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    1. They also sample food stuffs before eating can be used with great success in controlling roaches

    2. It was said to be beyond anything Earth had ever produced, shouldn't they get a sample of it? It was said the Christials cracked it, but not the Brazilians, they became users of the native system that now had Brazilan technology added on

    3. It took hours because there weren't that many inquiries to use for sample data, but he was immediately able to determine there were no hardware inquiries used in formulating the responses to those queries

    4. "Bring these needs to me any time," he breathed, "I'll sample all of you that you care to share

    5. It was still completely unintelligible of course, but there was a lot more to sample

    6. She was not about to try and get that core sample out of it's bill and back into her shoulder

    7. "Answering the question of whether they are devices or natural evolution of some kind will have to wait til we have a sample

    8. They were still hurtling by these bodies at almost two thousand miles per second giving them millions of miles of berth so there was no way they could pick up a sample

    9. Granted, his sample was small and he was extrapolating to the dark matter of the whole galaxy and its halo, but the data from the non-targeted halo object lead him to believe extrapolating to the whole galaxy was valid

    10. Click here to learn more and hear a sample of this work by listening to the replay of the free Teleseminar ―Sound Medicine Healing with Misa Hopkins

    1. as if the buggers ‘adn’t sampled the plunder

    2. It was widely reported in the leafier lanes of suburban south London that after the local church’s recent summer fete Miss Jones had sampled the sherry and become extremely eloquent on the subject

    3. He knew there were many active women and had sampled two of them so far, but it was understood both times he was just stopping by for a boink on the way to his cabin

    4. pint glass of the same strong dark ale he had sampled the last time he

    5. He leaned back, warming his feet and sampled the

    6. that Spring - and the others we sampled weren’t very far

    7. They spent the day on the highest outdoor footpaths they could find and sampled the tiny exotic delicacies toasted over the lab-sized grills cooks would lug up this high

    8. Once out of earshot of the others she sidled up close to him and whispered, “You can always nibble on me – I’m willing to be sampled

    9. Yet, there were the good times: her husband when he was there, when she had been everything to him, before he had sampled the delights of a younger woman

    10. The crowds that had gathered shared in the feast, Ael Tarael and Alit’aren seated on large blankets around the fires, but the Guardians remained standing while they sampled meats and cheeses

    1. "The samples are here in Phoenix Park?"

    2. With macroscopic samples of anticondensates and the instrumentation that was in those texts, we are in a unique position to look for naturally occurring condensates in the dark matter

    3. I can follow his argument about the precision he gains by averaging more samples

    4. "True," Thom said, "but if you multiply by the number of samples it would take to cover the whole sphere around Sol, we can see that none of the impactors need to come from the Kuiper Belt

    5. "You here for the samples?" he asks, abrupt and sharp

    6. There was a problem Kulai had to see to in his job at the Kassikan, some contaminated samples

    7. He got himself under control, sort of, and with the one word explanation, “Enjteen!” he roughly set about seeing just how many samples Enjteen had taken in his career in this lab

    8. “You didn’t hear it from me,” Kulai said, just as a formality, while turning around and motioning her to the better guest cushion, “but he left a contaminated room open, and in a separate case, contaminated all four of the biological samples he ever took in his career

    9. She pulled a clipping of the foxgloves from behind her ear, and started matching it to paint samples

    10. ” She pulled two samples and closed the catalog, returned it to the office and called over her shoulder as she went back to the house, “Supper's at seven; you probably should close up soon to get ready, Hipolyta's gonna be in the bathroom a bit longer this evening

    1. I think he'd been sampling his nectar somewhere else because there was a distinct air of madness about him

    2. The sampling interval can be reduced to the limits of our equipment and it still looks like an analog trace

    3. They will be sampling the wares of the town's pubs, getting tanked, ready and primed for heckling

    4. Anything worth sampling there?"

    5. A sampling of the parts of a theirops, at their most tender and with these stuffings!

    6. After stocking up on a few rations and sampling the

    7. The above represent a sampling of the essential characteristics that typically define what is meant by ―being‖ (human)

    8. After sampling both, the poolside games seemed more like fun and she actually found herself laughing along with the weirdo

    9. She is now helping with my tropical fruit studies, part of which entails sampling the fruit itself which I like very much

    10. Most felt this to be more representative than the limited sampling of surface temperatures

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