jar sätze

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Jar sätze (in englisch)

  1. I have a change jar.
  2. She gave me the jar.
  3. It was slightly a jar.
  4. The guard left the jar.
  5. There is only two jar.

  6. Ave put the jar in her bag.
  7. Beside him was an empty jar.
  8. That means it is half a jar.
  9. I put the change in the jar.
  10. The word on the jar was RELISH.
  11. Beth contained in a silver jar.
  12. The baby food jar is the body.
  13. I sold him a jar of hemlock a.
  14. The thing in the jar changed it.
  15. And the jar behind the high seat.

  16. He took a jar of wine from the.
  17. The fae sat in the jar, unamused.
  18. Our jar of water was bitter cold.
  19. Doug readily handed over the jar.
  20. The thing in the jar said nothing.
  21. We could call her Jar Jar!.
  22. Andrei was holding a whiskey jar.
  23. Then she handed the jar to Gwenda.
  24. Mix the ingredients in a glass jar.
  25. She replaced the jar in its corner.

  26. Put in the jar in alternate layers.
  27. Amaranthe eyed the jar in his hands.
  28. An old blue jar and a leather book.
  29. Put that money into your change jar.
  30. A Can (or in This Case Jar) of Worms.
  31. Remove from jar and wash it out with.
  32. Put the whole mix into a jar or crock.
  33. Dove winced as the man pulled up a jar.
  34. It was a jar of very expensive perfume.
  35. She bent and placed the jar to his lips.
  36. Can’t they leave the bell jar?
  37. Whittington came in with a screw-cap jar.
  38. A jar of coffee, muesli bars and shampoo.
  39. He was offering the old man a jar of milk.
  40. I placed the jar on the table next to her.
  41. Keep a jar on your washer and dryer and.
  42. Beth opens hers to reveal a jar of olives.
  43. Gifts in a Jar come in an endless variety.
  44. He next gave the jar to Cam while smiling.
  45. Store in a jar or container for later use.
  46. This--this jar has to have somethin' in it.
  47. Picking up coins and placing them in a jar.
  48. Cover the glass jar and store indefinitely.
  49. Rick pushed the jar of moths closer to Malik.
  50. Thedy stood waiting for him to smash the jar.
  51. Put the wheat berries and the water in a jar.
  52. The fairies are in a glass jar downstairs.
  53. Brownie handed the cloths and the jar to Kat.
  54. There was no false note to jar the symphony.
  55. Put aside a large mouthed jar in the kitchen.
  56. I scooped some out of the big jar we have.
  57. He nodded at his old acquaintance in the jar.
  58. We’re having whatever is in a can or a jar.
  59. He found some dried beef jerky in a clay jar.
  60. The lottery jar was sitting next to the blank.
  61. I suppose I could use the jar that I keep my.
  62. Jar Heads fall in love with Jeeps and prefer.
  63. He never should have sprung for the cookie jar.
  64. He then asked the students if the jar was full.
  65. Walter turned and put the dollar in his tip jar.
  66. Mix 1 cup flour and 2 cups borax in a quart jar.
  67. Dan looked at the jar and shook his head at Rick.
  68. Maybe he could place a bomb in that bell jar.
  69. I blinked an eye, and then I tossed out the jar.
  70. Transfer to a small jar and store in a cool place.
  71. On the table stood a tall glass jar filled with.
  72. Combine arame and vegetables in a sterilized jar.
  73. The old lady opened the jar and handed one to him.
  74. Bianca opens up a jar of some kind of salted meat.
  75. Janelle opened the jar with the candied root and.
  76. Store the kraut in the refrigerator in a glass jar.
  77. Templeton said, sticking the jar in Massie's face.
  78. He had a feeling that any smile would jar on them.
  79. It will take me a while to remove the bell jar.
  80. He grabbed a jar of pickles and untwisted the cap.
  81. Remove tricolor pasta from top of jar and reserve.
  82. In one jar, she spotted what looked like human hair.
  83. Theyd was standing, waiting for him to smash the jar.
  84. The sand filled the remaining open areas of the jar.
  85. They were caught with their hands in the cookie jar.
  86. He kept his foreskin in a pickle jar behind the bar.
  87. Omi said, popping a candy from the jar into his mouth.
  88. Delving in the backpack, I produce the jar of ointment.
  89. Mabila stood and held up a jar that had recently held.
  90. They were already tired of watching this empty jar.
  91. Helen stared at the lizard imprisoned in the glass jar.
  92. They put in with a stone two-gallon jar for some beer.
  93. Transfer to a small jar and store in a cool, dry place.
