incubator sätze

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Incubator sätze (in englisch)

  1. What he did witness were babies in an incubator.
  2. We stood up and walked over to the incubator again.
  3. It occurred to him at the last that he was an incubator.
  4. It says here that Luna was looking for the incubator.
  5. Dad called it The Incubator because the single mothers.

  6. The baby's in an incubator; he's being monitored around the clock.
  7. In a golden incubator upon the roof of our palace lay a snow-white egg.
  8. Inside the incubator was a seven month old male foetus curled up inside a sac.
  9. In the early sixties, the Islamic renaissance was still in the incubator and a.
  10. She put it in an incubator and turned to the dashboard with the multi-panel monitor.
  11. Actual production would start very shortly in the recently constructed incubator area.
  12. Winters, I feel it would be best to keep both babies and place them into an incubator.
  13. I consider Marketocracy to be the premiere incubator of outstanding investors on the Web.
  14. A second set of tubing led to the placental exchange membrane in the top of each incubator.
  15. Each incubator contained a growing foetus in its natural sac surrounded by a nutrient fluid.

  16. Leah’s father also died, about one month after leaving her in an incubator without parents.
  17. A number of mutual-fund management complexes employ the practice of starting incubator funds.
  18. To see an incubator in your dream suggests that you need some stability and calmness in your life.
  19. Yes each incubator has a tiny TV camera and special light in it so that we can do physical checks.
  20. He keyed in the number of the incubator just below them and the screen slowly lit up with a low light image.
  21. Within the soul, lies the incubator of one’s PEARLS OF POSSIBILITY which begin to form at the time of conception.
  22. After incubating these culture media in an incubator of 37oC temperature for 48 hours, it was clearly noticed that:.
  23. As a rule, breeders date the top of each egg with a soft wax pencil to indicate when it was placed in the incubator.
  24. Each incubator was closely monitored by a complex series of wires and tubes leading to several large computer consoles.
  25. One half of Alcor merged into Ron and they put her body in a tester incubator provided with all nutrient media and oxygen.

  26. They were born by an incubator and the records of eggs and donors only identified the scientific demographics of the donors.
  27. To hand-raise young from the beginning, you will need an incubator to maintain the eggs at a constant, very warm temperature.
  28. At a moments notice a troublesome incubator could be isolated or its contents closely examined by remote controlled video cameras.
  29. Show me another one, say number 99 over there! Michael pointed to where he could see the number 99 on the top of an incubator.
  30. All of this activity was monitored by a bank of computers and analysers, in the main control room, which was located above the incubator room.
  31. It was indeed an incubator, but the eggs were very small in comparison with those I had seen hatching in ours at the time of my arrival on Mars.
  32. In addition there was a special TV camera and light source within each incubator so that the researchers could perform visual monitoring as well.
  33. Right then, Joe was sleeping beside me in our private hospital room and Julie was dozing fitfully in her incubator, within arm’s reach of the bed.
  34. The company, an Internet incubator, financed and acquired start-up firms in a variety of online businesses—among them such early stars as theglobe.
  35. Fin had seen the documentaries about insects laying their eggs inside other creatures, and how the hatchlings then ate their way out of the living incubator.
  36. The natural placenta of the foetus was attached to this membrane during implantation in the incubator resulting in an artificial womb environment for the growing foetus.
  37. For many eons of time he remained in the incubator of the natural world, slowly gathering the limited resources that were attuned to his ever-changing ability to manipulate.
  38. For many eons (ages) of time he remained in the incubator of the natural world, slowly gathering the limited resources that were attuned to his ever-changing ability to manipulate.
  39. All incubators were able to be removed for service by a robotic system, through special air locks to a maintenance room to prevent any chance of contaminating the main incubator room.
  40. I stared at the baby sleeping peacefully in the incubator, trying with all her might to gain the correct weight, with the help of medication, to survive, trying with all her might to win me over.
  41. Put it on the incubator and have a watch on Rigel, and place that vaccine case in the Liquid Nitrogen, Cleo said passing on the tissue into Garnet’s hand, We’re leaving to the colony.
  42. The groundbreaking Eleventh Judicial Circuit Criminal Mental Health Project (CMHP) from Miami-Dade has been an incubator for programs, large and small, that can be emulated by counties nationwide.
  43. It looked like extra skin had been wrapped untidily over her bones, and with each touch of Josie’s hands the little legs stretched out straight into the air, her tiny feet pointing toward the top of the incubator.
  44. If necessary, you can remove eggs from the nest as they are laid and keep them in a moderately warm (sixty degrees Fahrenheit) cupboard for a few days until you are ready to place several in an incubator at the same time.
  45. From next June to the beginning of September, the fry then swim from the incubator environment into the sea until they return, after five years, to their spawning grounds, where they are finally caught and taken to the international markets.
  46. After 48 hours of incubating them in a suitable incubator (at a temperature of 37oC), we transfer a suitable volumes of the previous fluid culture mediums to the following solid culture media (to be spread over the surfaces of these media) :.
  47. After 48 hours of incubating them in a suitable incubator (at a temperature of 37oC), we transferred a suitable volumes of the previous fluid culture mediums to the following solid culture media (to be spread over the surfaces of these media) :.
  48. It was piped through a specially constructed system of tubing to the incubator and was constantly being circulated to a large filtration and cleansing machine not unlike a kidney dialysis machine where the levels of every component were monitored.
  49. She hoped, upon the return of the expedition from the incubator, to mix me with the other young assigned to the quarters of Tal Hajus, and thus escape the fate which would surely follow discovery of her sin against the ancient traditions of the green men.
  50. He was gone for four years, and when he returned all had been over for three; for about a year after his departure, and shortly before the time for the return of an expedition which had gone forth to fetch the fruits of a community incubator, the egg had hatched.
  51. The injuries to Dak Kova had delayed the march so greatly that it was decided to give up the expedition, which was a raid upon a small Thark community in retaliation for the destruction of the incubator, until after the great games, and the entire body of warriors, ten thousand in number, turned back toward Warhoon.
  52. Not only did they have to deal with the incubator issue but there were all the prisoners of the complex to process and interview, all of the staff had to be interviewed and assessed, those with no record or interest to the police were encouraged to keep working so that the activities of the clinics and hospital wards were not affected.
  53. The close proximity of Saint Gertrude’s to the Catholic University and Trinity College perfectly suited Moore’s vision for an incubator that would test innovations in special education and would serve as a training ground for Catholic nuns and laypersons, who would then take their education and work to Catholic schools and institutions around the country.

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