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    1. Our kisses and our caresses in the dark night hours somehow brought comfort and assuaged the loneliness that otherwise threatened to engulf us

    2. sky began to engulf the young

    3. Meanwhile, a swarm of vines and branches moved to engulf him

    4. He hoped the bubble would soon engulf the device and shrink the wave in the predicted time: a picosecond after full power, before it had time to destroy his surrounding’s temporal presence

    5. He pushed aside the feeling of sheer hopelessness that threatened to engulf him and forced himself to his feet

    6. He pushed down the tide of rage that threatened to engulf him, taking deep, long breaths

    7. There were other days when, for no particular reason, a great sadness would engulf her spirit, as though she had seen things best forgotten, had indeed forgotten

    8. The army was methodical in its approach, wearing down the defenders of the city, forcing them to occupy themselves with the spreading fires that threatened to engulf them in a firestorm that would burn the city of Pyr to the ground, along with most of its populace

    9. The clumsy entrance had taken a short while to register through the veil of disconsolation that sometimes distracted her, sometimes even threatened to engulf her

    10. People trying to live close enough to benefit from the rich overlays of the silty loam, and sometimes being surprised by higher than usual amounts of water, would of necessity looked for quick escape routes that could take them up and away faster than the water could rise to engulf them

    11. But what if they’re really states that engulf us every moment

    12. Macrophages are the immune cells of the body which engulf the

    13. His love will engulf our hearts

    14. Mayhem and madness engulf the Temple and adjacent streets

    15. Fernández watched a bloody, savaging civil war engulf his country into flames

    16. The next Messianic movement to engulf large numbers of Jews would be Marxism in the 19th, 20th, and now, 21st century

    17. He rode slowly around the large pile as a huge sadness threatened to engulf him at the sight of such destruction

    18. Now, again unreasoning rage threatened to engulf him

    19. She never expected the green fire to roar into life and engulf the mind-cane, whilst the screams of the villagers echoed through the air

    20. and grumbling seemed to slowly engulf them in a chant of misery

    21. threatened to engulf him

    22. Another few seconds and it will engulf them both

    23. great dust storms engulf the entire planet

    24. A busy shift at work, coupled with constantly thinking about the doom about to engulf her and Pete’s life, had left her feeling numb

    25. Indeed, her classmates--in particular-- would drive her to the point of no return, resulting in a desire for beauty that was unmatched, unparalleled, one that would so engulf her

    26. It seemed to flow about him in almost liquid waves, to envelop and engulf him

    27. extensive and inclusive ones, which subsume and engulf

    28. and engulf, violently or not, to interpret female sexuality as an extension of his

    29. And all these accumulations of human resentment and bitter disappointment which Judas had laid by in his soul in habiliments of hate were now well organized in his subconscious mind and ready to spring up to engulf him when he once dared to separate himself from the supporting influence of his brethren while at the same time exposing himself to the clever insinuations and subtle ridicule of the enemies of Jesus

    30. Sam felt his bottom lip quiver momentarily and fought of the emotion that was about to engulf him

    31. would engulf the earth and therefore all life here

    32. It will close again to engulf those who pursue

    33. The fires of hell waiting to engulf me

    34. would engulf their minds!”

    35. claims that the fat on her body is planning to engulf her

    36. sounds of sirens from all directions began to engulf the area

    37. fraternity house, causing the sound of 'Rock' music to engulf

    38. general, engulf the arena

    39. Some zoos allow stimulus overload to engulf the animals in

    40. The sun began to engulf the area with its brightness, rays,

    41. As surely as she will engulf you tomorrow, so surely will she bring you forth anew to new striving and suffering

    42. seemed to engulf Carson City, something evil lurked in the shadows and

    43. and hardly prone to scandal that could engulf more powerful members of the government

    44. That information was used to point the launchers optimally, so the fuel cloud would engulf the island, completely

    45. She had the sensation of wanting to melt into his arms, to let those big shoulders engulf her and soothe the nerves frayed by this difficult morning

    46. They consider us thirsty fox that will attack them and would engulf them

    47. Eventually, he was able to talk them into accompanying him, by promising to engulf in raging flame any moles they happened to encounter on their trip