  94. Ten dollars in the cookie jar and $10 from stocks buys.
  95. Philosophically, the contents of the jar gave no advice.
  96. But my mother warned that a jar could break and cut me.
  97. To this day I’m convinced they had a jar of telephone.
  98. She continued until no more sand could fit into the jar.
  99. Plate your food instead of eating out of the jar or bag.
  100. When he was through, he brought up another jar from un-.
  1. We landed with a jarring thud.
  2. Eyes opened to the jarring truth.
  3. His side burned with each jarring.
  4. It would be a bit jarring, he said.
  5. There was one jarring note during the shift.
  6. His calm, calculating expression was jarring.
  7. I AWOKE TO THE jarring sound of the bedside phone.
  8. There’s only one jarring note, though, as you know.
  9. In the weird, jarring silence, Whitey moved up to Tony.
  10. Negotiations through Jarring will not lead to anything.
  11. And while we braced ourselves for hours in the jarring.
  12. His arms were numb from the continual jarring of the axe.
  13. There was no jarring or sounds that indicated they had hit.
  14. Then a second jarring blast struck the reverberating cockpit.
  15. Her last vision was of Tobias's eyes jarring open in that tiny.
  16. A jarring reactive lurch in the opposite direction now took place.
  17. They heard tires jarring to a stop, and the sound of rifles cocking.
  18. Tyler no longer had the inertia of the ship’s movement jarring him.
  19. He took off its cloth covering, and the harp gave out a jarring sound.
  20. The impact was unimaginably jarring and the rest was just a flurry of airbags.
  21. The contrast between the laughter and the stone stillness within me is jarring.
  22. Okay, then, it’s jarring, disconcerting, some even consider it depressing.
  23. She could have sworn the jarring vibrations shook every bone in her entire body.
  24. With this jarring assault on the senses comes a shortening of the attention span.
  25. As for any little jarring notes in the decorative scheme of the Thornton abode, Mrs.
  26. Fortunately he hit the water in a ball formation, but it still gave him a jarring punch to his.
  27. Use them, though keep a watch for sudden jarring movements, everything must be slow and careful.
  28. After all, being something other than human would be jarring once they realized the full extent.
  29. Israel does not object to talking with Ambassador Jarring but that is all she is prepared to do.
  30. I signed my book for mouth-breathing kids who asked me jarring questions, like did my mom cook pies.
  31. The jarring of their boot heels on the boards of the foyer seems loud enough to shatter the windows.
  32. I much prefer a bell, Francis thought, as he landed back on his bench--it’s a little less jarring.
  33. The animal seemed to know exactly where to step to avoid jarring the cart and disturbing her patient.
  34. Crunch! The far end of the barge hit a submerged boulder near the head of the falls with a jarring lurch.
  35. After what seemed like an eternity of uncertainty, it came to an end with a final crashing, jarring jolt.
  36. With blades crossed, Barrad stopped the incoming blow, the force of the giant behind it jarring his arms.
  37. I assume this is all of the cavalry? Onn said, his alto voice jarring everyone back to their senses.
  38. There were huge boulders on either side; jarring out enough to connect with our heads should they so wish.
  39. Again came the whirling arm, the jarring blow into his skull, his stumbling legs trying to hold him upright.
  40. Israel believes that Ambassador Jarring, or any other third party, cannot and should not mediate a settlement.
  41. Then he felt the jarring dagger of pain as the boy’s mouth found a home, bit deeply into Thomas’s shoulder.
  42. It all looked uniformly green and jarring, trees after trees after trees, a green sea under the pale blue suns.
  43. The impact is jarring and hurts my shoulder a little, but I like the sound my feet made when they hit the floor.
  44. Vitala, the second dungeon, was an abysmal glacier where jarring blizzards blew perpetually through the mountains.
  45. His world became a tiny, echoing metal chamber and the impacts of Camellia’s two-legged trot jarring up his spine.
  46. I sneezed and rubbed my nose with the back of my hand, the minor explosion jarring me out of my depressing thoughts.
  47. They were not, after all, inhibited by ropes, aches, bruises, and partial deafness from all the jarring of the horse.
