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Regularities sätze (in englisch)

  1. Forceful expectations replace regularities.
  2. Most published seasonal studies deal with equity market regularities.
  3. Obvious regularities in distribution of optimal values are hard to define.
  4. There are several explanations for market regularities besides the above two.
  5. Any interesting empirical regularities could be spurious (which does not mean that they all are).

  6. Financial regularities are fragile because any highly profitable regularity attracts competition.
  7. Within-day regularities are only a curiosity for most investors, and any tradable patterns are weak.
  8. The health warnings I make throughout the book may be especially important for seasonal regularities.
  9. Return regularities may also reflect an abnormal or unrepresentative sample period (say, 2003–2007).
  10. It may seem that regularities established in this section are of theoretical rather than of practical interest.
  11. In contrast, many other asset-pricing regularities have a relatively linear return pattern when assets are sorted into quintiles.
  12. In addition, seasonal regularities are vulnerable to competitive speculators trying to anticipate and exploit them and thereby eroding them.
  13. In a sequence of influential papers since their 1992 hit, Fama and French (FF) drilled deeper on different aspects of the value premium and other regularities.
  14. Behavioral finance theorists turned in the 1990s to the library of psychological biases to explain various empirical regularities uncovered since the mid-1980s.
  15. It is important to recognize that patterns and regularities detected under some market conditions may shift fundamentally if the basic parameters of the system change.

  16. Moreover, technological advances and greater data availability have made any observed regularities ever more fleeting as they quickly attract profit-seeking competition.
  17. However, an important feature of financial market regularities is that market participants tend to respond to past performance, often herding into recently successful strategies.
  18. While the limits-to-arbitrage literature explains why speculative capital is generally scarce, these adjustments explain why certain paper regularities are harder to exploit in practice than others.
  19. One interpretation is that markets gradually became more (micro) efficient, reflecting learning by arbitrageurs (who exploit any identified regularities or mispricings) as well as growing arbitrage capacity.
  20. The best-known seasonal regularities are the so-called January and Hallowe’en effects (respectively: higher average returns in January, especially for small-cap stocks; and higher returns in November–April than in May–October).
  21. It is not surprising that value premium (besides many other regularities) is weakest in the large-cap segment, which is best covered by analysts, most actively traded, easiest to arbitrage, and thus least prone to relative mispricings.
  22. If an investor can predict the economic outlook (not easy!) and if the return regularities documented below are persistent, understanding these relations are essential for a discretionary macro-investor (and indeed are coded in his or her mind).
  23. However, the superior macro-investor goes beyond historical regularities and instead asks what is unique in the current situation, how policymaker and investor responses break past patterns, and what relevant structural changes are molding the world.
  24. There was no trace, now that she tremblingly examined him, of either Robert or herself; and as for her own family, what had become of all that very real beauty, the beauty of the Bishop, the dazzlingness of Judith, and the sweet regularities of her mother?

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