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    1. By the way, that Bedford Van that blew over in 1971; can somebody please turn it back over?

    2. He ran and grabbed for the horn hanging off the wall of the guard station and blew

    3. He didn't answer, blew right by it urgently, "Did you say she is now living in the house with those papers?"

    4. As soon as he was up there, Marley Williams Hatch wet his lips and blew out a tune loud enough that all the kangaroos in Australia perked up their ears, and all the whales under the sea sang at once

    5. And it blew every bad thing clean out of the body

    6. When Frank started Baggy today, the bagging machine let out an awful sneeze and blew all of the bags into the reject bin

    7. A tyre blew on their coach and it went off the road

    8. After a hundred forty five years, what would she be like today? A cold draft blew thru the hollow in her vitals

    9. an almighty bulge, he blew his nose

    10. the banks of great Huang He, and it was I who blew the winds of the Bhola Cyclone

    1. In his day of training, the captain told him to blow it loud enough to wake the dead

    2. She felt Tdeshi's hormones prompting her to blow off comfortable old Kulai and run off on an adventure with a dashing manly man, but Ava's sense of duty was going to force Herndon to pay for this junket with his fast boat

    3. It’s almost as though she’s waiting for the next blow to fall

    4. Want to blow your nose?’

    5. No, as Angels they could give themselves the ability to breath underwater so they dropped down into a brightly lit grotto in the reef blow them that was sending up the rhythm of quite a party beat

    6. “Let the Bora blow itself out on my head”, he said to himself, “and then we’ll

    7. She was restoring everything of his to how it had been in 2278, hoping that would soften the blow of waking up as a clone in the ruins of Biology Base

    8. It seems she took a blow to the head and there is some internal bleeding which they are having to deal with

    9. gave him a blow with the palm of my hand, in that the anger

    10. He would probably hear about it from Ahmed Eisep, his superior, but there was no way to blow in enough parallelism in time to avoid it

    1. consistently put it towards what you want to achieve, then in one year what would that add up to? You will be blown away

    2. ‘If there were somewhere else you could go until all this has blown over

    3. blown away on the winds of maternal fate

    4. She was so blown on the native elixir that she just sat there and wondered on the intricacies of all the grown and grafted wood that went into the room in which they sat

    5. One of his photos of the 747 has been blown up poster-size and is on an easel beside him

    6. First story: The “Ship of Destiny” is blown up while it is empty

    7. So had it been when the great one’s son was born of a strong peasant girl chosen for the task and then discarded, a dry husk blown away on the winds of maternal fate

    8. As the wind blew, the ashes and dust were blown into the sky

    9. The balloons were blown and hanging from the ceiling and on the

    10. tugged and blown above long eared grasses

    1. Aiko's father blows a reed whistle and the fighting stops

    2. Slowly, the moons and all the brilliant stars return, the sea pounds, the wind blows

    3. Bush snaps his fingers and the waves begin again, a gentle breeze blows

    4. The breeze blows peacefully and we hear the far away sound of the surf pounding on the shore

    5. The wind blows softly announcing a

    6. The wind blows again and the landscape changes completely

    7. With each passing day the weight of the blows always seemed a little heavier and his invective a little louder, lasting for longer

    8. At other times, when their orders growled with pain and confusion, we suffered the blows and the smarts of fist and hard metal

    9. where the Lavatera blows west and red bricks merge

    10. that blows sand into the faces of ragged men,

    1. There were tendrils of blowing dust ahead of them

    2. Gratefully, she grabs them and mops up her face, blowing her nose with determination

    3. He turns up on time and the weather is being kind to us – it has been pretty foul for the last day or so, pouring with rain and blowing a gale, but today, the clouds have cleared and the sun has come out

    4. I imagined him blowing smoke into my covered face

    5. Wind: If you can hear the wind blowing, it foreshadows sorrow

    6. wind blowing down with the snow still falling

    7. the cheers and victorious blowing of concshells by

    8. There was a strong wind blowing outside and it blew the windbreaker open, the shirt hugged her body

    9. Haven’t you ever dreamed about riding a dragon across the desert at night? Feeling the wind blowing across your skin and thru your hair, knowing the dragon you are riding as one knows an old friend

    10. blowing on the winds of too much

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    blow in English

    misfortune set-back shock affliction reverse trauma mishap calamity hit thump bump strike rap knock impact stroke wind storm squall blast typhoon gale gust breeze puff gasp pant breathe exhale whisper wheeze bluster roar wail whip stream flap flutter waft rush whirl whisk drive fling trumpet blare mouth play whistle blossom bloom flower

    Synonyme für "blow"

    blow puff c coke nose candy snow shock bump black eye reversal reverse setback blast gust blow out burn out bluster boast brag gas gasconade shoot a line swash tout vaunt shove along shove off be adrift drift float fellate go down on suck squander waste ball up bobble bodge bollix bollix up bollocks bollocks up botch botch up bumble bungle flub fluff foul up fuck up fumble louse up mess up mishandle muck up muff screw up spoil misfortune set-back affliction trauma mishap calamity hit thump strike rap knock impact stroke wind storm squall typhoon gale breeze gasp pant breathe exhale whisper wheeze roar wail whip stream flap flutter waft rush whirl whisk drive fling trumpet blare mouth play whistle blossom bloom flower