  48. Failed breakouts, disappointing and jarring as they may be, do not necessarily mean that the pattern has also failed.
  49. My actions had seemed to amuse him and he had started to laugh with an inhuman squalling cackle that was nerve jarring.
  50. But one final word, Your Majesty, when you are in Washington the question of the Jarring negotiations is bound to come up.
  51. It’s good information that should stay, but keeping it with the section before it makes the transition a little jarring.
  52. She has braces, partially there to correct a jarring over bight, and partially there to correct several spaces in her teeth.
  53. I paused for that jarring moment when you try to process someone you’ve seen in only one setting, put them in a new context.
  54. His waking dreams were far less frequent now than when he'd been a captive, but it was still jarring when he came back to reality.
  55. There are times when the so-called "new" woman's assumed masculine brusqueness is a trifle jarring, as well as often missing the point.
  56. But in all this endless rocking and jarring in the carriage, I started to grieve; it came at me out of nowhere, like that Saxon ambush.
  57. You might imagine that a sight like this would prove jarring but the overwhelming wave of warmth, energy and love put his mind to rest.
  58. Galinda flung the door open to reveal the interloper, jarring loose a cloud of dust and bits and pieces of detritus from the peat ceiling.
  59. With a jarring crash that rattled his bones, he hit one of those long crystalline teeth, loosing it from the mouth of the attacking monster.
  60. With every turn and every bump in the road, with every jarring pothole, my bones rattled like dice in a cup, and then the endless aching began.
  61. He told her about the bum who had been chasing them with the dark blobs, just in case that meant anything to her, possibly jarring loose a memory.
  62. Oh- it rang throughout the entire room, making such a thunderous, earth jarring sound, that it nearly caused the children to jump straight out of their shoes.
  63. You’ll kill her! she ran at Donald, trying to tackle him, painfully slamming into his rock hard stomach, all 105 pounds of her not even jarring the man.
  64. The shock was still jarring, sending her forward by a few centimeters before her harness saved her teeth from shattering against the top of the controls column.
  65. Aerobic walking provides the fluid motion that spares the jarring of the knees and spine, enabling even runners with chronic knee problems to get a good workout.
  66. When he quietly started flipping through the sections, the quiet was abruptly interrupted by the jarring headline announcing the largest lottery prize had been won.
  67. The ride in this stormy sea was bone jarring, with the whole of the 9,466 tons cruiser shaking as it pounded its way through the waves at the maximum speed possible.
  68. For a few seconds, he forgot everything else and almost wondered when she would be home, before reality came back with the jarring crash of a two locomotive collision.
  69. Charley, always a dog for water, panted asthmatically, jarring his whole body with the effort, and a good eight inches of his tongue hung out flat as a leaf and dripping.
  70. His left arm was numb and something was wrong with his spine: when he ran like this the contact of his heels with the pavement sent jarring shudders climbing up his backbone.
  71. However he knew the jarring it had received couldn’t have done her any good, and the sooner she was sitting or lying down, with that foot propped up…the happier he would be.
  72. As I write these paragraphs I find it jarring to recall that the 1990-1991 recession had already officially ended in March 1991, seven months before this sequence of cover stories appeared.
  73. Why do you think they would know where we are going? Kathy hesitantly interrupted, her voice laced with pain, for her ankle was throbbing intensely from all the jarring it had just received.
  74. But I awoke on board the Thelma, and realised, with a feeling akin to alarm, that the sensation of "jarring" had been real, and the knocking which caused it came from something or some one outside the boat.
  75. That’s why I have dusted off that which had brought about such a jarring experience, and again, once and for all, sought to determine if there is any validity to this biblical as well as historical oddity.
  76. Breathless and groggy from the pain stabbing his body, he felt the jarring impact of more rocks striking the battered old cruiser, and heard the wooden structure being torn to shreds as each boulder struck.
