, the agreement shall be interpreted to make the maximum disclaimer or limitation permitted by the applicable state law.
  50. It doesn’t hurt to repeat the Seven-Week Rule, which is that any stock that shows a tendency to hold above its 10-week moving average for intervals of at least seven weeks should always be sold when it violates the 10-day moving average.
  51. In the very common case of a volatile breakout with a pullback that violates the breakout level, this trader will first take a loss on the long position, and will now be positioned short as the pullback in the new uptrend begins its advance.
  52. More important, buying IPOs is a bad idea because it flagrantly violates one of Graham’s most fundamental rules: No matter how many other people want to buy a stock, you should buy only if the stock is a cheap way to own a desirable business.
  53. If Great Britain, on the other hand, attacks us when we have taken away every possible ground of collision and violates her promise, the people in every part of the country will be satisfied that her deliberate object is to destroy our commerce.
  54. Resolved, That the President be requested to lay before this House the information he has received on that subject, and the measures taken to redress an evil which violates the rights and interests, and outrages the feelings of a free and independent people.
  55. However, having lost our connecting link to Spirit mankind violates this bond by enslaving animals in a unnatural existence of non-experience, other than of fear and pain, then we summarily dispatch them without their having explored the purpose of their innate design.
  56. In an uptrend or rising channel of any time frame, it’s important to heed any movement that moves below a previous low on any time frame or takes out or violates a previous low, especially if this occurs accompanied by strong volume increases and pronounced selling pressure.
  57. It is possible that we need to develop a more innovative way to share these criteria and protocols—perhaps in the form of blinded real-life scenarios and court decisions that can be used to guide decisions and clarify what violates the law, the way that the Internal Revenue Service often explains the ramifications of new tax regulations.
  58. Does the company hold its employees accountable for knowing and incorporating the values? If a supervisor or employee violates the core values, is this behavior tolerated? If a business is serious about communicating, teaching, and operating by using shared definitions of what’s important, it won’t look away if an employee ignores a shared principle.
  59. Exceptions occur if (1) the stock violates the 10-day moving average in intervals of less than seven weeks in duration as a matter of course in its price history prior to the gap-up day; (2) the stock is in one of the following industry groups: semiconductors, retailers, or commodities, including oils and precious metal; or (3) the stock has a market capitalization greater than $5 billion.
  60. As an example the CHA (Catholic Hospital Association) has taken positions and supported legislation that violates Catholic teaching / doctrine --- such as specifically supplying abortifacients, and supporting the use of sterilizations, in vitro fertilization, and/or sex change surgery as either a required ‘product to be provided’ or as required through federal or public insurance programs.
  61. That part of the produce of the land which is thus necessary for enabling the farmer to continue his business, ought to be considered as a fund sacred to cultivation, which, if the landlord violates, he necessarily reduces the produce of his own land, and, in a few years, not only disables the farmer from paying this racked rent, but from paying the reasonable rent which he might otherwise have got for his land.
  62. Men who have been educated in Christianity for eighteen centuries have convinced themselves in the persons of their foremost men, the scholars, that the Christian teaching is a teaching of dogmas, that the vital teaching is a misconception, an exaggeration, which violates the true legitimate demands of morality, which correspond to man's nature, and that the doctrine of justice, which Christ rejected and in the place of which he put his own teaching, is much more profitable for us.
  63. In 1791 a National Bank is proposed to Congress; they differ as to the constitutionality, a large majority decide in favor of it, the people and the States are informed of the measure, the States do not protest, nor do the people complain; many of the States pass laws to protect the institution, it receives the confirmation of three or four different Administrations, and particularly of the one composed of men originally opposed to it; it violates no positive provision of the constitution; no mischiefs have been produced, but great convenience and advantage have been experienced by the Government and community.

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