    48. The water was black mercury that threatened to engulf him

    49. October was crawling by, and an uneasy tension was starting to engulf the town

    50. Yet, how did I fail to rein in my enamored heart! Why this fruitless feeling for my friend’s man? Oh, won’t this fatal attraction for him engulf my life in passionate misery? Well, the dead weight of my hopes used to be a drag on my life but hasn’t this throbbing pain of love activated my heart

    1. The cannon erupted a steady stream of fire that completely engulfed the man

    2. There followed a storm of soundless lovemaking during which she engulfed him, forcing his penetration ever deeper until they ultimately found their symphonic tempo, and always, even in climax, their eyes remained locked together

    3. The tingle engendered by thoughts of the boy in the bar remained with her, stronger now, so much so that the strange compulsion to return home positively engulfed her

    4. He was fighting the infection that had engulfed his body

    5. Once she lifted it, there was a moment of hesitation, then a spreading smile on her face and she too was engulfed by that joy of knowing she had found her dragon

    6. Daniel could not have imagined the emotions that engulfed him

    7. Time stood still and they were engulfed in a beam of light

    8. Then he turned and stared at Oreo; a beam of light shot out to Oreo and she rose up and was engulfed in Rah’s wings

    9. We here are a small but growing force whose purpose is to put an end to the horror that has engulfed our world

    10. Then some kind of calamity occurred; some catastrophe that engulfed the entire world

    11. The rider and the dragon are both engulfed by an energy force that changes them physically

    12. A beam of light shot out of Ash and hit Emily in the heart area; she was engulfed in a bubble of light

    13. In all of this, in the hurricane of press interest that engulfed the protagonists and in the quietly ebbing tide that followed as the story wound down onto the spools of microfiched newsprint, Miss Jones and the young man never actually met

    14. In all of this, in the hurricane of press interest that engulfed the

    15. Davie is engulfed in an invisible cloud, the unsubtle aroma of rotting meat

    16. Sam looks out of the window with interest as the car is engulfed in foam

    17. At first the landscape was that of a patchwork quilt, neat almost square sections flanked the road, slowly giving way to a rocky terrain, dotted with small pines, and then they were engulfed in a dense forest

    18. They then headed back to the big house before night engulfed the valley once again

    19. Pandemonium engulfed the hall as those waiting began to suspect the dreadful fate that may have befallen their loved ones

    20. Solo Ki was engulfed

    21. "What are you doing?" Brice asked, his body engulfed in flames as he began searching the blast area

    22. LeCynic laughed as it engulfed him

    23. One by one it engulfed her kin

    24. Before they engulfed her, she tucked her body into a ball and rolled

    25. His strange, pale eyes engulfed her

    26. Oddly enough, Denise was a well-educated, witty, likeable person who got along with most everyone, yet she apparently was always engulfed in some kind of blinding fog that left her hopelessly lost, even in familiar territory that she had passed through on previous occasions

    27. The poor man lay on the floor with his belly engulfed with redness

    28. He could spot two figures sitting in the front seats, yet the darkness that engulfed them denied him from seeing their faces

    29. You are being engulfed by your subconscious

    30. With an increasing high-pitched murmur it engulfed the two dogs, Labrador and terrier

    31. Without warning it promptly engulfed his whole face between its jaws

    32. The wave itself engulfed the device for about ten hours of their time; how long it took to experience for someone not shielded was impossible to determine, and the perception of it

    33. He glided in over a large area along the river that was engulfed in flames

    34. At least the bubble had engulfed the power switch for the TE device

    35. The phosphor fed flames engulfed her almost completely before she hit the ground

    36. Before I could take a step in her direction, I was engulfed in Ruth"s arms

    37. ” Incredible sadness engulfed me

    38. Raven looked to Millicent again, knowing he should hate her, wanting to hate her, but nothing except cold despair engulfed him

    39. His awareness grew, engulfed in this pure brilliant white

    40. ” He relaxed into her arms a little, allowing himself to be engulfed by her sweet-smelling embrace, his face buried in her dense red hair, her soft skin touching his like a warm blanket