  77. Mary Lyster would have been as perfect a portrait of the same class of social product but for the author’s inartistic slip in degrading her unexpectedly to the rôle of stage villain, the jarring note in this clever story.
  78. He finished off the slumped man quickly, cutting his throat without further thought, then jumped into the dark smoke swinging wildly in all directions, but to his disappointment the expected and familiar jarring of contact did not come.
  79. The rails had undergone a considerable amount of repair and replacement, and the car that he rode in was in much better condition than those he had previously experienced, resulting in the ride being relatively free of jolts and jarring.
  80. Whichever side you walk in the woods the partridge bursts away on whirring wings, jarring the snow from the dry leaves and twigs on high, which comes sifting down in the sunbeams like golden dust, for this brave bird is not to be scared by winter.
  81. They walked about the garden paths with thoughts of their own concerns entirely uppermost, bringing their actions at every moment in jarring collision with the dim ghosts behind them, talking as though the time when Tess lived there were not one whit intenser in story than now.
  82. The people of this country, after having effected the Revolution and established their independence, considering their great transmarine distance from the nations of the Old World, and all their jarring and rival interests, flattered themselves with the expectation of long peace.
  83. But the walls retained their dampness and suddenly the dancers noticed that the old wall paper which covered the partition wall between the hall and the sealed chamber had been loosened through the jarring of the building, and had fallen away from the sealed door with its mysterious inscription.
  84. With inaudible steps she went quickly to the sick man’s bedside, and going up so that he had not to turn his head, she immediately clasped in her fresh young hand the skeleton of his huge hand, pressed it, and began speaking with that soft eagerness, sympathetic and not jarring, which is peculiar to women.
  85. It was, of course, with a perfect understanding of the minute and intricate interests which had armed friend against friend, and brought natural enemies to combat by each other's side, that the scout and his companions now disposed themselves to deliberate on the measures that were to govern their future movements, amid so many jarring and savage races of men.
  86. Sitting in a Louis XV-style chair with her back to the door, Lady Jane, whom he saw first, immediately turned towards the disruption, her eyes filled with horror and shock bordering on intense fear at having been discovered, though her mouth was pursed in a fine line; her expression suddenly changed to outrage and anger upon recognizing Feltus, and she sprung from her chair, jarring her hat so that it tilted at a rakish angle, to rush towards him.
  87. It is felt that jesuitism among Protestants is just as demoralizing as among Romanists; that what is needed in missionary work above all things, is, not concealment of opinion, not weak compliance with articles insisted on by the multitude, but earnest enlightened faith; a faith which believes, and therefore speaks; a faith which can blow beneath the walls of Jericho a 'dolorous and jarring blast,’ before which the defenses of heathenism might crumble to the ground.
  1. Seattle! It jarred a nerve.
  2. Doc was jarred toward sobriety.
  3. It jarred and pained the ears.
  4. Something had jarred him awake.
  5. And jolting jarred the window-frames.
  6. The action jarred every bone in my body.
  7. It jarred her and she missed her target.
  8. At eleven-thirty, he was jarred awake by.
  9. Koke was jarred awake at the jangle of keys.
  10. It jarred him for an instant, even made him sweat.
  11. And suddenly he jarred as though under a heavy blow.
  12. NOW! That explosive command jarred him into action.
  13. The second instalment of the story of Donna and Jarred.
  14. And the expression 'happen to live with,' jarred a little.
  15. Water which had gathered in the sink was jarred by his moves.
  16. Her response jarred his senses, leading him down a road that.
  17. Their lamp stand had been jarred loose from its firm foundation.
  18. The cars jarred together, the ending stood wheezing and panting.
  19. The force of it shot down his arm and jarred his teeth together.
  20. His outstretching hands jarred Krista out of her fearful trance.
  21. The sudden nickering of his stallion jarred Moshe out of his reverie.
  22. A sharp knock at the door jarred Jeff from his reflections and nearly.
  23. Jive Jingo jive and thrive on the jarred jim-jams in your hive SISSY BOY.
  24. Hilderich let out a cry of pain as his ribs jarred his insides once more.
  25. The idea of dancing in the garret jarred me but how could I refuse? I slipped.
  26. The telephone jarred him out of his thoughts and he snatched it off the cradle.
  27. Then Lucky was suddenly jarred forward, as if he had an unruly dog by the leash.
  28. Averon, a familiar voice jarred me out of the place I had made my bolt hole.
  29. It was five thirty in the morning when his alarm clock when off and jarred him awake.
  30. He tried to give me a buck fifty before I jarred the razor loose from his hand….
  31. Raven was jarred out of his thoughts by an eerie silence that swept over the lunch hall.
  32. This jarred George and he peered down at his apparel to see that it was still clean and.
  33. Lennie jarred, and then settled slowly forward to the sand, and he lay without quivering.
  34. His bones jarred on impact, and he heard a gushing crunch from one of the beasts below him.
  35. But it was difficult because she kept being jarred back into reality from Ron’s wet lips.
  36. Just then a passing helicopter jarred the room and the windowpane shook with a crystal sound.
  37. He stepped back from the door, jarred from the defilement of his memory back to the present.
  38. A roaring, ripping sound came from somewhere beneath her, and she was jarred back in her seat.
  39. Until he had had some sleep, a long steady sleep, he would, he knew, be nothing but jarred nerves.
  40. This had jarred upon him then, and now her trivial cares and anxieties jarred upon him several times.
  41. Carr jarred her legs most terrible, and has had nervous spasms ever since whenever she thinks of the eel.
  42. Jarred from this scene as Mother called, Fair Aurial, come back to me, I realized I left Her twice!.
  43. The blow had landed dangerously close to the solar plexus—not only hurt but jarred the breath out of him.
  44. He found that when he swung too quickly, his left arm tried to shoot outward and jarred his entire existence.
  45. Lydgate, startled and jarred, looked up in silence for a moment, like a man who has been disturbed in his sleep.
  46. Artaxis’s hand slapping the back of my shoulder jarred me from my melancholy study of the people in the room.
  47. When the elevator jarred to a stop on the main floor, the throng waiting to enter the elevator parted to let him out.
  48. Joel’s arms reflexively shot out and around her, in order to keep her body steady so her leg wasn't jarred too much.
  49. Jarred from the sudden vision of his date with Ronda, Jossiah recoiled, crying out when the chains prevented him from moving.
  50. He was up in a moment, jarred, shaken, with a queer impression of the terrestrial globe having been flung at his head in the dark.
  51. His mind translated to word to Killed and his conscience was jarred by guilt which flooded his brain with memories of his past deeds.
  52. AT THAT SAME INSTANT, a deafening explosion jarred the underbelly of the police helicopter with a jolt that seemed to rattle right through Carroll’s bones.
  53. Though the conversation with the princess had indeed jarred upon him, he was gloomy, not on account of that conversation, but from what he saw at the samovar.
  54. In her thoughts she acknowledged great waves of shuddering colour, black, red, green and orange that jarred together, making the sound of dying men and women even louder.
  55. She did not exactly fall, but she staggered and reeled across the room in a very undignified fashion and brought up against the door with a thud that jarred her from head to foot.
  56. The jerky motion of the van however, had jarred Kathy’s ankle rather severely, and so she was in too much pain to notice their changed positions, or the effect it was having on him.
  57. But on the night before the Bird was slated to return, the POWs were jarred from their sleep to hear him charging through camp in a driving rainstorm, yelling that it was a fire drill.
  58. The second man fell as he started to turn, Tress’s arm jarred as her sword clanged against the man’s helmet and the impact hurt her arm, but the blow still managed to drop the man.
  59. His mind was still jarred by the headache and though it had subsided considerably, a sting of it still lingered and made his thinking muddied and unclear, his most recent memories a blur.
  60. The potatoes had been roasted for an hour or so with oil, garlic, and parsley, while the jarred peas were still tasty this late in the season, those hastily boiled up and dabbed with a little butter.
  61. It was barely past the brink of dawn when Commander Orlanthis was jarred awake by one of his aides, Sir, the enemy has left the city sometime during the night and is advancing on our position!.
  62. Without even acknowledging their presence and with his eyes focused straight ahead, Wickland continued across the dance floor without losing his pace though he was jarred several times by other dancers.
  63. Over this great expanse there is no disturbance but it is thus at once gently smoothed away and assuaged, as, when a vase of water is jarred, the trembling circles seek the shore and all is smooth again.