    41. The Associated Press story commented, “Blagojevich becomes the latest in a long line of Illinois governors engulfed in scandal

    42. bubble of radiation and debris that engulfed the ship like the hand of a giant closing into a fist

    43. They collapsed before having time to voice a reaction, the victims of whatever invisible beam had engulfed them

    44. From the viewpoint of the missile the moon engulfed, yet the approaching surface slowed to apparently static as if held back by some force

    45. As soon as the Demon collapsed on the floor, it was engulfed in a magical black flame, turning the corpse to an oily dust which the faded into the rock, as if the creature had never been

    46. The brakes caught fire and the whole car was engulfed in white smoke

    47. She engulfed me with a massive hug

    48. A wave of relief engulfed Kay

    49. The stench that engulfed Soffen as they entered the sett made her gag and it was some time before she could see through the tears stinging her eyes

    50. As we approached the center of the city, we were totally engulfed by smoke

    1. In the midst of the battle a bright blue-white light began to emanate from Ichor engulfing all the black ones around him

    2. Then she too ran off towards the house, leaving the older man to stand alone in the dark that was engulfing the area

    3. about the demons engulfing the youth

    4. his lips and a cloud of foul smoke engulfing the room from

    5. No sooner had the question left his lips then a door was thrust open before him, engulfing him in a wave of warm yellow light while filling his ears with laughter and the shrill notes of a flute

    6. It would never be a simple matter of hitting full on; if it were a wave hitting a shallow shore then the ripples washed over, not engulfing in its path

    7. ’ Was this merely his own interpretation, despite it being real? The way he heard this voice was not in any way similar to that of Zolla; not directly into the ears, but more all engulfing in its power – an ethereal kind of resonance

    8. Hotter and hotter it became as the women concentrated on its intensity, slowly the raised it to a position about four feet from the ground where it sat, tumbling, turning, twisting, engulfing itself until it was tightly compressed and the size of a large bucket, when the ball flew out of the open window and into the small clearing

    9. Sandra began running across the field, the darkness engulfing her

    10. He stroked her chin with the side of his thumb and her skin flushed, a hotness engulfing her as he kissed her again, less urgently this time

    11. As he left, he could hear the hissing sound of the escaping gas engulfing the building

    12. This allowed each of the troopers to shoot up the stairs engulfing the area in gunfire

    13. In the hazy background they could indeed see a wall of sorts engulfing their field of vision

    14. The lights overhead flashed and cut out, engulfing the carriage

    15. engulfing the now-crumbling gateway between the sectors and

    16. engulfing more of the town

    17. This one tied us together, engulfing us as one, razing itself into the heavens above, ripping the sky and the full moon as it thrust into its destination

    18. In preceding chapters we have seen how the natural advantage of well-watered fertile land gave advantage of empire to Egypt and Mesopotamia, leading to struggle from north to south, and engulfing Palestine, which had the misfortune of lying between these two powers

    19. A blinding light appeared, suddenly engulfing her

    20. smashed into a tree, engulfing the tree in flames

    21. The lights had went out, engulfing the ground

    22. debris rolling through the streets, engulfing terrified people

    23. Their eyes explore and explode as they look about engulfing it all at once,

    24. He rapidly flicked through a series of slides of the disaster at Blackford and continued his presentation, holding the last shot of a huge fire engulfing a storage tank

    25. him before engulfing his erection within her luscious mouth

    26. Momentarily it threatened to burst and fall in an engulfing torrent, yet it continued to jet skyward

    27. extensive, engulfing, subsuming others, especially females, who are extensions of

    28. Conan felt his soul shrivel and begin to be drawn out of his body, to drown in the yellow wells of cosmic horror which glimmered spectrally in the formless chaos that was growing about him and engulfing all life and sanity

    29. engulfing sexualized interest in their daughters

    30. I tried to calm her down — she was hysterical — but the flames were minutes away from engulfing us both

    31. Before when I was with Roy, I had thought it was enflaming passion but now…, experiencing this raw, engulfing, primitive desire; it was as if I compared a match and the sun