  64. The impact was blinding and all systems went down; a piece of equipment jarred loose came spinning unseen through the darkness---it stuck one side of her head and Vedara saw a flash of red, and then all went black.
  65. Just then, the van went over a bump in the road, and the jolting movement jarred Kathy’s leg, and a searing pain shot through her ankle with excruciating intensity, causing her to gasp and cry out in agonized pain.
  66. But then I sat up and gave myself a shake and the few molecules of paint, jarred loose on one printed path or another, magnetized back in position and resilient creature that I am, unbreakable thing that I am, here I am.
  67. As he struggled to get back on his feet, his eyes caught the jarred glimpses of pure panic: mothers screaming and dragging their children alongside with them, men craning their necks to find the next trail or engine exhaust in the night sky.
  68. Elise had spent two years at the university studying psychology before she went into nursing and now those long forgotten studies of psychotic behavior dropped into her mind, jarred loose from their occult roosting place in her subconscious.
  69. Feeling awkwardly shy and totally out of her depth, Kathy made a pretense of studying the rose in her hands and her injured ankle, which, thanks to the Ibyprophen Kirby had given her earlier, wasn’t as sharply painful as it had been, unless jarred.
  70. In a good composition it is as though the parts had been carefully placed in rhythmic relation and then the picture jarred a little, so that everything is slightly shifted out of place, thus introducing our "dither" or play of life between the parts.
  71. D'Urberville was not the first wicked man who had turned away from his wickedness to save his soul alive, and why should she deem it unnatural in him? It was but the usage of thought which had been jarred in her at hearing good new words in bad old notes.
  72. For several years we lived downtown, almost at the city centre but on a side street where the frenzied activity of car body repairers not only jarred our nerves with the incessant pounding but also took up all the available parking space beneath our house with cars in the various stages of a paint job.
  73. The heavy rains accompanied by the strong squalls of the previous night had left their mark on the roads with branches of trees blocking lanes, blocked gutters and drains overflowing, and in some areas actual road surfaces crumbling at the edges, or cracking and forming gaping pot holes which jarred vehicles, sorely testing suspension systems.
  74. But another agency is perhaps more effectual: I suspended the feet of a duck in an aquarium, where many ova of fresh-water shells were hatching; and I found that numbers of the extremely minute and just-hatched shells crawled on the feet, and clung to them so firmly that when taken out of the water they could not be jarred off, though at a somewhat more advanced age they would voluntarily drop off.
  1. Put in jars and seal.
  2. Nobody by the Mason jars.
  3. It jars the educated mind.
  4. The wooden square jars loose.
  5. Those things in the jars.
  6. Then she had the other jars.
  7. Give me one of those jars.
  8. And inside each of the jars.
  9. What’s in the jars? C’mon.
  10. It’s more than just jars.
  11. Using glass jars, canned goods.
  12. We had two full jars last week.
  13. The canopic jars fel and shattered.
  14. They toasted out of old jelly jars.
  15. Pour into hot, dry jars, and cover.
  16. Precariously to bars as the bus jars.
  17. The crashing of jars was unpleasant.
  18. I believe that these sealed jars.
  19. Were all these jars on the table, the.
  20. Who can tip over the water jars of the.
  21. But not all of the containers were jars.
  22. Several cups and jars were passed to him.
  23. We'd sell it in jars and sell it in jugs.
  24. She’s been collecting jars of moonshine.
  25. I brought out two old but clean jelly jars.
  26. Mix thoroughly and store in crocks or jars.
  27. Anto had called them Fiery-necked Night Jars.
  28. A large table was filled with conserving jars.
  29. At first he felt only the Mason jars of grass.
  30. Half-formed things hung suspended in bell jars.
  31. The Fixer found her and two other empty jars by.
  32. But there’s nothing here, just some old jars.
  33. Lots of those jars on the ship were brined thonga.
  34. When night came the jars were all ready, and the.
  35. The two interior jars are furnished with feet F, f.
  36. Start filling it with water, then put the jars in.
  37. He brought home many jars of toadstools and spiders.
  38. I'll give you a couple of jars to take home with you.
  39. Jams, jellies, and preserved fruits in jars and cans.
  40. Jars of the stuff, as well as syringes filled with it.
  41. One set of jars were opaque black to keep out the sun.
  42. To the left, there are several jars with magic potions.
  43. He simply said to put it in the jars and take some out.
  44. The other build files that create jars have to be run.
  45. The bodies are both laid on the floor and placed in jars.
  46. One is the number of jars in a case of dill pickle relish.
  47. Wide mouthed jars coated with petroleum jelly on the top.
  48. No, as far as we know, but then a couple of jars of some.
  49. Justine averted her eyes from quart jars of assorted eyeballs.
  50. Haiatelnefous she had the fifty jars of olives brought to her.
  51. The five bags were opened and various jars and materials were.
  52. He went down the cargo hold and was back with two jars of wine.
  53. Olives are packed in jars, eh? I have a few left from Andrews.
  54. I banged the door closed hard enough to rattle the jars inside.
  55. All the other jars of wine had been smashed by the seawater.
  56. At the end of the talk he tipped out the contents of the 4 jars.
  57. She looked around the little kitchen, with its bottles and jars.
  58. And here is the column for stick counts for jars of grain added.
  59. Then he came to the small cylinder tucked under some makeup jars.
  60. There were also a few empty damaged baskets and broken clay jars.
  61. Eight, nine, ten, eleven—the jars were numbered but had no names.
  62. Is that what happens to them when you put them in jars? she.
  63. I also ordered jars of margarita and all sorts of wines and drinks.
  64. Once deployed, he graduated to mayonnaise jars and ketchup bottles.
  65. All the little jars and bottles had gone, leaving the shelves bare.
  66. Joey, Lezura and S’us carried out the rest of the jars to the men.
  67. They can be stored for several weeks in tightly sealed jars or tins.
  68. Rows of jars stretched into the distance, all filled with cherries.
  69. He collected 4 worms from his garden and placed them in 4 glass jars.
  70. House coffee, a box of assorted chocolates, and a couple of jars of.
  71. Felix was surrounded by a tornado of canopic jars that pummeled him.
  72. It looks like the stuff in one of the jars in his mother's spice rack.
  73. Nangong Ping was drinking jars after jars of wine to drown his sorrows.
  74. For empty jars quickly become sour and the goodness of the wine is gone.
  75. Underneath were two jars of pickled herrings and three bars of chocolate.
  76. Through the huge oval sheets of glass anyone could see jars of medicine.
  77. Yes, the gallon of pickles might actually cost more than four quart jars.
  78. We could have just as easily chosen sea shells or jars of strawberry jam.
  79. Only these two jars of wine were on the other cupboard and placed high up.
  80. The jars crashed down, and glass shattered as they hit the concrete floor.
  81. Small jars lined the shelf, each containing bits of grass and dry leaves.
  82. Her kisses are as sweet as… He jars himself out of that mode of thought.
  83. Thus prepared, she pushed herself up to sit on the counter under the jars.
  84. Swirling around Felix, the canopic jars were the hearts of evil spirits—.
  85. One by one, she wrapped the Mason jars in newspaper before loading them in.
  86. Each of our harvests produces enough jars of grain to last us twelve moons.
  87. There were stone blocks forming low tables for numerous sealed pottery jars.
  88. On descents avoid overstepping for this jars the body and increases fatigue.
  89. But when at length her talisman was discovered in one of the jars her emotion.
  90. I reached out and shoved the jars and bottles and cheese boxes way to the back.
  91. Large glass jars filled with olives, another great idea for tuscan decorating.
  92. Zap-dust is in the brown jars! Magnet-power is in the slender grey ones—.
  93. The courtesy shop had none, so the guys bought jam jars to polish off the remains.
  94. When the kids get their allowances, they have to divide the money among three jars.
  95. The bell glasses are then to be replaced in the jars, and arranged as in the figure.
  96. As the car impacts this bloke jars backward and goes flying on to his ass on the floor.
  97. And—unlike Manhattanites—they all have uses for twenty-four jars of sweet pickles.
  98. The prince took this advice, and spent the rest of the day filling the fifty jars, and.
  99. It was a little more difficult with the jars of jelly, peanut butter, and pickles, etc.
  100. In one moon, we use about twelve large jars of grain to make our barley bread and beer.

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