    32. and muddied water, engulfing the struggling soldiers

    33. One after another, they winked out before him until, after a while, they had all been swallowed by the enveloping gray-blue sky that was engulfing the horizon

    34. “How long have they been testing in the Central zone, they haven’t been doing it here that long?” Jamie’s head was beginning to spin and she could feel the confusion engulfing her thoughts

    35. to think of a giant flame similar to that of a flame engulfing a

    36. marks engulfing his face, chest and arms

    37. beautiful trees and mansions engulfing the area

    38. within the trend lines A and B, or channel line AB, until the point where the bearish engulfing pattern (we will cover this on the next section) appeared in July, as pointed out by the big arrow

    39. Millie looked down to see Molly's body strike a 1929 Rolls Royce, engulfing her in a viking funeral pyre of burning chrome

    40. They have turned out to a big Anaconda snake and are eating us rather engulfing us

    41. The impact caused fiery ripples across the surface of the sun, and a solar flare reached out from the center of impact, engulfing the Romulan War Birds chasing it

    42. to engulfing our planet

    43. it from flying into the engulfing blue mists of the chasm

    44. Instead, the Coveit took its large fistful of people and shoved it into his mouth, engulfing everyone with one bite

    45. And there she was an exitless maze, a vacant mall, an empty warehouse engulfing the deserted world, walled by skeletal fences of the insatiable hunger that erected her a sky-D&C-scraping tomb

    46. Down here, below the ominous asperatus, you and I are dancing the laughter of love, the joy and thanks of this apparently accidentally fortuitous intersection; but from above, I think that great whatever engulfing us sees it more as two photons of light being hurtled west and east towards each other down a small tubular intention to ensure high impact enlightenment and new imagination formation

    47. The only hope of escaping the catastrophic paradox that is engulfing us is to share and no one has any hope in that

    48. “This is Eartheart's Mind, what will we think with it; what will we will with it?” Love blew across hir open hands; hir breath pixelating hir fingers into granular globes trickling Earths into the engulfing blackness of Weal's slow reboot

    49. The figure burst into fast food wrappers engulfing the choices and falling a bag and napkin litter of gutter leaves covering the question's offering

    50. He was about halfway down them, when his foot depressed a little button, and the door above him, instantly slid shut, engulfing him in sudden darkness

    1. It is a giant call to repentance as a sweeping judgment engulfs the land

    2. A cascading spiral of nothing and everything engulfs your mind, as do calm and panic, love and hate, war and peace

    3. “Where are you?” you ask, unfamiliar with the specific type of void that engulfs you

    4. As you close your eyes, the peaceful bliss of an ocean’s sandy beach on a warm, clear day engulfs you and a salty breeze blows across your mind

    5. Presently the masculine impínges upon, limits, and engulfs the feminine in a myriad of

    6. The criminal element engulfs this

    7. actually grows into and around the collar and eventually engulfs

    8. downtrend, but the reversal will be a bullish candlestick that engulfs the

    9. The bearish candlestick on May 5th completely engulfs the

    10. And not merely ‘some day’: now, today, every day she is bringing you forth, not once but thousands upon thousands of times, just as every day she engulfs you a thousand times over

    11. up a notch, heat engulfs me

    12. An aquamarine aura engulfs his arm

    13. I am sore all over, and as I move, the stabbing pain from where the beast's claws dug into my skin engulfs me

    14. � Whatever doubts we may feel about such actions, the fabric of deception that we weave engulfs us until the meaning perspective that dominates our choices holds that the most expedient action, no matter how degrading or degraded, offers the only real value for our identity and ego driven lives

    15. world and all in the world will know the evil that engulfs it

    16. every actor engulfs me in its hideous jaws

    17. We also notice that we can draw the possible boundaries of a larger symmetrical triangle that engulfs the smaller triangle: the always interesting pattern-within-a-pattern phenomenon

    18. The fourth day completely engulfs the third day, including the upper shadow

    19. Simply said, the second black day engulfs the first black day

    20. Its body engulfs the first black day

    21. The third day is a white real body that engulfs the second day’s black real body

    22. This engulfs all in one day

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